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       By Katherinne Ibáñez S
         Mariela Martínez F
 It was created by Georgi
  Lozanov in 1979.
 The students get relaxed to
  retain more contents in their
 The principal aid is the
 The main object is that the
  students can feel that they
  can deal with the barriers to
Theory of Language                    Method communication is a two-plane process:
                                      language and linguistic message.

Role of the Students                  To be childlike, participate in the activities, trust
                                      and respect the Teacher. Moreover, Ss should be
                                      relaxed following teacher’s instructions.

Role of the Teachers                  To provide feeling of security for students
                                      eliminating the barriers to learning; increase their
                                      communicative ability.

Role of the content                   To seem enjoyable and easy (vocabulary,
                                      grammar and speaking).

Role of the objectives                To help students to learn to use a foreign language
                                      for everyday communication.

Role of the activities                To carry out creative adaptation.

Role of the methodology               Desuggest the Students ‘s limitation in learning

Role of the assessment                To check students’ knowledge in-class-

Role of the materials and resources   To engage learning by lowering the affective filter
                                      of students.
                 Class example
 First class:
    The teacher greets and explains what she is
     going to do in native language with
    The teacher listens to the music that is
     recorded in the radio.
    Teacher reads a dialogue in intonation with
     the music.
    The students follow the dialogue in their
 The students put dawn their scripts.
 The teacher reads the dialogue in a normal rate and
  the students listen to her.

 The students read the dialogue in particular manners
  (sad, angry, cheerful way).

 The students get in a circle. The teacher throws a ball
  to one student and she asks a question. Then this
  student has to throw the ball to another student and
  asks another question.
 The class is finished.
 The students do not have any homework.

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