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					                  ABB Newsletter
        The Monthly Newsletter of the Arapahoe High School Band Boosters
                                   April 2009

             From The Podium                          Concert Band for achieving overall excellent
                  by Dr.Cannava                       ratings at the State Qualifying Festival!

               It is with much sadness that I write   Congratulations to Mr. Fred Bowlus and the
             this month’s newsletter and with         Winter Percussion Ensemble for scoring 87
such a tremendous sense of loss for one of our        points and placing 1st at the March 14th
most dedicated band students, freshman Martin         Longmont Show. They then placed 2nd in
Walworth. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go         Prelims, and 3rd in Finals, at the W.G.I.
out to Matthew and Janet for the loss of their        Regional, held at Northglenn H.S. on March 21st.
incredible son. Martin was a committed                Congratulations Winter Percussion Ensemble!!
member of our Warrior Marching Band the last
two years. He was a percussionist in Symphonic        The Winter Guard, under the direction of Mr.
Band and a past member of the Winter                  Kenny Bailey, achieved Silver Medals at
Percussion Ensemble. Martin did a wonderful           Saturday’s State Competition! Arapahoe is the
job assisting with our sound system at the jazz       State Champion Runner-up Winter Guard for
concerts throughout the year. We will miss you,       2009!! Congratulations to all of you!!
Martin—but your contributions to our Warrior
Band, Arapahoe High School and this community         Our guard has been scoring in the 80’s and
will impact us forever. Your smile and                placing in the top two at all of their
willingness to help in any way possible will be       competitions! At the Arapahoe Show, our
sorely missed.                                        guard was just .1 out of 1st place!! Way to go
                                                      Winter Guard!!
A special thank you to all our band students and
parents who have poured their hearts out to the       The Guard would like to thank all of you for
Walworth Family throughout this very difficult        your support throughout the 2009 Season—
time. We truly are a family—thank you for all         thanks for coming out and cheering us on at all
you’ve done to help Janet and Matthew through         our shows!!!
this tragedy. Later in this newsletter you’ll see
the address where donations can be sent to the        Congratulations to all our musicians who
scholarship fund set up by the Walworths in           performed at our March 18th Band Concert—you
Martin’s honor to help students attend some           are all sounding so professional this year. Way
wonderful Christian youth programs.                   to go Warrior Band!!

Congratulations to all of our concert bands for       A special congratulations to our 2009 Warrior
having outstanding performances at the 2009           Marching Band Drum Majors—Blair Larson and
Metro Denver CBA State Concert Band                   Donna Villanyi, and our Alternate Drum
Qualifying Festival. Wind Ensemble achieved           Major—Phillip Strom! Our 2009 Marching Band
unanimous superior ratings and qualified to           Leadership selections are underway.
perform at the State Concert Band Festival in         Congratulations to the following band members
Griffin Concert Hall, on the CSU campus in Ft.        who have been selected so far: Flute—Emily
Collins, on Tuesday, April 21st!! Also,               Haller (Section Leader) and Tom Roberts
congratulations to Symphonic Band and                 (Squad Leader); Clarinet—Philip Strom (Section
                                                      Leader) and Phoebe Flynn (Squad Leader);
Saxophone—Denae Hill (Section Leader);                    “Be Valiant and Soar to Greatness!”
Trumpet/Mellophone—Sarah Cheney (Section
Leader); Battery Percussion—Kevin Matthews                  Martin Walworth Memorial Fund
(Section Leader) and Cameron Brown (Squad           Janet and Matthew Walworth have established a
Leader); Pit Percussion—Jake Mirow (Section         memorial fund in Martin’s name. This fund will
Leader); and Color Guard—Krissy Cloyes and          provide opportunities for young people to be
Sarah Churchill (Co-Section Leaders)!!!             involved in Christian youth programs like the
                                                    ones that had such a meaningful impact on
              Upcoming Events                       Martin’s life. Contributions should be made to:
   Good luck to all members of our Winter
    Percussion Ensemble who will perform on         Grace Presbyterian Church Martin Walworth Fund
    Saturday, April 4th, at the RMPA                             251 East Sterne Blvd.
                                                                 Centennial, Co 80122
    Championships at the Budweiser Events
    Center in Loveland!
                                                          Thanks for all your caring and support!
   You’re all invited to attend the CHSAA Large
    Group Music Festival, at Rock Canyon HS, on
    Thursday, April 9th. All 3 of our concert
                                                       ABB Board Position and Chairperson
    bands will be performing: Concert Band at                      Openings
    4pm; Symphonic Band at 5:30pm; and Wind         Several Board and Committee leadership
    Ensemble at 7pm.                                positions are open for parent volunteers next
   Be sure to come and see our musical, “Damn      year. Please contact Doug Cheney if you are
    Yankees”, on Wednesday, April 15th through      interested. The next meeting is Tuesday, May
    Saturday, April 18th. All shows are at 7pm.     5th, at 7pm in the Band Room.
    The Pit Orchestra has been working really            We sincerely hope to see you there!!
    hard on this!!
   Good luck to our Wind Ensemble who will be      **********************************************************
    performing at the State Concert Band                            YOU ARE INVITED
    Festival, on Tuesday, April 21st, at Griffin
    Concert Hall, on the CSU campus in Ft.          To All Friends, Family and Colleagues of Dr.
    Collins. Our performance is at 2:15pm.          Cannava,
   The Dry Creek Dixie Dawgs will be
    performing at Bemis Library (6014 S. Datura     Please join us for Dr. Ed Cannava's final band
    in Littleton) on Wednesday, April 22nd, from    concert at Arapahoe High School on Saturday,
    4-5pm. It’s free, but donations/tips will be    May 9, 2009. In addition to the concert, there
    accepted for their upcoming trip to the         will be social events before and after. Alumni
    Sacramento Jazz Jubilee.                        are welcome to play in the concert.
   All 3 of our jazz groups will perform at the
    UNC-Greeley Jazz Festival on Friday, April      Whether or not you are able to attend, please
    24th—good luck to all you jazzers!!             respond to this online invitation to show your
   The Solo and Ensemble Festival will take        support:
    place throughout the day at Lakewood HS on      Please forward the web link below to all of your
    Saturday, April 25th.                           band colleagues and friends, and encourage
                                                    them to respond (if they did not get this
   Our final Jazz Concert of the year will be on
                                                    invitation directly):
    Tuesday, April 28th, at 7pm in the cafeteria.
    It will be a dessert potluck, as usual. This
    will be the seniors and my last jazz concert
                                                    Please respond immediately so we can plan
    at Arapahoe—how sad for us…
 Parents, thank you for your continuous support
                                                    Thank you,
of our wonderful band students. Remember this
                                                    Doug Cheney, President
                 year’s vision—
                                                    Arapahoe Band Boosters
A Great Investment!—For the maximum                   instruments. Please see the listing of private
progress in band, please plan on purchasing a         teachers on our website, or Dr. Cannava (303-
tuner and metronome if you play an                    347-6031) can recommend teachers for your
instrument, and a metronome if you are in             student. The students who study privately
Color Guard. Tuners will help your pitch              usually make the highest band chair
development on a consistent basis. You can put        placements, honor/all-state groups and music
the tuner on your music stand as you practice,        scholarships!
and check the various troublesome pitches as
you go. What a difference this will make in                             ABB Meetings
your playing!!! Metronomes will help                  Just a reminder that ABB meetings are not just
everyone’s ability to keep time and maintain          for the board members. Any parent of a band
tempo. These are great for Color Guard                student is an ABB member, and you are all
members to practice their flag, rifle, dance,         encouraged to attend. We need your input and
and saber routines. Musicians can work on their       fresh ideas to keep the band program going and
basic time, as well as musical subdivisions.          moving in a positive direction. The next
Metronomes will assist all of us in our musical       meeting is at 7pm on Tuesday, May 5th, in the
development, no matter what level we are              Band Room. Hope to see you there!!
currently at. Please bring in $40 for a
metronome purchase or $25 to buy a                    A High Quality Instrument Makes a Difference!
combination metronome/tuner—make checks               Parents always ask me how they can best
payable to ABB, and add your student’s first          support their student musician. I recommend
and last name.                                        purchasing an upgraded instrument-either
                                                      intermediate or professional in quality. This is
                  Private Lessons                     really more important than private lessons in
Private Lessons are strongly encouraged for all       many respects. Please contact me at 303-347-
our band students. You can use your share             6031 or if you need help in
account funds to pay for approved private             upgrading your student’s instrument. Brad
instruction! All students studying privately          Brickley of Kolacny Music and Al Davis of
receive 3 Letter Award Points. Private                Flesher-Hinton Music can be very helpful in
instruction will help our instrumentalists            getting you the best discounts possible.
make maximum progress on their


1. When do we have to decide about marching band?
   The sooner, the better – but a few students have waited as late as the first day of the June Camp
   to decide.

2. We may have said we were doing a concert band, but when have we actually signed up? Class
   registration for Arapahoe is coming up later this month. When you register for band as a class, you
   have signed up.

3. What is the process for being assigned to a concert band for my freshman year?
   We automatically put all incoming students in Concert Band. Your upcoming spring audition will
   determine your band placement. The band director will then initiate any necessary schedule
   changes with the guidance counselors.

4. I’m hearing my student will have to audition for band sometime this spring. What comprises an
   audition and how are they scheduled? When do we find out the results of the audition?
   Students will be contacted by their respective section instructor to set up a time for an audition,
   which typically takes place at the high school. Audition music is available from your respective
   middle school band teacher. Results will then be forwarded to the middle schools at the beginning
   of May.
5. What if I know I will miss some of the summer band camp?
   Please avoid scheduling appointments during camp and try to reschedule any appointments you
   may have already made. If you are going to be out-of-town or have an unavoidable conflict, fill
   out an Excused Absence Form and turn it in to the band director as soon as you know you have a
   conflict. The Excused Absence Form can be found on the Arapahoe High School Website. Go to:
   “Activities” “Band” “General Information” “Academic Paper Instructions/Forms”.

6. How much does band cost?
   These are last year’s fees. We do not anticipate increasing the band fees for next year.
                  Summer Marching Band Camp                           $325
                  School Year Marching Band                           $160
                  Concert Band, Symphonic Band or Wind                $130
                  Fall Color Guard                                    $210
                  Jazz Band                                           $125
                  Uniform Fees (shirt ($18), shoes ($24)--major    Variable
                  components of the uniform are provided)
                  Arapahoe High School Activity Fee (required)          $25
                  ABB Family Membership Fee (optional)                  $35
                  Guard Uniforms – billed later                    Variable
                  Yard Sign, if desired                                 $10
      Not all of these apply to every student. It depends on what you are participating in. Also,
      we have scholarships for students who feel that participating in band would be a
      financial hardship. We don't ever want the cost to be a reason someone can't be in band.

7. What is a “section”?
   This is a group of kids who play the same instrument (for example, clarinets or percussion).
   “Section Instructors” are the professional musicians who will be doing the spring auditions.
   “Section Leaders” are our student leaders.

8. What are the different bands at Arapahoe?
   We have the Marching Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz II, Jazz I, Winter
   Percussion Ensemble and Winter Guard. Placement in all but Marching Band, Concert Band and
   Small Ensembles is by audition. Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz II and Jazz I
   are classes you register and get class credit for. The others are extra-curricular; however,
   students who are in Marching Band for all 4 years get 2 PE credits waived.

9. Where do I go for answers to other questions I might have? Any of our board members or
   chairpersons are happy to answer your questions. Our names and phone numbers are provided on
   the last page of this newsletter. Tom Haller, as a veteran parent, and Doug Cheney, as the ABB
   president, are both good resources. If you don’t know who to direct your questions to, Pam Tetley
   will take your question and either answer it for you or direct you to the right person for a reply.
   Her phone number is 720-482-1609 and email is Another good source of
   information is always our website.
                                  UPDATED 2/24/09
                                         June 2009
                        June 18 & 19 (Thursday/Friday)
                                 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
        Drum Majors, Color Guard Captain/s & Section Leaders
                      June 22 – 26 (Monday thru Friday)
                                 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
                                 Full Band & Color Guard

                                July/August 2009
                         July 30 & 31 (Thursday/Friday)
                                 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
        Drum Majors, Color Guard Captain/s & Section Leaders
                      August 3 – 7 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
                        August 10 – 14 1:00 – 8:00 p.m.
                                 Full Band & Color Guard

      Western Welcome Week Parade – Saturday, August 15

             Marching Rehearsal Schedule after school hours will begin August 17, 2009.
Until Mr. Hackett arrives at AHS, please direct questions to Mrs. Gottlieb, Assistant Principal (303-347-
            6013), Mr. Bowlus, Assistant to Mr. Hackett, or Mr. Bailey, Color Guard Coach.
                         Come Support The

    Dry Creek Dixie Dawgs
                 In a Fun Afternoon of
                   New Orleans Jazz

       At Bemis Library on Wednesday, April 22nd!

              Located at 6014 S. Datura St.
            (Just South of W. Littleton Blvd.)
                    4:00 to 5:00p.m.

Come hear a bunch of Entertaining Dixieland Jazz!
                   Free Admission!!

                SEE YOU THERE!!!

        All Tips and Donations will Benefit the Band’s
                    Upcoming Invitational
       Performance at the 2009 Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

Each band student receives semi-private instruction from one of at least 12 sectional instructors
whose salaries are ENTIRELY paid by our fundraising proceeds. The Arapahoe Band Boosters must
fundraise to maintain our outstanding music program.

Bingo, the Student Car Wash and phone book deliveries are the major fundraisers benefiting the
entire band program. There are also several fundraising opportunities to enable each student to
secure their own funds, in their share account, and use that money to help pay the various program
fees. These fundraisers include Grocery Certificates, Scrip, Butter Braids, and Cookie Dough sales.
Romano’s Italian Restaurant in Highlands Ranch will donate 20% of your dinner check to the band.
Romano’s Night is the 1st Tuesday of the month. Make a copy of the coupon from our website (or see
below) and have dinner at Romano’s on April 7th.

Province Car Wash, south of County Line on Colorado, will donate $1 to the band for every $8 or $9
car wash purchased through their automated bays. Just enter the Code: 43210. Pass this on to family
and friends!

                                 ARAPAHOE BAND GROCERY CERTIFICATES

This is probably the easiest way to earn money for your share account. Use the proceeds to make trip
payments, pay for private lessons and pay yearly fees. King Soopers, Tony’s Meats and Sunflower
Market grocery certificates are available. For every $100 you buy, $5.00 goes directly to your student
account. Sell certificates to your friends and neighbors and earn even more!

             Contact one of the following ABB members to purchase Grocery Certificates:
Ellen Strom            Joan Berres          Kellie Bridges      Denise Reznicek         Sondra Durfee-Peugh
Homestead Farm II      Highlands 460        Liberty Hills       S. Suburban Ice Arena   Arapahoe High School
Holly & Dry Creek      Dry Creek & Adam     Easter & Eudora     Arapahoe & Univ.        4 blocks W. of AHS
7862 S. Ivy Ct.        2903 E. Otero Cir.   7005 S. Dahlia St   2121 E Panama Dr        7454 S Downing Cir E
303-773-3623           303-795-6624         303-771-2250        303-794-3420            Cell – 303-241-9238


Starting with the April 15th order, all Scrip orders will be done via So
sign up now so you are ready! We are making this change in order to provide the most accurate
documentation for our ABB members. Besides, it is easier for you!

All you have to do is go to and register. There is information on the site that
will lead you through the steps. There is also an 800# you can call with questions. When you register,
you just need to designate Arapahoe Band Boosters as your organization and use the following
enrollment code: 213646FE544L.

In order to assure the right student is credited into their share account please put the student’s
name in parentheses after your last name when you register. i.e. Flaum (C.Flaum). MAKE SURE
YOU PROVIDE AN EMAIL CONTACT FOR PICK-UP!!! Thus, you can have other people also register
on-line and enter orders for your student.

After you register, you can place your order on-line. You have two options for payment. You can print
out the receipt of your order and drop your check off at Christine Flaum’s house. Or, you can register
for Presto Pay and your amount can be deducted from your checking account directly- no check to drop
off!! (Register for Presto Pay after you sign in and there is an option to the left.)
                      Any questions?? Contact Christine Flaum at
Check out our website for the latest and greatest…
There is a lot of information about the band program, fundraising details, band awards and history, and
quite a few section photos of our fabulous musicians on our band pages of the AHS Website. The link is


                                    To Access the AHS Band Website:

                                          Click on Activities
                                          Click on AHS Band

                                         ABB Executive Board

               President                          Doug Cheney               303-862-6212
               VP-Chaperones                      Russ Furry                303-741-3807
               VP-Transportation                  Rusty Walters             303-221-0508
               VP Color Guard                     Paul Howald               303-725-7544
               General Treasurer                  Carol Matthews            303-221-1104
               Bingo & Trip Treasurer             Rebecca Steinebrey        303-347-0474
               Secretary                          Deb DeLaTorre             303-519-4595
               Bingo Coordinator                  Linda Haley               303-221-4625

                                        Committee Chairpersons

               Uniform Coordinator                Yara Fedde                720-489-3927
               Directory                          Pam Tetley                720-482-1609
               Alumni Coordinator                 Vacant
               Grocery Coupon Chair               Ellen Strom               303-773-3623
               Scrip Coordinator                  Christine Flaum           303-694-4885
               Arapahoe Festival, Auction, etc.   Tom Haller                303-770-5836
               Hospitality Chair                  Lynne Brown               720-493-8595
               Fundraising                        Doug Cheney               303-862-6212
               Webmaster                          Mike Matthews             303-221-1104
               Communications                     Pam Tetley                720-482-1609
               Historian                          Kim Haller                303-770-5836
               Propmaster                         Jack Jensen     

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