Diagnostic Tests by j3CZ5d


									Diagnostic Tests
Introduction                     Many chemical reactions produce one or more gases as a
                                 product(s) of the reaction. There are simple test to identify
                                 the most common gases.

Purpose                          To identify simple tests to identify hydrogen, oxygen and
                                 carbon dioxide gases.

Design                           Samples of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide will be
                                 produced and the diagnostic tests demonstrated.

Evidence                         Complete the following table. Describe the test used and the
                                 result of that test.

       Hydrogen Test                       Oxygen Test                Carbon Dioxide Test

973e60dd-2ac3-45c1-888a-186409b21543.doc        -1-                                        8/9/12
973e60dd-2ac3-45c1-888a-186409b21543.doc   -2-   8/9/12

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