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My Birthday Party Two days ago, my mother and I bought the needs to make some cakes, fruits, vegetables, and some meat to prepare a party. I chosen the invitation cards that I gave to a few of my friends. It is 25th of February, and I feel very happy because today is my birthday. I am thirteen years old now. My parents and friends congratulations me, “happy birthday Nia”. We all sing some songs, taste delicious cakes, drinks, and eat many kinds of food and fruits. We enjoy the party till night. I. Answer the questions based on the text above! 1. What is the title of the text above? 2.Who did buy needs to prepare a party? 3.When was Nia Born? 4.How old is she? 5.Do they enjoy the party? II. Chose the right answer by crossing on A, B, C, D. 1. A B : …….. Are you from, Ari? : I’m from Tabanan a. What a. what a. what a. No, she do not b. When b. How b. where b. No, it is not c. Where d. How d. Why d. with d. No, she is

2. …….do you do, my name is Albert c. How c. which c. No, she is not 3. I go to SD 1 Negara and you …school do you go to. 4. Is your mother a doctor? 5. My brother is hungry, he needs……


a. a glass of water c. a cup off coffee 6. Rudy’s school is near here He goes to school on……. a. taxi a. broom a. could b. bicycle b. stick b. may

b. a plate of fried rice d. a bowl of soup

c. foot c. bucket c. can

d. bike d. napkin d. Shall

7. We use …to map the floor. 8. I am very thirsty…….you please take me some water? 9. I have difficulties with these words. My…… borrow your dictionary? a. I 10. A B A : Thank you : ………. b. yes, sir c. sure d. your welcome b. you : Here is your pencil c. please d. could

a. all night

11. The Balinese people usually go to this place on galungan and kuningan day, for praying. a. church a. Bee a. a cup of coffee c. a plat of coffee a. To save money b. To send letter 15. My friend’s father is Mr. Bob My mother’s father is Mr. Indra My father’s father is Mr.Tono Who is my father? a. Mr.Tono b Mr. Indra c. Mr. Anto d. Mr. Bob b. Mosque b. butterfly c. temple c. spider b. a bawl of coffee d. a tin of coffee c. To borrow books d. To buy vegetables d. Vihara d. duck 12. This is a beautiful animal. It has a colorful wing. 13. Every morning. Rini’s father drink ………

14. What does your friend go to the post office for?


16. Ririn has got cold. She is not getting better soon. Her doctor asks her to…. a. drink a lot of ice b. drink a lot of water c drink a lot of coffee d drink a lot of tea 17. I want to draw a line. I need pencil and… a. eraser a. scoop a.hunggry a. skirt and shirt c. short and shirt 21. A B : Are you sick? : Yes, ….. b. I do c. I am d. It is b. sharpeners b. towel b.angry c. sheet c. tired b. skirt and blouse d. shorts and singlet c. pen d. ruler d. soap d. thirsty 18. These things are in the bathroom, except…. 19. could you please bring me some water. I am …. 20 The teacher is a beautiful. She is wearing ……

a. you are

22. don’t walk on the grass! It means …. a. I may run on the grass b. I may sit on the grass c. I may sleep on the grass d. I may walk beside the grass 23. I use …. To cut meat. a. scissor a. scissor b. Knife b. Knife c. stick c. stick d. stone d. stone 24. what does barber neeed? 25 Riko memakai kemeja putih dan celana pendek merah. a. Riko is wearning a white shirt, and a red shorts b. Riko is wearning a shirt white, and a shorts red c. Riko is wearning a white shirt, and a red shorts d. Riko is wearning a shirt white, and a shorts red


26. my uncle is handsome. His none is…. a.flat a. white shirt a. sing a. leg a. post office III.A. Match this sentences 31 32. 33. 34. 35. 36 37 38 39 40 41. 43 44 45 46 (….) Wahyu is swimming in the,… (….)What do you use to hear the voice? (….) this animals has no legs And its poison can kill what is it? (….) Ani drinks a ….. of milk (….) Dodi want to sleep. He is wearing a…. Mr. Paul …. A newspaper every morning. His mango is not sweet, but …. He Hinduism go to … to pray His colors of our national flag are… The capital city of Indonesia is… Are you a student? Yes,… I Use …. To sweep the yard. They….. Not watering the garden. He is eating a loft of fried rice. Because he is ….. Mention your finger … a……. b……. c……. d. swimming fool e. glass a. pajamas b. snake c. ear b. pointed b. red short b. fly b. nose b. bank c. small c. sandals c. jump c. foot c. market d.big d. shoes d. run d. hand d. hospital 27. Budi is a student. He doesn’t wear…….. To school 28. Birds can ….in the sky. 29. I can take something with my …… 30 you can go to …..If you want to send a letter

III.B. Fill the blank with the correct answer!

42 …... Sugar does you like? One spoon or two spoons.


d……. e……. 47 48 49 50 His biggest temple in Bali…. His biggest cake in Bali… Sky is…… My grandfather’s wife is my…..


KUNCI JAWABAN I. Answer the questions based on the text above! 1. my birth day party 2. Nia and her mother 3. it was on 25th of February 4. she is thirteen years old 5. yes they do
II. Chose the right answer by crossing on A, B, C, D.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.



21. C 22. D 23 B 24. A 25. A 26. B 27. C 28. B 29.D 30. A III.A. . Match this sentences 31. D 32. C 33. B 34. E 35. A III.B .Fill the blank with the correct answer! 36. reads 37. sour 38. temple 39. red and white 40. Jakarta 41. I am 42. How much 43. Broom 44. Are 45. Hungry


46. a Thumb b. Far fingger c. Midle fingger d. Ring fingger e. Litle fingger 47. besakih 48. batur 49. blue 50. grand mother


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