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By Justin Cate
 Places to go in Spain
Spain, Barcelona,
Sevilla, Valencia
       Food From Spain
Along with these delectable looking
jumbo shrimp, Spain has much more
exquisite food of all different
appearances and flavors.
 The style of clothes in Spain is very similar
  to the style of clothes in the U.S. At some
  schools in the U.S. we have dress codes
  that we must follow. In many schools in
  Spain they also have dress codes.
 In Spain around 30% of all children attend
  private school while in the U.S. only about
  11% of kids attend private schools. In Spain
  you start school at age six and end at age
  fourteen. Then depending on how you did
  you may be able to go to a higher level
 Today in Spain Christianity is the largest
  percent of all religions in Spain at around
  76%. 20% of the population has no religion.
  About 2.2% of the population is Islamic.
  Only 0.1% follows the religion of Judaism.
  And the other 1.7% is all the other little
  religions. These results were taken in July
     La Concha, San Sebastain
 La Concha is maybe the best beach in all of
  Europe in many peoples opinion. This beach
  is located in the northeast corner of Spain,
  right next to the border of France. La
  Concha is one of the nicest beaches you’ll
  ever find in the city. It’s definitely a must see
  when you go to Spain.
Playa de Las Catedrales, Galicia
 The best beach in all of Galicia. This
  stunning beach is the second most popular
  beach in all of Spain. It is know for its nice
  rock formations and is definitely worth
  checking out.
           Huesca Waterfall
This beautiful waterfall
is one of Spain’s most
beautiful places to go.
It is located in Ordesa
National Park and has
become a very popular
site to visit.
   Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia
 As you can see from the background
  picture, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia is an
  incredibly beautiful place. This magnificent
  place is a huge opera house and cultural
  centre is Valencia.
 Mahon is the capital of the Balearic Island of
  Minorca, a very popular tourist attraction
  that is very beautiful. Mahon is know for
  having very clear water even when it has the
  second deepest harbor in the world.
                Aqua Mall
 The humongous mall Aqua is located in
  Valencia. This mall has opened recently and
  has an outrageous number of different
  shops. You can also find places to eat and it
  even has a cinema. Malls in the U.S. could
  take a hint from malls like the Aqua mall.
 Spain has two of the best soccer teams in
  the entire world. Real Madrid and
  Barcelona. Soccer is easily the most popular
  sport in Spain and has been for a long time.
  Make sure you bring your soccer ball.
           Music and Dance
 Music in Spain is traditionally very upbeat
  and fast. Flamenco is a very popular dance
  in Spain and has been in their history. Over
  time now the music types of pop rock hip-
  hop and heavy metal have become popular,
  especially in Madrid and Barcelona.
 This dazzling place is won of the best water
  parks in all of Spain. This will probably be
  the best water park you will ever be to. This
  would be the absolute perfect way for me to
  end my trip in Spain.

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