Attributes of High Quality Professional Development by HC12080906621


									           Attributes of High Quality Professional Development

Before requesting Professional Development Opportunities for 2009-2010,
teachers or administrators requesting approval need to indicate which of the
following will be addressed.

Check      Professional development activity           Brief statement of how
activities                                             this will be achieved.
           To improve my knowledge of the
           academic subjects I teach

          Is an integral part of a school-wide or
          district-wide educational improvement

          To increase my ability to prepare students
          to meet challenging State academic
          standards and student achievement
          To improve classroom management skills

          To have a positive and lasting impact on
          my classroom instruction

          To advance my understanding of effective
          instructional strategies that derived from
          scientifically-based research
          To advance my understanding of effective
          instructional strategies for improving
          student academic achievement
          Are aligned with state academic content
          standards, student academic achievement
          standards, and state assessments (TCAP)

          Will have extensive participation of
          teachers, administrators, and parents in
          my school district

          To increase the success of teachers
          providing instruction or support to limited
          English proficient children
          To provide training to help teachers
          effectively use technology in the
          classroom and to improve instruction and
          Will be evaluated for the impact on
          teaching and learning

          To provide training in methods of
          teaching children with special needs

          Instruction conducted in the use of data
          and assessments to inform classroom

          To provide training in ways of working
          more effectively with parents.

Submit to the appropriate instructional supervisor along with the proposal
form for prior approval of any activity.

Title of In-Service _____________________________________________

Facilitator’s Name _____________________________________________

Principal Signature _____________________________________________

School _______________________________________________________

Date _________________________________________________________


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