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      16 Americas Food & Beverage Trade Show & Conference
               September 24-25, 2012  Miami Beach Convention Center  Miami Beach  Florida

Corporate Name (Print):

Company Name to be Listed on the Exhibitor’s Booth Sign and Show Directory (PRINT CLEARLY):
City _________________________State/Province_______________________ Zip Code__________________
Telephone: Country Code (____) City Code (____) ________________________________________________
Fax: Country Code (____) City Code (___)_______________________________________________________
E-Mail: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Exhibitor’s Contact Person’s Name (PRINT):_____________________ Title: (PRINT) _____________________

   Configuration:  Linear (10’ x 10’ unit side-by-side or as otherwise indicated).
3. PREFERRED LOCATIONS: Please select three locations from the attached floor plan. Indicate exhibit space
1st Choice: Bth #: ________________ 2nd Choice: Bth #______________3rd Choice: Bth # ______________
Do not wish to be near _______________________________________________________________________
Wish to be near ____________________________________________________________________________
WTCM makes reasonable efforts to accommodate Exhibitor’s requests. However, WTCM can give no guarantee
that the Exhibitor’s request will be accommodated.

changes to your exhibiting information originally provided in this contract please notify the Sales
Director in writing via email).
Product Information: Please refer to the attached Product Categories List and enter only six (6) product
category numbers below that you intend to sell at the show. Category Numbers: 1.______ 2.______3. _______
4. _______ 5._______ 6._______ (These are the products that will be listed in the show directory.)

Sales Activities: Check as many of the following that apply to your company:
___Currently Exporting      ___Currently Importing        ____Manufacturer       ____ Distributor
___New-to-Exporting         ___New-to-Importing           ____Retailer           ____ Service Provider

                                            CONTRACT SUBMISSION:
        World Trade Center Miami, c/o Port of Miami, 1007 N. America Way, Suite 500, Miami, FL 33132, USA

Market Interest: Check the countries or regions that want to market your products to:
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___ All Regions ___ Africa       ___ Asia          ___ Brazil   ___ Canada           ___ Caribbean
___C. America ___ Europe         ___ Mexico        ___ Mid East ___ S. America       ___ USA

Business Objectives at the Show:

__ Direct Sales __ Joint Venture ___ Licensing Agreement __Agent/Distributor Identification __Purchasing

Languages Spoken: _____________________________________________________________________


____ Company Logo @ $175 (appears in show directory)

____ 50 Word Company Description @ $175 (appears in show’s website)

____ Logo & 50 Word Description @ $300 ($50 savings - Logo appears in show directory. Description appears
     in show’s website).

The undersigned organization (EXHIBITOR) and World Trade Center Miami (WTCM) mutually agree to the
terms set forth in this contract to purchase exhibit space at the 16th Americas Food and Beverage Trade Show.

   ($2,700 for Inline Booths) and $31.00 PER SQUARE FOOT ($3,100 for Corner Booths). ALL BOOTHS
   INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 10' X 10' pipe-and-drape booth, booth identification sign, carpeting, two chairs,
   one skirted 6’ table, one trash can, one 500-watt electrical outlet (120 volt), 5 free booth staff badges and 3
   additional staff badges at $25.00 per badge will be available. Exhibit dimensions are for reference purposes
   only. Some booths may be combined to make larger booths.

8. PAYMENT TERMS: Exhibitor agrees to pay the full amount of the exhibit space rental fee upon receipt of the
   signing of this contract. In the event the WTCM does not accept the contract, all payments will be promptly
   reimbursed to Exhibitor. Checks should be made payable to the World Trade Center Miami and mailed with
   one initialed and signed copy of this contract to the World Trade Center Miami, 1007 N. America Way, Suite
   500, Miami, Florida 33132, USA. If payment is not made within 30 days of receipt of the booth contract, the
   booth assignment requested by the Exhibitor may be forfeited and automatically reassigned to another
   Exhibitor. If a wire transfer is used, the Exhibitor should increase the payment by the amount of the wire

9. ASSIGNMENT OF EXHIBIT LOCATION: The World Trade Center Miami will attempt to assign the
   requested exhibit space location and will notify Exhibitor of the assigned exhibit space upon acceptance of
   the contract. However, WTCM gives no guarantee that the Exhibitor’s request will be accommodated.

10. LOCATION OF EXHIBITS: The Exhibition will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901
    Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, Florida 33139, Hall A. All measurements and exhibit space layouts
    shown on the floor plan are as accurate as possible, but WTCM reserves the right to make such modification
    and change exhibit space assignments as may be necessary to adjust the floor plan at any time to meet the
    needs of WTCM.

11. INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL TIME: Exhibitor will be advised in the Exhibitor Services Manual or by
    separate communication of specific move-in and move-out times to which it must adhere. Failure to meet
    move-in and move-out deadlines may result in the forfeiture of exhibit space or the removal of Exhibitor’s
    materials by WTCM at Exhibitor’s expense, without providing financial recourse to the Exhibitor by WTCM.
    Exhibitor is not allowed to move-out of the exhibit hall before the show closing time indicated in the Exhibitor
    Service Manual, unless a written authorization is provided by WTCM. Failure to comply with the move-out
    time will result in a penalty payable to WTCM by Exhibitor equal to 50% of the cost of Exhibitor’s booth space
    rental fee.

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12. EXHIBIT AND CONFERENCE HOURS: The dates and location identified on this contract may be modified
    by information subsequently sent to Exhibitor in the Exhibitor Services Manual, which will also contain the
    daily schedule of exhibits and conferences. WTCM may change exhibit hours or the number of days or dates
    of the Exhibition. Exhibitor shall not, during the Exhibition or the 30-day period before the first day of any
    conference or Exhibition produced by WTCM, nor during any future Exhibition produced by WTCM, conduct,
    promote, refer to, endorse or sponsor any functions, classes, seminars, exhibits or similar marketing
    functions within 100 miles of said conference(s) or Exhibition(s) other than (i) the exhibition provided in this
    contract or (ii) functions approved by WTCM and held at a location authorized by WTCM in writing.

13. USE OF EXHIBIT AND PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES: All demonstrations or other promotional activities
    must be confined within the limits of the exhibit space. Sufficient space must be provided within the exhibit
    space for the comfort and safety of persons watching demonstrations and other promotional activities.
    Exhibitor is responsible for keeping the aisles near its exhibit space free of congestion caused by its
    demonstrations or other promotions. During all days of any Exhibition produced by WTCM, except as
    otherwise provided herein or through advertising contained in regularly published periodicals, electronic
    media and related recurring promotional vehicles, Exhibitor shall not promote its products or organization
    within 500 yards of any exhibit location without written prior authorization of WTCM. Exhibitor may not
    promote exhibits, conferences, displays or other marketing or sales activities conducted during the Exhibition
    outside of its exhibit space without prior written approval of WTCM.

    Except in certain limited circumstances involving parent corporations, their wholly-owned subsidiaries and
    sister corportions or when approved in writing in advance by WTCM, Exhibitor shall not assign, sublet or
    share the exhibit space allotted. Exhibitor agents may display and solicit business only for the goods
    manufactured or dealt in by Exhibitor in its regular course of business. Exhibitor agrees to carefully follow the
    provisions and restrictions of booth structures as described in the Exhibitor Services Manual. Any exceptions
    must be requested in writing to WTCM who will accept or reject the request in writing.

    WTCM may immediately restrict or remove exhibits which, in the sole opinion of WTCM, are objectionable
    due to noise, method of operation, personnel, materials or any other reason which may detract from the
    general character or the consistent and stated purpose of the Exhibition. Exhibitor may not make sales which
    result in the exchange of merchandise or money in the exhibit hall. Exhibitor may not display, promote from
    its exhibit space, or offer nudity or sexually explicit or similarly offensive products, demonstrations,
    presentation, literature or other related matter, including the content of its products or the behavior of its staff.

    Exhibitor should closely adhere to the provision on “Use of Exhibits-Sound Systems and Use of Live or
    Taped Copyrighted Music” as described in the Exhibitor Services Manual. In the event of such restrictions
    or removal action, WTCM shall not be liable for any refunds or other Exhibitor expenses.

14. ARRANGEMENTS OF EXHIBITS: Exhibitor agrees to abide by all exhibit display guidelines published in the
    Exhibitor Services Kit. In the area five feet forward from the rear of the booth, display material may be placed
    up to a height not exceeding eight feet from the floor. All exhibitors must remain within the confines of their
    own exhibit space, and no exhibitor will be permitted to erect signs or display products in such a manner as
    to obstruct the view or disadvantageously affect the display of other exhibitors. WTCM shall have the right to
    demand modification of the appearance of dress of persons or mannequins used in conjunction with displays
    or demonstrations. Exhibits not conforming to these specifications, or which in design, operation, or
    otherwise, are deemed objectionable by WTCM in its sole discretion, will be prohibited. All pavilions must
    have plans pre- approved by the President of the World Trade Center Miami.

15. TAXES, LICENSES, SECURITY, INSURANCE AND LIABILITIES: Exhibitor shall be responsible for
    obtaining any licenses, permits and insurance under all local, state, federal or legally entitled entities, laws
    and regulations applicable to its activity at the Exhibition, including tax identification numbers and payment of
    all taxes, license fees or other charges that shall become due. WTCM will provide guard service to the
    perimeter of the exhibit hall during the hours when the exhibit area is closed. However, Exhibitor is solely and
    fully responsible for its own exhibit material and other property at all times, regardless of its location. Neither
    WTCM nor its agents or representatives will be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to
    Exhibitor or to Exhibitor’s employees or sub-contractors and agents or the property belonging to any such
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     Anyone visiting, viewing or otherwise participating in Exhibitor’s exhibit space is deemed to be the invitee or
     licensee of Exhibitor, rather than the invitee or licensee of WTCM. Exhibitor is solely liable for any injury to
     its property or to persons participating in the conduct in the exhibit or invitees and guests, or any party or
     individual(s) designated by Exhibitor as their agent(s), and assumes full responsibility and liability for its acts
     and omissions of its agents, employees or independent contractors, whether acting within or without the
     scope of their authority and agrees to save harmless WTCM and the exhibit hall from responsibility or
     liability resulting directly or indirectly from such acts or omissions. WTCM is not liable for product
     satisfaction of any buyer, nor does WTCM endorse or warrant any product sold by Exhibitor, who remains
     solely responsible for its own sales transactions. Exhibitor shall obtain at its own expense at least $1 million
     of comprehensive general liability insurance, including the so called “broad form endorsement”, which will
     name WTCM, its officers, directors, employees, sub-contractors and agents and the Miami Beach
     Convention Center as additional insured, and further agrees to waive its rights of subrogation against
     WTCM and all insured parties.

   (a) In the event Exhibitor cancels all or part of the contracted exhibit space, the following provisions shall
   apply: (i) If written notice of cancellation is received by WTCM prior to May 25, 2012, Exhibitor shall pay a
   cancellation fee equal to one-third of the total exhibit space rental fee; (ii) If written notice of cancellation is
   received by WTCM from May 28, 2012 to July 30, 2012, Exhibitor shall pay a cancellation fee equal to two-
   thirds of the total exhibit space rental fee; (iii) If written notice of the cancellation is received by WTCM on or
   after August 26, 2012, Exhibitor shall pay a cancellation fee equal to the full exhibit space rental fee; (iv) All
   cancellation fees are payable immediately upon cancellation. All payments made to WTCM under this
   contract are deemed fully earned and non-refundable and made in consideration for expenses incurred by
   WTCM and WTCM lost or deferred opportunity to provide exhibit space to others and all cancellation fees
   that may become due hereunder are acknowledged by Exhibitor to constitute liquidated damages.
   (b) If Exhibitor does not make full payment when due under the terms of this contract, WTCM may terminate
   the exhibit space held for Exhibitor and Exhibitor shall be responsible for payment to WTCM of all amounts
   which would have been due to WTCM under the terms of subsection (a) above, if Exhibitor had cancelled
   this exhibit space as of the date of such default, all other provisions of this contract will continue in force until
   cancelled by WTCM.

17. DOWNSIZING OF SPACE BY EXHIBITOR: All requests for reduction of exhibit space must be in writing
    and shall become effective upon receipt by WTCM. A fee of 20% of the difference in the cost between the
    originally assigned exhibit space and the cost of the reduced exhibit space requested will be charged through
    May 25, 2012. From May 26 through July 27, 2012, a fee of 50% of the difference in cost between the
    originally assigned exhibit space and the cost of the reduced exhibit space requested will be charged.
    Commencing August 24, 2012, exhibitors requesting reductions in space will receive no refund for any differ-
    rence in cost. Furthermore, show management has full authority to relocate any exhibitor after downsizing of

18. CANCELLATION OF SHOW: If WTCM cancels the Show because of an Event of Force Majeure as defined
    below, and the Show is rescheduled within six months of the original Show dates, Exhibitor’s rental fee for
    exhibition space shall be applied to pay for Exhibitor’s rental space in the rescheduled show. If Exhibitor
    elects not to participate in the rescheduled Show, its rental fee shall not be refunded and shall be deemed
    earned by WTCM.

   If the Show is cancelled and not rescheduled as set forth above, WTCM will refund that portion of the
   Exhibitor’s rental fee, if any, that WTCM does not apply to pay its direct expenses of the cancelled Show.
   Any refunds of rental fees will be prorated among all Exhibitors. If WTCM’s direct expenses equal or exceed
   all Exhibitor rental fees, no rental fees will be refunded. For the purpose of this paragraph, direct expenses
   shall mean all expenses of the Show incurred by WTCM other than its indirect administrative overhead
   expenses. WTCM’s determination of its direct expenses shall be deemed final and shall not be subject to
   challenge by any Exhibitor. WTCM shall not be liable for any losses or damages of any type or description,
   including consequential and/or incidental damages, suffered by Exhibitor as a result of any rescheduling or
   cancellation of the Show.

AFB/11/11/11                                                                                            ______ Initials
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19. FORCE MAJEURE. WTCM shall not be deemed to have breached this agreement by reason of its failure
    to perform any of its obligations if caused by strikes, natural disasters, hurricanes or tropical storms, acts of a
    public enemy, riots, terrorism, interference by civil or military authorities, compliance with proclamations,
   delays in transit or delivery on the part of transportation companies, or other causes beyond the reasonable
   control and without the fault of WTCM, or if caused by any act or failure to act of another party (an "Event of
   Force Majeure"). Upon the occurrence of any Event of Force Majeure specified above that results or will
   result in a delay in or cancellation of the Show or otherwise affects WTCM’s performance under this
   agreement, WTCM shall promptly give notice to the other party of the occurrence and the effect or anticipated
   effect of the occurrence on the performance of WTCM’s obligations under this agreement. WTCM will use
   reasonable efforts under the circumstances to eliminate or minimize the adverse impact of the occurrence on
   its performance under this agreement.

20. MISCELLANEOUS: The rights of WTCM under this contract shall not be deemed waived except when
    specifically stated in writing and signed in writing by an authorized officer of the WTCM. There is no other
    agreement or warranty between Exhibitor and WTCM, except as set forth in this document.

By his/her signature below, the individual signing this contract represents and warrants that he/she has been
duly authorized to execute this binding contract on behalf of the named Exhibitor.

Authorized Signature _________________________________________Date__________________________

Name (Please Print) _______________________________Title_____________________________________

Payment Options (3):

1. Please make U.S. Check payable to World Trade Center Miami and mail to: WTCM, c/o Port of Miami, World Trade
Center Miami, 1007 N. America Way, Suite 500, Miami, FL 33132, USA. Foreign checks require a processing fee of $75
dollars which should be added to the invoice amount.

2. You may Charge: _______ Visa ________ MasterCard ________ Amex

Company Name:

Name as appears on your card:____________________________________Security Code______________________

Billing Address: __________________________City _______________State____________Zip Code_____________

Credit Card No.:____________________________________ Exp Date: ______________ Amt: __________________

Authorized Signature: ______________________________________________________________ _____________

3. Wire Transfer (Please call + 1 305 871 7910 or email for instructions and fee payments)

RESERVED FOR 2012 World Trade Center Miami - * DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE *

Accepted By World Trade Center Miami By: _____________________ Date:__________________________________

EXHIBIT SPACE ASSIGNMENT: _________ Price___________________Payment Due Date_______________________

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  16th Americas Food &                          2012 Product Categories List
  Beverage Show                                 Sponsored by: WTCM  September 24-25, 2012
                                                      To Be Listed in the Official Show Directory
Animal-Pet Foods [1001]            1171        Tortillas              1355       Ginger                1556       Sausage                1779       Black-eyed Peas
1003       Animal Care Products    1174        Wontons                1357       Herbs                 1559       Veal                   1781       Cabbage
1007       Bird Seed               Food Processing Equipment          1359       Hops                  1561       Venison & Products     1783       Carrots
Beverages [1010]                   (1175)                             1362       Horseradish           Nurseries [1563]                  1786       Cauliflower
1008       Alcoholic Beverages     Cooking Equipment (1176)           1365       Ice Cream Cones       1566       Christmas Trees        1789       Celery
1009       Non-alcoholic           Foods: Frozen [1177]               1367       Ketchup               1569       Ferns                  1791       Corn
1011       Equipment               1181        Beef: Frozen           1370       Lard                  1572       Fertilizer: Organic    1793       Corn Products
1015       Beer, Ale, Lager        1184        Frozen Dinners &       1372       Main Entrée,Pre-Mix   1575       Flowers                1795       Garlic
1018       Cocktail Mixes                      Entrees                1373       Maple Products        1578       Nursery Stock –        1797       Leeks
1021       Coffee                  1188        Fruit: Frozen          1375       Margarine                        Citrus                 1799       Lettuce
1023       Drink Mixes             1191        Meats: Frozen          1379       Marinade              1581       Seeds & Seed           1802       Mushrooms
1024       Energy Drinks           1194        Pork: Frozen           1381       Mayonnaise                       Treatment              1805       Okra
1026       Fruit Drinks            1195        Poultry: Frozen        1383       Millet                1584       Trees & Shrubs         1806       Olives
1027       Iced Tea                1196        Potatoes: Frozen       1385       Mixes                 1588       Wood Chips &           1807       Onions
1029       Isotonic Drinks         1197        Turkey: Frozen         1388       Mustard                          Chunks                 1809       Parsley
1031       Juices: Citrus          1198        Vegetable: Frozen      1391       Oats & Oat Products   1591       Wreaths                1812       Peas
1033       Juices: Non-citrus      Fruit: Dried [1200]                1392       Olive Oil             Poultry [1594]                    1815       Peppers
1036       Lemonade                Fruits: Fresh [1203]               1394       Oils & Fats           1597       Chicken                1818       Pickles
1039       Malt Beverages          1205        Apple Products         1395       Paper Products        1600       Duck & Ducklings       1821       Potatoes & Pot. Prd.
1041       Orange Juice            1207        Apples                 1396       Pasta                 1603       Poultry Products       1824       Prunes
1043       Soft Drinks             1211        Apple Sauce            1399       Peanut Butter         1606       Quail                  1827       Radishes
1045       Tea                     1213        Apricots               1402       Popcorn               1609       Turkey                 1829       Salad & Salad Mixes
1047       Vegetable Juices        1215        Avocados               1406       Quiche                Seafood [1612]                    1831       Shallots
1050       Water                   1216        Blackberries           1409       Relish                1615       Bluefish               1833       Spinach
1053       Wine                    1218        Blueberries            1411       Rice                  1618       Catfish                1836       Squash
Bread: Bakery Goods [1056]         1221        Carambolas: Star       1414       Sauces                1621       Caviar                 1838       Tomatoes & Tomato
1059       Bagels                              Fruit                  1417       Salsa                 1625       Clams                             Products
1061       Baking: Flour & Mixes   1225        Cherimoyas             1420       Salt                  1628       Clam Tongues           1841       Vegetables: Canned
1063       Biscuits & Biscuit      1228        Cherries               1423       Sandwiches            1631       Crabs                  1844       Vegetable:
           Mixes                   1231        Cherries: Maraschino   1426       Sauerkraut            1635       Crawfish                          Processed
1066       Cakes & Cake Mixes      1235        Cranberries            1429       Shortening            1639       Fish                   1847       Yams
1071       Dough                   1237        Dates                  1431       Soup – Stews          1641       Fish: Canned           1851       Zucchini Sticks
1073       Flour                   1239        Fruits: Citrus         1433       Soybeans & Soy        1644       Halibut                Services [1852]
1075       Matzos                  1241        Fruits: Cocktail                  Products              1647       Herring                1853       Air Cargo
1077       Muffins                 1242        Grapes                 1436       Spices & Seasonings   1651       Lobster:Live & Froz.   1856       Associations
1081       Pancake Mixes           1243        Grapefruit             1439       Syrup                 1654       Mackerel               1857       Bottling Services
1083       Pies – Tarts            1245        Huckleberries          1441       Tartar Sauce          1657       Mussels                1858       Cleaning Equipment
Confectionery [1085]               1247        Kiwi Fruit             1443       Toppings              1659       Octopus                1859       Exporting Services
1087       Cheese Cakes            1251        Kumquats               1446       Vegetable Oil         1660       Oysters                1860       Foreign Government
1089       Chocolate and           1253        Lemons                 1449       Vinegar               1663       Salmon                            Organizations
           Chocolate Products      1256        Limes                  1451       Wheat & Wheat         1665       Sardines               1861       Health Nutrition
1090       Coconut Brittle         1259        Lychees                           Products              1668       Scallops                          Services Information
1091       Cookies, Crackers       1261        Mandarins              1453       Wild Rice             1671       Shark                  1862       Household Cleaning
1093       Dessert Foods           1263        Mangos                 Health Foods [1457]              1674       Shrimp                            Products
1096       Dessert Toppings &      1265        Muscanides &           1460       Granola               1677       Sturgeon               1863       Information &
           Fillings                            Products               1461       Internal Breath       1679       Trout                             Consulting Services
1097       Hard Candies            1268        Nectarines                        Freshener             1682       Tuna                   1864       Labeling Equipment
1099       Marshmallows            1271        Oranges                1463       Natural Foods         Seeds & Nuts [1685]               1865       Legal Services
1101       Pastries                1273        Papaya                 1466       Organic Foods         1688       Almonds                1866       Market Research &
1103       Peanut Brittle          1276        Passion Fruit          1469       Sprouts               1691       Cashews                           Development
1104       Sugar                   1280        Peaches                1471       Tofu                  1693       Grains                 1867       Marketing &
Convenience Foods (1105)           1283        Pears                  1474       Vegetarian Foods      1696       Hazelnuts                         Promotion
Dairy Products [1100]              1286        Plums                  1477       Vitamins              1699       Oil Seeds              1868       Packaging
1109       Butter                  1289        Raisins                Ingredients (1478)               1702       Peanuts                1869       Passenger Airline
1111       Cheese                  1291        Raspberries            Jams, Jellies, Marmalades &      1705       Pecans                 1870       Point of Sale
1114       Coffee Creamer          1293        Strawberries           Preserves [1480]                 1709       Pistachios                        Software &
1117       Frozen Yogurt           1295        Tangelos               1483       Chutney               1712       Sunflower Seeds                   Equipment
1119       Ice Cream & Ice Milk    1297        Tangerines             1485       Honey                 1715       Walnuts                1871       Publications
1123       Milk                    Grocery Products [1300]            1488       Molasses              Snack Foods [1718]                1872       Refrigerators
1126       Yogurt                  1303        Additives              1490       Pectin                1721       Chips & Crisps         1873       Serving Pieces for
Dietetic Foods [1127]              1306        Amaranth               Meat [1493]                      1724       Pretzels                          Buffet
1128       Low Sodium Foods        1309        Bouillon               1496       Bacon                 1725       Ice Sticks             1874       Seaport
1130       Sugar Substitutes       1311        Canola Oil             1498       Bar-B-Q               Specialty Foods [1728]            1875       Security
Ethnic Foods [1131]                1313        Cereal                 1500       Beef: Jerky           1731       Breakfast Food         1876       Services &
1133       Cajun Foods             1316        Cheese Substitutes     1503       Beef Products         1733       Canned Foods                      Information
1135       Chili                   1319        Chowder                1506       Bologna               1736       Canned Meals           1877       Sewing Machines
1138       Couscous                1321        Citrus Oil             1509       Buffalo               1739       Gourmet Foods          1878       Shipping
1141       Egg Rolls               1323        Coating Mixes          1511       Corned Beef           1741       Hors d’oeuvres         1879       Shopping Carts
1143       Gazpacho                1326        Concentrates           1514       Deli Products         1743       Microwavable Foods     1880       Telecommunications
1146       Indian Foods            1329        Condiments             1515       Game                  1746       Pizza & Toppings       1881       Trade Show
1149       Islamic Certified       1330        Cooking Wine           1517       Ham                   1749       Prepared Meals         1882       U.S. Federal
           Foods                   1332        Corn Oil               1519       Hot Dogs              1751       Retail Foods                      Organizations
1151       Italian Foods           1335        Dips                   1521       Jerky                 1754       Shelf Stable Food      1883       U.S. State
1152       Kosher Foods            1339        Dressings              1524       Lamb                  Vegetables: Fresh [1756]                     Organizations
1153       Lebanese Foods          1341        Eggs & Egg Products    1527       Meat: Canned          1759       Alfalfa Sprouts        1884       Uniforms
1156       Mexican Foods           1343        Flavorings             1543       Palm                  1762       Asparagus              1885       Warehousing
1159       Oriental Foods          1346        Fruit: Canned          1546       Pigs Feet             1767       Beans                  1886       Water Filters
1162       Tabouli                 1349        Fruit: Processed       1549       Pork                  1771       Beans: Dry             Tobacco Products [2100]
1165       Tamales                 1351        Fruit: Purees          1551       Pork: Processed       1773       Bean Products          2111       Cigarettes
1168       Tex-Mex Foods           1353        Gift Foods & Items     1553       Salami                1776       Beets                  2113       Cigar

  AFB/11/11/11                                                                                                                                   ______ Initials

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