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									Newsletter No 10                                                    Summer

                                       Military Survey Branch
                                                      Royal Engineers Association

                                       Newsletter – No 10 (SUMMER)

                                           Re-Union 2003

                       The Nick Cheesman Dinner
                                    For Friday evening 5 September 2003


                                             GEG Families’ Day
                                From Noon Saturday 6 September 2003)


             Annual General Meeting of REA
                (Military Survey Branch)
                                     Followed by Buffet and Music
                                 On Saturday evening 6 September 2003
This issue contains the revised programme of events for our Major Re-Union 2003 and AGM event, which
will be held at Denison Barracks, Hermitage, on 6 September 2003, in tandem with the Geographic Engineer
Group (GEG) Families’ Day.


As we go to print, we have already received firm payments and attendance slips from over 120 members to
participate in these functions. Please assist the Hon Secretary and Re-Union Member of our Committee to
make their final arrangements for this event by completing and returning your attendance slip and list of
items for the agenda, at your earliest convenience – and preferably before mid July 03.

W Miles Henry, Editor
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Newsletter No 10                                                    Summer
Tel No :- (UK) +00 - 44 - (0)1635 32883

Child oriented activities: - bouncy castles, lucky dip, face painting, junior assault course etc. (The
REA will be sponsoring one bouncy castle for the younger children).

Technical displays including RSMS and field deployed assets as well as an opportunity to view the
various corridor displays and photos. Regular Army and County TA Units will be showing their
latest infantry weapons and give a display on modern tactics.

Mess bar facilities plus barbecue type snacks will be available from noon and throughout the day.

On the Saturday afternoon we shall be starting off the new season for Rugby with an exciting
match between teams from the Geo Regiment and the Old Boys

There will be a social event on the Saturday evening hosted at one of the Messes, which will
include a meal of the usual high standard and light music.

In addition, during the period of our AGM and discussion, we have arranged a tour to “The Living
Rainforest Centre” at Hampstead Norreys, for our ladies and guests, who do not normally wish to
attend the AGM. Return transport will be provided from Denison Barracks.

Friday 5th September 2003:
1900 hrs for 1930/2000hrs – Survey Re-Union Dinner held at Newbury Racecourse. You should
RV at the Racecourse at the Car Park in front of the New Stand. The Dining room is immediately
in front.

Saturday 6th September 2003:
1300hrs –1400hrs – Arrival of membership and administration in Camp Gymnasium

1500 hrs –42 Engineer Regiment (Geo) v Old Boys - Rugby match on Garrison Sports Field

1400hrs –1730hrs
    Exhibitions and unit facilities open for viewing –some tours may be arranged.

            Military demonstrations by Regular Army and County TA Units showing modern infantry
             weapons and tactics.

1730hrs –1930hrs – Ladies & non-AGM guests travel to “The Living Rainforest Centre”, at
Hamstead Norreys for a guided tour and refreshments. (Tea & Biscuits)

1800hrs - AGM Meeting, discussion and adjourn to the bar to await the return of the Ladies.

2000hrs - Buffet supper, also the start of musical entertainment.

2359hrs - Event closes

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Newsletter No 10                                                    Summer
The Unit gymnasium will be the administrative focus for all information. It will include a Military Survey map
display, historic photo albums and rogue’s gallery. The REA (Military Survey Branch) Annual General
Meeting (AGM) will also be held at the Unit gymnasium. We have also circulated notification of this event to
the former addresses of over 1200 ex-Military Survey personnel from the database which was compiled for
our bi-Centenary Re-Union. We are hoping for a good turnout.

                                So WHY don’t YOU come and join US                                                                   ????
Societies for Surveyors                                                                         The format was to be a formal dinner to take place
                                                                                                in the Hermitage Officers Mess with a selected
                                                                                                number of guests, one of whom would be the

    n our last Issue No 9 (Spring) we published
    details for the Defence Surveyors’ Association                                              Principal and asked to say a few words. The
    (DSA) and the Association of Harrogate                                                      initial problem with setting up this association was
Apprentices (AOHA) - we now continue the series                                                 to find entitled persons as Survey Directorate held
in this issue with two further outlines on :-                                                   few records. However through detailed research
                                                                                                and word of mouth those eligible have been found
                                                                                                over a period of time, unfortunately several had
The Late Entry Commissioned Officers                                                            passed away.
(LE Officers)
and                                                                                             The inaugural dinner was held in January 1994
The Chartered Surveyor/Sapper Club                                                              with 33 members attending, the Principal Guest
                                                                                                being Major (Rtd) Nick Harcourt RE.            The
                                                                                                numbers now average 55 from a believed eligible
                   **********************                                                       membership of some 64 persons. During the first
                                                                                                three years members took the position of
                                                                                                President, but it was considered that a permanent
Late Entry Commissioned                                                                         elected President would be more in keeping with
Officers (LE Officers)                                                                          the high esteem in which the LE Officer is held.
                                                                                                Thus in 1997, Capt Ron Birch RE was

       long with the end of the Cold War came a                                                 unanimously elected as Life President. There is a
       peace dividend and the opportunity for a                                                 considerable range of ages amongst the
       reduction in the ranks of the Regular Army                                               membership taking in the sprightly over eighties
and the number of officers needed to staff future                                               like Peter Jenkins - to the recently commissioned
military requirements and so the opportunity arose                                              Stewart Fairnington, who is barely pushing forty.
to abolish Short Service Commissions. At the
same time it was decided to rationalise                                                         Year 2003 marked the tenth anniversary of the
engagement terms for all officers and invite those                                              ‘association’ to which every principal guest from
officers, who had been commissioned from                                                        past dinners was invited, the honour of Principal
Warrant Officer Class I, to remain in service on                                                Guest going to our first invitee – Major (Retd) Nick
similar terms to their Regular Officer counterparts.                                            Harcourt RE.

However to distinguish them from the Regular                                                    To be eligible a person must have served with
Officer, who in general terms would have                                                        Military Survey (old terminology) as a Warrant
progressed through RMA Sandhurst and were                                                       Officer prior to being commissioned. We believe
likely to much younger for the equivalent rank, it                                              that all persons entitled to membership have now
was decided to create a new title of officer                                                    been recorded, but if any reader knows of others
engagement - that of Late Entry (LE) Officer.                                                   who may have ‘slipped the net’ please make
From that date all officers, irrespective of their                                              contact with the undersigned who will direct the
original engagement, would be entitled to                                                       inquiry to the correct channels. The next Dinner
compete-by or on merit-for promotion to all further                                             for 2004 will be organised by Lt-Col (Retd) John
senior appointments.                                                                            Stamp RE who may be contacted through the
                                                                                                Branch Secretary below.
With this in mind Major (later Lt. Col) John Stamp
RE and Captain Steve Hopewell RE decided that                                                   Peter Wood
an annual reunion or association of LE Officers,                                                Secretary REA (Military Survey Branch)
both serving and retired, should be established.                                                Street Farm Cottage, Barton Stacey,
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Newsletter No 10                                                    Summer
Nr Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 3RT
Tel No 01962 760497                                                                             E Mail
Email; -
Editorial Note
I am grateful to Ron Birch, who supplied much of                                                The “Bryn Howell” Dining Club is one of the
the information for the above article and also the                                              older and more exclusive societies for Military
article in my last Newsletter No 9 (Spring) on the                                              Surveyors. It will be a feature in our next
Association of Harrogate Apprentices (AOHA)                                                     issue of Newsletter No11 (AGM) which will be
                       *********************                                                    published and issued at Hermitage to coincide
                                                                                                with the AGM/Re-Union Meeting.

The Chartered Surveyor/Sapper                                                                                           *************************
                                                                                                Current News from the Civilian
      he Chartered Surveyor/Sapper Club was
      founded in 1987, following suggestions from                                               Front
      Col Sir Idris Pearce, CBE TD, DL FRICS,
“to further interests in the Corps, by those
Chartered Surveyors, who have served as                                                         Official Opening of MacLeod Building -
Sappers”.                                                                                       Feltham
Sir Idris completed his National Service in RE

                                                                                                       he official opening of the MacLeod Building
Survey (mainly at SMS Hermitage) during the late                                                       took place on Friday 23 May 03. It is now
50s and in a long and distinguished career as a                                                        home to the Geographic Information Group
professional Chartered Surveyor subsequently                                                    (previously at Tolworth), the Replication Branch
became President of the RICS. He was also a                                                     (formerly Reproduction Br) and the Feltham
very active member of the Survey Regiment (TA)                                                  Stores Section (both previously in Redman
and long time OC of 135 Fd Svy Sqn RE (TA) at                                                   Building, Feltham). The opening ceremony was
Ewell.                                                                                                               nd
                                                                                                performed by the 2 Permanent Under Secretary,
                                                                                                MOD, Mr Ian Andrews. He explained how the
The Club’s particular interest is to support the                                                decision to move the Tolworth assets was finally
Royal Engineers’ Museum and since the Club’s                                                    decided. It seems that shortly after MAFF moved
foundation has now contributed over £20,000 to                                                  off the site the MOD wished to sell it for
Museum funds. In 1995 the Club gave its name                                                    development and naturally the continued
to one of the Museums displays involving Survey.                                                occupation by the Map Library etc., was in effect
                                                                                                costing them money. Consequently, they were
Membership of the Club is open to all Chartered                                                 able to assist with the relocation costs for the new
Surveyors who have served, in any rank, with the                                                building quite quickly against the land sale.
Royal Engineers and members of the Corps who
are RICS probationers. Membership is currently                                                  The building is of a very futuristic design outside,
around 150 in the UK and abroad and also                                                        incorporating many low maintenance ideas and
includes several Honorary Members who do not                                                    the inside is equally well designed for the many
qualify for ordinary Membership, but have made                                                  functions undertaken within it. However, many
significant contribution to the well being of the                                               staff are still coming to terms with the open
Club.                                                                                           planned office concept although most agree it is a
                                                                                                terrific improvement upon Tolworth. It also offers
The Club convenes several times a year for                                                      terrific improvements for all the Replication
interesting meetings or visits and socially hosts an                                            Branch who for the first time, certainly in living
annual lunch and formal dinner. The next major                                                  memory, have a purpose built facility, which does
event will be the annual dinner, which will be held,                                            not closely resemble a motor-vehicle workshop.
in September, at the Army & Navy Club, Pall Mall.
                                                                                                I hope that many readers will have taken the
Membership details can be obtained from:-                                                       opportunity to visit MacLeod Building during the
                                                                                                Feltham “Old Boys” Reunion 13 Jun 03.
G Crowley Esq.,
4 South View,
                                                                                                Change of Chief Executive DGIA
Great Dunmow,
Essex CM6 1UQ
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Newsletter No 10                                                    Summer
Air Commodore Martin Hallam RAF, previously
OC JARIC, at RAF Brampton, has now
succeeded Brigadier Peter Walker as Chief                                                                                   In Memoriam
Executive, DGIA.
                                                                                                                    RON (ROLAND) BAXTER
Operation TELIC                                                                                 Many of our members, who served at 14
Op TELIC was the official title given to the conflict
                                                                                                Geographic Squadron RE, in Germany between
with Iraq and most readers will not be surprised to
                                                                                                circa 1970 and 2002, will have known the
know that the various assets at Feltham were
                                                                                                irrepressible character Roland, or Ron Baxter, as
particularly busy from around September through
                                                                                                he was more generally and affectionately known.
to February and March this year in support of the
                                                                                                Ron underwent a knee operation just before
                                                                                                Christmas 2002, but sadly succumbed to a post
The print outputs totalled approximately 5.7 million
                                                                                                operative embolism. Ron contributed a great deal
map copies and more than 21 million paper
                                                                                                to Squadron life whilst he worked at the Area
leaflets in support of special Psychological
                                                                                                Accommodation Stores or ‘corner shop’ in Roy
Operations, a new requirement placed upon the
                                                                                                Barracks and later, as the first School Caretaker
DGIA. This latter requirement meant extremely
                                                                                                for Roy Middle School, where he kept a close eye
fast turn-around from tasking through to printing
                                                                                                on many of the Squadron offspring, offering a few
and delivery to a plane within 4-6 hours. Chris
                                                                                                well chosen words to any possible delinquent!!.
Biggs, the Head of Replication Branch, informed
me they had used 350 tonnes of paper for
                                                                                                Ron enlisted in The Border Regt in 1946. Shortly
Operational tasks.
                                                                                                after enlisting he was attached to the Manchester
                                                                                                Regt and served with them in BAOR, Malaya and
The MOD Map & Air Chart Depot (formerly 8
                                                                                                the UK where he then joined The King’s Own
MACD) received nearly 7 million maps and
                                                                                                serving in Kenya, Bahrain and Aden where he
supplied over 4.5 million directly to our own
                                                                                                was seriously wounded in the chest. Following
Forces and in support to US Forces. Depot staff,
                                                                                                his evacuation and subsequent rehabilitation, he
reinforced by other DGC staff, but on occasions
                                                                                                returned to his Unit as they amalgamated to form
by 42 Engr Regt (GEO) and by 135 Indep Geo
                                                                                                The King’s Own Border Regt.
Sqn RE(V), especially on weekends, made up 519
map packs. Many of these consisted of more
                                                                                                Tours to Libya, Cameroons and UK followed
than 10 map cartons each. Many newly recruited
                                                                                                before his selection to The Long Service List and
Feltham staff are now already very conversant
                                                                                                a posting as Mess WO of Episkopi Garrison
with Depot procedures and terminology and must
                                                                                                Officers’ Mess. Eventually, he took up his final
be congratulated for their enthusiasm and support
                                                                                                posting at Roy Barracks, Area Accommodation
during the whole campaign.
                                                                                                Stores from where our knowledge of Ron
Imperial Service Medal
Mrs Veronica Smith (formerly with the                                                           A Memorial Service was held at Horwich near
reprographic section RSMS) and recently retired                                                 Bolton on Mon, 2 Jun 03, which was very well
to live in the West Country has been awarded the                                                attended by Family, Friends and many old
Imperial Service Medal, which was presented by                                                  Comrades of his Regiments. Three Tributes were
Brig Peter Walker at Hermitage on 4 April 2003.                                                 paid to Ron through the Service, which truly
                                                                                                painted the picture of a man once met would not
DGIA achieves IIP recognition                                                                   be forgotten.
At the beginning of April the DGIA finally received
written confirmation that the Agency had met the                                                As we left the church to the strains of ‘Colonel
requirements of the Investors in People                                                         Bogey’ you could almost hear him shout, “Pick
standards.                                                                                      those feet up! - You lazy bunch”.

The assessors have recommended that a Review                                                    Ron’s friendship, sense of humour, haircuts and
is completed after 12- 15 months and have made                                                  even sharper clipped manner of the professional
suggestions for improvements programme to be                                                    and archetypal RSM will never be forgotten.
implemented over the next few months.

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Newsletter No 10                                                    Summer
                                                                                                Dixey, R.D.C. - London
Rod Siggs                                                                                       Hawkins, Rick – Hampshire
DGIA                                                                                            Hibbert, J - Christchurch
Feltham, Mx                                                                                     Hill W.A. – Cornwall
                                                                                                Morris P.L. - Southampton
                ***********************************                                             Munday, A.H. – Oxford
                                                                                                Robbins, Dr. A. - Ottery St Mary, Devon
The Branch Secretary’s Corner                                                                   Trayford, K – Liverpool

                           In Memoriam                                                                               ****************************

Byrne, Mick. Mick was affectionately known to                                                   New Members join Our Branch
many of our members for his cheerful disposition                                                We welcome the following new members into our
and flaming red hair (!) and started life in Survey                                             Association and in particular to our Military Survey
as a Litho Printer. He was one of several former                                                Branch:
British Army personnel who emigrated “down
under” and continued their survey careers in the                                                Jackson, Sid: Served a full carer as a Print
(then) Royal Australian Survey Corps.                                                           technician from September 1951 until July 1976.
                                                                                                Sid's Army life started as a Harrogate Apprentice
Mick completed a full career as a major and then                                                and finished as WO1 at HQ BLF at Wilton. His
retired to live in Bendigo, Victoria. He died of a                                              varied postings included Kenya, Fernhurst,
                            rd                   th
massive heart attack on 3 May 2003 at the 12                                                    Chepstow, Wilton and of course, Barton Stacey
hole on the Epsom Golf course. One could say                                                    and Hermitage.
he died at doing what he really enjoyed.
                                                                                                Litterrick, Frank: Frank served in many ranks
The Reverend John South, another ex-military                                                    from February 1950 until February 1977. His 27
surveyor, who many will remember, appropriately                                                 years' with the colours saw service in Cyprus,
conducted his funeral service.      Mick leaves                                                 JARIC (UK), Singapore, BAOR, Chepstow,
Susan, his recent wife of only one year (His first                                              Fernhurst      and    Hermitage,     although     not
wife, Anne, died sadly some four years ago) and                                                 necessarily in that order.          Another Army
two surviving sons, Ray and Dick.                                                               apprentice, trained in Air Survey/photogrammetry,
                                                                                                he finally retired as a captain from his last posting
Spanner, Leslie Reginald. Passed away late                                                      at JARIC (UK).
2002. Les served with the old Survey Battalion
from 1938 until 1940 - first at home and then with                                              Annual General Meeting (AGM)
BEF. He was a Draughtsman and Surveyor with
                                                                                                Saturday 6th September 2003
the service and was a life member of the REA as
well as a branch member.
                                                                                                Calling all members!
Notification of deaths from the families
                                                                                                If any member has anything that he/she thinks
          of former Colleagues                                                                  ought to be raised at the AGM please let me know
                                                                                                as soon as possible. All contributions will be
A mail shot to all known ex-surveyors, who are not                                              gratefully CONSIDERED !!!!.
members of our branch, was recently carried out
in order to advertise this year's reunion and                                                   For further information:-
encourage new members. This has revealed a
                                                                                                Peter Wood
number of old friends, who are now deceased..
                                                                                                Secretary REA (Military Survey Branch)
Remaining members of their families have asked
                                                                                                Street Farm Cottage, Barton Stacey,
us to publish this information to other ex-survey
                                                                                                Nr Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 3RT
friends, who may be unaware of the sad news.
                                                                                                Tel No: - +44-(0)1962 760497
                                                                                                Email; -
Here is a list of those known to date:
Brooks, David, – Birmingham
Craib, J.A. - Nairn, Scotland
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Newsletter No 10                                                    Summer
    Outline Diary of Events – 2003                                                              5 Oct                           Central Southern Group
                                                                                                                                AGM, Minley (Provisional)

                                                                                                12 Oct                          Sapper Sunday at Royal
28 - 29 Jun                    Minley Show and Aldershot                                                                        Hospital Chelsea
                                                                                                6 Nov                           Field of Remembrance,
26 – 27 Jul                    Korean Veterans’ Weekend,                                                                        Westminster
                                                                                                9 Nov                           Remembrance Sunday
5 - 7 Sep                      Corps Memorial Weekend,
                               Chatham*                                                         4 Dec                           Hermitage Committee

5 - 6 Sep                      REA (Military Survey) AGM                                        End Dec                         Christmas Newsletter
                               REA and GEO Families Day
                               Weekend at Hermitage                                                           A Happy New Year for 2004
9 Oct                          Hermitage post AGM
                               Committee Meeting

 Members who have already pre-registered to attend the Re-Union, AGM
    and other Functions at Hermitage over 5 or 6 September 2003:
Adcock, Beverly (Mrs)                                                                           Grimmett, Noel
Beale, Brian& Kathleen                                                                          Guise, Mick & Dee
Beeston, Alan & Susan                                                                           Hartley, Thomas & Pamela
Benkjer, Tom & Avril + son                                                                      Henry, Miles & Jennifer
Birch, Ron & Nita                                                                               Holt, Tim & Adrienne
Browning, Mrs Thelma                                                                            Houldershaw, Brian & June
Burford–Baynes, John & Josephine                                                                Howliston, John & Robina
Candy, Clive                                                                                    Hudson, Howars & Margaret + 2 Children
Carter, Nick & Barbara                                                                          Kidney, Audry (Mrs)
Chandler, William & Hazel                                                                       Lees, Bill & Norma
Cheesman, Nick & Christine                                                                      Litterick, Frank & Rosemary
Cleeton, Chris & Zoe                                                                            Little, Jimmy & Marion
Clowes, Mick & Susan                                                                            MacKenzie, Kieth & Brenda
Dace, Bill & Irene                                                                              McKeown, James
Dorman, Chris & Jan                                                                             Malkinson, Ian + Guest
Elder, Brigadier John & Mrs Jess Elder                                                          Mason, John
Elliott, Richard & Marion                                                                       Matthews, Brigadier Alex & Mrs Margaret Matthews

Evason, Mike & Janet                                                                            Mc Master, Peter
Evans, Terry & Jacqueline                                                                       Morgan, Les & Pat
Glover, William                                                                                 Nash, Chris & Anne
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Newsletter No 10                                                    Summer
Notage, Mick & Carole
Oxley, Bruce
Payne, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Pearson, Patrick
Powell, David
Reeder, Brian (Sam)
Richards, Trevor & Anne
Siddell, John & Kay
Siggs, Rod & Shelia
Smith, Frank
Smith, Mrs Veronica & David
Stamp, John & Natalie
Taylor, David
Thomas, Andy & Margaret
Turley, WO 1 (RSM) Andrew & Mrs Judie Turley
Walker, Brigadier Peter and Mrs Lynne Walker
Wheadon, David & Clodah
Williams, Owen
Wood, Maj-Gen Roy and Mrs Sue Wood
Wood, Peter & Lynn

Formal apologies have been received
from the following: -
Barrett, Robin; Bickers John; Broadway, Bill;
Davey, Eric; Davies, Brian; Dawe, Grahame;
Dear, Bill; Fraser, Stewart; Gardiner, Colin;
Gordon, Alan; Harding, Allan, Himbury, John;
Hunter, J; Huskisson, Pennel; Laflin, Keneth;
Robbins, Chris; Swinden, John;
Wilson, Maj-Gen Mike and Mrs Margaret Wilson;
Winser, Peter;

Editors Note
This initial list of guests was compiled in early June and is
growing daily, so you may have answered Mick Perry and
not yet be listed by me. The final list of visitors to the Re-
Union will be available at the Unit gymnasium on Saturday
6 September 2003. Copies of the AGM Agenda and a
special Newsletter will also be published for this event.

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Newsletter No 10                                                 Summer 2003
                                                          (Military Survey Branch)

                                           Committee Members for 2002/2003

                                                 Nominated and ex-Officio Members
National Chairman: -                              Major-General Roy Wood (Late RE & formerly D.Mil Svy)                                                       ex-Officio

Branch President: -                               Brigadier Alex Matthews (                                                            Appointed 2001

Military Liaison: -                               WO1 (RSM) Andrew Turley RE (                                                        ex-Officio

                                                         Elected Committee Members
Branch Chairman: -                                Chris Nash (                                                                Tenure expires 2003

Secretary: -                                      Peter Wood (                                                              Elected 2002

Treasurer: -                                      Chris Cleeton (                                                                       Elected 2002

                                                        Co-opted Specialist Members
DGIA Liaison: -                                   Rod Siggs (                                                                     Appointed 2002

Reunion Organiser: -                              Mick Perry (                                                            Appointed 2000

Welfare Co-ordinator: -                           Noel Grimmett (                                                            Appointed 2000

Editor REA Newsletter: -                          W Miles Henry (                                                                      Appointed 2001

Special Events                                    Nick Cheesman (                                                   Appointed 2002

Committee Members are expected to serve for three years before replacement or re-election

Hon Secretary                                                                                         Hon Treasurer
Please notify me as soon as you have changed                                                          We now have some 340 Members belonging to
your home address or have obtained and/or                                                             our Military Survey Branch. Please assist us and
changed your e-Mail address. We can save a                                                            save running costs and expense by using a
great deal of money for other activities by using e-                                                  Standing Order to pay your annual fees and
Mail for the Newsletter.                                                                              subscriptions.

Peter Wood                                                                                            Chris Cleeton
Secretary REA (Military Survey Branch)                                                                Treasurer REA (Military Survey Branch)
Street Farm Cottage, Barton Stacey,                                                                   7 Charlton Down, Andover
Nr Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 3RT                                                                    Hampshire, SP11 0HZ
Tel No 01962 760497                                                                                   Tel No: 01264 735247
Email: -                                                            Email: -

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