Lease Document Early Termination Checklist 11 10 by vaq8Dz


									                           LEASE DOCUMENT CHECKLIST
        This Checklist is a Reference Tool only and does not represent all best practices for lease review.
                 Refer to your Asset Manager and Legal Counsel for specific deals as needed.

                                     EARLY TERMINATION FORM
Tenant Name:__________________________                                     Lease ID:___________________________________

       Reference and Confirm Original Lease date and subsequent Amendments as applicable
       Reference "Landlord's or Tenant's Predecessor" as applicable
       Confirm Premises Address and Suite Number
       Confirm Square Footage
       Confirm Termination Date
       Confirm Outstanding Rent and Other Charges
       Confirm Termination Payment
       Limitation of Landlord's Liability
       Check Tenant signature block
       Check Landlord signature block
                  WCV Commercial Properties LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, its Authorized Agent
       Check Landlord and Tenant signature block appear on same page
       If large blank spaces in the body of the lease
         - add either "Z" thru the blank or "Remainder of this page has intentionally been left blank"
       Process a Move Out Form.

                                 Recovery Reconciliation (if applicable)
       Notify Accounting on Move Out Form to reconcile recoveries at Year End or as of Lease End Date

                                                PROPERTY MANAGER
       PM sign to confirm all items have been verified
                                                                                                                      Rev 11-2010

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