This survey is totally anonymous and is for internal planning by 2510O6T


									                                      This survey is totally anonymous and is for internal planning purposes only.
                                                        Artist Evaluation/Survey
                                                48th Annual Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff 2009
                              707 Lake Boulevard, St. Joseph, MI 49085 Phone: 269-983-0271 Fax: 269-983-0275

                                       In 2009, 98 (44%) of 216 artists responded to our survey! Thank you!
                                                                YOU TALK, WE LISTEN!
Dear Valued Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff Artist:
Thank you for participating in the Krasl Art Center’s 48th Annual Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff. The Art Fair is the biggest fundraiser for the Krasl,
so your decision to be an artist in our art fair is very important to us. As one of America’s most accomplished artist/craftsman, we are honored that
you chose our fair to sell your beautiful artwork.
We wish to thank you for your interest and support of the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff. Your participation in this survey is vital to us!
Is the registration packet helpful?                                                                               YES 99      NO 1

          Your Comments                                                              Our Response
         Too much info

         parking lot information on map back to back
         please eliminate and do only email                                 Many artists are traveling prior to KAF & would not receive info
Is there anything we could omit?                                                                                  YES 21      NO 60
          Your Comments                                                              Our Response
         Michigan tax form                                                  Ok, we can do this, thought it was needed
         Put peripheral info (CAPP, jury rules, patron program) Online      We will see if we can do this, great idea!
         Please eliminate and do only email                                 We don’t think we can do this, but will consider
         Anything that duplicates info in packet sent earlier               We try not to do that, will look at it more closely
Would you visit and post comments on a Krasl AF social network site such as Facebook?                             YES 30      NO 60
Have you seen interesting and effective practices at other art fairs in regard to physical space, promotion & marketing, organization or any other
area that you would like to share with us to help improve the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff?
          Your Suggestions/Comments                                                  Our Response
         Assigned and numbered parking space. Eliminates stress of          Will look at this possibility
          parking for exhibitors.
         Friday night Reception: Admit one piece of artwork from each       We know other shows do this, it is something to consider.
          artist. Invite patrons/public to purchase at reception. Also,
          have a special award for Friday night.
         Recycle cans and plastic.                                          We do! This is our 2nd year and was 100% improved over 08
         More patron dollars                                                We are wild about growing this program, getting patrons is challenge!
         Maybe have a uniform sign with the Krasl logo that says            Yes, we could do this!
          “These are specifically for children. Sorry no adults!”
         You do a great job!                                                Thanks!!!!
Did you participate in the Children's Art Purchasing Program (CAPP)?                                              YES 25      NO 75
If yes, how did this program, in its 5 year, work out for you?
          Your Comments/Suggestions                                                  Our Response
         1 Child bought: Artist donations should be in one tent for         We have considered this, it is a “big” change for us to be able to do, but
          ONLY kids, priced at $.50 - $10.00                                 we have it on our radar.
         No purchases, 1 purchase, four families served, 5 purchases,
          Sold all pieces!
         Would rather donate to space that you sold to kids from (a lot     See above
          comments like this)
         Not sure if they were aware of the program – but some
          children bought things.
         Mostly adults wanted to purchase from CAPP.
         Not many people knew about it                                         We are actively promoting it.
         Sold $40                                                              Good!
         Sold some-but maybe something other than Flag-Kid Friendly
This year we had 68 artists open early for the Patron Early Preview. (9-10AM Saturday only)
Did you have Patrons spend gift certificates at your booth?                                                          YES 24      NO 78
This year we had over $3,000 pledged by Patrons. Do you have suggestions for growing Patron support?
          Your Comments/Suggestions                                                     Our Response
         Is $3,000 really enough money to open early?                          Hopefully it will be more next year, we are trying hard to ‘grow’ it.
         I really didn’t have any/many early shoppers, and no patrons
         Try to get local businesses – if they pledge of X dollars, they
          get their logo like a sponsor.
         List of artists accepted mailed to them prior to event, viewable      This is a good idea; we do have artists listed on our web site.
          art online prior, and offer go-cart transit for early shoppers if
          they only want a specific artist.
         Work with another charity (heart, cancer, etc)
         It’s a good program                                                   Thank you.
          Good if first year but could be $20,000! Watch for my                 Can’t wait!!!
          presentation at Sept. 2009 National Association of
          Independent Artist meeting in Peoria, IL. RONA KATZ
Were you satisfied with the on-site jurying process?                                                                 YES 91      NO 6
Comments or suggestions? Please Note the judges do their very best to follow the jury instructions to meet and greet all 216 artists in eight hours.
          Your Comments/Suggestions                                                     Our Response
          I only met 2 judges
          Loved the quality control – Thanks!
          Last two judges at 5:55. It was rushed and hard to cover so
          many artists (a couple people a said similar things)
          All judges stopped by
          I think they should ask questions                                     They are encouraged to do so if they don’t understand the work esp.
          Only 3 jurors introduced themselves
          Only saw/met 2 judges, talked to only 1
          Too many judges

          Jurors should feel free to give constructive criticism to artist if
          not busy with costumers.
          10 foot reproduction rule: not fair!! How does this apply to          We are using a suggested standard “A Fair & Reasonable Reproduction
          photographers? Painters do try to stock booth with originals,         Policy”.
          but when they are sold, reproductions are all that is left to sell.
          If labeled clearly what is wrong? Not everyone can afford
          originals, especially in today’s economy.
          Nice to meet the judges.
          One problem is the # of digital artist – it’s truly just
          photography (no matter how they present it) computerized. It

           makes it difficult to compete for true artists with original
           work. They can put it on a canvas or any other “presentation”
           but it is really just mass produced on a digital printer.
           More disclosure on who judges are and their qualifications.         I would be glad to do this. Will try to secure them to list on application.
           It was our first time here, and we would have liked to hear         Your score will be included in your after jury letter.
           how we did.
           I think the jurying has improved since the last time we did the     Thank you
           show (3 years ago).
           I liked that they introduced themselves & talked to us
           Although last 2 judges had to hurry due to time constraints
           Not every juror said hello- some looked harried
           A couple of jurors really didn’t even stop, plus one sticker was
           not on our sign
           Maybe have half the jurors judge each half of the categories to     I would like to do this, it takes more time to find the best judge for the
           give them more time. Match the jurors with the categories they      categories.
           have knowledge of.
           A comment about categories – possibly benchmark with how            The reason is 2 fold: Having some of the categories divided, i.e. clay
           Cherry Creek, St Louis, Plaza Kansas City, Lakefront,               gives artists a better chance to be accepted, more options than one
           Chicago Old Town, Des Moines allocate all mediums –                 category. 2nd is it gives more artists a chance to win Best Of Show and
           because some of yours seem odd. Most of these top shows I           receive the $100 prize. However, this is not written in stone and would
           listed A) have fewer total categories and B) combine clay as        be a good question to ask artists their preference.
           one group instead of separating functional and non-functional.
           I think it’s OK to want your show to offer a good mix of both
           but you can ask that in your application and just list “clay” in
           your program.
We used Zapplication for the 2nd time this year. We are very pleased with the overall process.
Did this new system work well for you?                                                                              YES 46       NO 2
Was it helpful to receive e-mail updates prior to the Art Fair?                                                     YES 98       NO 1
           Your Comments/Responses                                             Our Response
          It was helpful, but computer access is limited during summer
           due to travel from art fair to art fair.
          Could be condensed.                                                 Yes, we will continue to do better with this.
          Try not to overload our mail boxes, we get correspondence           Good to know, thanks!
           from over 20 shows
          Please do not send tons of emails as some shows are doing
Do you have any names of possible experienced and qualified jurors for 2010? Prospective jurors are interviewed, and they are paid an
honorarium. (We use the same judges for both the digital judging and the on-site jurying when possible).
Note: They need to live within driving distance of the St. Joseph area. Naming a person without contact information is insufficient.

Name: Larry Sanders                                                           Phone:414-672-6727

Address:1522 W. Pierce St., Milwaukee, WI                                     Email:

Name: Steve Smith                                                             Phone:419 658 2812 or 419 769 4271 (cell)

Address:                                                                      Email:

Name:      Stan Metzger                                                       Phone:785-246-2460

Address: 3256 NE 27th, Topeka KS 66617                                        Email:

Name: Charlene Goral                                                          Phone:231-228-5122

Address: 6140 Galla Rd., Cedar, MI 49621                                      Email:

Name: Ana Petercic                                                            Phone:       847-676-1763

 Address: 6837 N. Kilbourn Ave., Lincolnwood, IL 60712                                 Email:

 Name: Tom Turner                                                                      Phone:        269-720-2133

 Address:       7193 Hawthorn Valley Kalamazoo, MI                                     Email

 Name: Dough Arnholder                                                                 Phone:        317-373-0472

 Address:       5368 Winthrop Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220                             Email:

 Sales and Tracking
 We would be interested in knowing your approximate sales: Please consider sharing a ballpark figure.                          $271,504 recorded sales
 (For internal purposes only; we will not share with any agency!) This gives us an idea on the effectiveness                   Average sales $3,194
 of our Marketing Campaign, is it working to increase sales? Reporting your sales is the best indicator! (Projected total sales of all artists $689,918)
 Was this amount:
                                               1.   Less than expected       42
                                               2.   More than expected       15
                                               3.   As expected              27
            Your Comments/Suggestions                                                   Our Response
           This was my first time at this show, but I was extremely                    Thank you, we work really hard on this.
            impressed with all the community support and marketing, and
            all the amazing staff and volunteers.
           You should allow more reproductions in today’s economy                      See above
           More than expected/as expected- But less than last year
           As expected- based on last year
           More than expected- $4000. Used to be what I expected, I
            didn’t expect it in this economy. It is mainly due to one large
            painting that sold for $2600. The rest of my sales were small
            matted originals.
           Less than expected- there was a tremendous amount of people.
            The marketing seems to be great; I think the economy affected
            the customers.
           Just a little less

How much money will you spend this weekend for the following:

Auto, van, vehicle costs including fuel                                                                                           $11,349________
Food costs, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks other food items?                                                        $8,386
Housing costs, motel, hotel, RV park rental, etc.?                                                                                $14,939
Miscellaneous costs, such as RX items, sunscreen, packing supplies, etc.?                                                         $1,545
Did you stay in the area longer for "vacation"?                                                                YES 21             NO 71
Will you gas up in St. Joseph before you depart?                                                               YES 72             NO 23
           Your Comments/Suggestions                                                         Our Response
                     Thanks for having the Hosting Program                                   Our pleasure! We hope to have more hosts next year.
Returning artists: (From 2008)
    Please estimate how many commissions you received (and their value) after last year’s 2008 Krasl Art Fair.         43              $      6,735
                                                                                                                    Commissions              Value
    Please estimate amount of follow-up, post-art fair business you received due to your involvement
    With last year’s Krasl Art Fair. (For internal information only)                                                              $ 11,300

Marketing & Publicity
We continue to adjust our publicity to better target people most likely to make substantial art purchases. We have extensive sponsorship for
marketing, a cash, and in-kind budget of $15,000 with in-kind sponsorship of 4 media sponsors. We are doing all we can to bring the customers to
you. It is helpful to know where your customers are from so we know if our marketing strategies are effective. We mail post cards to nearly 9000
Please list the cities, area, or group here.
Ann Arbor (2)                                               Bloomington (1)                                           Chicago (23)
Baroda, MI (1)                                              Brighton (1)                                              East Lansing (1)
Battle Creek (1)                                            Colorado Springs, CO (1)                                  Fort Wayne (2)
Benton Harbor (2)                                           Columbus, OH (1)                                          Fremont, OH (1)

Gobles (1)                                               Monroe, MI (1)                                         Richmond, MI (1)
Grand Rapids (6)                                         Michigan City (1)                                      Sawyer (1)
Granger (1)                                              Milwaukee (2)                                          South Bend (10)
Greenville (1)                                           Mishawaka, IN (1)                                      South Haven (1)
Illinois (2)                                             No. Indiana (7)                                        St. Joseph (7)
Indianapolis (2)                                         No. Michigan (2)                                       Wisconsin (1)
Kalamazoo (4)                                            Paw Paw (1)
Long Beach, IN (1)                                       Petey, MD (1)

What ideas/suggestions have you seen for marketing & publicity?
               Your Comments/Suggesstions                                                 Our Response
          Have preview party night just for patrons.                           We invited the patron club participates this year to artist reception.
          Loved your billboard near Chicago! Hand-out in rest area/State       Thanks! We do have all our marketing materials at the Mi Welcome
           welcome Center, State College. (PA does that)                        Center in New Buffalo on I-94.
          The publicity seems to be very good. Other than expensive TV
           advertising in Chicago I can’t think of any
          Ask exhibitors to share the names of their 2009 customer to add      This would be great!
           to your mailing list.
          Smaller, high-quality show and no corporate sponsors                 This is the Krasl’s largest fundraiser, so we need sponsors!
          Billboards, preview party for patrons and select artists (Fort
           Meyers does this)
          Downtown banners (2 comments)
          Team up with local NPR/PBS and turn Friday night into a
           benefit dinner/gala
          I think as St. Joseph revitalizes its tourism with the park, the     We hope this happens.
           show will grow also. Marketing the park will also bring
           awareness to St. Joseph.

Booth Space
We continue to make adjustments to spaces in the park in response to a changing park landscape such as:
    This year we added a new space (#46) which changed all the numbers till #94.
    The city added 5 new maritime markers to the landscape.
    We do our best to give you the space that you request.
Did your space work well for you?                                                                               YES 91             NO 5
If your space did not work well please let us know why & what booth # so that we can address the problem. What, if any, changes would you
suggest for next year?
               Your Comments/Suggestions                                                  Our Response
          It was moved away from the bluff – last years spot where I lost      You are welcome.
           so many pots to a nice protected spot that worked so well.
           Thank you!
          On cement worked well for us. The cannon pad was                     We know, this is something we can’t control.
           troublesome with children (unattended) climbers.
          Saw some that “tilt” too much for most booths – maybe
           sculptures would be better there
          #68 – booth had light pole – It worked, but needed to move           Corrected this for next year.
           1 foot into sidewalk, and no back shade/awning.
          #82 – I like the location but it sloped – these spaces are hard      We know they are a challenge, but we need the booth space.
           for artists with shelves and pedestals.
          It is great to have extra space between booths
          I asked for shade and drive-up, which I got, but I didn’t think to   Sorry about that! Have to use the spaces too.
        ask for a level area.
       Okay, but really sloped and patrons kept tripping on exposed       Would like to know which # as have tried to avoid exposed roots.
        tree roots.
       Not enough traffic on the far end of show (1 and 2)                We do our best to invite patrons to the very end.
       #18 – love my space                                                Great!
       #172 – because I was tucked back from the sidewalk, it             We have looked at this before & have tried to ensure a good traffic
        seemed as if a lot of people stayed on the sidewalk and            flow.
        didn’t venture back to these booths
       Nice tree. Thanks for keeping the spaces nice & large!
We are in our 4th year of a color coded parking system. Did the color coded parking lot work for you?      YES 90              NO 1

Do you have any comments or suggestions for next year?
        Your Comments/Suggestions                                                     Our Response
       Wonderfully close
       Being able to park nearby is highly helpful to artists
                                                                           Not sure what is meant here, as unloading/loading Lake Blvd is open.
       Drop off at both ends of the festival and pick up as well
       Keep up the great work – it is appreciated
                                                                           Always nice to hear, as this is one of our goals!
       Show not my best for sales, but a keeper because of ease of set
        up, big booth, all artist amenities
       It makes a HUGE difference to have closest parking –
        especially because I am alone
                                                                           Thanks is our plan.
       Please do not shuttle artist to far away from parking – please
        keep parking the same as is now
                                                                           I am very sorry to hear this. This is not the case, artists are allowed to
       We were told (very rudely) by a volunteer on Sat. 6:20PM           do this after the show closes. I will make sure this info gets
        that we were not allowed to pull our vehicle on to Lake Blvd. to   communicated to volunteers. This will not happen again!
        load up expensive art work for the night. If this was the case,
        we would have appreciated advanced notice.
                                                                           This is the case now, if anyone was abusing our policy, we were not
       Keep parking downtown – but each artist should only use            aware.
        one space! Either a trailer or a truck/van, not both.
                                                                           Thank you for the tip, will make every effort to ensure that downtown
       Parking and set up was perfect. However, during the fair, my       merchants know about the shuttle.
        booth sitter’s sister visited a business that was experiencing
        their regular costumers’ dissatisfaction with get to
        appointment because of limited parking. Possible dialogue
        with business owners on shuttle availability and sharing of
        service could be an opportunity for all parties (nail salon
        had to reschedule appointments and change their normal
        business hours)
                                                                           Trailers are to park in our RV parking lot, unless that is the one vehicle
       On Friday it was difficult finding parking. Pulling a trailer      you will be using for your one spot in the parking lot.
        it was extremely difficult to get into the lot – but understand
        your space limitations
                                                                           I appreciate your concern. This is not up to us, it is from the city and it
       I witnessed severe parking waste. The authorities have gone        will not change. We met with the city for our wrap-up meeting where
        out of their way to reduce available parking rather than           this concern was approached and it is a safety issue that is written in
        increase it. This is defeating economic gain. In other venue,      stone. We will have to do the best we can with PR, etc
        streets are turned in to one-way streets to increase parking,
        not taking available parking in the name of safety. If not
        addressed, this practice will slowly but surely kill
        attendance and the event’s appeal.
                                                                           Thank you. As far as the food from our sponsor, The Bistro on the
       Please keep load-out & load-in policy as is – works really well.   Blvd., the food is an amenity, it is free and the sponsor has set this
        Anything you can do to allow us to bring food back from            requirement. You may take beverage with you. We understand the
        hospitality would be great                                         dilemma this presents for artists who are alone, but we do provide booth
                                                                           sitters for your convenience
       New parking plan is working well

We have a total of 3 shuttles for the public. Parking is very limited downtown, we did a survey 4 yrs. ago about shuttling artists from another
location, the majority were against that option & for the option to park as close to the Fair as possible. We are doing our best to accommodate artists
& patrons with the limited parking in our downtown area.
 Art Fair Impressions
When considering the entire Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff experience and comparing it to other art fairs, please rate the Krasl Art Fair on a scale of
1 – 4 with 1 being poor and 4 being exceptional.

                                              1(Poor)                       2                             3                       4(exceptional)
   Amenities                       0                              1                          15                            80
   Artist Friendly                 0                              0                          4                             92
   Ease of Load-In/ Load-Out       0                              1                          20                            74
   Enjoyable Experience            0                              0                          10                            86
   Quality of art (overall)        0                              4                          27                            69
   Committee/Volunteers            0                              1                          8                             87
   Crowd Size                      0                              4                          37                            55
   Helpful Staff                   0                              0                          7                             88
   Location of booth               1                              7                          13                            75
   Sales (high, average, low)      7                              28                         31                            21
  Well Organized                   0                              2                          5                             88
   Location of event               0                              0                          5                             91

     What are the reasons for your rating? We are seeking your Art Fair impressions.
              Your Comments/Suggestions                                                Our Response
           It’s as good as it gets
           Wonderful show but sales way down – not Krasl’s fault
           #92 – I oppose the use of double booths – only the              We have always had roomy booths that varied by size. We have a
               exhibitors that generates a lot of income can afford         wide variety of mediums in the 34 booths that are larger than 15X15.
               them on a weekly basis. There is no equality any longer The booths have always blended in really well with the other sizes.
               out here. Only a few shows can see how a double booth In my 14 years, this is only the 2 time someone has complained of
               can impact artists in the surround area – generally          this issue. Of the 34, 10 were photographers, 11 in the painting,
               speaking, they are mostly photographers that benefits,       drawing/pastel. This is the second year that we made a distinction
               and painters certainly do not. Not only are they selling     for the larger size $275 (once several years ago). We do not plan to
               pseudo paintings (photos on canvas) but can press a          raise our booth fee anytime soon. We think our fees are reasonable.
               button on a printer and voila – out comes an original! I As for the other issue you raise about photographers, reproductions
               wonder how I can do that with pastel – any                   and pastels, well I don’t have an answer other than we allow
               suggestions?                                                 reproductions. I do hear your frustration and would be happy to talk
                                                                            with you further about this. Call me.
           Collette Fortin – a little buy/sell in art mix, economy (ps – We want to know about any art that you know is buy.sell.
               showing work at Signature Automotive brought in a sale,
               good ideal!)
           Great show as visual – the best this year! Whoever              Thanks, and I give the credit to my church, ‘praying Presbyterians”!
               ordered the weather, congrats!
           Thanks for taking artist input and implementing it
           My problem this year was plenty of bodies, very few
               buyers – not Krasl’s fault in this economy
           Survey is only helpful to you                                   I am sorry to hear that. We share our survey results with many
           Need earlier availability of Coffee/Caffeine                    We do open artist hospitality 7am on Sat, due to winds, etc. we ran
                                                                            late, sorry about that!
           Please continue to allow reproductions                          We have no plans to change this policy.
           Show needs to be smaller with better jurying. Lots of           We won’t get bigger, but the KAF is the biggest fund raiser for the
               questionable work. Too much paper work and survey            Krasl Art Center. So reducing anything that brings in revenue is not
               is the same! Concentrate on smaller show, higher             likely. Our on-site sponsors are important to us, their financial
               quality. No corporate sponsors. Focus on high quality        support is crucial to our fundraising efforts. We try to do it in the
               ART and Artists will be happier with sales. This is          best way possible to not detract from the artists. We strive to have
               about art and artists – not Toyotas!                         the best juors, and highest quality art that has been juried or on the
                                                                            wait list. The survey does change, but some info we want each year.
           Only problem was some difficulty obtaining food –
               only a problem as far as sometimes having to go back
               and forth to get all food together
           Spaces are a great size
           My favorite fair with excellent staff. My one and only          Yes, we wish all our spaces were level and flat!
               problem is not having a flat booth floor.
           2 waters for 2 days?? Other shows have water brought We know that some shows do this. We think it is good that we can
               around by volunteers during the show.                        offer “free” water to all artists both days.

           Continue to keep ban on pets – need more signs                   Will do.
           I read last years survey to get a feel for your show             Good idea.
           I felt like an honored guest – I love the roving booth sitters   Thank you.
            and the flags
           Nice art center and gift shop                                    Thanks!
           You have the best award ribbons – they look great                They are handmade in Galien, MI
           Nice billboard sign on I94 – Nice image for show – lunch         Thank you.
            and dinner was delicious
           The mandatory one plate per person on Friday night is            We struggle to get the food and we still run out, that is why we have
            a little cheap – and uncomfortable for artist – one lady         this guideline. Sorry you had an uncomfortable experience, as this is
            actually blocked the door with her arm. I was only               not what we want either. We had an overzealous volunteer.
            getting my husband, not food. Perhaps a hospitality
            pep talk is in order: manners, manners, manners
           Not being able to take food out of artist room is                As stated above, this is an amenity and we have to respect our host.
           I value the tradition and media of fine arts as opposed
            to mechanical and mass reproduction
           Location of booth got a low score because I fear being           We do all we can to attract the crowds to the north end. So sorry you
            so far away from downtown may have resulted in                   experienced this.
            “tired” crowds – it’s a long trek from one end to the
           This is one of the best shows in the country – our top 5!        Thanks!
           This is a well thought-out, well prepared show
           Great staff, volunteers, fun town, knowledgeable
           I would like to see more fine art painters                       We try to have a good balance between fine art/fine craft, but will
                                                                             evaluate our numbers again.
           Thanks for a great show!!
           Artist friendly in tough times the artist in residents was       Thank you. This was our pilot year and we hope to expand it next
            great                                                            year.
           I don’t know of any other art fair with port-a-potties as        Thanks to Joy’s Johns .
            clean as yours. Thank you soooo much!
           Sara & staff are outstanding. Crowd were out but holding         Thank you.
            onto their wallets this year
           So many fairs are turning “corporate” –It’s so great to be       Thank you, were are in great company.
            in a fair who’s keeping their own identity. Other fairs that
            I would equate to you are the Plaza Art Fair, South West
            Craft Center, in San Antonio, and the St. Louis Clayton
            Fair – Thank you!

 Is this survey helpful? Yes (10)
            Your Suggestions/Comments                                                       Our Response
            I’m glad you’re interested in Artist’ opinions                  We are!!!!
            If there are leftover pastries or snacks, what about putting    This is a good idea, will share with Hospitality. We seldom have any
             them out at the Krasl or Library during pack-down? That is a    leftovers that we could use in that way, but it is good to keep in mind.
             great time for a snack!

Our goal is to provide constant improvement to the Krasl Art Fair using your feedback. We do listen and are responsive to your
feedback (see 2008 survey results on our website). Our goal is to address the needs and wants of all of our exhibitors and for the Krasl
Art Fair on the Bluff to become your favorite art fair.
                                       Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
                                                               Krasl Art Fair Committee


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