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									March 2012

Welcome to the 2012 London
Marathon newsletter.                                    Marathon Exhibition
With only a short while to go now before race           The Marathon Exhibition takes place at the
day, this newsletter will give you lots more            ExCel Centre in London’s Docklands. You
information for the week leading up to The              must attend the Exhibition between
London Marathon, and for the big day itself.
                                                        Wednesday 18th and Saturday 21th of April to
Please read through it carefully, and get in touch if
                                                        pick up your running number. If you do not
you have any questions, email                                pick up your running number for the
                                                        Exhibition centre you will not be able to
                                                        run on Marathon day.

                                                        The Exhibition runs from Wednesday 18th to
                                                        Saturday 21th April. You must bring your
                                                        registration form with you – this will be
                                                        included along with full information with your
                                                        Marathon News magazine. You should receive
                                                        your copy of Marathon News by 31st March – if
                                                        you have not received it by the point please call
                                                        the Virgin London Marathon helpline on 020
                                                        7902 0200.

                                                        Entrance to the Exhibition is free, so please do
Since the first London Marathon took place on           feel free to bring along any friends or family
29 March 1981, an incredible £500 million has           members. The atmosphere is electric and very
been raised for good causes. This year, you will        lively – you can tell everyone is building up to
be one of 190 runners who have chosen to                something very special!
support Barnardo’s.
                                                        Barnardo’s will be at the London
THANK YOU to all of you! We know that                   Marathon Exhibition at stand 566. Please
you have given up a lot of your time to train and       look on your Marathon News to see a map of
fundraise for this great event, and we will be          our exact location within the Exhibition Centre.
there over the coming weeks and on the day to           Please please come over and say hello! The
cheer you on and celebrate with you at the end.         Challenge Events team will be there at all times
                                                        to answer any questions, and we would love to
We are hoping to raise over £335,000 from this          be able to wish you a final good luck in person!
event alone, and thanks to all of the work you
have put in already, we are well on the way to          Finally – we recommend that you use public
that target. Please do not underestimate what           transport to get to the Exhibition as parking is
you are doing – we could not continue to                limited and pretty expensive. You will need to
support as many children and young people as            use the Docklands Light Railway and get off at
we do without the help of people like you.

Custom House, where marshals will direct you             will not be able to go back to the baggage
to the ExCel Centre itself.                              lorries once you have deposited your bag.

Barnardo’s running vest
                                                         Barnardo’s support along the route
You should by now have received your running
vest. We strongly encourage you to get your              We truly value each and every one of our
name printed on your vest. Having spectators             runners, and we feel that the least we can do to
shout your name can really spur you on if you’re         show our gratitude for all of the support you
feeling tired. To have your name printed on              are giving Barnardo’s is to be there on race day
your vest please see the following website:              to cheer you around the course. Please find the          route map with our 3 cheering stations marked
ntro. You can also get your name printed on at           on page 4 of this newsletter, so check that out
the London Marathon Exhibition. There can be a           to see exactly where we’ll be cheering like crazy
bit of a wait for this service, so if possible, get it   for you!
done on one of the weekdays, or before 11am
on the Saturday. If you don’t want to queue or
pay for your name to be printed, a permanent             Your friends and family are more than welcome
marker pen will do the job!                              to join us at our cheering stations – we would
                                                         love to see them there! Please bear in mind that
The London Marathon Start                                our cheering station supporters will be looking
                                                         out for people in Barnardo’s vests, so if you’re
                                                         not wearing yours, we might struggle to spot
Well – it has all been building up to this               you and give you the support you deserve.
moment! Your Marathon News magazine tells
you which start area you are going from.                 Cheering Point 1: Mile 6
Whichever one you are using, please get there
early so that you aren’t too rushed. It is very          Our first cheering station is just after Mile 6,
busy, and there will be queues for toilets and           outside Hardy’s Pub on Trafalgar Road as you
baggage trucks. If you are planning on meeting           head into Greenwich. We will be on your left
any of your fellow runners before the start,             hand side, and will have a green and white
agree a landmark in advance otherwise it will be         balloon arch, banners and volunteers in green t-
virtually impossible to find each other.                 shirts to help you spot us. The closest train
                                                         station to this cheering point is Cutty Sark DLR,
No spectators are allowed into the Start                 which is a 5-10 minute walk away.
Assembly area, so we will be unable to see you
there to wish you luck. However, we will see             Cheering Point 2: Mile 17
you around the course and at the finish.
                                                         Our second cheering point is outside Mudchute
The train station you use will vary depending on         DLR station, and we will once again be on your
the start area you are in – information about the        left hand side as you head up towards Canary
best stations for each start can be found in the         Wharf, with lots of green and white balloons,
Marathon News magazine.                                  banners and very loud volunteers!

Baggage                                                  Cheering Point 3: Mile 24.5

Your belongings will be put into a luggage bag           We know that at this point, you will be needing
given to you when you register at the Marathon           lots of encouragement, to give you that final
Exhibition. Only these bags will be accepted.            push towards the finish line. So, we will be on
                                                         your left hand side once again, next to the river
Once you have put your belongings into the               and just opposite Temple Underground Station.
baggage lorry, you will not be able to access it         If your supporters come here to give you a last
again until the finish. We recommend that you            cheer, they can then walk through Trafalgar
take some old clothes or a bin liner with you to         Square to the post-race party venue to meet
keep warm before you start. Don’t wear                   you. This area gets very busy, but we’ll be on
anything that you would be upset to lose, as you         the lookout for you and we’ll be very loud!

We’ve even got a loudspeaker to make sure you
can hear us!

The Finish – 26.2 miles later…

To huge cheers from the gathered crowd you
will cross the finish line and enter straight into a
funnel system. Someone will take your
champion chip off your shoe. (Please make sure
you have attached this with the strap it comes
with, otherwise they will cut straight through
your shoelaces.)

You will be given a goody bag, including your
2012 Virgin London Marathon medal, and you
will then continue on to the baggage trucks. You
will need to find the truck you placed your bag
onto at the start (this is based on your running
                                                               ICA entrance, off the Mall.
number) and then make your way to the exit.
                                                       The nearest underground stations are Charing
Post Race Party - Institute of                         Cross (Bakerloo and Northern lines) and
Contemporary Arts (ICA)                                Piccadilly Circus (Bakerloo and Piccadilly
When you finish the race, we would like to
invite you to join us at our post-race party           We are able to use this incredible venue until
which is to be held in the ICA on the Mall. This       about 6pm, when it needs to re-open to the
is the closest post-race party of any charity          public.
to the finish line, so you won’t have to come far!
Your invitation to join us will be sent out in an      Not only is this post-race party our opportunity
email to you on the 26/03/2012. Please RSVP to         to congratulate you and celebrate your success
this email by 09/04/2012 so that we can cater          – we also want to give you a chance to recover
for you.                                               before you head home! We will be able to offer
                                                       you a massage as well as food and drink.

                                                       We will also have a photographer there who
                                                       will be taking photos of you with your medals,
                                                       to record your incredible achievement!

                                                       And finally…

                                                       If you need anything at all over the next few
                                                       weeks, please get in touch! Contact the
                                                       challenge events team at
                                              or on 0208 498 7408
                                                       otherwise we hope to see you at the training
Although the ICA is on your left as you come           day 2, Exhibition, and of course, on race day.
out of the marathon finish area, the exit system       For now, all that remains is for us to thank you
bends round to the right, towards Horseguard’s         once again for choosing to support Barnardo’s –
Parade. To get to the ICA, you need to double          the funds you raise can help turn around and
back on yourself. We will have volunteers in           improve the lives of disadvantaged children
green t-shirts looking out for you, to try to pick     throughout the UK!
you out of the crowd and get you to our post-          Best wishes from the Barnardo’s
race party. It does get very busy, so in case we       Challenge Events Team.
do miss you, or in case your family and friends
are meeting you there, the map in the next
column should help you find us:              

                                   Barnardo’s cheering
                                         point 1

                                  Hardy’s pub, Trafalgar

                                   Barnardo’s cheering
                                         point 2

                                   In front of Mudchute
                                  DLR station, East Ferry

                                    Barnardo’s cheering
                                          point 3

                                     In between Temple
                                   and Embankment tube
                                        stations along

Cheering stations marked with a


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