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					                               SHIFT RUNNING – EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT : GUIDELINES.

Manager/Trainee :__________________________ Date: __________ Observer:______________ Time________

Floor Control: is the “Effective Co-ordination” of People, Quality, Service & Cleanliness in order to run a smooth &
                        “Profitable” Nando’s Restaurant providing 100% Total Customer Satisfaction.

Shift Preparation & Goals:                                                                                                   Possible:   Actual:
1.     Manager on Duty Appearance: ironed uniform, name badge, polished shoes, neat & tidy                                        1
2.     Is on time for shift or at least 15 minutes early.                                                                         1
3.     Reviews staff roster to anticipate budgeted sales volumes. Right Faces in Right places.                                    1
4.     Checks memos, manager diary, e mails, knows new promo’s, new products                                                      2
5.     Do night handover if closing / day handover if leaving day shift, must walk through-out restaurant with the other          2
       manager making notes of items to be actioned on To Do List
6.     Do Pre-trade checklist : checking all areas of the restaurant. Must be done AM & PM. Coolers must be 0-4°C, Flat           2
       top 170-180 ° C, fryers 180°C, Freezers -12°C/<. All Products to stay out of the Danger Zone 5-65°C.
7.     Complete MOP (Moments of Pride) with all staff at least 15 minutes before open to discuss Goals, New Promotions            2
       and Key areas of the business. All staff to sign back of MOP & File. MOP’s must also be done for PM Manager.
8.     Make notes of your Goals for the shift:                                                                                    2
       Quality: eg: all products fresh, FIFO: _______________________________________________________
       Service: eg: SOS goal 6 minutes ____________________________________________________________
       Cleanliness: eg: Follow To Do Lists___________________________________________________________
       Shift Incentive: eg: 50 Desserts in Dining ____________________________________________________
9.     Completes travel path every 30 minutes. Starting at the exterior of the restaurant and ending at the back of the           2
       restaurant. Must be done as the clock reaches the hour and as the clock reaches every ½ an hour. Use of the 5
       senses : eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to feel, nose to smell and mouth to taste – this will assist in gathering
       info of the operations during the shift. During the Travel Path the Manager must be Moving, Talking, Inspecting &
       Training consistently (MTIT)
10. Create a To Do List for the shift : make sure all staff have 1 goal task and 2 cleaning tasks. Regular follow up              2
       must be done to check on those tasks every ½ an hour. Eg: Goal task for Cashier can be to up-sell products with
       extra cheese. Goal task for Waitron can be target 20 desserts in the dining room. Goal task for Back grill / front
       grill can be SOS 6 minutes. Etc.
11. Check stock levels and make sure you have enough stock for your shift. Make a plan if you think you might run out.            1
       Walk in & Stock room must always be locked. Fast moving items must be re-stocked every 2 hours.
12. Assign area managers for Kitchen and Service areas. Eg: if there are 3 managers on duty then the more senior                  2
       manager must run the shift, the next manager must run the service area (dining room and front counter service) and
       the next manager must be a kitchen manager watching production and all kitchen procedures. There shouldn’t be
       area crossing over for managers. Only the Shift manager can move around checking on the area managers goals and
       to do list.
13. Check that the restaurant music is set at the correct volume.                                                                 1
14. Check that the air-conditioner is set at the correct temperature – not too cold or too hot                                    1
15. Check that all lights are in working condition including signage and menu panels                                              1
16. Checks and actions staff appearance : name badges for Front of House and managers only (BOH no name badges)                   2
17. Make sure staff are smiling, happy, positive and have great posture.                                                          2
18. Make sure Production Planning is done for the shift. Know your Budget. Use previous history sales to project for              2
       today. Info can be retrieved from Reports Explorer: Inventory Item Usage Report by Time Period , choose which
       products history you like to track to use for the shift. Hourly sales must be projected and actual sales must be
       checked using Auto-sequence Report time period summary. Plan up / plan down depending on the variance in hourly
       sales. Spatchcock Chicken must be made every hour / every 2 hours depending on volumes. It is recommended
       Salads, Rice, Coleslaw, Wings, Burger Breasts and kids items be made once in the morning as it has a longer shelf
       life, however can be replenished at Night shift / when needed.
19.Opening & Closing of the restaurant: makes sure the manager opens and closes with at least 3 people in total. In the           2
morning one staff waits outside whilst the manager and another staff goes in to check the inside of the restaurant, once
all is fine the other staff members can enter. In the night be vigilant of your surroundings, also close with one staff
member outside checking that nobody is loitering around and then signal to the staff and managers inside that all is well.
This is called Staggered Opening and Closing Method.
20. Invite your local Security Company to use you parking lot as a “Stand Off” point. This will deter any criminals.              1
21. Always make sure that the recording tape / hard drive is running and recording throughout your shift.                         1
22. Stock Room, Walk in, Freezer & back door is always locked.                                                                    1
23. All fire exits are kept clear and unblocked at all times.                                                                     1
24. Random till cash up’s are done to check that staff are not building banks in their tills. Skims done before more than         2
R3000 is reached in the tills.
25. Follow up on vouchers and refunds : make sure slips have customers full details and reasons.                                  1
Health, Hygiene & Safety
26. Although temperature checks were done under shift preparation, constant follow up and physical checks must be done            1
during your travel path to ensure Food Safety Guidelines are being followed.
27. Delivery cold chains must be maintained from Suppliers. Products must be put straight into the correct storage area           1
upon delivery. A break in the cold chain can cause the product to lose shelf life or even get spoilt.
28. Hand washing must be carried out every 30 minutes / when unhygienic tasks have been performed. The shift manager              2
must insist on each staff member to wash their hands on the start of his/ her every travel path every 30 minutes.
29. 3 bucket cleaning system in place for each station. Blue bucket clean water, green bucket degreaser and yellow           1
bucker for sanitizer. Staff must change the water every hour / when the water is dirty.
30. Colour coded system used for all cleaning equipment: yellow for front of house, red for toilets and green for back of    2
house. Cleaning equipment must not be mixed together but separated and clearly colour coded. Colour coded cutting
boards to be used accordingly: green for vegetables, white for breads, red for raw meat and yellow for dairy products.
Cross contamination will occur if the same cutting boards are used for all products.
31. Floors are consistently swept and mopped. Use of the wet floor sign is important to avoid accidents.                     1
32. Use of FIFO –First in First Out Procedures in all areas of the restaurant.                                               1
33. Proper Date Coding guidelines being followed. Rice, coleslaw and cut mixed vegetables all have a shelf life of day of    2
prep plus 2 days. The expiry date must be written on the sticker for the day it is prepared. Pre-cooked items such as
burger breast and wings have a shelf life of day of prep plus 24 hrs. The pre-cook date must be written on the sticker,
which is the same day sticker the product was defrosted. Kids pre-cooks have a same day shelf life and cannot be
carried over to the next day. All garnish, port salad and pita mix all have a same day shelf life and cannot be carried
over to the next day.
34. Ongoing checks must be done during travel path on shelf lives and products appearance – if it’s not right don’t serve.   1
35. Monitor all holding times and continue checking product quality. Pre-cooked chicken in the Altosham have a 2hr shelf     2
life, regenerated chicken must be used during your busy hours as you are only allowed to keep it in the altosham for 1hr,
pre-cooked breasts in the altosham can be kept for 2 hours. Follow all holding times for Prince Castle units.
36. Make sure hourly sales are communicated to the grillers and area managers in order to properly produce hot food          2
using the proper production planning guide.
37. The shift manager must follow up consistently on area managers to do lists.                                              2
38. Make sure sufficient amount of cashiers are in place to serve customers.                                                 2
39. Make sure queuing ropes are used to direct customers if busy.                                                            2
40. Make sure staff are well presented with good posture and great smiles greeting & directing customers to their tills      2
41. The shift manager must anticipate service barriers / bottle necks and action immediately.                                2
42. SPEED OF SERVICE Criteria being met: not more than 8 minutes for the customers orders, except for well done /            2
livers and corn. The customers must be notified if there will be delays. Shift manager must stand back & observe at
least 10 customers meals SOS in order to track if the Goal is being met. Check KDS system for average times.
43. As far as possible customers must not wait in the queue for longer than 5 minutes. Delays must be communicated.          1
44. The cashiers must greet the customers within 5 seconds of reaching the counter. “Hi, Welcome to Nando’s, how can i       2
make a difference.” Using their Colgate Smiles and doing the Queens Wave.
45. Cashiers and manager must get to know their regular customers by their names.                                            1
46. For full table service & cockerel makes sure the waiter has attended to the customer immediately or within 2 minutes     2
of them being seated. Make sure the waiters are introducing themselves by name. Make sure name badges in place.
47. Ensure cashiers, hosts and waiters are following all SOP procedures regarding suggestive selling, meal follow up and     2
other service related procedure. Effective Use of the Dashboard to measure ticket average & products / meals sold.
48. Shift manager must consistently greet and interact with customers in dining room / take out area. Customer care          2
activities eg: balloons, newspaper reading etc must be used to enhance customer satisfaction.
49. Drive Thru –ensures that the customers are always acknowledged or greeted immediately at the respective windows          1
& that D/thru receives the same undivided attention as the Counter Customer.
50. The shift manager and staff must follow their restaurant daily, weekly and monthly cleaning checklist.                   2
51. All Service maintenance or calibrations of equipment have being planned and done.                                        1
52. Clean as You Go – (CAYG) is in place. If there’s time to lean there’s time to clean. Use of 3 bucket system.             1
53. Housekeeping at Back of House neat and tidy. Colour coding systems practiced throughout the day.                         1
54. Staff to follow cleaning tasks on To Do Lists.                                                                           1
55. Correct cleaning equipment and materials used with correct dilutions.                                                    1
People Skills
56. Greet all staff and managers on shift. Have fun and create a positive vibe during your shift. Motivate staff.            1
57. Use of please and thank you is vital to gain respect from staff.                                                         1
58. Makes sure staff are not overworked, ensure proper breaks are organised during quiet times. No breaks allowed            1
during busy times eg: 12 to 2pm and 5.30pm to 8pm.
59. Make sure all HR Policies are adhered to during the shift.                                                               1
60. Award shift incentives eg: most desserts sold / targets reached. Incentive can be daily, weekly or monthly.              1
61. Celebrate achievements, celebrate and congratulate staff birthdays / anniversaries etc.                                  1
62. Train & grow people according to the SOP’s – Training is Everybody’s Job Everyday.                                       1
63. Delegate tasks instead of getting caught up doing them yourself. Work Smart not Hard. Get your job done through          1
people. “Effective follow up” must be done to check if certain tasks have been completed. Delegate using the SMART
(specific, measurable, attainable and timeframe) method of delegation and then follow up.
64. Consistently living the vision of Floor Control every half hour : Moving , Talking, Inspecting and Training (MTIT)       1
65. Assist wherever bottle necks appear – jump in and fix the problem and then move on –don’t get stuck in 1 station for     1
longer than 10 minutes.
66. Communicate effectively to all staff using positive and corrective feedback.                                             1
67. Effectively communicate Floor Control observations through area / station managers.                                      1
68. Ongoing Coaching and training must take place. Trains at least 2 staff members during the shift using SOP’s.             1
69. Consistently track and review hourly sales trends using the Time Period summary reports, know your hourly sales          2
projections and actual throughout the entire shift. Knows, tracks and improves Ticket count & average during shift.
70. Is visible at the Hotspot – an area where the shift manager can stand where all areas of the restaurant is visible &     1
ensures that staff are highly productive during the shift baring in mind of Labour %’s.
Observer Comments:                                                                                   TOTAL POSSIBLE :        100%

Total Score out of 100:   Total % Achieved:      _____________________

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