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									2012 Apartment Check-in Guide

Welcome! Living at UB Fall 2012


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Welcome to Apartment Living at the University at Buffalo.
With over 2,000 other students living in apartments, you will be glad to call UB your home and community. Please read
this guide to help you check in and get settled. Read the specifics of your complex on pages 5-9.

Getting Ready for Check-in

Before Move-in
    Make your travel plans and hotel reservation for move in.
    Contact your roommates and decide on what each of you are bringing. You will probably only need one
       coffeemaker, shower curtain, TV in living room, etc. Refer to the What to Bring List in this brochure.
    Verify that your personal belongings are insured through your parents’ renter/homeowner’s insurance policy or
       purchase additional coverage for your belongings.
    When packing, remember that most items are available at stores nearby.
    There are items that are prohibited in the apartments such as extension cords, candles, and halogen lamps.
       These will be confiscated if found. Review the list before you pack!

Move-In Day
     Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Plan for the weather.
     Know where you’re going and print your campus map before arrival. Campus maps are available at
     Remember to bring your UB card. If you have not been issued a UB card, a government issued photo ID will be
     Once you arrive at UB, proceed to your Community Building to check in. Bring your UB ID!
     There are no elevators in the buildings, so be prepared to carry your belongings up a flight or two of stairs if your
        apartment is not located on the first floor.

Getting Started
    Discuss with your roommate(s) the kitchen space, bathrooms, and common areas.
    Start unpacking.
    Complete the Apartment Condition Report (ACR) - you will receive this at check-in. This is a form used to note
        the condition of your apartment. It will be used at the end of the year to determine damage charges. It is
        important to inspect your apartment and note its condition.
    Break down your moving boxes and place them in the recycling bins conveniently located around the complex.
    Never leave your belongings unattended and lock your apartment door when you leave.
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Fast Facts/General Information
Your Apartment

        Storage is limited. Two things to remember are: 1) You won’t be living alone, and 2) Storage is nonexistent. In
         other words, don’t bring too much. Talk to your roommates about what they are bringing.
         If you want landline phone service, you must sign up for it. There is an additional charge. There will be more
          information at check-in. Most students use cell phones instead of landlines.
         Review our floor plans at http://housing.buffalo.edu/apartments


         Village parking is reserved for residents of that complex. All residents must have their University Parking Permit
          validated at the village office to park within the complex. When you receive your Parking Permit verify that it is a
          RESIDENT permit as indicated by the letters RES above the permit number.
         Once you have received your University Parking Permit, bring it into the community office in your apartment
          complex to receive a University Apartments sticker. If you do not have a University Parking Permit you will need
          to visit the Campus Parking and Transportation office located at 102 Spaulding. You can also go online at:
          www.ub-parking.buffalo.edu/permits.php .
         If you have a guest visiting you, please have them visit the Parking and Transportation office at 102 Spaulding to
          receive a guest parking tag. Cars without proper authorization will be ticketed and/or towed.

Mail and Packages

If you wish to ship your belongings before you arrive on campus, you may do so one week prior to your lease start. Your
packages will be available for pick-up once you check-in. Packages may be picked up in the Community Building. Please
address your package and mail as follows:
        Your name
        University at Buffalo
        Apt/#/Letter, Room Letter, Name of Village
        Buffalo, NY XXXXX-XXXX (zip code -- see below)

          Creekside:      14261-0040
          Flint:          14261-0090
          Flickinger:     14228-3365
          Hadley:         14261-0030
          South Lake:     14261-0060

Prepare your computer

Your computer must be registered here before you are granted access to UB’s network and the Internet. You will see
the UB NetPass website when you first connect your computer to the wired connection in your room. This process only
takes a few minutes and once you pass, you will have Internet access for the entire semester or longer.

UB provides wireless access in Hadley, South Lake, Flint and Creekside Villages. If a UB wireless network is within range,
UBSecure will be displayed on the network list on your computer. UB NetPass registration is not required for connection
to the UBSecure network.

Resource Links for Your Computer:

         UBIT Help Desk: cit-helpdesk@buffalo.edu or http://helpdesk.buffalo.edu
         Setting up your wireless: http://ubit.buffalo.edu/ubwireless
         Free Anti-Virus Software: http://ubit.buffalo.edu/software

Campus Cable

         Available in all residence halls and apartments
         Included in your housing cost
       Includes University Movie Channels

Property Protection

We strongly recommend that every student obtain a renter insurance policy or confirm they are covered under their
guardian’s homeowner’s policy. The university is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property.

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Fast Facts/General Information

Roommate Tips
    Get to know each other. Sit down and talk about yourselves.
    Set up a cleaning schedule. One person a week for the kitchen and/or bathroom.
    Respect each other’s space. Don’t leave your belongings where they would be in the way.
    Ask before you use something that’s not yours. Be conscious of how you’d want your own stuff treated.
    If need be, make a roommate contract.
    Be receptive to different ways of life and different values.
    Roommates do not have to be best friends (though some grow to be).
    Be willing to compromise.
    Share common interests, build on them, and develop others.
    Have other friends.

University Apartments Are Smoke Free

In accordance with the University at Buffalo’s “UBreathe Free” policy, all University Apartments are smoke free. For
more information on UBreathe Free visit: http://hr.buffalo.edu/ubreathefree.

If you are interested in smoking cessation programs please inform your complex director so that they can direct you
toward campus sponsored programs. Think of the benefits of being in a “smoke free” environment: a healthy lifestyle,
cost savings, less damage to your apartments from smoke (which causes excess damage charges) and more!

International Students

The University does not arrange for transportation to campus. We recommend that you check the website of the Office
of International Student and Scholar Services (www.buffalo.edu/intlservices/clubs). There you will find contact
information for International Student Club officers who may be able to arrange an airport pick-up for you. Please note
that all clubs do not provide this service.

Getting to Campus from the Airport

There are many taxicabs available at the airport (outside the baggage pick-up area). The drive from the airport to the
University is about 20-30 minutes. It will cost approximately $30-$35 to get to campus from the airport via taxi (mention
you are a UB student and Action Taxi will give you a 20% discount). Suggested taxi services are:

        Airport Taxi: (716) 633- 8294
        Amherst Taxi: (716) 875-1900
        Action Taxi: (716) 836-0223
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What to Bring List 2012 – 2013
What’s included in your apartment:
   Kitchen with full oven/stove, refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher, garbage disposal and microwave
   Furnishings:
            • Bedrooms except Flickinger: Full bed, dresser, nightstand, built-in closet, desk and chair, mirror.
            • Living/Dining area with living room sofa and chair(s), coffee and end table, dining table with 4 chairs,
               entertainment stand
            • Flickinger Court is unfurnished. Some units have bedroom furnishings for an additional cost—see your
               lease for details.
   Central air conditioning, blinds for all the windows, carpeting in living rooms and bedrooms
   Laundry Facilities
            • Hadley, South Lake, & Flint Villages: Washers and dryers in nearby common areas.
            • Creekside Village & Flickinger Court: Washer and dryer in the unit.
   Cable hookups in all bedrooms/living room and a computer Ethernet port in each bedroom
   Wireless computer access in every apartment complex.

Keep in mind that university-owned furniture may not be removed from your apartment.

Check to see if you are covered on your parent’s homeowners or renter’s insurance—if not, get renters insurance!

    Broom and dustpan
    Mop and bucket
    Vacuum
    Cleaning supplies
    Wastebasket and bags
    Oven cleaner
    Rags, sponges, and paper towels
    Duster or swiffer cloths

    Dishes, Silverware and cooking utensils
    Pots/Pans for cooking or baking
    Microwaveable containers
    Can opener
    Measuring cups and spoons (optional)
    Dishwasher detergent or tabs
    Dishwashing liquid and sponge
    Small appliances such as coffee maker and hand-mixer
    Food
    Napkins, paper or cloth
    Dishtowels or paper towels

    Rugs
    Soap dispenser or dish
    Towels, hand and bath towels, washcloths
    Shower curtain and rings
      Toilet paper, tissues, hand soap
      Plunger
      Toilet bowl cleaner

    Lamp (not optional, no overhead lighting in Hadley, Flint, and South Lake Villages)
    Desk Lamp
    Alarm clock
    Pillows (1-2)
    Blanket and comforter for full bed
    Sheets and mattress pad for full bed (53" x 75")

    Detergent, fabric softener, stain remover
    Laundry basket, hamper or bag

    ID, check book, ATM card, passport
    Medication, first aid kit
    Your warm weather to fall clothes
    Rain gear like a jacket and/or umbrella
    Swim suit, workout gear (optional)
    Toiletries
    Robe
    Headphones/IPOD/MP3 player
    Digital camera

    Book bag/messenger bag
    Computer/laptop, USB drive
    Ethernet Cord
    Computer supplies (printer, ink)
    Binders, folders, paper, writing utensils, planner

   Surge protector/power strip (NYS regulation does not allow use of electrical cords or 3 prong extension cords,
      ONLY surge protected strips)
   Sewing kit/safety pins
   Mini tool set
   Flashlight and batteries

(No need for multiples of these)
     Living room TV with coaxial cable
     Stereo
     DVD/Blu-Ray Player
     Common area décor
     Door mat or shoe mat
     Throw pillows
     Putty or mounting tapes
     Plants
STUFF TO LEAVE (Prohibited)
    Halogen lamps
    Electrical extension cords
    Pets other than fish (10 gallon tank or less)
    Candles and incense
    Permanent adhesives and nails
    Space heaters with radiating heat coils (ceramic only)
    Personal grills and propane tanks— specific outside grills are allowed in Creekside and Flickinger, see your
       handbook for details
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Creekside Village
Creekside offers accessible ranch-style units. Reserved for graduate and professional students, these townhouse and
ranch-style apartments are located off Skinnersville Road on the northern edge of the North Campus.

       Buildings 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 are located near the community building.
       Buildings 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 & 25 are located just north over the bridge.
       Ranch units are located at 3A, 3H, 11A, 11H, 13A, 13H, 15A, 15H, 17A, 17H, 19A, 19H, 21A & 21H.

Parking should be available to unload and move-in near your apartment entrance door.

Check-in Location:
Community Building Office
12 Creekside Village

Google Maps: Creekside Village,
Amherst, NY 14228

GPS: Intersection of Skinnersville Rd. and
Frontier Rd. (Community building nearby, off of Skinnersville Rd.)

Check-In Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am – 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm – 5 pm

Creekside Village Office Information:
12 Creekside Village
Buffalo, NY 14261
Phone Number: 716-645-5870
Fax Number: 716-645-5871

Complex Director:
Mike Yates

Assistant Complex Director:
Brittany Sager

Office Manager:
Dawn Raffel

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Flickinger Court
The complex is comprised of over one hundred townhouses and is nestled on 11.5 acres of beautiful lawns and
landscaping. Flickinger Court is located off of Chestnut Ridge Road. Parking should be available to unload and move-in
near your apartment entrance door.

        Houses graduate students, faculty and staff and their families in 13 clusters.
        Apartments are rented with bedroom furniture only or unfurnished as per applicant’s preference or availability.
        Ranch units (single story) are located at 3A, 3H, 12A, 12H, 20G, 22A, 22H, 24A and 24H.

Check-in Location:
Community Building Office
19 Flickinger Court

Google Maps: Flickinger Court, Buffalo, NY 14228

GPS: Intersection of Chestnut Ridge Rd. and Sweet Home Rd. (entrance is nearby, off of Chestnut Ridge)

Check-In Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am – 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm – 5 pm

Flickinger Court Office Information:
19 Flickinger Court
Amherst, NY 14228-3366
Phone Number: 716-645-7906
Fax Number: 716-645-7349

Complex Director:
Mike Yates

Assistant Complex Director:
Brittany Sager

Office Manager:
Kerri Bigler


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Flint Village
Located at UB’s main entrance, Flint Village is a short walk to academic buildings on UB’s North Campus. The complex
features comfortable and convenient living including its Arts & Crafts-style community center, and is arranged on a
beautifully landscaped 16-acre site. (floor set up: hallways)
     301, 302 & 307 are three-story buildings with 4-bedroom units and are just behind the community building.
             - Apartments 1-8 are on the 1st floor, 9-16 are on the 2nd floor & 17-24 are on the 3rd floor.
     303, 305 & 306 are 2 and 3 story buildings with 2-bedrooms, 1-2 bath apartments and circles the loop just
        beyond the community building.
             -    303 is three-story building with 2-bedroom units, apartments 1-12 are on the 1st floor. Apartments 13-
                  24 are on the 2nd floor and 25-36 the 3rd floor.
        305, 306 and 308 (Law Area) are two-story buildings, two-bedroom layouts.
              - Apartments 1-12 are on the 1st floor and 13 -24 on the 2nd floor.
        304 and 309 (Law Area) buildings have 1-bedroom apartments.
              - Apartments 1-16 are on the 1st floor and 17-32 are on the 2nd floor.
        The buildings are hotel style with long corridors and apartment entrances located off the corridor. There is one
         main entrance in the center of each building and two located at each end. Depending on where your apartment
         is located within the building may determine what entrance is best to use while moving.

Check-in Location:
Community Building Office
300 Flint Village

Google Maps: Augspurger Rd and Flint Rd, Amherst, NY 14228

GPS: Intersection of Augspurger Rd and Flint Rd, Amherst, NY 14228

Check-In Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am – 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm – 8 pm

Flint Village Office Information:
300 Flint Village
Buffalo, NY 14261
Phone Number: 716-645-5830
Fax Number: 716-645-5828
Community Assistant On-Duty: 716-541-4244

Complex Director: David Dahlberg

Assistant Complex Director: Thomas Gelok

Office Manager: Lynn-Marie Marx


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Hadley Village
Located on the west side of UB’s North Campus, along Audubon Parkway, Hadley Village is convenient to the academic
spine. This undergraduate apartment-style residence complex located at the corner of Rensch and Hadley Roads
consists of 13 three-story buildings, each containing 12 apartments and a community center arranged on a 10.9 acre

        Each building has four entrances. Each entrances leads to 3 apartments (one on each floor).
        Apartments A, D, G & J are located on the first level of each section.
        Apartments B, E, H & K make up the second levels.
        Apartments C, F, I & L are located on the third level.
                *Students will only have access to the entrance where their apartment is located. Each section has
                laundry rooms on the first floor for students’ use.
Check-in Location:
Community Building Office
90 Hadley Road

Google Maps: Hadley Village Apartments, Buffalo, NY 14228

GPS: Intersection of Hadley Rd. and Rensch Rd., Amherst, NY 14228

Check-In Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am – 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm – 8 pm

Hadley Village Office Information:
90 Hadley Road
Buffalo, NY 14261-0030
Phone Number: 716-645-7725
Fax Number: 716-645-7378
Community Assistant On-Duty: 716-541-4245

Complex Director: Karla Shurtleff

Assistant Complex Director: Lynlee Barbour


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South Lake Village.edu/southlake.php
On the shore of Lake LaSalle, South Lake Village is a convenient walk to UB athletic and arts events and the academic
spine. The complex, including its large community center, is arranged on a scenic 13-acre lakeside site. Two unique
building styles make up this beautiful campus living community:

        Lakeside Cottages are two-story buildings with studio, one and two bedroom apartments. Lakeside Cottages
         have two front and back entrances. Buildings 209 and 213 are found near the Community Building along Lake
         LaSalle West. Buildings 208, 210, 212, 214, 216, 218 & 220 line Lake LaSalle East.
             - Apartments A, B, C, D, I, J, K & L are on the first floor, while apartments E, F, G, H, M, N, O & P are on the
                 second. Laundry is conveniently located on the first floor.
        The Greens are the brick 3-story buildings with four-bedroom apartments numbered 201, 202, 203, 204, 205,
         206 & 207.
             - Apartments A, D, E & J are located on the 1st floor. Apartments B, F, G & K are on the 2nd and C, H, I & L
                 make up the 3rd floor. Laundry is located on the 1st floor of each of the 3 entrances, and on the 3rd
                 floor of Section D-I.

Check-in Location:
Community Building Office
211 South Lake Village

Google Maps: South Lake Village, Amherst, NY 14228
GPS: Intersection of St. Rita’s Lane and Webster Rd., Amherst, NY 14228 (nearby is the Community building off of St.
Rita’s Lane)

Check-In Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:30 am – 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm – 8 pm

South Lake Village Office Information:
211 South Lake Village
Buffalo, NY 14261-0060
Phone Number: 716-645-5810
Fax Number: 716-645-5811
Community Assistant On-Duty: 716-541-4246

Complex Director: Jessica Carson

Assistant Complex Director: Joel Waite

Office Manager: Michelle Johnson


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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find out information about my roommate?
You can call your respective village office, anytime between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, to find out who
your roommate is!

What happens if I get locked out?
As a courtesy, Apartment staff can open your apartment if you get locked out. We will provide 2 courtesy lock-outs, but
will charge $10.00 per lock-out starting with your third time. If you get locked out of your apartment, and the office is
closed, you can contact the Community Assistant. This number is posted in the Community Building. Once you speak to
the staff member, please wait by the community building for them to arrive and unlock your apartment door. You must
have proper identification and be the legal resident of the apartment or you will not be granted access.

When is the mail delivered?
Mail is sorted and delivered by 6 pm. Package delivery varies based on vendor. US Postal Mail is only delivered to
mailboxes Monday through Saturday.

How do I dispose of my trash and where?
All trash should be placed in bags and sealed well, then placed in the dumpsters or recycling bins (if recyclable). DO NOT
leave trash in stairwells, outside your door, or parking lots.

Arriving outside of check-in hours. What should I do?
Should you arrive outside of the check-in times listed at your respective complex, you should report to your check-in site
and contact the Community Assistant on Duty (phone number is posted) or University Police at 716-645-2227.
University Police will contact a staff member to meet you at the site and check you in!
What if I need to cancel on-campus housing?
You can find the forms for cancellations here: http://housing.buffalo.edu/forms.php. Requests received after July 1
will incur a $450 cancellation charge and may be responsible for additional housing charges until the space has been

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Important Dates
       Late July                               Roommate/check-in letters mailed
       August 21, 2012                         Tuition Payment Due – First Fall Bill
       August 27, 2012                         First day of Fall Classes
       October 19-21, 2012                     Family weekend (http://www.parent.buffalo.edu/events)
       November 21, 2012                       Fall Recess
       December 17, 2012                       Final Exams End
       January 14, 2013                        First day of Spring classes
       January 2013                            Apartment renewal process
       March 11-16, 2013                       Spring Recess
       May 9, 2013                             Final exams end

Resource Links

To submit work orders (must use Internet Explorer):

For cancellation forms, student handbooks, and apartment applications:

For important dates for the upcoming 2012-2013 academic year:

Campus Shuttle Services:

Set-up your Business Center account:

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Campus Living
University at Buffalo
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Buffalo, NY 14261-0054
866-285-8806 (toll-free)
Fax: 716-645-3968

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