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					            Owen Evans
 Director Skills, Higher Education and Lifelong learning

Cyfarwyddwr - Sgiliau, Addysg Uwch a Dysgu Gydol Oes

        Welsh Government/Llywodraeth Cymru
             Work Programme

• Critical – Work Programme was designed
  around partnership

• Two Political Complexions but one issue

• Vital that all three sectors work together to deliver real

• Welsh Government committed to getting people into
  sustainable employment
           Strategic Vehicle

• Joint Employment Delivery Board

• Jointly Chaired by Department for Work & Pensions
  (DWP)/ Welsh Government (WG)

• Members include JobCentre Plus (JCP), Wales Council
  for Voluntary Action (WCVA), Welsh Local Government
  Association (WLGA), Welsh European Funding Office
  (WEFO) & Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

• Ambition to bring all sectors together and coordinate
  activities and drive strategic change
               Pre Contract

• Pre contract – working on single employer

• Looking into steps to put in place pre contract
  e.g. European Funding

• WEFO liaising with EU and WG

• De-commitment where no added value or duplication
              Post Contract

• Welcomed Working Links and Rehab Jobfit
  to membership

• Contract performance still a matter for DWP…but we all
  have a role to play

• Now focuses on maximising performance and
  understanding barriers and dissemination of intelligence

• Work packages becoming apparent
      Critical Areas for WG

• Aligning Government Programmes

• Majority of support focused on tackling barriers up to
  point of eligibility

• Coordinate WEFO funding to ensure a more joined up
  approach - less duplication/more coordination

• Language shifting to what’s possible post eligibility. Skills
  ladder is vital when in work
 We’re all in this together..

• The current tough economic conditions mean
  extra effort is needed to help the long-term
  unemployed,those facing multiple disadvantage and
  those with poor basic skills secure sustained

      Guess who?
       Business Involvement
• Public and third sectors set to contract in
  medium term

• This is a shared agenda and the CBI is playing
  a leading role

• Need to work with employers and the Work Providers to
  encourage participation

• Not just CSR
         Other Strands of
        Government Action
             - today

• Emerging Economic Renewal Programme

• Pathways to Apprenticeships & Young Recruits

• New Steps Programme/Route-ways to Work

• Jobs Growth Wales
        Jobs Growth Wales
• £75m over three years

• 4,000 people a year into paid work
  experience (16-24 year olds)

• Focus on private sector and on the job ready

• Skills Health Check – Careers Wales and JCP

• Specific threads – graduates, sustainability skills, micro

• Pilot underway
        Other Strands of
       Government Action
          – tomorrow
• Focus on employability

   –   Through Qualifications and Welsh Bacc
   –   Feeding better LMI through careers services
   –   20 point action plan for schools
   –   NEETS review
   –   Flying Start
   –   Focus on Level 3 skills
Diolch / Thank you

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