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					       Cartes North America
         March 5-7, 2012

Building a Sustainable EMV Issuance Future

                 John Ekers
    CTO, ABnote Australasia
            Sustainable Success

                           At one time or another,
                           we’ve all experienced
                           success in our careers.
                           Sometimes the success come
                           with great recognition –
                           many times it’s something
                           that we implicitly know.

The challenge for us as professionals is to create
recurring success – or not have to relearn the second and
subsequent times !
            Building a sustainable
            EMV issuance future
   ABnote history with EMV
   Learnings from the project team
   Learnings from the development team
   Learnings from the customer
   Conclusion
             Learnings from the
             development team(s)
   Challenges to the team are basically around
    receipting defined specifications from the customer.
     Sometimes   bear little relevance to the project
     Other times ABnote is being asked to detail profile
      specifications including customer discretionary data
     Need to encourage the customer to retain their IP

     Customers ask us to modify profiles of which they’ve no
      longer retained
     Test plans are few and far between

               Learnings from the
               project team(s) - 2
   Customers don’t understand lead times
     Most   breached areas are:
       Delivery  of profile, embossing file spec and test data
       Key management (particularly for test keys)
       Plastics – delivery of artwork, signoff, stage 1 approvals to
        get into production
       Letter templates

               Learnings from the
               development team(s)
   EMV for the first time is a lack of knowledge
     Customer has no knowledge of what they need
     Can see that when asking for a DDA card the setting may
      not be correct (may be for an SDA card)
   Just because they’ve done one profile / EMV project –
    doesn’t necessarily translate to an easy second project.
    Generally this is underestimated in terms of the
    complexity (SDA to DDA, Contact to DI).
   First project is generally 4 weeks including scripting and
    certification. (parallel development for file treatment
    and production configurations)
             Learnings from the
             customer - 1
   Roll-out went smoothly because of preparation
   12 months prior to launch met with Visa / MC
   Bankwest approach
     Businessproposition – customer experience is the driver
     NEED to maintain all functionality
     Had an outside consultant
      1  week intense
       Part time – ongoing (1 day/month)
    6  business people on the team
     1 business analyst (background in software)

              Learnings from the
              customer - 2
   Scope
     Large   systems change across 4 weeks
     Number    of systems and functions
       Mainframe   system, Key management, Front end
        transaction system had to accept chip
     Migrated   on a single product (staff product)
     Check list (production validation testing)
     6 cards – around the country
     80 transactions
     Start with SDA (then DDA, then DI)
              Learnings from the
              customer - 3
   Started in 2008, live in 2009
       6 mos ea for SDA, DDA, and DI
 Staff pilot with 2 weeks of intense checking
 Goal to open over 100 accounts and more than 2000
  Staff tend to be more vocal and if staff said if the
  card didn’t work in a store, we would investigate and
  assume the customer was right
 Didn’t own the merchants and needed qualify the
  messages from different networks
     Flexibleteam to manage changes and variations
     Had three different variations for transactions
               Learnings from the
               customer - 4
   Post launch –
     Survey  with staff
       Did it work
       How many transactions
       Who did you call
       What product were you on
     Pilot provided an education for team ---

   Kept consistency with team throughout project(s)
            Learnings from the
            customer - 5
   Keys to success:
     Bankwest cheat sheet
     Bankwest profile excel spreadsheet

   Keys to sustainable EMV success
     Communication

     Preparation

     Education

   Leverage or create necessary tools
     Bankwest cheat sheet
     Bankwest excel spreadsheet
Thank You

      John Ekers
      CTO ABnote Australasia
      Mobile: +61419583520

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