Balaji Azalea Vasundhara

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					Balaji Azalea

Balaji Group has launched its most premium service apartments Balaji Azalea at the beautiful location of
Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. Balaji Azalea is offering flats with all the amenities and facilities that are
required for modern living. As Balaji Azalea is a service apartments so you don’t have to worry about
anything like buying furniture, utensils, kitchen electronic etc. everything is just set here for you.

Balaji Azalea is built with 4 options is sizes and has amenities like spacious flats , 80% openness,
swimming pool, parks, gardens, proper parking space, fully equipped modern gym, club etc.

Balaji Azalea also share a good location advantages like all the major landmarks like college , hospital,
market , residential area, railway station, bus stop etc are just 10 to 15 mins away from the beautiful
location of this flats.

To know more about Balaji Azalea Just Call Innovions Consulting at

+91-9560090027, 9717393047 or mail us at

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Description: Living in Azalea Vasundhara you will simply forget about your daily necessities and luxuries. Balaji Azalea Ghaziabad is having features and amenities competing with a hotel.