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									       Video Editing
3 Techie steps - and your creativity!
3 Steps to Video Editing
1.   Capturing or Importing Video into a
2.   Editing Video on a Computer
3.   Exporting the edited Video off of the
    Key Points
 Think   BIG – Digital Video takes Lots of
  Time, Lots of Computer Power, and lots
  of storage space
 Planning is the key to creating video
Importing Video

   Video can come from three main sources
     Digital Video Camera directly hooked to a
      computer via Firewire or USB
     Analog Video imported through an analog
      to digital converter (Dazzle Box)
     Pre-imported files from another source (e.g.,
      Discovery Streaming)
Editing Video
 Free Video Editing Tools
    Windows Movie Maker 2 (Windows)

    iMovie (Mac)

 Non-Free (actually very expensive)
    Adobe Premier (PC)

    Final Cut Pro (Mac)
Exporting Video
   You have several options to use on your movie
    once you are done editing
      Export back out to a camera or VHS tape

      Burn onto a VCD (Video CD)

      Burn onto a DVD

      Create a video file to watch on a computer (put
       on the web, e-mail, or show on a single
Capturing Video from Camera
   Your video camera must have Firewire
      Most Mid to high-end computers (and

       all new Macs) have Firewire built in
Capturing Video from Camera
   Connect camera to computer via firewire
   Turn camera on in “play back” mode
Capturing Video from Camera
Capturing Video from Camera
Capturing Video from Camera
Capturing Video from Camera
Capturing Video from Camera

          The actual video is
          saved where you
Importing via USB

              • micro USB plug
              • mini USB plug
              • B-type plug
              • A-type receptacle
              • A-type plug
Importing via USB
 Connect camera to computer via usb
 Turn camera on in “play back” mode
 Go to My Computer and double click on
  your camera (or window + e)
 *Browse to the video file and copy it to
  your Movie Maker folder
Importing via USB
 There will be several files to browse
  through on your camera. If you know what
  type of video file your camera produces,
  finding the file will be easier. Check your
  camera’s manual.
 Un-hide extensions!
 DCIM! Don’t use camera manufacturer’s
Importing via USB
 The video file your camera produces may
  not be compatible with Movie Maker. Thus,
  you may have to convert it.
 Movie Maker accepts: .mpeg (.mp2), .wmv,
  .avi, .asf (United Streaming), .m1v,
  .mp2v, .mpe, .mpg, .mpv2, and .wm
, manufacturer, or ETC!
Importing via USB
 Once converted to an acceptable file type...
 Within Movie Maker, choose import video
   Easy to use

   Software is installed from the camera

   Video conversion from HD to other formats

   Videos can be edited with software already
    on your computer.
Step 1: Plug FlipCam into USB
Step 2: Select “View your Flip
Camcorder videos and click ‘OK’ ”
Step 3: Select Video and click save to
computer. (mp4)
Step 4: Locate video
Step 5: Select video and click Create
Movie and follow the prompts. (.wmv)
Step 6: Locate Movie in on your
 Start
 My Documents
 My Videos
 FlipShare Data
 Videos
 YourVid.wmv
    (Play close attention to file extensions)
Step 7: Import Video into Windows
Movie Maker 2.0
Step 8: Edit your movie (Narration?)
Step 9: Finish your movie.
Inserting a Video into PowerPoint
     Under the insert tab click Movie
Post PowerPoint to your School InSites Page

 Presentations
 Add new presentation
 Name Presentation then click browse
 Locate the file
 Click add
Post your video to your School
InSites Page.
 First you must decrease the video’s size!
 When finishing video in Windows Movie
  Maker choose
            –Show more choices
            –Other settings
            –Video for broadband (340kbps)
       (screen capture on following slide)
Movie Settings Dialog Box
School InSites Page
 File Manager
 Add a new category
 Name Category and Teaser
 Click Next
 Add New File
 Name, then browse and locate file
 Click add

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