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                                      Wedding Limo Service, You Will Really Need It
                                                           By David G. Petten

   The limo you arrive and drive off in at your wedding are often decisions that require a lot if time and
research. In this article we will go through what you should look for in a limo rental company for the
best experience on a wedding day.

First of all, if any of your friends or family have rented a limo and have been satisfied or dissatisfied
with the service, be sure to take this into consideration. If somebody close to either the bride or the
groom has a recommendation, this can make the process of choosing a limo service easy and
painless. However, if you have no personal recommendations, here is how you should go about
conducting your research and what you should be looking for.

First of all, use the Internet. The Internet makes it easy to find all of the limo and transportation
comapanies in your area. Using a web site like Yahoo! Local or Google Maps should render dozens of
results. Once you have found the companies that can be considered possibilities, browse through the
company's web site. Most reputable limo rental services have professional web sites with all of the
information you need. Look through the web sites and select a few vehicles that you are interested in
renting. Most couples select a simple stretch Lincoln, but you can go for the stretch Hummer or
Escalade if you are audacious enough. Once you have a list of possible vehicle choices, contact all
companies to make sure that they will have the vehicles available for rental on your wedding day and
how much it will cost. You should be able to get a limo for under $2000 so you shouldn't need to spend
much more than that on a limo rental service. You should also be sure to ask every company for a list
of at least a few references that you can contact to get information about the company and the quality
of service. With a business such as a local limousine company, this is the most effective, and often
only, way to get information about a company. Once you have compiled all of this information, you
need to analyze it to make sure the quote is in your budget and that previous clients have been happy
with the service provided.

If you follow the guidelines outlined above, you should be able to find a reputable limousine rental
service who can give you the vehicle and service you want at a fair price.

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                                    A Limo Bus For Your Party? It Is All The Craze!
                                                            By Rafi Michael

 When associating yourself with a bus, the first thoughts that come to mind are public transit, buses
that will drive you across the city, region or country for a trip, be it business or leisure or for a wedding.
A wedding you say? Yes, a wedding, as in a limo bus.

Limousine buses, or limo buses as they are commonly referred to are becoming a great trend in the
wedding planning industry, and is becoming the main choice of limousines for wedding parties,
baptisms, and even corporate functions are calling on the use of a limo bus. But why has a limo bus
becoming so popular when deciding on a limousine for a wedding party you might ask? Well for
starters, a limo bus is very practical when it comes to dealing with large groups of people. Where a
traditional limousine can support upto 15 guests at one time a limo bus can seat 40! Buses are used
commonly for transporting the wedding party from venue to venue throughout the wedding day for a
bride or groom celebrating their Toronto, Ontario wedding in southern Ontario.

However, the difference between a standard bus and a limo bus is the luxury! A limo bus is combining
the best of both worlds in transportation. A limo bus can accommodate up to 40 guests, however, a
limo bus has all the amenities of a limousine, the drinks, the seating, the entertainment and the posh
upscale ambiance that it provides you and your family, friends who are all apart of the wedding party
that much more spectacular. Limo buses also offer a more glamorous look to a wedding event than a
standard bus, both inside and outside.

Limo buses are not just for weddings though. Limo buses are also for corporate events, baptisms, bar
mitzvahs, prom nights and simply grabbing a bunch of friends and hitting the town! Bachelorette and
bachelor parties are also common for limo buses because a limo bus acts as two-parts. It has the
luxury of holding up to 40 people but is a fancier upgrade to a traditional bus. Corporate functions have
really taken the practicality of the limo bus and have really incorporated it into their travel plans. At one
time, companies will send several of their employees on road trips and what will end of happening is
they will accommodate them with a limo bus to adhere to all the demands that a road trip offers.

However, a limo bus suits a Toronto wedding party best. Limo buses play the role for everyone and
everything involved. It has the capabilities of offering multiple guests the luxury of enjoying the
limousine environment without the humdrum of a standard bus. This has an adverse effect not only on
the guests, but it makes the whole ambiance of the wedding party one that is trendy, classy and sexy
all at the same time. So the next time you are thinking of how you can get all of your guests to be taken
from venue to venue, consider a limo bus, it holds upto 40 people and the ride is first-class all the way!

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