Return Policy and Procedure by y486F4V


									                                        Return Policy and Procedure
                             (Please print and insert into package prior to returning items)

Follow these steps for a successful return:

Step 1: Properly check and package the item
All items that are to be returned must be in the same condition as it was sent. All other material inside must also be included. The item must
also be sent with the original packaging material unless otherwise advised by a representative of All items will be inspected
upon arrival and checked for the integrity of the product and its contents. The following criteria will be followed in rejecting returns and refusing
credit: Products what are improperly packaged. Products affixed with counterfeit labels or affixed with labels exhibiting tampering. Damage
due to scratches, dents, dings, and other things that fall under the damage description.

Step 2: If a warranty return
Have the name of the Manufacturer contact who has agreed that your product falls under their warranty issue and a phone number and/or an

Step 3: Call for a Return Authorization Number
All returns must be accompanied with this sheet with a Return Authorization Number that is provided by our customer service department. You
must write this number down as well as the name of the customer service representative from After 14 days of issuing a Return
Authorization number, the number will become void and the package will be refused under all circumstances at the full expense of the
consumer. Any return we receive without a Return Authorization Number will not be credited back to the sender as there is no way to properly
track that returned item to an order.

                                                                                                  Return Address:

Address________________________________________________                                        Call 888-986-3373 for
                                                                                             Return Address Information

Phone_____________________Cell__________________________                                      Email:

Email__________________________________________________                                      Website:
Order #_________________________________________

Return Authorization Number: ____________________________

Customer Rep. Name_____________________________________

Please fill out the table below for all returns.

Quantity    SKU              Description of Item          Reason for Return           Price Paid

Warranty Info if Applicable:
Please Note: All warranty items must be authorized by a representative of the manufacturer for the
product prior to returning the item.

Manufacturer Name: ____________________________________________________

Manufacturer Rep Name: _________________________________________________

Rep Contact Phone #          ________________________________________________


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