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					               KING SAUD UNIVERSITY
     College of Computer & Information Science
         Information Technology Department

                 E-Commerce Systems

             Dr. Nawal Al-Shebel

                     Magic Printing

                      Submitted by:

    Name                              ID
1   Nisreen Ali Alabdulhadi           426204566
2   Dua'a Makki Al-Abdul Jabbar       426200472
3   Hanan Salman Al- Musabbeh         425200498
     The internet, as a marketing medium, now ranks ahead of TV, Radio and Print as
the preferred marketing method for many people who may find it an easy, convenient
and enjoyable way that save time, effort and sometimes money. Also, it seems to be
the most suitable way for buying small things and gifts much more than the traditional
ways which need driving to long distance to reach the malls, then taking a round and
trying to find what you looking for and there is still a chance that one will not find
what he or she wants. It looks so hard to waste all that time and effort only for buying
a small thing like a gift for example.
     The project we are proposing is simply to sell T-shirts, cups, pillows, pens where
the customer can choice to print on them some words, logos or a picture. This project
is not directed to individuals only who want to buy this thing as a gift or simply to
keep it as memento but also to the companies and campaigns founders who want to
buy T-shirts, cups, pillows, pens with their pictures or logos printed on them. We will
initially start selling our merchandise on a national level, and then expand it
worldwide depending on the feasibility and demands. One key point that we are aware
of is to ensure that our products are almost always on high demands. Thus, we would
sell specific products to a target population and target companies to make sure that
our business is not at danger. Of course, other people can purchase products from our
website but the targeted populations are our safety net until we get publicity

Project Description & Objectives

Project Description
       As stated earlier, the project revolves around selling T-shirts, cups, pillows and
pens with printed logos, words or pictures on them. The customer can enter the
website then choose the thing that he wishes to print on it which is either a T-shirt,
cup, pillows or a pen then he chooses what he wants to print on it which is either a
words, logos or picture. In order to guarantee profits we will initially target selling
our products to individuals, companies and campaigns founders locally.
       Payment will be made online by credit cards, direct transfer, or electronic
check drafts whichever possible and secured. The main delivery and shipping option
we will use is via domestic mails unless delivery location is proximal. The customer
is responsible to pay the shipping charges. We will contract with say USPS to have
them provide us with shipping services. This will cut shipping rates on us as we get a
percentage off (or small profits) per items shipped.

        Our products that we will offer on our website fall into four main categories or
Category A
On this section we provide the customer the ability to choose a T-shirt and
specify the color, size and the quantity of the T-shirt that he want to print on it,
then he chooses what he want to print on it which could be a logo, words only
or a picture .
Category B
In this category we would offer the customer the ability to choose a cup and
specify the color and quantity of the cup that he want to print on it, then he
chooses what he want to print on it which could be a logo, words only or a
picture .
Category C
We are also thinking of providing the customer the ability to choose a pen and
specify the color and the quantity of the pen that he want to print on it, then he
chooses what he want to print on it which could be a logo, words only or a
picture .
Category D
In this category we would offer customers the ability to choose a pillow and
specify the color, size and the quantity of the pillow that he want to print on it,
then he chooses what he want to print on it which could be a logo, words only
or a picture .

Expected Results & Outcomes

The start will definitely be slow within the first or two years but once we gain
popularity and positive customer reviews we may need to expand our business. The
initially months will be the hardest as we attempt to become popular and well known.
Hence, our marketing representative will play a major role during our blooming
months. If our business rises quickly, we are looking to compensate for our total
project expenses within the first year. With a slow start we are looking at two years
or so. But we cannot precisely indicate these outcomes until we do a detailed financial
plan and break it down.

Project Objectives
The project objectives are simple. The followings are the main ones:

      1. Provide high quality products to targeted populations.

      2. Save the customer time and effort.

      3. Sell our products at lower price compared to traditional shops.

      4. Purchase a commercial printer dedicated to print on such thing to start with.

      5. Gain popularity and in the future become an international website.

      6. Get the customer trust and acceptance by provide them the ability to change
         the product or even to cancel his request within a time slot.
      7. Facilitate the process of payment for the customer by provide them a variety
         of methods for payment.
      8. Attempt at becoming a supplier to small companies to generate more steady

Consideration Warrant

This project warrants your attention and consideration for the following reasons:
  I.   It is a small business that has the potential to grow into a large one
 II.   It is a new idea to be applied on online on Saudi Arabia.

III.   Its initial costs are minimal when compared with the huge return it could

IV.    It reduces the number of staff needed to operate the project even if it grows.

Market Segment / External Audiences Reached

      The target of market segmenting is to know all targeted market segment and
their behaviors in order to offer the suitable product to each of them.
And hence, attract larger number of customers. Then try to achieve popularity to the
website and exhibited products.
      Personal or special target is achieved by directing a products which suitable and
meets all needs and desires a person by segmenting the market based several effective
factor like demography such as environment, age, income or culture and education.
        This website offers services to mainly to all segments of the society in their
different races and ages for individuals and deals with campaign founders and
companies in both the private sector and public sector.
        General target is accomplished by media means such radio or T.V. in order to
target a larger number audience and viewers.

Project Deliverables e.g. Value/Benefits/Messages

      The projects are deliver T-shirts, cups, pens or pillows with printed logos, words
or pictures on them to the customer given address.
      The values and benefit that will members derive are mainly to save time and
effort for them.
      We can build trust and a strong brand name if we spread the website among large
slice of people.
     Also, this project gives the customer lower prices compared to traditional offline
retailers, an online retailer can create a better value proposition for the customers
,improving customer service and satisfaction in the process ,personalization and
customization of product offering when they order specific logos, words or picture,
reduction of products search costs, reduction of price, facilitation by managing
products delivery and save time while as customers need to spend an hour or more
for going to the offline shops, convenience and save time are very important value to

Project Scope

      In the beginning the project boundary will be limited to the Eastern region only
and we plan to keep it on this boundary for the first two years until the project became
famous, and in the future try to expand it to include all regions of the Kingdom, and
then to go outside the kingdom and be international, if the project succeeded.
      The project is not a new idea but there is a previous offline similar projects and
in this project we attempt to develop it to become online and make it easier for people
to print what they want without wasting time searching for the appropriate printing
places and on the same time will offer this service at lower prices compared with
traditional shops.


At the beginning of our project will confine ourselves during the first and second
years only to the Eastern region so that we can gather the largest possible number of
customers and are trying to develop the site to include more services.
And then, during the next five years will try if the project succeeded in expanding the
Kingdom to include various regions.

 Number of years/The         1 year       2 year       3 year      4 year       5 year
 subject do

 Beginning of project
 and collect customers

     Expanding the

Possible Complications/Challenges

        The challenges that we may face in the construction of the project is how to
collect customers and attract them to the site and by trying to introduce them to the
site's activity and services.
        In addition, we must gain the trust of customers by maintaining the activity of
the site and deliver the request in a timely manner accurately, also try to include the a
development of the services that facilitate the customer to deal with us such as
offering a certain time to change the product or cancellation, and provide a variety of
methods of payment.
     Finally, one of the biggest challenges we going to face is to satisfy the customer
so that we can build a name for the site trusted by everyone.

Roles & Responsibilities

The following chart represents the positions and responsibilities of who does what.
                                                     1. Processing & reviewing official & legal
                                                     paper work
                                                     2. Supervise project progression
                         CEO                         3. Quality improvement & measurement

                         Programming & information   1. Website processing programming
                         Technology operator         2. Information System Tech
                                                     3. Machinery programming
                                                     4. Data analysis
                          Marketing & Monitoring

                                                      1. Marketing samples to target population
                                                      2. Visits possible customer
Roles & Reponsibilites     Travel & contract          3. Monitoring business flow & goals

                                                       1. Travel to potential supplier
                            Machine Tech               2. Examine merchandise for quality & price
                                                       3. Sign contracts post CEO authorization

                            Supply operator
                                                       1. Monitor machine work flow
                                                       2. Work with programmer

                                                        1. Take product to be shipped to the
                                                        mailing agency
                                                        2. Deliver products to proximal customer

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