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					                  Professional and Technical Service Contract Checklist
                                      Total Contract Value of $0-5000
Documents listed below may be found at:

NOTE: The following checklist will assist you with complying with all statutory and policy required steps when you
are preparing a professional/technical service contract. The “total contract value” means the entire cost of the work
from beginning to end, including any anticipated amendments.

This contracting process cannot be used as a means to obtain a contractor for multiple or on-going single contracts
and may not be amended to exceed the $5,000 limit.

For additional assistance, use Decision Tree:

Pre-Contract Processes
      Develop Scope of Work and Deliverables

Contractor Selection
       Check to confirm that the selected contractor is not currently debarred or suspended from eligibility to enter
        into a contract with the State. See to view the
        Suspended/Debarred Vendor Report.
        Send Scope of Work and Deliverables to selected contractor(s) for written proposal. For contracts under
         $5,000, an agency may opt to directly select a vendor without engaging in a competitive process, however,
         soliciting proposals from multiple vendors is encouraged at any dollar level
        Use of a Targeted Group vendor is encouraged. For a complete list of Targeted Group vendors, go to (click “search” to view complete directory.)
        Receive written proposal(s), must include cost estimate
        In the event more proposals were obtained from more than one vendor, select contractor using Best Value
         (Minnesota Statutes Section 16C.02, subdivision 4)
        Complete New Hire Reporting Form for Independent Contractors

Negotiation and Contract Drafting
       Negotiate – Contact Justin Kaufman of MMD at 651.201.2456 or if you desire
        assistance with negotiations or for more information about his classes, visit: Assistance with negotiations and
        classes are FREE of charge to all state agencies and their employees.
        Select proper contract form from MMD website:
        Obtain evidence of insurance coverage
        Draft contract (clearly define duties and payment terms)
        Send draft to Agency Contract Coordinator or Administration’s Materials Management for review
         (Recommended but not required)
        Encumber money and fill in CFMS block on contract form

                                                                                               (Revision Date: 10/11)

Contract Execution
       Send required number of contract copies (varies by agency) to contractor for signature
        Review contractor signatures for legality, completeness, and accuracy
        Tab signature pages (use flags or post-it notes)
        Attach routing slip/buck slip with name of originator so contract can be returned directly
        Obtain agency signature (person must have official State delegation of authority)
        Non-standard Procedures
                         Include 16A.15/16C Memo during Contract Execution, when required
        Obtain Department of Administration signature, then:
              Distribute remaining copies:
                          Original to contractor
                          Original to agency
                          Photocopy of contract to project manager

        Send written authorization to contractor that work may begin.

Contract Work Completion
       If the final product of the contract is a written report, send a copy of the report to the Legislative Reference

CONTRACT FILE (Maintain the following in the Contract File)
    Letter to contractor containing scope of work and deliverables
    Proposal of selected contractor
    New Hire Reporting for independent contractors (see Minn. Stat. §256.998)
   Fully executed contract
    Any selection documentation
    Approved Request for Emergency Authorization to begin work prior to contract execution, if obtained
    16A.15/16C Memo, if required
    Federal Authorization Document (if Federal money)
    Evidence of required insurance coverage
    Resolution or other evidence of approval required for local government units

                                                                                                 (Revision Date: 10/11)


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