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Choose the Right Diamond
Here are some of the popular unfastened
diamond designs and how they can be
utilized in jewellery:

1. Rings
2. Earrings
3. Pendants
1. Rings:
Though many shapes can be used to
design rings, the most popular ones are
round diamonds. Technically speaking a
round stone offers great flexibility in
balancing the cut, clarity and carat of the
stone and still gives you great brilliance
and shine.
2. Earrings:
If you would like to go for drop ear-rings,
then many times that pear-shaped
diamond is a great choice. Shaped such
as a glistening rip drop, it functions
symmetrical curves that boost the
sparkle on the stone. This shape may also
suit chandelier designs.
3. Pendants:
If you are designing a pendant, decide on
shapes that complement the particular
necklace or chain. You can go intended
for round, pear, cardiovascular, or oval-
shaped expensive diamonds and each
will add a unique appearance and feel to
the style.
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