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									 1   Name of Organization: Kansas State University – Philippine Student Association (PhilSA)
 2   Purpose of Meeting: 3rd Regular Meeting
 3   Date/Time: October 2, 2009, 6:13PM at Sulabo’s Residence
 4   Attendees: April Shayne Sulabo, Michelle Niebres, Howell Gonzales, Angelo Noriel, Josephine
 5   Boac, Ronaldo Maghirang, Elizabeth Maghirang, Mary Joy Abit, Analiza Ramirez, Jayfred
 6   Godoy, Joey Cainong, Rachel Peters, Jasper Tallada, Marley Tallada, Rommel Sulabo, DeeAnn
 7   Turpin,
 8   Absent: Henry Bonifacio, Girly Ramirez, MJ Barker (excused), Maureen Ty (excused)
10   Agenda:
11      I. Previous Business
12             a. Induction ball
13             b. Treasurer’s report
14             c. Scholarship program (MOA)
15      II. Bingo – October 16, 2009
16             a. Venue and date
17             b. Materials needed
18                 i.       Bingo cards
19                 ii.      Tickets
20                 iii.     Program (software)
21                 iv.      Rules
22                 v.       Prizes
23                 vi.      Gift Certificates
24                 vii.     Hall preparation
25                 viii. Old materials
26                 ix.      Table at the Union
27                 x.       Invitations and flyers
28                 xi.      Chalking
29             c. Food
30             d. Program (socials)
31      III. Meeting of International Student Association Presidents
32      IV. Other business
33             a. Help Ondoy victims
34             b. Newsletter
36      I. Call to Order
37                 The meeting started at 6:13PM with April Shayne Sulabo presiding. Rachel
38         Peters, one of the new members, introduced herself to the body. The members also
39         introduced themselves and welcomed Rachel Peters.
41      II. Approval of minutes and agenda
42               Minutes for the 1st regular meeting (August7),
43               Line 3 – change ‘special’ to ‘1st’
44               Line 57 – mention that the Maghirangs donated $__ for the house in Branson,
45          MO.
46               Last line – change ‘President’ to ‘Adviser’ (under Dr. Maghirang’s name)
47             It was suggested that the names in the minutes must be consistent with the
48      attendance and that the names must include the first and last names.
49             Minutes for the 2nd regular meeting,
50             Line 3 – change ‘1st’ to ‘2nd’
51             Line 4 – change the date to September 6 and the venue to Frith Community
52      Center
53             Last line – change ‘President’ to ‘Adviser’ (under Dr. Maghirang’s name)
54               After correcting the minutes, Analiza Ramirez moved that the minutes of both
55      meetings and the agenda be approved. Mary Joy Abit seconded the motion. Having been
56      moved and seconded, the minutes were approved.
58   III. Previous business
59                a. Induction Ball
60                April Shayne Sulabo thanked everyone for their support and help during the
61        Induction Ball on September 19, 2009. Special thanks to Joey Cainong and Jayfred
62        Godoy for preparing the program and invitations, to Analiza Ramirez for being the
63        master of ceremonies, Ronaldo Maghirang for serving as the guest speaker, Elizabeth
64        Maghirang for organizing the food and for everyone who extended their help.
65                b. Treasurer’s report
66                Howell Gonzales reported that PhilSA has $___.__ in the account. Cash donations
67        were also received; $___ from Joselito San Juan, $_ from Marley Tallada, $__ from Cory
68        and Analyn Beale and $__ from Nida Canzano. There are still 12 T-shirts (3 each per
69        size) available. The reported money does not include the money needed for the
70        scholarship program. Twenty percent of the turned-over money ($___.__) is allotted as an
71        equity fund, which amounts to around $___.
72                c. Scholarship program
73                There were still no reports from the scholarship committee. Analiza Ramirez told
74        the body that she will set up a meeting next week. She also said that Jonathan Aguilar
75        called her to ask for the MOA. Elizabeth Maghirang suggested that the money can be
76        used for other projects if the program is not feasible or school recipients are few.
78   IV. Bingo Night
79               The scheduled date for the Bingo Night is on October 16, 2009. Mary Joy Abit
80       raised her concern about the date of the Bingo Night that it may be too soon and we may
81       not sell many tickets. Selling tickets in 2 weeks may be difficult for the students because
82       of busy schedules. Because of this concern, the body decided to move the Bingo Night on
83       either November 6 or 13, whenever the ISC Multipurpose hall will be available. The
84       body decided that November 13 is the first date to consider since according to Rachel
85       Peters, it is easier for students to remember as it is a Friday the 13th. Howell Gonzales
86       was tasked to inquire about the venue. He should inform the president of the changes
87       made for the venue reservations as soon as possible.
88               Other details of the Bingo Night such as materials, things to do and committees
89       were also discussed:
90       a. Bingo cards – A sample Bingo card was shown by April Shayne Sulabo which were
91           passed around for comments and suggestions. The PhilSA logo should be double
92           checked if it was the right logo used since there were changes made in some details of
 93        the logo. Jasper Tallada, who was assigned to print the Bingo cards, asked how many
 94        cards will be printed. Since the body could not agree yet on the number of cards and
 95        rounds to do, it was suggested that he coordinate with Mary Joy Abit and decide how
 96        many cards to print.
 97   b.   Tickets – Tickets were already printed and ready to distribute as of the moment.
 98        Since the date will be moved, a new set of tickets will be printed by April Shayne
 99        Sulabo taking into consideration some comments of some members. Elizabeth
100        Maghirang advised that the font should be larger and readable. It was also suggested
101        that objectives and proceeds should be written in the tickets. Overall, the ticket was
102        designed well. April Shayne Sulabo should print tickets when date and venue will be
103        finalized. Howell Gonzales was assigned for ticket monitoring and distribution to
104        members as soon as tickets are printed.
105   c.   Program (software) – Jonathan Aguilar already forwarded the file to Howell
106        Gonzales. Mary Joy Abit and Analiza Ramirez said that they also have a copy of the
107        software in their computers.
108   d.   Rules – April Shayne Sulabo told the body that she has a copy of the rules during the
109        previous Bingo Night. However, it still has to be ironed out since some concerns were
110        raised. One is that the time constraint in conducting the event. Howell Gonzales said
111        that ISC is very strict on time and no extensions are given to users of the
112        multipurpose hall. Previous Bingo events with 10 rounds lasted for about 4 hours.
113        Ronaldo Maghirang suggested that the body may come up with a strategy of still
114        playing 10 rounds but in a shorter period of time like doing simple patterns or doing
115        ‘last-man-standing’ in other rounds. Others suggested lessening the number of rounds
116        to also lessen the prizes to be collected. With all the concerns raised, April Shayne
117        Sulabo shall coordinate with Mary Joy Abit to compromise the said concerns.
118   e.   Prizes and Gift Certificates – Angelo Noriel and Michelle Niebres were assigned to
119        follow-up prizes for the Bingo Night. Elizabeth Maghirang said that some affiliates
120        have already bought prizes for this event since this has become a tradition and all
121        what’s left to do is to call and remind them about the event. She was also tapped to be
122        part of the prizes committee. Some affiliates that usually donate prizes were Edna
123        Razote, Minda Mays, Marissa Woeppel, Amy Bernardo, Analiza Heaton, the
124        Maghirangs, Nida Canzano, and the Collados (Chinese Chef and Jasmine). Other
125        affiliates (Naynie Ibbetson, Alex Fulkerson, the Beales) can also be requested. The
126        Chinese Chef and Jasmine owners usually give gift certificates as prizes but should
127        still be asked if they are still willing to donate. Elizabeth Maghirang and Analiza
128        Ramirez said that they have the copy of the certificate where the owners will just
129        sign. Joey Cainong suggested checking the expiration date of the tickets since she
130        observed last year that they were different. She added that she won two gift
131        certificates with different expiration dates. April Shayne Sulabo shall print out the gift
132        certificates. The plan to request prizes from big establishments in Manhattan was
133        waived.
134   f.   Hall preparation – Howell Gonzales will lead the preparation of the venue. Other
135        members especially the men (and with men) were requested to help during the
136        preparations. The event starts at 6PM but the venue will be opened an hour before for
137        preparations.
138      g. Old materials – Angelo Noriel was tasked to follow up the old materials from Henry
139         Bonifacio.
140      h. Table at the Union – Usually done the day before the event, a table is placed at the
141         Union where tickets can be sold and the event can be advertised. Everyone is
142         requested to go and help the officers in the Union (once the date is finalized).
143      i. Invitations and Flyers – April Shayne Sulabo said that she will change the flyers and
144         invitations since the date has already been changed. She also asked Michelle Niebres
145         to discontinue distributing and posting the invitations and flyers.
146      j. Chalking – Everyone is requested to participate in the chalking. This is done on the
147         late afternoon before the event. Michelle Niebres was to spearhead the activity.
148      k. Program (socials) – Howell Gonzales and Rommel Sulabo were requested to be the
149         masters of ceremonies (bingo masters). They agreed given that food should be served
150         to them. They reminded that the MCs last year were not able to eat.
151      l. Food – Analiza Ramirez suggested that the organizers should prepare a few types of
152         food but in bulk to avoid food shortage. The tendency is that everyone will get a little
153         of everything so food prepared in small quantities will run out fast. Another
154         suggestion was to have food servers during the game to avoid people standing up and
155         delaying the game. However, having food servers might be difficult given the few
156         man power of the organization (other members also want to play). To consider all the
157         concerns raised, the body then requested Marley Tallada to lead the food committee
158         to identify the food to be served and strategize a way of serving food. Analiza
159         Ramirez volunteered to help in the identification of food to be served. Other food
160         committee members who will work with Marley Tallada are Jayfred Godoy, Nida
161         Canzano and Jose Joy Boac.
162      m. Other matters – Mary Joy Abit asked the availability of projectors during the event.
163         Ronaldo Maghirang said that projectors are available and 2 can be provided for use.
165   V. Meeting of International Student Association Presidents
166             April Shayne Sulabo announced to the body that there will be a meeting of all the
167      Presidents of recognized international organizations on October 9, 2009. She asked the
168      body about concerns she can raise up during the meeting. The following are the concerns
169      the body has enumerated:
170             a. Free use of the multipurpose hall for recognized organizations (even for one
171                 event only)
172             b. Time of use of the multipurpose hall (extension of time especially if there will
173                 be no one using it after the scheduled time)
174             c. Jardine concerns
175             d. Tuition payment – back to deferment of tuition until November; the new
176                 policy is difficult to new international students since they haven’t receive their
177                 first paychecks on the deadline of payments; the $40 for TIPP is also a big
178                 amount for deferment for just a month (or ‘til October);
179             e. International fee of $15
180             Other comments should be addressed to the president before October 9.
182   VI. Other business
183       a. Ondoy victims
184                 The body has decided to donate $200 from the organization’s equity fund to the
185         Ondoy victims. Donations will also be open to other Filipinos in the community if they
186         wish to donate in behalf of PhilSA. However, April Shayne Sulabo has still to ask the
187         ISC if the organization is allowed to collect and raise money from donations from other
188         people. An agency where the money is to be remitted is still to be identified.
190         b. Newsletter
191                Analiza Ramirez told the body that a committee meeting will be held tomorrow
192         (October 3, Saturday) to tackle about the proposed newsletter. The newsletter is yet to be
193         named up to this moment.
195         c. Others
196                  Since there are new members that don’t understand the Filipino language, it was
197         suggested that when sending emails regarding PhilSA activities, it should be written in
198         English. DeeAnn Turpin, also a new member of PhilSA, introduced herself while the rest
199         of the members also introduced themselves to DeeAnn Turpin.
200                  The body would also like to acknowledge and appreciate Henry Bonifacio’s
201         efforts in developing and improving the PhilSA website which is already accessible in the
202         internet.
204      VII. Adjournement
205               There being no more matters to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 7:42
206         PM. Food was served care of the Talladas for MJ’s birthday.
210   Prepared by:                                              Noted by:
214   Angelo Jay Noriel                                         April Shayne Sulabo
215   Secretary                                                 President
222                                                            Dr. Ronaldo Maghirang
223                                                            Adviser

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