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Money Management the Mary Kay Way by y486F4V


									       Money Management the Mary Kay Way
Holding skin care classes brings you SALES!

Establish a Mary Kay Checking and Savings
Account with a Debt Card and/or Credit Card

Deposit proceeds from sales each week.

Example:     $ 300.00 (weekly)
             $1200.00 (total for month)

                                                                    60% of $1200
                                                            $600 for Section 1 inventory
                                                          $120 for Section 2, tax & shipping
                    Adopt the 60/40 split to
                    the sum total of all sales
                                                                               20% of $480
                                                                         To pay on Loan or Credit
                                                                        Card to begin MK Business

                                                                      20% of $480
                                                                   SAVINGS ACCOUNT
                                                                   Supplies, training, trips,
                                                                   seminars, Red Jackets or
                                                                      Directors clothing

                                           60% of $480             Use Debt Card to reorder product.
              Any team
           building Bonus
            is “LOVE” $                   YOUR PROFIT              When paying a family bill write a check
                                          Tithes, family bills,    from the Mary Kay Account to the
                                                   etc.            Family Account.

                                                                   Never use your Mary Kay Credit Card
                                                                   for Family.
                        YOUR ASSETS
                                                                   Have a Family Credit and/or Debit Card
                         40% of $1200                              Have a MK Credit and/or Debit Card
                                                                                 NO MIXING

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