Provider User guide for Leeds Pathways by N50d56IT


									 Welcome to the Provider training
       session - online
• This presentation will help you to produce
  a provider entry on the pathways site.
• Please use this in conjunction with the
  document: (available on the training page)
    “Updating the Area Prospectus – Good
             Practice Guidelines”
• Leeds Pathways Common Application
  Process (Post 16 Admissions Training)
Lets get started!!!!   Click on the log in
Log in as usual
                                    In this training session we’ll
Once you have logged in, you will   just be using the quick links
automatically be directed to your   on the left hand side. You
provider summary page.              will see these in every
                                    screen and can easily
                                    navigate to them
If you click on the first item - ‘My Account’, you’ll see the
following screen:

                                              In this screen you can
                                              change passwords,
                                              personal details etc.

                                                                         Don’t worry if you
                                                                            forget your
                                                                          password etc –
                                                                       the Leeds Pathways
                                                                        helpdesk can help
                                                                              you out!
This is the ‘My Profile’ page.
There are 7 options to choose from.
All options can be edited.

To start with, click on
provider details:
This is the Provider
Details page. Here you
can insert your provider
name, type and various
other data.
Click save once you have
made any amendments.
If you are a 14-16 provider, and you have ticked the 14-16 box
in the provider details page, you can now edit this page!!
It’s a bit like word, where you can insert photos, text and make
it as colourful as you like.

                          Once you have made any amendments,
                          always remember to save!
If you are a 16-19 provider, and you have ticked the 16-19 box
in the provider details page, you can now edit this page!!
This page works like the previous as you can insert photos,
words etc.
You can insert numerous delivery locations into your pages –
this is really useful if you have more than one site.

                                                   Please make sure
                                                   that you have at
                                                   least one delivery
                                                   address inserted,
                                                   otherwise your entry
                                                   will not show up in
                                                   the ‘Where to Learn’
The welcome screen is really important, make it as interesting
as you can!

                                                    Top TIP!
                                                    Check out other
                                                    provider entries for
                                                    ideas and tweaks!
If you have a logo, you can add it here. Make sure that its no
bigger than 192 x 192 pixels. If you need help with this, please
contact the Pathways Helpdesk and we’ll be more than happy
to help you out.
In the Additional Info section, you can add timetables and any
other interesting documents that students could find handy.
This is your provider course management page. You can
make your courses hidden, active, inactive and live on the site

                                                 Click here to add a course

                                                           You can use the tick boxes
                                                           to highlight one or all
                                                           courses and bulk update
This field is mandatory
If you know your QAN number, insert it here

                                              Or you can click on the link
                                              to find it
You can also add a QAN
  Once you have added your QAN and given your course a
  title, you see this screen…
                                                                 Be as descriptive as
                                                                 possible. The
                                                                 information boxes
                                                                 are there to add as
                                                                 much details,
                                                                 graphics etc as
                                                                 You can add:
                                                                 descriptions, what
                                                                 will YP learn, entry
                                                                 assessments, costs,
                                                                 further opps, further
                                                                 info, number of
                                                                 places and fees.
                                                                 Once all this info
                                                                 has been included,
                                                                 click on Add.
                                                                 Every entry can be
                                                                 edited once saved

All the 16-19 courses exactly as the course entry you have just completed!
If you need any help with the pathways site,
have questions about provider entries, or
anything else, please email
Tel: 07787 281 682

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