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									  IIT-JEE Physics Previous Year Question Papers

IIT-JEE Physics Previous Year Question Papers

Physics is a practical and very useful subject. IIT Physics Question Papers that we are
offering, helps students practice this subject.

Students can practice these papers to increase their fundamental knowledge. When
engineering exams aspirants have been asked about their favorite subject , maximum votes
are for Physics. Tailed with maths and then chemistry.

The reason claimed behind it, is the course content and nature of questions asked in IIT-JEE.
Course content is practical and can help students in understanding many day to day events
like Laws of electricity, concepts behind the body motion, force and its applications etc. and
about the many components present inside the gadgets.

When students practice these IIT JEE Physics Previous Year Question Papers , they will find
that the questions it has carry different approach than the questions asked in the chemistry

This is because in IIT-JEE chemistry paper, the students conceptual knowledge is tested

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whereas in the IIT Physics Question Papers are designed to test the understanding and
implementation knowledge of the concepts.

Few topics like electric current, waves, sound, laws of motion, electrostatics etc. are more
scoring than the other, so students need to focus on them.

The questions which are present in IIT Physics Previous Year Question Papers are based on
these above mentioned topics are simple and less complex, so easier to solve.

Whereas topics like rotational motion, harmonic motion etc. are comparatively complex so
needs more time.

The best way to crack the IIT-JEE physics paper is to expertise the concepts, as once
students procure good command over fundamentals they can easily solve any sort of

There are many good books available, that explains physics fundamentals in a very easily
understanding manner .

So students are advised to first go through these books and then practice these IIT Physics
Previous Year Question Papers to strengthen their conceptual knowledge.

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