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									       NTHFT Clinical Leadership
       Development Programme
              Cohort 2

Mr M Tabaqchali, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon
    Norma Robinson, Lead Colorectal CNS
Debbie Blackwood, Senior Clinical Nurse/Matron

               2nd March 2012

 Ensure action is taken on
  radiological findings for
  patientcancer follow up
 services in the nurse led

•Serious Untoward Incident 2011
•Patient’s CT result failed to be actioned
upon in Nurse Led Clinic
•Missed diagnosis delayed possible
•System of work in place not universal
Driver Diagram
Trust Strategic Aims         Drivers          Interventions

                       Clinical Governance      Staff Training
    Our Patients              Agenda

                                             Introduce a System
     Our Vision                                    Of Work

                        Cancer Agenda
     Our Mission                              ICE check system

     Our Values                                    Back up
                        Quality Accounts         Paper system

    Our Direction
                                             Cross-site working

                       Patient Experience
    Our Providers
                            strategy         Patient involvement
Model for Improvement
PDSA Cycle for Learning & Improvement

                  Model for Improvement
              What are we trying to accomplish?
      How will we know that a change is an improvement?
   What change can we make that will result in improvement?

                       Act       Plan

                     Study        Do

                                        (NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement 2001)
Nurse led Cancer Follow up PDSA

               Model for Improvement
                      Effective Service
       No missed diagnoses or treatment delays

               Act              Plan
                •SOP in         Discuss
                                with team

              Study              Do
          Test effectiveness    Completed
                 MDT
Application of Learning
o Tools
 Driver Diagram
o Speakers
 Ken Jarrold
 Prof Jean Penny
o Models
 Belbin
 360 degree assessment framework
 Honey & Muford
Thank you

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