Enterprise GIS in California by y486F4V


									Designing and Deploying
     a Citrix Based
     Enterprise GIS
 Bob Milton
 California State Office
FY 2009 Architecture
   Data Center in Sacramento
       5 Citrix servers, 64 bit OS
            Upgrading to Xeon 5500 In June
       Dell/EMC Storage Area Network
            15 Tb of GIS data
       SqlServer 2005
            AD Kerberos Pass-through Authentication
            Access controlled through AD groups
       40 concurrent users (Average)
       300+ Users
Citrix Server
  Life Cycle
    Match or exceed Desktop performance
Existing Bureau lifecycle
 Servers => 5 years      Desktops => 3 years

Recommended Lifecycle with Citrix:
 Servers => 3 years   Desktops => 5 years
     Citrix Server
   Current version of ArcGis is 32 bit, and not
    well threaded
   Many GIS operations will fully saturate a
    core , which affects other pre-existing
    threads on that core
   Example:
    Editors performing 5 minute edit operations
    between “saves”
    Someone launches several exports to pdf
Citrix Server
Sizing                           Typical Load +
  Typical Load                5 new exports to pdf
   2 duo cores                     2 duo cores

    Existing threads spread       Pre-existing threads are
       among the cores                   impacted
      Citrix Server
   ESRI Recommendations:
“…. it is recommended to use Intel Xeon 5470
 3330 MHz 8 core (2 quad-core chips) with 48 GB
 RAM ……. and can provide capacity for up to 120
 concurrent Citrix users …..”
   My Recommendation:
        Unless you segregate your users
                Don’t Do it!
   Citrix Server
  Design for overcapacity (Its cheap!)
Segregate your users between Real time
 processing needs (editing) from near Batch
 processing needs (Display, Query, Analysis)
True Quality of Service Implementation
                                      Prioritized Traffic
 CASO                                         ISP
                          Router                        Router
  ICA App                 ICA App                       ICA App

                          ICA Print         W           ICA Print
  ICA Print
  WWW                     WWW                           WWW
  FTP                     FTP                           FTP
  Copy                                       N
                          Copy                          Copy           Field
                     Address latency not bandwidth!
                                Distance Matters!
              • Service level agreement with ISP specifies latency criteria
Quality of Service Implementation
 CASO                       Traffic Shaping
                        Router                      Router
  ICA App               ICA App                     ICA App
                        ICA Print                   ICA Print
  ICA Print
  WWW                   WWW                A        WWW
  FTP                   FTP                         FTP
                        Copy                        Copy             Field

              • ICA Application is segregated from ICA printing
              • Bulk traffic is restricted to use no more than 80% of the “pipe”
              • Latency should remain <100 ms during peak loads
Quality of Service Implementation
                        Router             Router
  ICA App
                        ICA App            ICA App
  FBMS                               W
                        ICA Print          ICA Print
  ICA Print             WWW          A     WWW
                        FTP                FTP
  FTP                                N
  Copy                  Copy               Copy        Field

              • Don’t   oversubscribe the “reserved” pipe
Citrix Design
Data Center AD Domain Controller
    SAN       Disk

     4Gb Switch                                                            DC
ImageServer Fileservers                                       Citrix/WTS
                             ArcSDE       ArcSDE    ArcSDE
                             casodev      casovct   casoext                     GisServer

                                1 Gb Switch

   Local Domain Control
•Data Centers offer many services that need to
be authenticated
•Many services and scripts run AD LDAP queries
(Ex: what office is a user from?)
•Local Domain Controls reduces lag and

                  Improves                                                 DC

               Citrix Design
               Terminal Service Profile


  Fileserver      Citrix Farm
                                       •Provide a consistent user Profile
                                       •Deploy Enterprise Settings
                                          •Stored in profile
X:\Documents and Settings\userid
                                       •Exception: Test Servers
X:\Documents and Settings\userid\ Application Data\ESRI\ArcCatalog
    Standardizing Builds

   Keep all servers in a build identical
   Minimize the number of active builds
        Some uncooperative apps may have to be
         on a separate build

    Do Not Manually Change
      Production Servers
Standardizing Builds
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008
    Operating system deployment
     •   Virus
     •   OS Patches
     •   Scheduled jobs
    Installs and configures the OS including
     installing Citrix.
    Standardizing Builds
    Citrix Installation Management
•   Automation
    •   Can quickly build new servers (including virtual)
    •   Same order and procedure every time
•   Standardization
    •   All servers built from the process are guaranteed
        to be the same
•   Systems build documentation
    •   Build steps are used to document the system
        Agent Deployment                   &   Browser Deployment
 Launching Apps:                               Launching Apps:

  Start > All Programs > Citrix > Arcgis          http://ilmcasoctws.blm.doi.net/

Launched through Start Menu
       Or Desktop Icons
(Seamless Application Window)
            Configuration Management
                   and Testing

All system changes are managed through CM
   Request for change (ex: ArcGis extension)
   Test (A virtual server is created for each test)
   Approve or Deny (duplicates, doesn’t work, causes problems)
   Deploy

Users access the test server through:
Start > All Programs > Citrix > Test
        Managing printers and plotters
Use Native drivers for plotters, and primary GIS printers

                        Manage Drivers
   •The local print server, local client, and all Citrix servers
   should use the same driver

   •Use old Citrix print naming convention. (The new
   naming convention includes the session id in the print
   name which is then stored in the .mxd.
          Folder/File Design
                                                  User Folders
                          Office Folders  \\blm\dfs\ca\oo\loc\MyCitrix
Statewide Folders \\blm\dfs\ca\oo\gisimage

           •Field Offices manage their Folders
           •All folders are physically in Sacramento
   Started in the fall of 2004
   Complete migration of all GIS data and work
    to a Citrix base EGIS architecture
   Staggered Office by Office Implementation
    (16 Field Offices, 30+ Remote Offices)
   Target, 1 office cutover per week
   Migrated office “as is”. No data Cleanup
         Field Office Citrix Deployment
             Field Office setup
                 Citrix client, User folders, print drivers)   1
             Backup Field Office Data
             Restore to Data Center                   W
             User Orientation, Citrix FAQ
             File Replication, Turn off shares,
1 Hour       Redirect Dfs links and M:\ drive mapping E

         No Change to data pathing
             No broken .mxd’s
Design Considerations
   Open Architecture
       Publish command prompt, explorer, etc
   User acceptance window
   Staggered implementation

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