Dentists and Their Responsibilities

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					Dentists and Their Responsibilities

It is important to choose the right dentist that can give you the best dental care. Because of
that we will give some important guidelines that you must consider before you visit a dentist.
There are different types of dentist that has all the knowledge and expertise when it comes to
dental care.

Kinds of Dentists and Their Responsibilities

   1. General Dentist- the “captain of the dental team”. He is said to be the creator and
      manager of the dental treatment plan and performs a complete dental examination.
      The general dentist determines the possible cause of the dental problems and provides
      necessary information on how to prevent the deterioration of oral health.
   2. Family Dentist- considered being the first level of defense. He provides dental care for
      the whole family both adult and children although family dentist and general dentist are
      quite the same though they have a slight difference from each other.
   3. Pediatric Dentist- deals with the dental concern of children from birth through
      adolescence. A pediatric dentist has studied basic dentistry and went on to study
      children’s dentistry. His main focus is on pediatric/adolescence growth and
      development, causality and prevention and all aspects that play a big role for the child’s
      dental health.
   4. Cosmetic Dentist- helps to improve the appearance of your teeth by putting cosmetics.
      Any dentist can claim that they’re a cosmetic dentist because dental associations
      worldwide do not recognize this type of dentistry as a sub-specialty.
   5. Sedation Dentist- the dentist use sedatives making the patient feel relax and calm. This
      is the perfect type of treatment for those patients who want to experience a painless
      way to treat dental problems.
   6. Implant Dentist- provides surgical procedure to patients and replace the lost teeth by
      implanting artificial teeth that is usually made up of titanium.
   7. Emergency Dentist- provides immediate dental treatment to patients specially those
      who suffer from accident like broken teeth or jaw. Sometimes they offer 24/7 dental
      services to check for the patients dental condition depending on the type of facility that
      they have.

All of them provide the best possible treatment to the patient’s dental problems but it is
important that you choose the right dentist to check on your dental condition to make sure that
you can have the best solution to your dental concerns.
It will be easy for you if you choose a dentist who has the knowledge and expertise depending
on the type of dental attention that you need. It is important that you don’t just depend your
decision on referral alone, the best thing to do is personally visit the dentist and see if you are
comfortable them.

You can also get in touch to the local dental association near you and ask for the list of dentist
in your area that you might consider. Finding the best dentist is the best way for you to
experience the best dental treatment result.

 Make sure that you choose the best dentist for you and your family to prevent any further
complications in the future that’s why it is important that you become responsible enough in
choosing your dentist.

There are about a hundred dental offices in your state. In North Carolina there about a
thousand or more family dentists that specialize on a specific tooth problems. If you are
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