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									                      THE LARGER VIEW
First Presbyterian Church                       E-Mail: fpch@fpchighland.org
8727 Delaware Street – PO Box 9219                        Fax: 219-838-0827
Highland, IN 46322                                     Office: 219-838-6850
                        Website: www.fpchighland.org
                               NOVEMBER 2007

             is a congregation committed to “Being Disciples, Making Disciples.”
        We know that the past cannot be changed, the present is given to us as a gift,
          and we work in positive and constructive ways to promote a trust in God
                                 to guide us into the future.

NOVEMBER 4                 Communion Sunday with Eucharistic Ministry
                           Adult Study Hour at 9:00 AM
                           Heritage Worship at 10:30 AM
                           Akaloo – 5:00 PM
                           GodTime at First (casual worship) – 6:15 PM

NOVEMBER 11                Adult Study Hour at 9:00 AM
                           Heritage Worship at 10:30 AM
                           Akaloo – 5:00 PM
                           GodTime at First – 6:15 PM

NOVEMBER 18                Consecration Sunday
                           Adult Study Hour at 9:00 AM
                           Heritage Worship at 10:30 AM
                           Consecration Meal at 11:30 AM
                           Akaloo & Youth Group – 5:00 PM
                           GodTime at First – 6:15 PM
                           Youth Lead

NOVEMBER 25                Adult Study Hour at 9:00 AM
                           Heritage Worship at 10:30 AM
                           Dedication of New Chrismons
                           Congregational Meeting - 11:30AM
                           HANGING OF THE GREENS – 4:00 PM
                           Soup Supper – 5:30 PM
                           GodTime at First – 6:15 PM
                           a Hanging of the Greens service
             11/2:  Betty Ries                 11/16: Sandy Buono
             11/4:  Bill Atkins                       Eason Engle
             11/6   Jeanne Nestor              11/17: Catherine Black
             11/8:  Lois Norris                11/23: Margaret Derengowski
             11/12: Jill Elman                 11/25: Sandy Parker
                    Liz Zuke                   11/27: Lowell Steen
             11/14: Helen Churitch
                    Alex Molnar
                    Sam Zuke

                      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

     A famous person once said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”
Come and find out what our Book Club is all about! Discussing, laughing, meeting new
friends, eating…new members are always welcome! Come at 7:00 PM for a fun evening on
the fourth Tuesday of each month. On November 27th we will review The Preacher and
the Presidents: Billy Graham in the White House by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy at the
home of Jean Smith. Plan to join us!
    We made it! Mid afternoon of October 31st, we turned over the keys to the South
Annex to the new owner, Alan Siemer. I am astonished at the amount of volunteer effort
that made this relocation possible. The Trustees, under the leadership of President Ron
Toren, let bids for all the remodeling work and updating in the main building and provided
full oversight for every matter from the baseboard trim to the wiring that let us install
the phones and internet in the building. Countless hours went into direct contact with
vendors, priming and painting, sorting, throwing out, packing up and physically moving
materials from the Annex and garage to the new offices and shed. The only items yet to
be moved from the Annex property are the three light poles and we have permission to
come back and get those relocated a bit later.
   At the same time you could find Clare Stinar and John and Judy Toren painting in
between the electricians and HVAC installation, Bill Holmes, Dick Holck, George Griner and
Sharon LaFlech were setting the edging, tamping sand and placing the bricks in the new
memorial path through the garden. And now we’re in and have sorted enough things out
that our new Administrative Assistant, Kristen Wilson can find all the supplies and begin to
make headway in setting up the church office in the most efficient form.
   In this season of giving thanks, I am especially grateful for all those who took a
concept expressed in January and brought it to fruition. May God richly bless us in this
time of relocation.
Rev. Laura

New address: 8727 Delaware Street, Door D
                  P.O. BOX 9219, Highland IN 46322
Office email: fpch@fpchighland.org
The office is open from 8 to 1, Monday through Friday. Please send all
mail to the P.O. Box.
                       *   *    *   *    *   *   *    *   *   *    *

The Session met on Monday, 10/22/07 and conducted the following business:
Shared what we like that we see going on around the church: 15 people in the choir,
progress on the office remodeling, increasing attendance in the adult classes on Sunday
mornings, people out reading the new bricks on 10/21, and lifted up Bailey LaFlech, Krissy
LaFlech, Lee Mann and Charlotte’s mom Hazel as particular prayer concerns before reading
scripture and opening the meeting with prayer.
Trustees’ President Ron Toren gave the following updates:
   1. Front sanctuary doors – new ones removed and old ones re-installed on 10/13. The
      new ones will have three coats of finish hand applied and will be reinstalled by
   2. Elevator has been serviced and is in good working order. Trustees recommend
      entering into a biannual maintenance contract for it.
   3. Office project: painting is going very well thanks to Clare Stinar, John and Judy
      Toren, Rev. Laura and Jill Elman; a/c unit is on roof and installation continues;
      electrical is done; security will be installed at Door D; new doors at D and C and the
      IT work will happen next week. The vinyl is installed and the carpeting will go in on
   4. An independent roof condition report will be solicited.
   5. The three lights to be relocated from the Annex are still out for bid; new owner is
      flexible on removal. Budget and Finance has approved moving forward when the
      bidding is complete.
   6. New exit lights that include emergency lighting are being ordered and will be
      installed soon.
   7. The new double sided lighted sign will be in by the end of October, depending on
      weather, and the parking lot sign will also be updated.

   The Session expressed thanks to Ron and the Trustees for all the hard work they are
   doing on the building and for their great dedication.

   The Session welcomed Personnel Chair Jean Smith, received the minutes of the
   Personnel Committee of 9/27 and 10/4 and voted unanimously to hire Kristen Wilson as
   the Administrative Assistant, effective 10/29/07. Her hours will be 8 to 1 daily.

   By consent, the Session received the 9/24 Session minutes, the minutes of October
   for Deacons, Trustees, B & F, Christian Nurture, W & M, the September and October
   Mission minutes, the update for the Youth Concert on 11/3, and interim financial
   reports for September. Session also approved the Statistical Report of the Clerk,
   called a Congregational Meeting for Sunday, 11/25 immediately after the Heritage
   service for the purpose of conducting elections and moved the December Session
   meeting from 12/24 to 12/17.

There being no further business, the Session adjourned with prayer at 8:30.

       YOUTH GROUP NEWS                          Pinsky’s Bible study includes a suggested
          Reported by Dave Gibbs                 episode with accompanying Bible verses and
                                                 questions for discussion. So far, the kids
HELP NEEDED!                                     are enjoying it.
        HELP NEEDED!
               HELP NEEDED!
HUNDGRY YOUTH NEED FOOD – and lots               Sometimes you just have to go bowling! We
of it!! The youth need some help with meals      went to PLAZA lanes and they were very
for their Sunday night meetings. We              kind to us and gave us a good price. We
normally meet at 5 PM and eat at that time.      didn’t even get kicked out when 5 girls
If you could drop off a simple meal for 7 to     hurled their bowling balls down one lane all
10 kids some Sunday, please let me know and      at the same time! It was fun and there
I will put you on the currently empty            were 2 extra friends along.
schedule. The parents are doing most of the
meals, but we need some more help. IDEAS:        ICE CREAM OUTREACH
Hotdogs, chips and drinks; drop off Pizza;
Sloppy Joes; Casserole; Lunchmeat sandwich       Our second annual trek around the parish
fixings. Thank you for your support,             with ice cream for the shut in and elderly
David Gibbs                                      was terrific fun. Reaching out to those who
                                                 can’t make it to church or are recovering
BIBLE STUDY                                      from illness is part of every Disciple’s job
                                                 description. It is not enough to talk about
During the past several weeks, we have had       what Christian Disciples do. We must be
two Bible studies based on the popular           enacting the Gospel of love if we are to be
animated T.V. show, “The Simpsons.”              followers of Christ.
Although this seems to be far fetched and a
bit controversial, the truth is that it is       HIDE-N-SEEK
helping kids connect the Bible with real life.
                                                 A couple of weeks ago, we just ate and
Did you know that “The Simpsons” show has
                                                 played Cops & Robbers, the kids’ form of
more references to faith and religion than
                                                 hide and seek. It was so good to see the
any other non-religious show on T.V.? It’s
                                                 kids having fun in their church and burning
true! Mark Pinsky wrote a book called “The
                                                 off some of that youthful energy. We are
Gospel According The Simpsons” and points
                                                 fairly well settled into our new youth rooms
out the many connections to faith and life
                                                 in the old sanctuary. The ping pong table is
issues. I am not saying that “The Simpsons”
                                                 set up and we have chairs for everyone.
is a religious show. If anything, it is
sacrilegious. But it grabs youths’ attention
and the story lines deal with real issues.
 YOUTH SCHEDULE FALL 2007                                  SCHOLARSHIPS
  *Note – Several Changes to Schedule*      Presbyterians believe in education, which we
November     3   Youth Concert 2-9 PM       see in the level of training required for
             10  Church                     clergy and in the number of colleges and
                 Sleepover/Christmas        universities founded in America by
                 Wreath Sales Sheet &       Presbyterians as they moved West.
                 Money due!!
           18    Youth Lead GOD TIME        We have a proud heritage as people who
                 worship                    have always believed in education for all:
           25    Hanging of the Greens-     men, women and minorities.
                 4:00 PM
December   2     ChinaTown                  If you are planning to go to college next
                 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM         year, there is scholarship money available
           9     CHRISTMAS PARTY            through our denomination for youth from
           16    Christmas Caroling         PC(USA) churches attending these schools.
         23 & 30 NO MEETING (It’s           The scholarships are renewable for four
                 Christmas!!)               years through the maintaining of a certain
                                            grade point average.

                  AKALOO                    As your pastor, I encourage you to go to
       FUN, FELLOWSHIP, BIBLE               www.pcusa.org and check under “Financial
           AND ACTIVITIES                   Aid for Studies” for further details. You
       for birth through 5th Grade          need to submit your transcript and a
                and adults                  reference letter from me by the end of the
    Every Sunday evening at 5:00 PM         year and I encourage you to not miss the
   Nursery and Child care are provided.     opportunity to apply for this scholarship if
                                            you are eligible.

                                            Rev. Laura

                                                     WORSHIP & MUSIC

                                            “HANGING OF THE GREENS”
                                            This year we will decorate the church on
The Brown Bag Bible Study began on          Sunday, November 25th starting at 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday, October 3rd at 11:30 AM, and     We’ll join in a Soup Supper at 5:30, and then
will continue on the first and third        enjoy singing and participating in a
Wednesdays until May 2008. The group will   traditional “Hanging of the Greens” service
meet in the upstairs Meeting Room. It is    during the GodTime service time at 6:15.
not too late to start on November 7th.      Please plan on joining us for as much of the
                                            afternoon and evening as possible. You
                                            remember what fun we have decorating,
                                            and this year should be no different!
“BLUE CHRISTMAS”                               POINSETTIAS
                                               It’s time to order Christmas Poinsettias.
Holidays are hard for people experiencing      Lansing Florist is offering six inch one stalk
grief. Our culture tells us to spend money     blooms for $12.50. This is a good way to
and be happy at Christmastime, but             honor or remember loved ones. Your order
sometimes our hearts just aren’t in it.        and money are due in the church office by
Maybe we have lost a spouse, a child, a        12/9/07.
parent. Maybe a relationship has come to
an end in divorce or break up. Maybe we’re     ***************************************
out of work. For folks who need to               POINTSETTIA ORDER FORM
acknowledge their grief and sadness in the
middle of the holiday frenzy, the GodTime
worship team will be holding a “Blue           Name: ___________________________
Christmas” service for those of us that are
not in the merriest of moods this year.        _________________________________
This service will be held on the second
Sunday of Advent, December 9th, at 6:15        Address: _________________________
p.m. Please invite your neighbors, relatives
and friends to join you in this worship time   _________________________________
that honors our grief in the midst of joyful
preparation for Jesus’ birth.                  Phone #: ________________________

                                                             Number        Price     Total

                                               Red           _______ $12.50 _______
Will be on Sunday, December 16th, starting
                                               White         _______ $12.50 _______
at 4:30. We will gather at the church, split
up into teams and go out caroling, returning
                                               In Honor of: ______________________
here for hot chocolate and hot cider, soup
and more singing and a casual worship around
the tables.

                                               In Memory of: ____________________
Choir members will be able to travel on to
their traditional gathering after the
caroling is complete.
                                               Deadline: 12/9/07
                                               P.O. Box 9219
                                               Highland, Indiana 46322

This year our local postal workers DID NOT
have their usual Food Drive. This has left
the Greater Hammond Food Bank very low on
essential items. The Executive Director has
supplied us with a list of items by month
that would be helpful to them.

If you would please help by bringing every
Sunday one or more of the items listed for
that month, we can help make a difference.
Containers will be available in the Narthex
each Sunday for you to deposit your items.
Thank you in advance for your selfless giving
to those less fortunate.
                                                      OUR ANNUAL MISSION TRIP
November 2007
                                                All orders must be received by Sunday,
Breakfast cereal and/or oatmeal
                                                November 11th so our order can be placed in
December 2007
                                                a timely manner to ensure our selected
Canned soup (all varieties)
                                                delivery dates of November 26th, 27th or
January 2008
Spaghetti noodles and spaghetti sauce
February 2008
                                                I will let you know when and where to pick
Canned vegetables (all varieties)
                                                up your selections. If you have a problem
March 2008
                                                picking up your order, please let me know
Canned tuna and/or other canned meats
                                                and I will make arrangements for it to be
April 2008
Boxed macaroni & cheese
May 2008
                                                On behalf of the Ministry of Mission, I
Boxed Jello (all varieties)
                                                thank you in advance for your support. If
June 2008
                                                you have any questions, please call me at
Boxed or bagged rice
July 2008
Canned fruit (all varieties)
August 2008
                                                                            Cheryl Steen
Breakfast cereal and/or oatmeal
September 2008
Canned soups (all varieties)
WARMING SHELTER                                 the narthex by November 25th, and thanks
Nights are getting colder, and it is time to    again.
again remember the homeless at the
Warming Shelter. On November 11th, we will      SALVATION ARMY
start our winter clothing drive for those
less fortunate. Please stop for a moment in     Don’t forget ringing for the Salvation Army
the Fellowship Hall that morning and choose     begins November 9th thru December 24th.
a tab or two from the board. Your recipient     We will be ringing Monday thru Friday from
will be grateful, and you might win a prize.    10:00 AM until 6:00 PM at Strack & VanTil
Please leave your gifts at the blue barrel in   at 45th and Cline Avenue.



         Reported by Judy Toren                 LET’S GO TO THE THEATRE
Many thanks go out the Photo Directory          Tickets have been reserved for the 2007
Committee: Carol Callaway, Debbie Catania,      session at The Theatre at the Center in
Arlene Diekman, Bonnie Fitting, Lois Fozkos,    Munster. Tickets are $25.00 each, and all
Jan Oprea, Bette Smith and Marie Smith.         shows are on Sunday at 2:30 PM. The
They were responsible for posters,              upcoming date and show is:
scheduling, appointments, reminder cards,           December 2 – Scrooge – The Musical
registration on photo days and much             If you wish to reserve tickets for any of
paperwork. With their willing help, the         the shows, please contact Kelly LaFlech
process went smoothly. Thanks also to all       at 924-6983. Payment must be received
those people who participated in the photo      within one week of request.
sessions. “Stay tuned” for the arrival of the
                                                3-D MOVIE NIGHT
70th Anniversary Directories and the 8 x 10
                                                Come join us for DINNER, DESSERT and a
                                                DVD on Friday, November 16th at 6:30 PM.
November Deacon Assignments                     Dinner will be held prior to the showing of a
Chancel Flowers: Charlotte Abernethy            popular movie. Be sure to sign up in the
Devotions: Arlene Diekman                       Fellowship Hall. It will be a fun night of
Hospitality Host: Marie Smith                   great food and fellowship!
Rides to Heritage Service: Debbie Catania
FROM OUR HOUSE TO YOURS                        Thank you so much,
                                               Chuck & Martha Fish
We would like to see the paving bricks                          ************
from the old garden path be recycled           Dear People,
to your homes and gardens. These old           We cannot even begin to express our
pavers are currently stacked under the         gratitude for the outpouring of love you
church office window by Door D. They make      have shown to our family during this hard
great edging for gardens and trees or can      time in our lives. Scott loved you all and so
be used for paths at your house.               do I and the kids.

Please feel free to haul away the ones         Love,
you need, being on your honor to make a        Sharon Gyure
donation for each to FPCH.
Old Filing Cabinets                            Dear People of God,
We have five 4) drawer and one 2) drawer       You’ve been so very nice to me- I wish I
filing cabinets looking for new homes. Okay    knew some way to let you know the gratitude
to medium scruffy in appearance. All are       I feel but just can’t say. I’ll physically miss
functional. One has a lock. $20.00 for 4       you all as I return to Cameroon soon. By the
drawers, $10.00 for 2 drawers (this one is     grace of God, I’ll be with you in spirit and in
legal size).                                   prayers. May God richly bless us as we
                                               continue to serve and glorify His Holy name.
People are using them in their garages and     Yours in Christ,
basements for all kinds of storage.            HRH Chief Mbonifor Isaiah

Those in need of assistance to transport to                    ************
their home can make such arrangements          Dear Friends,
through the church office.                     I would like to take this opportunity to
(838-6850, 8 to 1)                             thank you for all your cards, notes, and
                                               phone calls. Your words of kindness are
                                               truly appreciated. I was completely
                                               overwhelmed when I received your generous
Come join us for this years Consecration
                                               check. The tears flowed, and I was
Meal in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday,
                                               rendered totally speechless. Thank you
November 18th at 11:30 AM. Pre-
                                               from the bottom of my heart. It was a
registration is encouraged. 838-6850
                                               blessing and privilege to serve this
Arletta & Friends
                                               congregation for so many years. Thank you
                                               for the memories.
                                               Debbie Marinaro


Dear People,
Chuck and I wish to thank all of you for the
beautiful cake fellowship on our 74th
NOVEMBER PRAYER LIST                             Julie Johnson, granddaughter of Davisons
The Prayer Circle meets every Monday at          Sharon Johnson, daughter of Davisons
8:30 a.m. in the Study of the main church        Marian Kukral
building. We pray for the people on this list,   Kyle, Ruth Sfura's great grandson
for current concerns and for the continued       Bill and Sharon LaFlech
leading and renewal of our congregation by       Bailey LaFlech
the Holy Spirit. Please join us whenever         Krissy LaFlech
possible, and include the persons listed here    Lisa, Barbara Dalton’s daughter
in your daily devotional time. Thank you.        David Madura
                                                 Lee Mann
Allene, aunt of Treva Sheets                     Norah McFarland
Louise Allison                                   Marilyn Metzger
Linda Armstrong, Arletta’s daughter              Alfred and Nancy Mills
Larry and Marge Ashton                           Mike Nestor
Don and Phyllis Auld                             Tony Nevers’ dad
Susanne Baker,                                   Dorothy Nolen
   daughter of Mike Peterson                     Lois Norris
Chuck and Florence Baudouine,                    Ray Norris, friend of Lois Norris
   parents of Carol Callaway                     Don Novak, Dick Holck’s brother in law
Eddie and Norma Bauer                            Jena Novak, friend of Buonos
John Beams, cousin of Louise Allison             Nyeita, Bette Smith’s sister
Blanche and Burl Biggs                           Mary Oprea
Bob, friend of Steve and Nancy Janett            Tracy Oprea and Brandon
Bob, Bonnie Byham’s dad                          Suzanne Owen
Millie Brant                                     Rick and Sandy Parker
Ted and Clara Brendel                            Robin Parks
Millie Brown, aunt of Charlotte Abernethy        Beverly Perotti, friend of Jan Oprea
Laura Burgess, friend of Trona Wilson            Carol and Mike Peterson
Jennifer Callahan, friend of Sandy Buono         Marilou Phillips, friend of Buonos
Vicky Callaway                                   Gloria Ptacek
Charlene, Marilyn Metzger’s sister               Inez Putnam, Judy Toren’s mom
Chuck, brother of Pat Bannon                     Gladys Ratke
Bob Churitch                                     Gaye Reinhardt, daughter of Georgia
Peter and Helen Churitch                         Fitzwater
Ede and Jim Corten                               Al and Betty Ries
Don and Mary Davison                             Rita, friend of Marilyn Metzger
Don, brother in law of Mary Jo McGee             Andy, Cindy, Danielle and Jean Rudnickas
Donna and Phil                                   Phyllis Sancya, sister of Dr. Steen
Brad Farnsley, friend of the Kings               Bernie Schuster
Georgia Fitzwater                                Holly Severson
Anthony and Lula Frey                            Dennis & Treva Sheets
Margaret Goral                                   Daisy Shires, mother of Sandy Nicholls
Robert and Marian Gregory                        David Sikes, friend of the Nicholls
Joanne Hankel                                    Molly Sleeman, Cal’s granddaughter
Irene, Sandy Parker’s sister                     Jeff Small, friend of Lee and Linda Mann
Marge Jent, Carol Peterson’s mom                 Marie Smith, Bette’s mother-in-law
Faith Reynolds Johnson                           Sam and Marie Smith
Jo Stanek, Sonny Buono’s Aunt                   Peter and Helen Churitch and Pete, Gale,
Steve, brother-in-law of Peggy Fozkos           Shannon, Ashley & Braden Churitch on the
Mike Street, friend of Debbie King              death of their cousin, Sebastian Ozment,
Virginia Stringham, Peggy Fozkos’ mom           9/30/2007.
Bonnie Sutton, mother of Bonnie Nolen
Elsie Szekely, sister of Olive Lembker          Our prayers of Christian sympathy for Eric
Woody Tharp                                     Larsen on the death of his father,
Jo Tolley                                       9/28/2007.
Tom and Betty, friends of Jill Elman
Velinda, Treva’s cousin                         Our prayers of Christian sympathy for Ruth
Vicki, Treva’s cousin                           Sfura on the death of her niece Carol,
Sr. Helen Watkins, friend of Cheryl Steen       10/21/2007.
Lynn and Veda Young
Richard Zyp                                     Our prayers of Christian sympathy for Ruth
                                                Dekker on the death of her son, Tim
For our Worship, Mission, Christian Nurture     Lanterman, 10/26/2007.
and Fellowship
For the Session, Deacons, Trustees              Our prayers of Christian sympathy for
For those in the military                       Bonnie Byham on the death of her Uncle Bob
For the prayer shawl ministry                   10/31/2007.

Due to federal regulations about privacy, we
are no longer called by hospitals about                          MISC…
patient admissions. If you or your loved one    Please see the bulletin board in the CE wing
would like a visit while hospitalized, please   for a variety of Community Events.
call the church office or Rev. Laura on her
cell phone at 815-822-0557 (also in the         Take a look at the bulletin board in the
church directory). Thank you!                   Narthex for Bulletins from the Abernethy’s
                                                and Alice Massa
Our prayers of Christian sympathy for
      Ruth Dekker
      Clare Stinar
      Jesse & Hilary Kikkert
      Rob & Peggy Fozkos
      Paul & Sandy Nicholls
      Oscar Nedberg
      Lois Norris
      Pam Porter
      Cal Sleeman

Deacon Debbie Catania (322-1910)

NOVEMBER 11 – Nancy Janett
NOVEMBER 18 – Comfort Bonu
NOVEMBER 25 – Carol Callaway

NOVEMBER 11 – Lois Fozkos
NOVEMBER 18 – Consecration Sunday
NOVEMBER 25 – Bonnie Fitting

NOVEMBER 11 – Winnie Owen
NOVEMBER 18 – Calvin Scott
NOVEMBER 25 – Lock up needed

Deacon Marie Smith

Deacon Charlotte Abernethy

NOVEMBER 11 – Kamri Nixon
NOVMEBER 18 – Bailey Parker
NOVEMBER 25 – Kamri Nixon


NOVEMBER 11 – Don and Ina Chappell/Open
NOVEMBER 18 – Ruth Sfura/Open
NOVEMBER 25 – Open

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