Mathematics of Love

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					Mathematics of Love
One rose from the right person amounts to more than a dozen roses from anyone else. That's the mathematics of love. Love never adds up to anything that makes sense, not even to the heart, which defies logic. When love begins for one and the other, two become one. 1+1=1 When love begins for one and not the other, nothing results. 1+0=0 Two loves divide the heart because the heart can break yet it's not divisible, and when the pieces are put back together they never quite add up to the same thing. 1 ÷ 2 + x = -1 Lost love finds the heart lessened while a heart lost in love sweeps the heart away. Take love away the heart is subtracted. When it's over for one it's over for two. 1–1=2

Lock love inside, the heart empties and dies. Give love away, it multiplies.


Pass it on, it's the only way to score. by

Description: The Mathematics of Love is a poetical look at love's ability to defy logic and to diminish or expand the heart.