Adverse Action by 2510O6T


									                                        Final Notice

If your church has decided to deny opportunity to an applicant based on information contained
in their background report, you must provide them with five day’s advance notice as well as
final notice of your decision. The following is a sample Final Notice. You may copy and paste
this content onto your church’s letterhead.


(your company letterhead)

                         Notice of Adverse Action Based on a
                 Consumer Report and/or Investigative Consumer Report

As part of the selection process you were recently provided a copy of your background check
report (also known as a “Consumer Report”) as well as a Notice of your Rights to Seek a
Reinvestigation or Correction of your Report (also known as a “Consumer Summary”). More
than five (5) business days have passed since you were mailed a copy of these important
documents and you have not notified LexisNexis. or your church name        of any dispute with
such Report

    your church name has decided to deny your application for appointment/employment
based on information contained in the Consumer Report and/or investigative Consumer Report
(the “Report”).

The Report was prepared by:
             LexisNexis Risk Management
             Consumer Inquiry Department
             6601 Park of Commerce Boulevard
             Boca Raton, FL 33487

Please know that LexisNexis did not make the decision to take adverse action against you; and,
therefore, is unable to provide you with specific reasons for the adverse action.

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