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					                                    JOB DESCRIPTION
JOB TITLE:                    Executive Chef
DIVISION:                     Food and Beverage
IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:         Vice President / GM
                                                                                    st  nd
SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY:   Global Operations Staff, Location Chefs, Sous Chefs, 1 & 2 Cooks, Storeroom
                              Managers, EDR Managers and Cooks.
PRIMARY OBJECTIVES:           Oversees all aspects of back of house restaurant operations for the 7 restaurants
                              and 4 bars under GPI contract including but not limited to staffing, planning,
                              budgeting, training, and implementation to ensure support of the operating
                              management, guest satisfaction and maximum profitability. Maintains high quality
                              standards in regard to food and beverage service, safety, and sanitation. Must
                              assist in other departments or with other job duties as requested or necessary.

                              1. Directs all operating functions for the Back of House Food and Beverage
                                 Division adhering to Company standards and planning.
                              2. Ensures standards of appearance and sanitation are maintained on a daily
                              3. Plans, organizes, and completes all areas of Back of House food and
                                 beverage employee training and conduct with regards to GPI and NPS
                              4. Maintains all NPS contract compliance issues that relate to food and
                                 beverage operations.
                              5. Responsible for following federal, state and National Park Service policies
                                 and regulations for maintaining sanitation.
                              6. Maintains line of communication with Sales and Group Tours office and each
                                 location regarding all weddings and catered functions. Provides additional
                                 necessary coordination and direction regarding same.
                              7. Responsible for the ordering, receipt and storage of all kitchen equipment
                                 including pots, pans, knives, china, glass, silver and paper to ensure a
                                 minimum loss from breakage, waste or theft.
                              8. Responsible for developing comprehensive business plan for the Back of
                                 House Food and Beverage Division activities and adhering to Company goals
                                 and standards.
                              9. Responsible for creating menus and the corresponding recipes to go with
                                 each item on the menus.
                              10. Responsible for costing menus to ensure company food cost goals are being
                              11. Working with F&B Director, establishes the Food and Beverage Division’s
                                  annual operating budget and is responsible for monitoring performance
                                  throughout the year.
                              12. Management and supervision of all Back of House kitchen staff, specifically
                                  department managers.

Rev. 1/08
                                                                                                    Executive Chef
                      13. Provides operational support to all Food and Beverage Division operating
                          departments throughout the season.
                      14. Working with Director of Food & Beverage, conducts yearly review of the
                          Food and Beverage Division function and makes necessary changes,
                          refinements and improvements where applicable.
                      15. Conducts other tasks as directed by the President of GPI and officers of the
                          Viad Corporation.

                      KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS:
                         2-4 years college in hospitality management or related field required.
                          Culinary degree preferred.
                         3-5 years experience in kitchen management required. Multi-unit experience
                         3-5 year cooking experience required. Must have in-depth experience of
                          sanitation standards.
                         Must have knowledge of food and labor cost controls.
                         Strong interpersonal skills required. Must be pleasant, helpful, friendly,
                          outgoing, enthusiastic and courteous in dealing with guests and co-workers.
                         Must be team-oriented.
                         Able to handle guest concerns in a tactful and caring manner.
                         Exhibits good leadership skills in communication. Speaks well and can
                          motivate others.
                         Writes clearly and precisely with meaning.
                         Must be able to work varied shifts.
                         Must possess neat and pleasant grooming habits.

                      WORK ENVIRONMENT:
                         Non-smoking environment
                         Restaurant/dining room in a historic hotel/motor inn.
                         Job requires walking, bending, handling, reaching, grasping, lifting 25+ lbs.,
                          and repetitive motions.
                         Travel, both by air and car.

Director Review:

HR Review:


Rev. 1/08
                                                                                              Executive Chef

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