SPIRITUAL CHECK-UP
                    2 CORINTHIANS 13:5 – TEXT
 Many times diseases are not detected until they have spread too far because people do
not like to undergo a physical examination, when a simple medical examination and early
detection might have saved this person. If you had a medical problem in the past such as
cancer how diligent would you be in having a follow up exam each year if this disease
had gone into remission.

We need to realize as Christians that thru the blood of Christ we have had the cancer of
sin removed from our life, but we still need to check up on the condition of our spiritual
man. I.E. – people who had a dreaded disease often time go to great lengths to find the
right doctor, we have the great physician Jesus and his doctrine to tell us what we need to
do.- 2 COR. 13:5 – The scriptures urge us to check up on ourselves – Spiritual check-up
We need to follow the advise of the great physician as he spoke thru James – JAMES
1:21 – We can hear the advise of a doctor and refuse to follow it if we so desire,
oftentimes because of fear, but let’s not fear what God says to us thru his word – JN.
19:1-8 – He openly declares to us that Jesus is his son, and this scared Pilate

As you receive a physical check-up the doctor is always asking you questions, and as we
check-up on ourselves today let’s ask some questions in regard to our spiritual condition.

Do I know the plan of salvation? Vs. Do you know your diet plan?
Am I actively engaged in obeying the gospel and is love the motivating factor in my
service to God? Vs. Are you regularly in an exercise type of program?
Do I uphold the truth? Does truth have priority? Do I but the truth and sell it not? –
PROV. 23:23 – Are we ready to eagerly follow our doctors orders yet fail to follow the
orders of the great physician?

In order to know the answers to these questions we must take a spiritual check-up of


           A. Is it living and active do you have depth of conviction or is your faith dead
              and inactive and you are sitting on the stool of “do nothing” and being
              idle.- MATT. 20:1-7 –

           B. REV. 3:1-2 – Are we like the Christians at Sardis who had a name that
              they livest and are dead?
                    1.) Do I study? - I.E. – Cancer, find out all we can about the disease
                    2.) Do I pray? – Communication, to doctors experts in that field
                    3.) Do I give properly? – Leftovers – Give all to be physically well
                  4.) Do I attend regularly? – How many will miss a medical
                      treatment in regard to a cure for this disease.
        C. Not only must we have faith, it must be motivated by love – GAL.5:6 –
           When was the last time that we were concerned enough about someone to
           tell them about the cancer of sin – I.E. – Area in Pensacola – Cancer was
           spreading and it did not take long for the news to spread, why? because
           people were concerned about the physical welfare of their neighbor –
           GAL. 5:14 – “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”


A. We are instructed by God to add knowledge to our faith – 2 PET. 1:5-6 –

B. If we do not follow God’s command to add knowledge to our faith we will be
   destroyed - HOS. 4:6 – “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
   because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be
   no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of God, I will also forget thy

C. You cannot obey God’s commands unless you know them – JAMES 4:17- As
   Christians we should strive to know how to do those things that are good
   according to the gospel, that is why it is important to study – 2 TIM. 2:15 – We
   cannot stand approved before God as his workman if we do not study

D. Apostasy comes about as a result of a lack of knowledge –
      1.) The Psalmist said we refrain from the counsel of the ungodly by delighting
          in the law of the Lord and mediating upon it day and night – PSA. 1:1-2
      2.) Bereans guarded against apostasy by examining what they were taught –
          ACTS 17:11 – “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica in
          that they received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the
          scriptures daily whether those things were so.”
      3.) Listen to Paul’s description of the Jews – ROM. 10:1-3 – They were
          enthusiastic in their service to God, but they were not following his


A. JUDE 3 – Do we contend for the faith – defend the truth

B. Attitude of Paul – PHIL. 1:15-17 – Paul was set for the defense of the gospel

C. As we examine ourselves we should be ready to give an answer to every man as
   the scriptures teach us – 1 PET. 3:15 –

D. This is a qualification for an elder and hopefully we have some men who would
   like to one day serve in that capacity – TITUS 1:9 – We must be able to detect
       false doctrine and by sound doctrine which we should have knowledge of be able
       to convince the gainsayer


   A. As I examine my life is it blameless and w/o reproach? PHIL. 2:12-15 – Are we
      being the example we should be by letting our light shine

   B. Does the life you live show that you obey the gospel? – PHIL. 1:27

   C. Does the life you live blaspheme the word of God? – TITUS 2:1-5 –

   D. People are watching and listening to us everyday – JAMES 1:26-27 – Let’s make
      sure our religion is not vain and that we keep ourselves unspotted from the world.

   E. Example of Paul – 1 COR.11:1 – “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of
      Christ.” Notice what he told young Timothy – 1 TIM. 4:12 – To be an example
      of the believer.


Are we the example that we should be? After examining ourselves are we in the faith? - 2
COR. 13:5 – As you examine your spiritual condition what is your status – code red – if
so begin today taking care of the problem areas in your life by asking God for forgiveness
as you repent of your sins.

If your manner of life has not been worthy of the name you wear – Christian – Take care
of this today – 1 JN. 1:8-9 – “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the
truth is not in us. If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
 – Jesus the great physician has the cure for sin. – If you are not a Christian your soul is
blotted with the disease of sin - I.E. Naaman the leper

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