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									                                        Sweet Briar College
                               PERformance Checkup (PERC) Instructions
                                  Salaried Employees Form - Revised 2-2010

The PERC forms are tools to assist employees and management in communicating performance-related issues. The
PERC process is intended to be a two-way communication, which serves as a check-up, much like an annual visit to
the doctor's office. While employees should be receiving feedback during the entire review period, this is an
opportunity to summarize performance, set goals for the next period and thank the employee for their contribution.

Suggestions for completion:
1) Provide the PERC Preparation Form to the employee and ask them to respond in writing to the questions and
    return the responses to you. Their responses will be helpful to you in completing the PERC form, and in
    developing future priorities. The amount of time that is provided to the employee may vary some, but in general a
    minimum of three days should be allowed. Notify the employee that their responses will be attached to their PERC

2) Review notes relative to the employee: Since the PERC form is normally used as part of an annual check-up,
   the next step in the evaluation should be a review of any documentation, notes, projects, goals, etc. which were
   pertinent to the review period (usually the last year).

3) Review expectations for the job, including job descriptions, performance standards, or anything else that
   provides information concerning the expected performance level or accomplishments. This is a good time to
   update the job description so that it accurately reflects changes in the employee’s job responsibilities.

4) Gather input: this may include statistics or data, but may also include comments from others who work closely
   with the employee. If you choose to solicit input from others, please consider the following:
        In order to ensure the input is valued by the employee, the supervisor and employee should jointly select
            individuals who would have knowledge of the employee’s work.
        Comments made by third party reviewers should be anonymous. The supervisor still retains responsibility
            for ensuring that comments are valid, and for summarizing them in a way that will provide value for the
        Comments from third parties may be sent via email or paper. If verbal input is received, the supervisor
            should document the comment for his/her own records. Please take precautions to preserve the
            confidentiality of any of this information.
        Input from others may be solicited for just one category of performance, or for a number of categories,
            depending on the individual’s level of interaction with the employee.

5) Complete the form. Consider the employee's performance relative to stated goals and expectations. Section #1
   may be completed either by using the chart on page two of the review form, or by submitting a narrative which
   addresses these same categories. It may be helpful to complete a draft of the PERC form before you receive the
   employee's completed Preparation Form, and then finalize the draft after you have reviewed it.
6) Consider any attachments that might be appropriate. If there is additional performance-related documentation
   that is pertinent to the review, feel free to attach it. Do not include comments made by third party reviewers unless
   they have specifically asked that you do so.

7) Establish a date for a follow-up review, if needed: This typically is only required in situations where there is
   significant improvement needed in a particular area, or for employees new to their position.

8) Obtain the signature of approval from the secondary reviewer. The reviewer's supervisor should review the
   form and sign it, prior to delivery to the employee, to ensure consistency within the department or division .

9) Discuss the PERC form with the employee, and listen to his/her comments related to the PERC prep form.
   Discuss areas for improvement, and steps that will be taken by either party. Identify priorities and goals for the
   coming year, as well as developmental needs. If there are any additional comments that seem appropriate to add
   to the form after your discussion, please add or attach these. The employee may make additional comments as
10) Sign the form, and ask the employee to sign the form. The employee’s signature indicates that the document has
    been reviewed with them.

11) Make a copy for the employee. Keep a copy for the departmental file, if you wish, and return the original forms
    to Human Resources in a sealed, confidential envelope.

Revised 2/10
                                                  Sweet Briar College
                                             PERformance Check-up (PERC)
                                                     For Salaried Employees

Employee Name__________________________________ Position Title _____________________________________

Department_________________________________                   ID#_________________________

    1.   Please comment on the following aspects of the employee’s performance as well as any other
         pertinent areas: Key Accomplishments and Contributions, Job Knowledge, Quality of Work, Quantity of Work,
         Interpersonal Relations, Use of Resources, Initiative & Problem-solving, Adaptability/Versatility, Leadership & Supervision
         (if applicable). Use the attached form, or a separate page, if desired. Please either attach or list goals that were to be
         achieved this year.

    2. Additional comments related to performance:

    3. Goals and priorities for coming year:

    4. Suggestions for skill or professional development, including workshops or classes, technology
       training, etc.

    Workshops or seminars:_________________________________________________________________

    College courses:_______________________________________________________________________

    Technology training:____________________________________________________________________

    Certifications, degrees, etc:_______________________________________________________________

    Other professional or skill development ______________________________________________________

______________________________________                                            ____________________
  Supervisor/Reviewer's Signature:                                                         Date

______________________________________                                            ____________________
   Signature of Reviewer's Supervisor                                                      Date

______________________________________                                            ____________________
         Employee's Signature*                                                             Date

 *Your signature indicates you have participated in the Performance Checkup session; it does not necessarily indicate agreement. If
you have additional comments related to your PERC session, please make them on an additional page, and attach.

                                              Date Received in HR_____________ reviewed by ____________        □ PEAREVW _______
Revised 10/05
                                     PERformance Check-up

 Employee Name________________________________

 Key Accomplishments and
  Including progress towards
 previously established goals
 (please attach or list goals that
 were to be achieved)

 Job Knowledge

 Quality of Work

 Quantity of Work

 Interpersonal Relations
 Consider interactions with
 colleagues, clients or
 customers, students, faculty,
 parents, alumnae or other

 Use of Resources
 Including use of training
 resources, technology and
 equipment, internal or external

 Initiative & Problem-
 Consider creativity, decision-

 Response to change and new

 Leadership & Supervision
 (if applicable)
 Extent to which the employee
 inspires others, expresses
 vision, provides direction or
 supervision of others

 Other areas (please

revised 10/05
                                                Sweet Briar College
                                          PERformance Checkup (PERC)
                                               Preparation Form
                                                        Salaried Staff

Employee Name______________________________Job Title__________________________________
The questions below are intended to assist you in preparing for your Performance Checkup session. Please use the space below to
make any comments you have related to your job or your performance, and submit the completed form to your immediate supervisor
prior to the PERC session. This copy will be submitted to Human Resources along with your other PERC forms. Please respond based
on your job experiences within the last year, or since your last PERC session. In developing your responses, please consider how your
job contributes to the overall mission of the college. (Feel free to use an additional page if necessary).

1. My goals for this year were:

2. The significant changes (if any) to my job this year have been:

3. My greatest accomplishments or strengths this year have been:

4. The activities or efforts that were less successful or disappointing this year were:

5. The environmental or other factors that affected my job this past year were:

6. These are the things I enjoy most about my present job:

7. My supervisor or co-workers could do the following to help me in my job:

8. I would like more experience, training, or responsibility or education in the following areas:

9. We could enhance Sweet Briar College by:

10. I believe my goals for the coming year should be:

11. Other suggestions or comments :

revised 10/05

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