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Abrasive Matters 2012 Edition


Newsletter from the GMA Garnet Group

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									                                                                                                                               JANUARY & JULY 2012 EDITION


  GAC all set for western region expansion

            A new facility for Garnet Arabia Company (GAC) has been
            established in Masturah, the Western Region of Saudi Arabia early
            this year to service the region’s growing industries.

            Strategically located between Jeddah and Rabigh, the 5,000m2 bulk handling and
            storage facility is set to meet the current garnet abrasive demand for ongoing
            projects such as the Yanbu Export Refinery as well as upcoming petrochemical
            expansion projects.

            “We are optimistic with the future development of the region with upcoming
            new oil refineries and petrochemical plant expansions and potential growth
            opportunies in the medium to large fabrication sector,” GAC General Manager
            Soni John said.

            In addition, GAC is the only provider in the region to offer a recycling package
            programme that caters for the collection of used garnet to be re-processed.
            Besides the benefits of lower disposal costs, the programme offers a responsible
            solution for companies to dispose their used material. The spent material that
            is collected from various sites will be pre-processed at the facility before being
            delivered to GAC’s plant in Jubail for final processing.

            Meanwhile, expansion plans are in place for the plant in Jubail in preparation for
            a new production line to produce a new range of garnet abrasives. The Group
            has invested over AUD$1 million for the project which is targeted to commence
            in September this year.

            The new product range which will be marketed under the Arabian Garnet brand
            comprises of three grades - 120 mesh, 150 mesh and 200 mesh. These are most
            suitable for micro garnet users in applications such as glass and delicate surfaces
            – aluminium and turbine.

            By Stephanie Cheong, Perth


JetTalk: 3 easy steps to fix a nozzle blockage [03] | Concrete carpet with a British sense of humour [05] | The MEAM waterjet project [08]

        Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra entertains
        regional WA through live simulcast

                                                                                          One of the regional live broadcast venues - Novotel Ningaloo Resort, Exmouth.

        Regional communities in Western Australia enjoyed a complimentary
        world-class classical performance by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
        at the Perth Concert Hall through a live simulcast in September last year.

        The live broadcast using high quality video and audio technology was aired at
        12 venues across the state and provided patrons a full experience including the
        orchestra arriving on stage and being able to purchase programmes, food and
        beverages at their venue.

        This is the orchestra’s second Australian tour covering Perth, Brisbane and Sydney
        since the very first performance at the Sydney Opera House in 2006. Internationally
        recognised as one of the world’s greatest orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic
        Orchestra which was established in 1842 is more closely associated with the history
        and tradition of European classical music than any other musical ensemble.

        According to the Perth Concert Hall General Manager Andrew Bolt, the wait -list to
        become a subscriber in Austria is 11 years for weekend performances and six years
        for mid-week concerts.

        “Or you can try and wrestle with the 200-odd people who’ll brave the worst
        weather to see if someone returns a ticket,” Mr Bolt added.

        GMA is the main corporate partner in bringing the renowned orchestra to Perth.

        By Torsten Ketelsen, Perth

                                                                                                         The orchestra was conducted by Maestro Christoph Eschenbach.


JetTalk: 3 easy steps to fix a nozzle blockage
    A great tip that could save you at least US$100!
                                                                                                                                  FEATURE SERIES
                                                                                                                                  The Abrasive Matters brings you JetTalk
    Nozzle blockage is a common problem and may occur quite frequently during the waterjet                                        - a short series on waterjet cutting tips &
    cutting process. The cost of replacing the nozzle can be quite substantial especially if this                                 solutions contributed by our experienced
    occurs often. The common causes that may trigger a nozzle blockage are:                                                       waterjet solutions team.

   Wrong Mesh Size                       Abrasive quality                      Dust
   Incorrect selection of                Lower quality garnet                  High levels of dust in lower
   waterjet cutting garnet               abrasives that may have a             quality garnet abrasives.
   abrasive mesh/particle size           higher content of foreign
   or using oversized particles          metal particles.
   compared to the bore                                                                                                            Got a waterjet related question or
   diameter of the nozzle.                                                                                                         looking for a solution?

                                                                                                                                   Write to us : sales@garnetsales.com
   In the event that you are unable to clear the blockage using compressed air,
   try the following time–tested remedy:

    STEP 1: Remove the blocked nozzle.                                                     STEP 2 : Re-fit it with the opposite end     STEP 3: Start the pump followed by
                                                                                                    of the nozzle.                                the jet.

   Within a fraction of a second, the nozzle will be cleared!

   Contributed By : Ajay Thanki, Dubai

Special Appreciation to NSH
GMA presented a special appreciation                opportunites to work together in the
to Nasser S. Al Hajri Corporation                   current resources boom in Western
(NSH) in recognition of the company’s               Australia,” Mr Ketelsen said.
continuous support since 2007.
                                                    Recognised as a Grade “A” general
For the past five years, GMA’s Saudi Arabia         construction contractor by the government
operation-Garnet Arabia Company (GAC)               of Saudi Arabia, NSH contributed its
has been providing NSH with customised              expertise in key sectors such as Oil &
service arrangements comprising the supply of       Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilisers,
quality garnet abrasive as well as the collection   Cement, Power, Desalination and Steel
of used garnet from site for reprocessing.          Industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
                                                    for over 30 years.
In honour of the long term business
relationship, a special Appreciation Certificate    Over the years, GMA Garnet™
was awarded to NSH on 19th December                 abrasive is the preferred abrasive for
2011 at the NSH Tower in Al Khobar.                 all major projects by NSH namely
                                                    Saudi Kayan - Phenolics, Chemanol
In July this year, GMA CEO Torsten Keteslen         Expansion, Sipchem Acetyl Complex,                           The special Appreciation Certificate was presented to NSH Corporate
                                                                                                        Procurement Manager Krishna Kumar (second from left) by GMA CEO Torsten
attended the opening of NSH ‘s new office           IBN ZAHR PP3, Ethylene Plant Project
                                                                                                          Ketelsen (third from left) together with GAC General Manager Soni John (far
in Western Australia.                               Sharq, Tasnee Ethylene Cracker Plant,
                                                                                                                 left) and GMA Group Commercial Manager Rodney Liebeck (far right).
                                                    Methanol Plant Project, Hadeed DRI
“The excellent relationship between                 Plant Project, PDH/PP Plant Project
GMA and NSH will be further enchanced               and Jubail Export Refinery.
with the new setup here in Perth and
                                                    By Soni John, Jubail


      GMA Garnet™ Fine & Super Fine Abrasives
      GMA Micronised Garnet Products for Precision Applications.
                                                                                                             AVAILABLE MESH SIZES

      High quality GMA Garnet™ abrasives are now available for delicate surface
      preparation applications, ready in stock worldwide.                                              •   90 mesh • 120 mesh • 150 mesh
      GMA Fine & Super Fine Abrasive products are processed using state-of-the-art technology                 • 200 mesh • 350 mesh
      to ensure consistent high quality. The combination of high mineral purity, total grain
      angularity and consistent sizing ensures high performance precision cutting, cleaning,
      etching and polishing.

      The range of abrasives are most suited for precision waterjet cutting, fine and delicate blast   For further information, contact Marc Putzier at
      cleaning for graffiti and paint removal, stone or brick restoration; automobile, aerospace                   marc@garnetsales.com
      and boat restoration as well as new fabrication. It also is commonly used for blast etching
      of glass, aluminium, plastics and composites.

      The abrasives are packaged in 25kg paper bags or1000kg & 2000kg bulk bags.

      By Marc Putzier, Perth

                                                                                                                                             Photo credits: Ibix
                                                                                      2.                           3.

      Picture 1: Wood restoration.
      Picture 2: High precision blast cleaning.
      Picture 3: Graffiti removal.
      Picture 4: Specialty surface preparation.

      u The *GEOBLASTER with **GMA
      Fine abrasive 150 mesh were used to
      restore the bricks of this building that
      was constructed in 1862. The building                            BEFORE                                           AFTER
      is one of the historic structures
      located in Marshall, Michigan, home to
      one of the largest historic landmark
      districts in USA.

      The surface of the original and
      replacement bricks were lightly
      skimmed without any pit or tear and
      the mortar remained intact.

      *Coupled with 220 CFM compressor
      at 40psi nozzle pressure.
      **Abrasive consumption was at the
      average of 40kg / 90 lbs per hour.
                                                                                                                                 Photo & Info credits: Geoblaster

                                                                                                                                                  UNITED KINGDOM

Concrete carpet with a British sense of humour
Made of granite and high quality cast concrete, the carpet is a humorous display of jokes, songs and comedy catchphrases
by over 1,000 of Britain’s most well loved comedians and writers.

Deemed as one of the largest pieces of                  out the phrases on the carpet were cut with
public art ever commissioned in the United              waterjet cutting machines by WJS UK using GMA
Kingdom, Blackpool’s Comedy Carpet unveiled             Garnet™ 80 mesh waterjet cutting abrasive prior
on 10th October 2011 is set to stir a few giggles       to installation on site.
or perhaps loads of laughs from its visitors.
                                                        “Our waterjet machines are manufactured to
Installed on the promenade at the foot of the world     the highest standard and we have full confidence
famous Blackpool Tower, the 2,200 m2 typographical      in GMA Garnet™ abrasive’s constant optimum
artwork which is made of granite and high quality       performance. We recommend GMA Garnet™ to
cast concrete is a humorous display of jokes, songs     all our customers,” said WJS UK Managing Director
and comedy catchphrases by over 1,000 of Britain’s      Chris Baker.
most well loved comedians and writers.
                                                        The £4m project has taken five years from
Five sections at the centre of the carpet are devoted   conception to installation and is integrated into
to Ken Dodd, Les Dawson, Morecambe and Wise,            the Tower Festival Headland– a brand new events
Frankie Howerd and Tommy Cooper.                        space in the resort, which will host huge events with
                                                        a capacity of 20,000 as well as a brand new low-                The carpet was officially unveiled by legendary
                                                                                                                                      Liverpool comedian Ken Dodd.
The size of the letters on the carpet varies from a     carbon-emission wedding venue with breathtaking
few centimetres to almost a metre tall so that the      views across the beach and sea.
laughs can be enjoyed from all sides and from both
close up and from a height at the top of the tower.     By John Halewood, Manchester
These 160,000 individually engraved letters spelling

                                                                              These 160,000 individually engraved letters spelling out the phrases on the carpet
                                                                              were cut with waterjet cutting machines using GMA Garnet™ 80 mesh abrasives.

Photo credits: Angela Catlin


      Trade Exhibitions in Europe

      Lamiera Blech Italia 2012
      GMA Garnet Europe participated in the “Lamiera / Blech Italia“
      exhibition in Bologna, Italy from 9th to 12th May 2012.

      The exhibition is well-known as the most important trade show in Italy and
      specifically devoted to metal forming machines and metal manufacturing sector.

      GMA received numerous inquiries on the range of fine and super fine garnet
      abrasives which are popularly used in sandblasting applications for graffiti removal,
      steel and wood restoration in Europe.

      On top of sandblasting customers, many existing and potential waterjet customers
      also attended the trade show in search of new machines or to upgrade their
      existing machines to modern and computer controlled CNC systems.

      According to waterjet machine manufacturer exhibitors, the demand for new
      machines is on the rise. The production capacity for new machine orders have
      exceeded by over 30 percent with a delivery lead time of up to six months upon
      order receipt. By Tiziano Cher, Frankfurt
                                                                                                                                                 GMA Europe representatives,
                                                                                                                  from left: Andreas Höfner, Riccardo Cinquini & Tiziano Cher.

      Tolexpo 2012 in France                                                                                      Blechexpo 2011 in Germany
                                                                           allowing a 520° rotation on
                                                                           the C axis (vertical axis) and
                                                                           a ±45° tipping on the A axis
                                                                           (horizontal axis) to ensure high
                                                                           precision and watertightness.
                                                                           The regular grain size of GMA
                                                                           80 mesh garnet offers quality,
                                                                           consistent cutting performance
                                                                           and less clogs in the cutting
                                                                           head as it is virtually dust free.

                                                                           The waterjet market remains
                                                                           optimistic of a strong growth in
                                                                           the sales of 6,000 bar (90,000 psi)
                                                                           pumps in 2012.
      GMA Garnet in Europe               the waterjet cutting technology
      participated in the Tolexpo        by LDSA and quality Australian    LDSA is GMA’s key distributor
      fair in Paris, France with         garnet abrasive by GMA.           in France. The company was
      La Découpe Systèmes                                                  established in 1989 by Mr.
      Automatisés (LDSA) from            On showcase were GMA              Dominique Braucourt in Bar-le-
      15th to 18th November              80 mesh garnet and the            Duc in the North East of France.
                                                                                                                                            The GMA team at the exhibition.
      last year.                         WJA 15.30 1T5X PRO -
                                         Abrasive Waterjet Machining       LDSA is the leading French
      Over 11,000 visitors attended      Center from LDSA which is         manufacturer of waterjet cutting
                                                                           machines and one of the main           GMA Garnet Europe attended the 10th Blechexpo
      the international fair for sheet   composed of a 3000 x 1500
                                                                           manufacturers in Europe with           2011 which was held at the Stuttgart Exhibition
      metal, coil, tube and section      mm table, a stainless steel
                                                                           more than 300 installation of          Centre last year.
      equipment There were over          water tank, with 5 axis cutting
      200 exhibitors and major           at 6000 bar powered by a          waterJet machines. LDSA plans
                                                                                                                  GMA had a successful showcase at the expo which
      waterjet cutting machine           KMT Pro pump. This great          to promote 7,000 bar (105
                                                                           000 psi) technology for higher         ranks second in the global ranking for sheet metal
      manufacturers such as Flow         combination enables a high                                               processing trade shows. Around 26,000 expert visitors
      and Bystronic in France and        performance cutting - faster      productivity requirements.
                                                                                                                  from 89 countries visited the expo to gather information
      Resato International.              cutting and better cut quality.                                          regarding current industry offerings.
                                                                           By Fabien Reneaux, Frankfurt
      At the LDSA/GMA booth, visitors    As swivels often lead to leaks                                           The show features manufacturer products, machines,
                                                                           z GMA Sales & Marketing Assistant
      comprising waterjet technicians,   and machine breakdowns,                                                  systems and equipment for hardware and software.
                                                                           Fabien Reneaux (left) with LDSA
      engineers, current and potential   there is no swivel in the         General Director Dominique Braucourt
      customers were introduced to       WJA 15.30 1T5X PRO but a          at the Tolexpo fair in Paris.          By Andreas Höfner, Hamburg
      the benefits and advantages of     connection with a spiral tube


Visitors impress with Aulla open house
                                                                           Visitors were impressed with the open house of the Group’s recycling
                                                                           facility in Aulla-Pallerone, Italy that was held on 9th September 2011.

                                                                           Seventy international customers, suppliers and distributors toured the facility
                                                                           and were briefed on the production process and storage capacity. Currently,
                                                                           the daily production of reprocessed garnet is approximately 50 tonnes and
                                                                           around 10,500 tonnes of new garnet and 2000 tonnes of used garnet are
                                                                           being stored at the warehouse. The positive reception of the visitors further
                                                                           enhances customer relations and builts toward a long-lasting cooperation with
                                                                           the Group.

                                                                           The event began with a welcome dinner on 8th September at Cabreo
                                                                           Restaurant in Viareggio which is a 45 minutes drive from the facility followed
                                                                           by the plant visit the next morning.

                                                                           The event ended with a two-hour ferry cruise from Portovenere - near Cinque
                                                                           Terre to Viareggio. The Cinque Terre is one of the most untouched areas in
                                                                           the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful footpaths, breathtaking views, churches,
                                                                           oratories and old castles, diving and the finest food and wines.

                                                                           By Tiziano Cher, Frankfurt

   Seventy guests toured the facility and were briefed on the
   production process and storage capacity.

Never a dull moment for Andreas
After two decades of promoting GMA                       leader in the garnet abrasive market, to build up
Garnet™ as a wonderful abrasive to                       the best possible customer-vendor relationships
customers in Europe, General Manager                     and develop a sophisticated marketing and
Andreas Höfner concludes that it was and                 distribution network across Europe. Today, GMA
still is an exciting job.                                Garnet™ has become the reference class for
                                                         garnet abrasive in the waterjet cutting industry.
“This job enables me to meet different customers
and friends all around Europe. I may be meeting
customers from Airbus and BMW today and small            “Andreas has demonstrated most admirably
workshop owners the next day,” said Mr Höfner            what can be achieved when you believe in your
who celebrated 20 years of service last year.            product and pursue your goals relentlessly,” CEO        Mr Höfner (left) 20 years ago when he first joined
                                                         Torsten Ketelsen said.                                  the Group and today.
It all began when Mr Höfner met CEO Torsten
Ketelsen at a trade show in Hamburg in October           Among Andreas’ most memorable moments                   Moving forward, Mr Höfner is working towards
1990 where he was introduced to GMA Garnet™.             through the years are being able to maintain long-      developing a market for reprocessed garnet as
Convinced of the performance and potential of            term customer relationships with customers that         well as ultra-fine products from the reprocessing
this abrasive, Mr Höfner came on board as Sales &        have placed their first order many years ago and        plant in Aulla, Italy and to explore new applications,
Marketing Manager in Hamburg on 1st July 1991.           to see a high and steady growth in garnet sales         resources and cost-effective disposal of used
                                                         each year.                                              garnet in Europe.
“In the beginning, nobody knew about our product
but many companies were interested to learn                                                                      During his free time, Mr Höfner enjoys travelling
more about this product from “Down Under.”               “What I like about the Group are our product
                                                                                                                 and sports activities especially tennis and cycling
                                                         which is reliable and provides the highest value for
                                                                                                                 and to be able to spend as much time as possible
It was fantastic to get the first orders from            money abrasive solution to our customers, sound
                                                                                                                 with his family.
shipyards in Germany and from the Netherlands,”          investments in reprocessing plants, a fantastic and
Mr Höfner said.                                          highly motivated team operating in a customer-          By Stephanie Cheong, Perth
                                                         focused corporate culture and the environmentally
Mr Höfner shared that his initial challenges were        sustainable and socially responsible practices of our
to establish GMA Garnet Europe as a market               business,” Mr Höfner said.


      The MEAM waterjet project
      The MEAM waterjet is a design project by final year students in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM) at the University of
      Pennsylvania, United States. GMA Sales Manager Carl Borgh came to know of the project and followed their progress.
      Carl shares his thoughts on the project.

                                  In October last year, I came to know about the MEAM waterjet project
                                  – a final year project to build a working waterjet machine (right picture)
                                  by a group of engineering students for their university machine shop
                                  that will also benefit future engineering students.

                                  One of the initial challenges of the project was to fit it through a standard 32”
                                  (813mm) door opening and to be able to run on standard household current of
                                  120 volt AC. On reading some of their build parameters, I thought it would not
                                  be possible but this creative group found a way by working with lower pressures
       Carl Borgh                 driven by a pump donated to their cause.

      A month later in November, the students contacted GMA for some GMA Garnet™ 80 mesh abrasive.
      I brought them a few buckets of abrasive and had a lengthy discussion with some of the team members.
      We touched on the issue of getting GMA Garnet™ to flow correctly and interestingly, they came up with
      a novel approach of using an inverted juice bottle and experimented with finding a hole/orifice to gravity
      feed their system at the correct rate.

      I wanted to do more than to just supply garnet and suggested that they visit a working waterjet shop.
      At the end of March this year, the students visited Krando Metal Products (KMP) in Broomall.

      KMP Senior Project Manager Anthony DiAngelus Jr. was very helpful and generous with his time by
      providing an informative three-hour tour with full access to the facility. Anthony was very detailed in
      describing the daily operations in a waterjet shop environment and I believe this would have firmly planted
      the waterjet applications platform in their minds as a viable business.

                                                                                               According to Anthony, the students were ambitious, eager and extremely intelligent
                                                                                               and were not intimidated by the extremely difficult task of cutting a solid object with
                                                                                               water and abrasive. Their questions were focused, well thought out and precise.

                                                                                               “Their passion for this project is something you do not see in the industry,” Anthony added.

                                                                                               Besides a very small budget and limitations to space and electricity, these creative
                                                                                               and intelligent young people overcame various challenges and successfully completed
                                                                                               their project. I can see how they, the upcoming generation could represent the future
                                                                                               of mechanical production and manufacturing. The experience was very satisfying and
                                                                                               I hope to remain in contact with these young people in future as they venture into
                                                                                               their respective industries.
       Site visit to KMP by the engineering students from University of Pennsylvania.
       From left : Nick Bartlett, Carlee Wagner, Adam Libert & Nisan Lerea.

        Project Highlights
          The purpose of this project was to create a small scale waterjet machine suitable
          for universities and hobbyists. It should be powerful, yet small and affordable
          for non-commercial applications. The general design concept capitalises on the
          advantages associated with building an abrasive waterjet machine that operates at
          relatively low pressure (as low as 10ksi) and flow rate.

          Project Goals:
          > Perform cuts at 1/4” (6.35mm) aluminum and 1/8” (3.175mm) steel
          > Cut within a tolerance of 0.005” (0.127mm) (including error due to
            kerf width and draft angle)
          > Compact machine within a few square feet; a modular system that
            could be assembled on a table-top                                                                    Anthony (first from left) explaining the waterjet workstation functions at
          > Automated material-based feeds and speeds calculations                                               KMP and the various software features and capabilities that are beneficial
          > A machine that is safe to operate                                                                                    to the user experience of the student’s waterjet machine.
          > Budget : less than USD$10,000

          The team has won the top award in their class and will be competing against other engineering
          classes for the best project.

                                                                                                                                            UNITED STATES

                                                                            GMA to increase market
                                                                            presence in Central and
                                                                            South America
                                                                            GMA Garnet USA is working towards increasing its market
                                                                            presence in Central and South America.

                                                                            “The industrial sector in this part of the world is growing at a
                                                                            rapid pace. We see the potential and growth opportunity for us
                                                                            to promote our products to the relevant industries here,” Vice
                                                                            President – Sales & Marketing Pete Mitchell said.

                                                                            GMA Garnet™ waterjet cutting and sandblasting abrasives are
                                                                            currently available in the region via business partners - Reptec
                                                                            and Rosber in Mexico and Transmerquim for sandblasting abrasive
                                                                            in both Central and South America.

                                                                            “Customers are also welcomed to direct their enquiries to us as
                                                                            we are able to deliver our abrasive products in containers to all
                                                                            areas in the region,” Mr Mitchell added.

                                                                            By Stephanie Cheong, Perth

                                                                     t GMA Garnet™ abrasive is now available in
                                                                        Mexico and other parts of South America.

Painters Competition raises US $15,000
for students in need
Over US $15,000 were raised during the annual Houston
Painters Competition organised by the Houston Coatings
Society in Houston,Texas early last year.

The proceeds from the event have been given out as college
scholarships to 10 students in need.

Over 300 hundred guests and their families enjoyed a full day of
games, barbeque and serious competition for the contractors.

The event is one of the many activities organised by the society.
GMA is an active member of the Houston Coatings Society as
well as the Louisiana Coatings Society. The members of these
organisations comprised of companies in the painting, blasting or
related industries in the US Gulf Coast area. Regular meetings
are held every month with special guest speakers to address
current key issues in the industry. GMA Gulf Coast Outside Sales
Ernie McDaniel is also a board member of the board of directors
of both organisations.

Besides providing event sponsorships, some of the GMA employees
are involved in several event planning committees and most of the
                                                                    Painters Competition in progress.              Children enjoying the games and
inside sales team has helped out in these events.                                                                  activities at the event.

GMA is proud to be a part of these organisations and doing our
part in giving back to the industry. By Pete Mitchell, Houston


      Speedy refinery storage tank maintenance using
      Blastmaster Tornado™ with GMA PremiumBlast™
      In May this year, a major contractor                 GMA PremiumBlast Garnet abrasive provided
      performed maintenance works on                       the contractor with great results:
      a large tank for one of the leading
      refineries in New SouthWales,Australia.              - 30% increase in productivity and lower
                                                           consumption rate by approximately 30%
      The interior and exterior of the tank with           (compared to imported garnet)
      an approximate diameter of 55 metres
      and 10-12 metres in height required blast            - The production rates for removing the
      cleaning and re-coating due to corrosion             500 micron thick coating on the tank floor
      that has occurred over time. The job                 were over 60m2 per hour/per operator
      comprised of the removal of a 500 micron
                                                           - The production rates for removing the
      thick coating on the interior tank floor and
                                                           heavily rusted and pitted walls were 50 m2
      the heavily rusted and pitted internal walls
                                                           per hour/per operator whilst achieving a
      as well as the removal of epoxy coating on
                                                           class SA 2½ (SSPC-10).
      the exterior followed by the application of
      a protective coating system.                         In addition to significant cost-savings, the
                                                           project was completed in record time and
      Stringent quality standards are required for
                                                           ahead of schedule. The contractor was
      the coating removal and re-coating process
                                                           amazed with the results.
      as the guaranteed life expectancy of the tank
      structure is very high. In addition, the surface     “Our time, labour, abrasive consumption
      preparation of the steel surface is a crucial        and disposal costs were reduced and the
      step in the re-coating process as it ensures         customer is pleased with us. We had bad
      that the new protective coating will adhere          weather to contend with on top of it all,”
      and protect against further corrosion for            the contractor said.
      many years.
                                                           The contractor added that the customer
      Blastmaster recommended the use of                   was ‘extremely satisfied as they saved
      GMA Garnet™ abrasive as it reduces the               three days out of a 20-day project window
      contractor’s operational costs for such              and reduced blasting costs by 27% and
      time-critical jobs when compared to lower            disposal costs by 33%!’
      quality imported garnet abrasive.                                                                                  The contractor achieved a 30% increase in productivity and lower
                                                           By Jim Gooden & Philip Gooden,                             consumption rate by approximately 30% by switching to Blastmaster’s
      The combination of Blast-One MegaBlaster™            Blastmaster, Adelaide                                         Blast-One Tornado™ with GMA PremiumBlast™ garnet abrasive.
      and *Blast-One Tornado™ blaster tool with

      *Blastmaster’s Blast-One Tornado™ abrasive blasting tool comes with a twin nozzle assembly which speeds up production by over 2½ times as compared to a
       standard single blast hose. The contractor has adopted this single tool to perform the task of over 2½ operators and the operator finds it extremely easy to use.

      GMA, Syawaja joins SOGCE 2012
                                                                                                  GMA Garnet Australia together                  12% and 25% of the country’s oil &
                                                                                                  with Syawaja Malaysia participated             gas reserves. In addition, the latest
                                                                                                  in the Sabah Oil & Gas Conference              oil discovery offshore of Sabah is
                                                                                                  & Exhibition (SOGCE) from 9th to               estimated to draw in an equivalent
                                                                                                  10th April 2012 in Kota Kinabalu,              reserve of over 220 million barrels
                                                                                                  Sabah in Malaysia.                             of oil.

                                                                                                  Supported by The Sabah Ministry of             Syawaja Malaysia is the sole distributor
                                                                                                  Industrial Development, the event              for GMA Garnet™ abrasive in Malaysia
                                                                                                  brought together major industry players        and promoting the benefits of GMA
                                                                                                  from around Malaysia and beyond to             Garnet™ to various industries for
                                                                                                  share information and explore future           almost two decades. Malaysia is the
                                                                                                  developments and potential up-stream           regional hub supplying high grade
                                                                                                  and down-stream opportunities.                 GMAGarnet™ to neighbouring South
                                                                                                                                                 East Asia countries includingTurkmenistan.
                                                                                                  The Oil & Gas Industry is deemed
                                                                                                  a ‘Sunrise Industry’ in Sabah as the           By Stephanie Cheong, Perth
        From left : The Minister of Industrial Development Sabah YB Datuk Raymond Tan,            state has about 11 trillion cubic feet
        GMA CEO Torsten Ketelsen, Chief Minister of Sabah YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Musa            (tcf) of gas and 1.5 billion barrels of
        Hj Aman & Syawaja Managing Director Ya Mahmud Mohd Noor.                                  oil in its reserves, representing about
                                                                                                                                                           STAFF NEWS
                                                                                                                                                        STAFF NEWS

New dump truck improves mining efficiency
As part of GMA’s continual drive to improve mining
efficiency, the Port Gregory plant invested in a new Bell
B50D 6x6 Articulated Dump Truck last year.
With a payload capacity of 47 metric tonnes, the dump truck is
one of the heaviest payloads available for any articulated dump
truck in the world today. The truck has enabled an increase in
our loading capacity of up to 20%.
In addition, it has better fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse
gas emissions. This operator friendly truck comes with electronic
upgrades and enhancements including improved safety aspects
and higher visibility at night.
“The new Bell B50D has better serviceability and it is quieter.
The adaptive front suspension provides a smoother ride for the
operators,” Mine Manager Dean Clarke said.

By Dean Schwarz & Sandy Stock-Standen, Geraldton                                         The new truck has enabled an increase in loading capacity of up to 20%.

Working holiday visitor enjoys work at GMA
While visiting Australia on a working holiday arrangement, Kuan
Cheng Chen, also known as Calvin came to know about GMA
while looking for some work in the industrial area of Geraldton.

In November 2011, Calvin who is from Tainan City, South of Taiwan has
become the first overseas staff from Asia to join the team in Geraldton.

Learning English in junior high school has proven to be a bonus for him
as he is able to enjoy the friendly interaction among the GMA employees
who are eager to help him polish his English on top of his on-the-job
training. He is a valued member of the staff and they enjoy working with
him. For Calvin, he finds GMA a pleasant and interesting place to work.

“I enjoy my job very much,” Calvin shared.

Back home, Calvin attended university in Taiwan for four years and
specialises in Information Management. He hopes that living and working
in Geraldton will help improve his English to prepare him for further travel
and work opportunities.

After being in Geraldton for some time now, Calvin enjoys the slower
pace of life together with its great beaches, coastal lifestyle and varied
countryside. It is a far cry from the cities in Taiwan that run 24 hours.

He is hoping to remain longer in Australia to travel more extensively.
So far, he has only seen parts of Western Australia namely the Wave Rock,
the Pinnacles, Perth and Kalbarri and he particularly likes Natures Window
and the National Parks. In addition, his Asian travels include Singapore,
Penang - Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan.

Although Calvin misses his family, he keeps himself busy and enjoys marathon
running, swimming and the occasional game of tennis. Andre Agassi is one of
his favorite all time tennis players and he would love to attend the Australian
open and perhaps Wimbledon and the US open one day.
                                                                                   Calvin enjoys the friendly interaction among the GMA employees who
By Donna Collis & Dean Schwarz, Geraldton                                         are eager to help him polish his English on top of his on-the-job training.


      Appointments & Promotion in Perth

       Rodney S. Liebeck   David Wong

                           The Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Rodney S. Liebeck and promotion of Mr David Wong.

                           Mr Liebeck came on board as Group Commercial Manager on 21st September 20II. Based in GMA’s head office in Perth,
                           Australia, Mr Liebeck will be providing commercial leadership and support to the group operations worldwide.

                           Prior to this appointment, Mr Liebeck, who holds a double major in Accounting & Finance was the Group Accountant for a large
                           mining company in 1990 and two years later, Mr Liebeck joined GMA as Commercial Manager from 1992 to 1998.

                           In 1998, Mr Liebeck relocated to Pemberton, Western Australia to pursue his business interests in retail and established a
                           vineyard. In 2005, Mr Liebeck successfully created Australia’s first winery/microbrewery combination. Recently, the retail
                           operations of Mr Liebeck’s business interests were leased out to a large commercial group enabling Mr Liebeck to recommence
                           his service with the Group.

                           Mr David Wong has been promoted as Chief Financial Officer effective Ist June 2012.

                           In his new role, Mr Wong is responsible for all financial and fiscal management aspects of GMA operations and will provide
                           leadership and coordination in the administrative. business planning. accounting and budgeting efforts of the company.

                           Mr Wong joined the Group as Accountant on 15th April 2002 and took on the role as Treasurer in June 20I0. Recently,
                           Mr Wong celebrated 10 years of service with GMA in April 2012. Over the past ten years he has made a significant
                           contribution to GMA’ s business development and success. By Torsten Ketelsen, Perth

                                                                                                                                                    MIDDLE EAST

                                                   Mr Mohamed Ibrahim joined the Group as Production          As for Mr Shabeeb Umer, he was appointed as the
                                                   Engineer for Garnet Arabia Company (GAC) in Jubail,        new Sales Engineer for GAC 14th May 2012.
                                                   Saudi Arabia on 22nd September 2011.
                                                                                                              Based in Masturah, Shabeeb will be responsible for the
                                                   On top of the daily production and packaging activities,   sales of blast cleaning abrasive in the western region.
                                                   Mohamed will be focusing on Quality Assurance              Prior to this appointment, Shabeeb was working with
                                                   and Quality Control at the plant. Mohamed holds a          local steel manufacturing firms as Sales Engineer in
                                                   Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Stream from          Dammam and Jeddah for over three years.
                                                   Anna University, Chennai, India. Upon his graduation in
         Mohamed Ibrahim   Shabeeb Umer
                                                   2010, Mohamed joined a local company in his home           Shabeeb is also simultaneously pursuing a Mechanical
                                                   state of Tamil Nadu as Development Quality Inspector.      Engineering Degree from India.

                                                                                                                                                               STAFF NEWS
                                                                                                                                                            STAFF NEWS

                                                              Deborah Horsley           Sean Michael Leary        Marc Putzier               Ben Thunder

Sean Michael Leary                                      He has also worked in the construction industry,        Ben Thunder
                                                        taking on a dual role as carpentry and joinery
Mr Sean Michael Leary joined the Group as               apprentice whilst being in charge of materials supply   Mr Ben Thunder is the new Logistics Coordinator
Forklift Operator for the warehouse at Kewdale          and sourcing and as HR Coordinator for Offshore         for GMA effective 2nd April 2012.
in the middle of last year.                             Marine Services before joining the GMA office in
                                                        Houston as Inside Sales for two years.                  Ben is responsible for coordinating and
Sean has been working in the transport industry for
18 years and is responsible for loading and unloading                                                           undertaking all container exports in accordance
                                                        Marc is also a NACE Coating Inspector Level             with contracts of sale as well as ensuring
of trucks and containers, general warehouse duties      1-Certified which enables him to provide basic
as well a helping out with some office duties.                                                                  proceeds are received in an efficient and timely
                                                        coating inspection of structural steel using non-       manner for export contracts of sale. In addition,
                                                        destructive techniques and instrumentation.             Ben will also be assisting in all chartering
Marc Putzier                                                                                                    activities, including basic freight negotiations and
                                                        He will be completing the next level of the NACE        operational aspects of all Cost & Freight (CFR)
Mr Marc Putzier came on board as the new                Coating Inspector programme later this year             and Cost, Insurance & Freight (CIF) sales.
Domestic Sales Manager on 1st November 2011.            to provide enhanced assistance and support to
                                                        techincal enquiries.
Based in the Group’s head office in Perth, Marc                                                                 Prior to this appointment, Ben who holds a BA in
is responsible for building customer relations                                                                  Economics and Minor in Sustainable Development
and business development starting with Western          Deborah Horsley                                         was working as Export Logistics Officer for
Australia and eventually for the rest of the                                                                    one of Australia’s leading grain organisations for
states. His immediate responsibilities are to           Ms Deborah Horsley was appointed as the new             three years. He provided assistance to shipment
increase direct sales and to focus on Western           Office Coordinator on 7th November 2011.                scheduling/slot management and ensured
Australia’s up and coming northwest mining and          She takes on Ms Lora Firman’s role who is on            compliance with service agreements, Port Terminal
Oil & Gas projects.                                     maternity leave starting from 14th November 2011.       Rules and any other compliance enforced by the
                                                                                                                organisation. In 2006, Ben was the Policy Director
Marc is not new to the Group as he has completed                                                                - Private Property Rights and Natural Resource
internships with Sister Group Jebsen & Jessen           Deborah has worked as PA, Lead Administrator,
                                                        Receptionist, Team Assistant for Legal,                 Management for the Pastoralists and Graziers
Technology in Singapore on organisational                                                                       Association of Western Australia (PGA) and ran
development and international sales and logistics       Occupational Health, Nuffield Onsite Gym,
                                                        Exploration and Economics. Deborah is also a            successful Environmental Management Systems
with GMA in Australia while pursuing his degree                                                                 projects on behalf of the Association.
studies in Commerce majoring in Management and          qualified payroll agent and is currently taking an
Human Resource Management.                              online course in Sage accounting.


                                                        Ms Melanie Herzog joined the Group as Logistics Representative on 1st September 2011.

                                                        Melanie is responsible for compiling monthly VAT reports and reconciliation of VAT accounts as well as
                                                        support in invoicing. Prior to this appointment, Melanie was in customer service documentation for the
                                                        export department of a shipping company.

                                                        On 1st December 2011, Ms Maike Mölk joined the Group as Customer Service Representative.

                                                        Maike who is a part-time employee holds a Bachelors of Business Economics and has previously worked
                                                        as a Sales & Marketing Manager for a Sports Nutrition Company for over eight years. Both Melanie and
     Maike Mölk            Melanie Herzog               Maike are based in Hamburg.

The Group welcomes the new employees on board and wishes them a great start to their careers.
By Torsten Ketelsen & Darrin Langguth, Perth, Soni John, Jubail & Jessika Schetz, Hamburg


      Good crew, good company
                                                                      “Good crew, good company and job security.”

                                                                      Mr Stephen Wayne Criddle shared when asked what he likes about GMA.
                                                                      A former lobster fisherman, Stephen has been with the Group for 10 years and celebrated
                                                                      his service anniversary on 17th September last year.
                                                                      Stephen joined GMA as Mill Hand to operate the garnet powders mill (no longer in
                                                                      operation today) and through the years, Stephen found it challenging to learn to operate
                                                                      the old mills and dry plant. Today, Stephen is a Leading Hand at the dry plant in Geraldton,
                                                                      Western Australia and cited this as one of his most memorable achievements.
                                                                      Some of Stephen’s family members are also part of the GMA family. His daughters, Emily
                                                                      and Jessica are Quality Control Officers at the laboratory; his wife and both his son-in-
                                                                      laws have worked with the company over the years.
                                                                      “Working with my father has shown us firsthand his work ethic, and setting a great
                                                                      example for us to follow,” said Emily and Jessica.

                                                                      By Dean Schwarz, Geraldton

                Stephen is holding some garnet freshly derived
                                  from the magnetic separator.

      ‘The only thing constant in life is change’
      Newly promoted Chief Financial Officer David Wong celebrated
      10 years of service with GMA this April.

      After a decade with the Group, David finds that he is still learning new
      things in his job and encountering changes. As the saying goes ‘The only thing
      constant in life is change’.

      David shares how it all started:

      ‘Time flies when you are learning new things and adapting to changes.

      Prior to my GMA days, I was working with a bank in international trade
      services. As Trade Finance Officer, I was dealing with Mr Torsten Ketelsen                                      For David, working with GMA is a constant learning curve
      and Ms Mary Fay in letter of credits and foreign exchange. Occasionally, I have                                              in various areas of accounting since day one.
      also dealt with the GMA Garnet company with regards to letter of credits.

      Upon completing my part-time degree course in Accounting, I was hoping to           One day, a casual conversation with Mary regarding my job search led to
      advance my career in the field I graduated in. Unfortunately, or I should say       a possibility that there may be an accounting position in her company.
      fortunately - as I am now under GMA’s employment, there were no suitable            On 15th April 2002, I came on board as Accountant for Garnet International
      positions available in the bank.                                                    Resources (GIRL) which owns 50% of GMA and today, GMA is wholly
                                                                                          owned by GIRL.
                                                                                          Looking back, I consider myself fortunate that Mr Ketelsen and Director
                                                                                          Wolfhart Putzier were willing to give me an opportunity to start my career
                                                                                          as an Accountant. From the day I joined GMA, it has been a constant learning
                                                                                          curve in various areas of accounting and I am happy to be able to contribute
                                                                                          my knowledge in trade finance to the business.’
                                                                                          David is a keen golfer and plays regularly during weekends.
                                                                                          “Or some would say, I went chasing after the white ball!” David quipped.
                                                                                          “In this game, one is always looking for the ultimate golf swing. To golfers out
                                                                                          there, any comments on the swing?” By Stephanie Cheong, Perth

                                                                                          t David ‘chasing after the white ball’ at a local golf course in Perth.

                                                                                                                                                                     STAFF NEWS
                                                                                                                                                                  STAFF NEWS

Pioneer employee - Dean turns 30
                                            Today, the same approach has ensured
                                            the smooth running of the wet processing
                                            plant and ancillary equipment.
                                            With earthmoving being a major part
                                            of the Port Gregory operations, Dean’s
                                            affinity for earthmoving equipment and
                                            sand mining operations has been a
                                            valuable asset to the Group.
                                            “Dean has a strong sense of duty and is
                                            ever so willing to attend to maintenance
                                            and upgrades at the mine at night
Wet Plant Manager Raymond Dean              and on weekends. His tenacity and
Clarke - one of the Group’s pioneer         perseverance to get through difficult
employees has turned 30.                    circumstances are most commendable,”
                                            said CEO Torsten Ketelsen.
Dean from Port Gregory, Western
Australia celebrated 30 years of service    Dean shared that it has been great to
                                                                                                    Dean has a strong sense of duty and is ever so willing to attend to
with the Group on 31st August 2011.         be part of a growing company from                        maintenance and upgrades at the mine at night or on weekends.
                                            the beginning.
                                                                                                 Dean is standing in front of a bank of spiral concentrators at the wet plant.
In 1981, Dean and his father, Ray Clarke    “The job was enjoyable with plenty of
were part of the pioneer team of            challenges to keep it interesting all these
employees responsible for operating         years,” Dean added.
the original Lynton Wet Plant. Coming
from a local farming background, Dean’s     By Martin Taylor and Dean Schwarz, Geraldton
hands-on practical approach has helped
the company overcome many initial
operational challenges.


       Dean Schwarz       John Halewood      Donna Collis

       Happy anniversary to Mr Dean Schwarz (July 2011) and Ms Donna Collis (May 2012) from Geraldton; Mr John Halewood (March 2012) from
       Manchester for achieving 15 years of service with GMA.
       The Group would also like to congratulate the following employees achieving 5 years of service from July 2011 to June 2012. The Group values
       your contribution and looks forward to your personal and career growth with the Group for many years to come. By Torsten Ketelsen, Perth

       Geraldton                                                                      Jubail
       2012        Michael Paul Holden                                                2011      Bishnu Bahadur Poudel, Loknath Khanal, Mohan Lal,
                                                                                                Raman Nair, Srinivas Dongisaram, Talal Fahad Al-Anazi,
       Hamburg                                                                                  Vinod Kumar, Zahiruddin S.Kadri
       2011        Anke Büll, Frank Biedermann, Iris Künnemann,
                                                                                      2012      Abdul Gafoor Alangadan, Ali Ibrahim Hammad
                   Phylis Friederichs
                                                                                                Mohammad Mahabub Ur Rahman, Mohammad Sharif Balkhi
       2012        Susanne Schröder                                                             Soni John, Thani Dakheen Al-Enizi

       Jebel Ali                                                                      Houston
       2011        Dharmesh Tala                                                      2012      Carl Borgh & Pete Mitchell.
       2012        Arvind Thanki, Desraj Balwant Singh, Vijay Natrajan

                                                                                                                                                                                         SPECIAL FEATURE

Happy 40th Anniversary to Martin
GMA Garnet™ abrasive has come a long way from an unknown mineral to an industry
standard industrial mineral abrasive.

Behind the celebrated success is a geologist who believed in its benefits and potential. While performing
hand auger sampling at the coastal dunes and beach in the Port Gregory area in Western Australia, the
young researcher found substantial tonnages of garnet in these areas.

                               That was Group Technical            “What has kept me going in this job for so long
                               Manager Martin Taylor’s             is the fact that it has always been interesting
                               first garnet encounter,             and challenging with constant development and
                               almost 40 years ago.                variations,” Martin said.

                           “Viewed under the                       To Martin, GMA is a worldwide brotherhood of
                           microscope,there is a‘gem               dedicated and inspired people who have caught the
                           quality’ attractiveness to              “garnet bug” in a company that has exceptionally
                           the Port Gregory garnet                 sound ownership. In the years to come, he hopes
but my greatest attraction and challenge back then                 to see an increase in recycling and blending to
was to help turn a large, valueless mineral resource               maintain competitiveness while optimising and
into a saleable commodity and ultimately a profitable              expanding the Port Gregory resource.
mining operation,” Martin said.
                                                                   Besides his life-long attraction to the development
Among the many challenging events over the                         of GMA Garnet™, Martin who turns 63 this year
years from developing cost-effective wet and dry                   is equally attracted to the ocean and can be
processing methods, converting abrasive blasting                   spotted surfing or skin diving at the local beaches
companies to switch from dry silica sand to                        in Geraldton.
garnet, to contributing to the design of processing
and recycling plants, Martin shared that his most                  “My most memorable surfing experience was
challenging time would have to be convincing                       having two dolphins leap out of the water, one on
the original owners (Target Petroleum) not to                      each side of me, as I surfed down the face of a
abandon the garnet project in the 1970s.                           wave at Margaret River, Western Australia.”

On 7th December last year, Martin celebrated 40                    By Stephanie Cheong, Perth
years of service. He is also the longest serving
employee in the Group.                                                                                                                      p Martin (left) with Eiwa Kikaku President Kunio
                                                                                                                                            Oshima at the Lynton Wet Plant in 1990.
                                                                                                                                            u Martin inspecting the trash screen at the Lynton Wet
                                                                                                                                            Plant in 1981.

                                                                                                           Memorable Moments
                                                                                                           Martin’s memorable moments upon achieving every 10 years of service.

                                                                                                           70s Process and market development of GMA Garnet™.
                                                                                                           80s Winning PIH and Saipem over from using silica sand to garnet for the
                                                                                                           Dampier-Perth natural gas pipeline joints; the commissioning of Lynton Wet
                                                                                                           Plant & Narngulu Dry Plant and the first bulk shipment from Geraldton to
                                                                                                           Japan in March 1985.
                                                                                                           90s Opening of Hose Wet Plant and visiting garnet operations of prospective
                                                                                                           business partners in India, Sri Lanka and the United States.

                                                      Martin standing alongside a dry plant                Recent Witnessing the opening of the Group’s recycling facilities in Reserve,
                                                      surge bin purchased from an auction in               United States and Aulla, Italy and attending the Jebsen & Jessen 100 year
                                                      1980. The bulk bin is still in use today.            celebrations in Europe.

                       GMA GARNET GROUP                                                              Level 18, Exchange Plaza, The Esplanade, Perth, Western Australia 6000
                                          when your abrasive matters!                                Tel: +61 8 9287 3200 Fax: +61 8 9287 3201 Email sales@garnetsales.com
                                                                                                     Website: www.garnetsales.com

GMA Garnet Group (GMA) is the leading producer of industrial garnet for blast cleaning and waterjet cutting with advanced mining and processing operations established within Western Australia and
strategically located warehouses worldwide.The Group has pioneered the operation of large-scale garnet recycling facilities in Italy, Saudi Arabia, UAE and USA offering an environmentally friendly solution
to the disposal of used garnet. Headquartered in Perth with GMA Group of Companies in Europe, Middle East and America, the Group is supported by a dedicated and professional global distribution
network offering professional solutions and extensive technical support to the industry for over 20 years.


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