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									                                      NHANN Newsletter, March, 2007

       of Northern Nevada

2007 BOARD
President: Rebekka Rhodes - 972-9025
Vice President: Debora Lay - 972-4334
Immediate Past President: Mark Rhodes -
972-9025                          In This Newsletter You Will Find:
Activities Coordinator: Susan Lilley - 233-1064
                                                               March General Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Claire Henderson - 315-2865
                                                               Upcoming Events
Assistant Secretary: Cindy Salyer - 853-5546
                                                               March “Share” notes
Newsletter Editor: Carole Dance - 626-3902                     Purple Pony: Mars Horsie Convention
Treasurer: Dar Meredith - 972-1127                             Rider Fitness/Follow-up from Claire Henderson
Web Master: Jann Hehn - 852-7261                               March Board Meeting Minutes
Membership Director: Ray Henderson - 297-6092                  Special Board Meeting Minutes
Mail membership dues to 27990 Percheron Dr., Reno,
NV 89506; $25.00 individual annual dues, $35.00 for
family annual dues.

                                                              MARCH GENERAL MEETING
                                                              The general meeting was called to order at 6:22 p.m. and the
             NEXT MEETING:                                    minutes of last month’s meeting were approved.

        ***Thursday, April 5, 2007***                         The financials were reviewed as follows:
             Board Meeting 5:15 p.m.                          Beginning balance: $1635.29, deposits: $485.00, expenses:
            General Meeting, 6:00 p.m.                        $81.67. The current balance is $2038.62 A full report of
            Damonte Ranch Parkway,                            income and expenses available for review to all NHANN
                                                              members at any time.
         Round Table Pizza, South Reno
        Presentation: Body Work for Horses                    The following announcements were made:
                  By Mark Rhodes                              1. Maplewood Stables has asked Rebekka to do a series of
                                                                 clinics at their location. The first clinic, “Building Respect
                                                                 from the Ground Up,” will be on April 1st from 9 AM –
Mark Rhodes will present “Body Work for Horses” and              noon and will teach you how to work with your young
explain various therapeutic techniques and how they can          horse or start over with your aged horse and develop a
help our horses. Mark has extensive experience helping           spirit of cooperation. The cost will be $75.00 on or before
horses heal from injury, release tension, and relax sore         March 30, and $100 on the clinic day. Participants will
areas for better health and soundness. Horses are literally      work with Maplewood’s three-year olds. For more
transformed as Mark reinvigorates connections                    information call 849-1849, or go to
throughout the body that are critical for performance and        or
overall well being.
                                          NHANN Newsletter, March, 2007
2.   Tina Hutton’s Creative Learning Center is continuing to
     offer special clinics. Tina is a Feldenkrais practitioner,
     TTEAM practitioner, and Centered Riding Instructor. She
                                                                     MARCH “SHARE” NOTES
     has classes coming up 3/24 and 4/28 (Finding the Rider
     Within) non-mounted riding classes.                             Rebekka and Mark Rhodes After suffering the loss of one of                                             their horses last week, Rebekka reminded us all to spend time
3.   PARELLI TICKETS: PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU                           with your horses and enjoy them all you can while you’ve got
     DO NOT NEED TO BUY TICKETS IF YOU PLAN                          them. It is also important to learn about vital signs and get to
     TO ATTEND THE PARELLI SHOWS LATER THIS                          know your vet. Have your vet teach you how to use a
     YEAR!!! OUR CLUB CAN GET INTO THE RENO                          stethoscope and how to do an intramuscular injection. Mark
     PARELLI SHOWS FOR FREE! All club members will                   had his birthday this past week, but of course the loss of their
     get free tickets to Parelli as long as your membership is       beloved horse overshadowed everything else. The rest of the
     current. If you haven’t renewed your membership for             horses are doing well, although they are grieving. Rebekka
     2007, you won’t be eligible for the free tickets, so be sure    also discussed how horses care for us when we are emotion-
     to renew your membership by April 30 to ensure that             ally or otherwise distressed—they do understand and feel what
     you are on the list!                                            we feel.
4.   Carol Huffer said that there will be trail trials happening
     on March 31 in Washoe Valley. Carole will forward the           Debora Lay Debora has been published again with an article
     information to Claire to send out to the members.               in the latest edition of Pet Folio. There is also an article by
5.   The club was given flyers for the mule clinic with Brad         Rebekka in the same issue, as well as club information. Debora
     Cameron to be held 5/11-12/13 &14 at Rocking LJ in              sent Cruiser up the street while she recovered from a shoulder
     Washoe Valley.                                                  injury. His previous biting problem recurred while at the
                                                                     neighbor’s. The vet did not find a physical issue, and once he
The following library information was reviewed:                      returned home, Debora was able to resolve the biting again.
Rebekka reviewed the new books added to library. Debora Lay          Sundance has done very well and was accepted to the Black
reviewed the library reference manual and resource file              Stallion Literacy program and will be going out to schools as
available to members including list of current library materials,    part of this program.
business cards, handouts, previous month’s newsletter, library
policies, club by-laws, etc. At the next board meeting, the          Carol Huffer Carol’s success is that she actually got on her
board will discuss DVDs and other video materials that would         horse that she hasn’t ridden in about 4-5 years. Rebekka
be useful additions. Members should submit any requests to a         worked on bridling him about 6 months ago because he was a
board member for review. Please send in suggestions! We will         head tosser. Saddling, he raised one foot but he accepted the
also be adding to our library reference and info sheets, i.e. last   bridle without problems. She worked him in the round pen and
month’s presentation on colic, and the fitness information from      then rode, and he did everything she asked. She was amazed
tonight.                                                             because he’d never been cooperative before. She thinks he is
                                                                     feeling relief from his arthritis pain.

                                                                     Claire Henderson One of Claire’s biggest horse successes
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                      lately was that her formerly abused/neglected Thoroughbred is
                                                                     now starting to look for her and cooperate instead of protest or
March 31 – Trail Trials in Washoe Valley                             check out. He did his round pen work perfectly last time at
April 1 – Maplewood Stables Presents: “Building                      Rebekka’s and is learning that people can be different than
Respect from the Ground Up with Rebekka Rhodes”                      what he experienced in his past. Her other TB, Rohan,
Call 849-1849 for more information, or visit                         continues to be a great partner and teacher for her.
April 5 – NHANN April Meeting                                        Ray Henderson Ray said that as always both of his horses are
April 24 –Tina Hutton’s Creative Learning Center                     great to ride. He commented on Claire’s troubled TB
                                                                     (mentioned above) and said that she has done an awesome job
offers “Finding the Rider Within” non-mounted riding
                                                                     with him. Recently he played with him at a lesson and wound
classes.                                         up riding him with just a halter and one rein. He’s 16’3h,
May 11-12/13 & 14 – Brad Cameron mule clinic at the                  which is taller than what Ray is used to, but they had no
Rocking LJ in Washoe Valley (775-849-7826)                           problems. Ray had trouble trying to make it home in the last
                                                                     snowstorm, and even with the loss of their horse on that very
A full listing of local and regional events can be found on          same day, Mark and Rebekka took Ray in when he couldn’t
our web site at ALL ITEMS                get home that evening due to weather.
                                          NHANN Newsletter, March, 2007
                                                                   after her surgery, her older Quarter Horse mare became lame
Dar Meredith Dar has a new Timberline saddle and loves it!         with muscle spasms, and Treecie had to check her vital signs
She’s used it twice. Rebekka came out to her place and they        and finally found her pulse with a stethoscope. The mare had
put it on CJ. CJ is very, very tall, so Dar had to use the horse   swelling up under the hip, and Treecie spent all night with her
trailer fender to climb up on her horse, but he learned how to     not knowing what was causing the swelling and pain. She
stand for her to mount from there.                                 improved, and on the fourth day, an abscess appeared at the
                                                                   hairline of the hoof. This was her first experience with a
Susan Lilley Susan hasn’t ridden much but has been doing           subsolar abscess, but is a good reminder for all of us that the
well with exercises.                                               symptoms of a problem may occur far away from the real
                                                                   source of the problem. The mare is on the mend. Treecie had
Donna Artz Donna’s horse, Wild Bill, had an injury and she         another success with her mustang she adopted last October
couldn’t ride for 6 months. He is now completely healed. She’s     who used to be very introverted and wouldn’t interact with
going to keep him shod with support for heels per Dr. Kirk.        people at all. Rebekka helped the horse learn that he could
She had a new farrier in January and had some problems after       interact with people, but Treecie worries that now she needs
riding. He was re-shod without improvement. She switched to        help because the horse has gotten too possessive of John and
a different farrier, Dale Hoover, who put a bar shoe on, and       her and doesn’t recognize boundaries. Rebekka interjected that
her horse is now sound. She just got magnets from Mark and         the horse may be protecting Treecie knowing that she is not
will work him back into being ridden again.                        100% since her surgery. Horses live by body language and
                                                                   they see that you are not well.Treecie remarked that the night
Angela Archer Angela has survived the last three weeks as a        she had to stay up with her mare the other horses stayed with
new mom to Alexis Lynette Archer, 7 lb. 12 oz., who was            muzzles touching Treecie and the injured horse. She is amazed
born on Superbowl Sunday at 8:54 pm. She has already been          how the mustang has gone from being indifferent to humans to
out to the barn. When Angela was pregnant, her horse Piglet        very attached in one year.
would not let anyone near her. Now he’s mad at her because
she hasn’t spent time with him since birth of the baby.            Debbie Ribnick: Debbie hasn’t been riding. Her horse is now
                                                                   barefoot and she’s looking at keeping him that way.
Noreen Horning Noreen is the proud grandma of Alexis. She
has many horses, and one of the newest additions is a former       Melinda Cash and JillAnn Stevenson had to leave before
ranch horse. He is teaching her that ranch horses are very         SHARE, but we’re glad you could come!
different from backyard horses…they aren’t handled when
they’re born and get little human attention outside of what is     Thanks to all for sharing! WE WELCOME OUR VISITORS
necessary for them to do their jobs. The first time she fed him,   AND HOPE YOU COME AGAIN! NHANN Meetings are
he charged her with an open mouth and pinned ears. She has         held at the Round Table Pizza off Damonte Ranch Parkway, in
never been around a horse like this and thinks some of his         South Reno. The Damonte Ranch Parkway exit off of Highway
behavior comes from lack of human bonding. But now he is           395 is just north of the Virginia City/Mount Rose interchange.
starting to comer to her. When she had all 5 geldings running      The Round Table Pizza is on "Old Virginia", which is a new
in the arena to play, he was not sure what to do since play was    street serving the shopping center just West of the highway.
never a part of his former life. She’s working on building trust
and introducing him to a different life. He’s 18 yrs old and is
coming around. Now when she feeds, she offers a little bit by      SPECIAL “PURPLE PONY” ARTICLE
hand and leads him to his feeder.                                  During the "share" portions of our meetings, we often wind up
                                                                   discussing situations where our horses spook. The following
Robbie Maus Every time Robbie goes out with her horse is a         article (written by the "Purple Pony" courtesy of
success! Today in the arena she was able to get her horse to do does a great job addressing the
figure 8s around cones just using her hands to direct. There is    fundamental reason that horses tend to do this. This article is
a picture of Robbie’s horse and her nephew in the RGJ              reprinted with permission from Their
Neighbors newspaper section. Rebekka commented on the              website offers an on-line magazine full of excellent articles on
excellent photography.                                             everything from horse health to horsemanship to the
                                                                   fundamental mechanics of riding. Although it is a subscription
John McCauley Treecie had surgery and John was in charge           service, there are free articles available there as well. The
of the animals for a couple of weeks. He says: “I hope she         article is on the following page...please enjoy!
gets better soon so she can go back to taking lessons again so
she’ll be easier to live with! Her horses are spoiled rotten and
I’m not their equal so they push me around.”

                                                                   Purple Pony: The Mars Horsie Convention
                                                                   In general spooking occurs when the horse has decided to
                                                                   take matters into his own ... eerrrr ... hooves. This says a
Treecie White has gone through another neck surgery. Soon          couple of things: he's thinking outside the training, and then
                                           NHANN Newsletter, March, 2007
there is the opportunity (I'm pretty sure you ruled out pain). I     walk along the rail, then they canter along the rail. Well after 5
believe that 99% of spooking occurs because the rider has            minutes, maybe even after 30 seconds, the horse is on
stopped riding and the horse's attention has drifted.                automatic pilot with his brain going to Mars because it is a lot
                                                                     more exciting there and he 'knows' he is just supposed to stay
Lots of people talk to me wondering why we horses spook.             along the rail. So onto automatic pilot he goes.
There are lots of reasons, but truly most come down to either
pain and tension from equipment, or the riding/training, or the      Then there are those riders who do twenty minutes of circle
other big reason is that we horses get bored with you humans         work. And they circle and they circle and they circle. And the
really quickly. You may think you're pretty dang exciting, but       horse isn't even with them, the body is but he is having an out
snore… you really can be a bore sometimes.                           of body experience, you guessed it, with his brain on Mars.

Sometimes horses are just ignoring you and just day dreaming.        Then there are the riders who walk, walk, walk for 5 to 10
Sometimes you just need to get their attention. There is             minutes, then trot, trot, trot for another 5 to 10, then back to
nothing wrong with a quick "Hellooo I'm here" kind of                walk, walk, walk. All the while thinking they are working on
response from the rider. I had one rider who use to literally        improving the horses walk, walk, walk, or their trot, trot, trot -
lean off the side of the saddle, wave her hand in front of my        where in reality the horse is again on auto pilot, saying hello to
eyes while riding, knock on my head and go "helloooo..               all his horsie friends on Mars, because there are a lot of us
anybody in there". “WHAT! Who? Oh its you”, she scared me            horses up there on Mars, a regular horsie convention. And
out of a winters growth of hair each and every time she did          while they are on auto pilot and we don't have their attention,
that!                                                                you're not improving anything, how can you be?

So maybe just check to see if your horse is bored on a regular       The solution is simple. Surprise them!! Arena wall? What
basis during your ride. Are the two of you a working unit or is      arena wall? Were you automatically turning in the next corner,
he spending a lot of his time, with his body with you but his        hey I bet you can't fit into the corner if we turn into the wall to
mind on Mars. Horses are phenomenally smart creatures, we            turn around instead, want to try? Circle, you thought I wanted
just don’t let you know that, but you know how many times            circle, hey I'm a polygon person myself. What about a square,
one of us poor dumb creatures have outsmarted one of you!            a triangle maybe even? Walk? No I wanted trot, okay maybe
But we also have the attention of a two year old some days.          walk, nah I really meant I wanted trot, no maybe canter, no
And really a lot of that comes from how you ride.                    you were right let's walk?

If you ever watch a two year old watch TV they watch the fast        Have spooking problems? Have forward problems? Have
paced snazzy commercials and miss the main program, that to          attention problems? Then just change what you are doing
them moves slowly and is dull and boring. And just requires          consistently, constantly, never do the expected, always do the
too much effort to follow.                                           unexpected. Change gaits, change directions now, 180% now,
                                                                     surprise your horse. Make a game out of it. See if you can
I know some people suggest that you should vary what you do,         catch your horse on automatic pilot. Wake your horse up and
go trail riding, jumping and arena work. Just for this reason.       be surprised by how much fun the two of you can have
To be honest the horse can be just as distracted outside paying      together. He may never visit Mars again!
attention to birds as they can be in an arena. We don't really
get bored from our surroundings. We really don't care if we          Although why I am telling you this secret I don't know!
work in the arena every day. It’s you we find boring!                Personally I would miss visiting all my horsie friends on Mars.

Horses can express their lack of attention to the rider in two       Reprinted with permission from
ways, either by ignoring them, or spooking. For as intelligent
that we are, we tend not to be thinking of two things at the
same time. If we are really working we usually are not
spooking. This to me has always been the simplest solution to

                                                                     MARCH PRESENTATION:
                                                                     Springtime Rider Fitness Tune-Up with Claire and Ray
Where is our attention? And how can you get our attention?           Henderson: Claire and Ray are former triathletes,
                                                                     marathoners, triathlon coaches and personal trainers certified
One by not being quite so predictable.                               by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Cooper
                                                                     Institute, National College of Strength and Fitness and USA
I will let you in on a secret. Many riders don't realize how         Triathlon. Claire and Ray gave a comprehensive presentation
predictable they are being. They go into the arena and to begin      on the many aspects of fitness including nutrition, weight loss,
with walk along the rail, then they trot along the rail, then they   flexibility and strength training, as well as guidelines and
                                           NHANN Newsletter, March, 2007
practical suggestions for the successful achievement of optimal
fitness. A complete copy of their presentation will be kept in       One other note I failed to address regarding the Atkins diet is
the library or can be accessed on the web site:                      that if one looks at a sample daily menu, it provides Copies of             somewhere around 1600 calories a day…so in addition to
the handout, which includes a sample core strength training          tricking the cells into using up their energy stores--glycogen
workout are available in the library resource file. For              that comes from carbohydrate—it is also just a basic calorie-
questions, Claire and Ray can be reached at the following            reduction diet!!! I have seen many clients lose weight slowly
numbers: Claire: 775-315-2865, Ray: 775-297-6092                     and permanently on diets that modestly restricted calories only
                                                                     (500-1000 fewer calories consumed than used per day)—any
THANK YOU Claire and Ray for a great presentation                    time you consume less energy than you expend, you will lose
with lots of useful information, tips and ideas that can be          weight!
put to practical use by all equestrians to improve our
health, our riding and our relationships with our horses!!!          The diet industry makes billions and billions of dollars off the
                                                                     public’s desire for a “quick fix” every year, and yet we are
***Special Note from Claire:                                         becoming a more obese society all the time. I have personally
The day after our presentation, a new study came out showing         seen the best results when people make simple, fundamental
that participants lost more weight over the course of a year on      changes in how they eat (eat smaller portions with more
the Atkins diet vs. the Zone, Ornish, or LEARN diets. I was          nutrient-dense foods) and increase their activity level on a
able to listen to a discussion with one of the chief investigators   daily basis. These simple and cheap lifestyle changes can be
from this study, and his conclusions did not match the hype          maintained over a lifetime and will lead to better long-term
that has been presented in the media so please be aware of           health and vitality…and isn’t that the main reason to keep
some of these less-reported facts about the study:                   ourselves at a healthy weight in the first place? -Claire

   The investigator himself thought than none of the diets
    performed particularly well considering the fact that the
    participants were clinically obese patients needing to lose
                                                                     MARCH BOARD MEETING NOTES
    up to 100 pounds to achieve a healthy weight…the weight
    loss on Atkins was only 10 pounds vs. 5 pounds for the           The board meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM. The board
    other diets, so most of these patients remained obese at the     reviewed revised board member position descriptions and
    end of the study.                                                approved the modifications. The board meeting minutes from
                                                                     the February meeting were approved. A note was made to add
   The study was designed to mimic the real world where
                                                                     the board meeting notes from the special board meeting to the
    individuals follow a diet using a book without much
                                                                     March newsletter.
    additional help. The participants were left on their own
    after a couple of months where they met weekly with a
                                                                     The by-law revisions were reviewed. To comply with state
    dietician. Adherence was enhanced by the weekly
                                                                     law, the years on record keeping was changed from 5 to 3 with
    meetings at the beginning of the study, but as the study
                                                                     the exception of the membership roster, which will be kept
    went on, patients were less compliant, so it is hard to tell
    whether the diets truly worked or not.
                                                                     Other by-law changes included:
   Participants were supposed to increase their exercise, but
                                                                      Section III 1.b, pg. 8: Conduct all business in an orderly
    this was not closely tracked.
   The diet measured weight loss only and did not
                                                                      4e: 3 yrs. rather than 5 yrs.
    differentiate between fat loss, water loss, and muscle loss.
                                                                      Article V
   The compliance with the diet guidelines was poor on all
    diets, especially as the diet went on.                            Amendments March. 2007, also page 11

                                                                     Several logos based on criteria discussed at the special board
                                                                     meeting were reviewed. The new logo can be seen in this
So in spite of all the media hype about the new study, I still       newsletter. Colors will be determined at a later time.
believe that science supports finding a healthy lifestyle that
incorporates good nutrition from whole foods along with              The board also discussed some suggestions regarding the
exercise as the best long-term health and fitness strategy. Even     location for meetings. A suggestion to hold the meeting at
in this study, participation was poor at the end…that tells me       alternating locations throughout the Reno/Carson area was
that drastic eating plans are rarely successful long-term            discussed, but everyone was concerned that frequently
strategies for good health. Also, when we remove all the             changing locations would be more confusing than helpful.
wonderful antioxidants, micronutrients, and vitamins from our        Everyone also agreed that keeping the meetings in the South
diet that we get from eating a variety of whole foods including      Reno area provides the most central access since some
whole grains, fruits and vegetables, we increase our risk for        members come from places as far away as Dayton,
other health diseases such as cancer.                                Gardnerville, Spanish Springs and Rancho Haven. It was
                                          NHANN Newsletter, March, 2007
agreed that if someone could locate a better venue in the same
general area, the meetings could be moved to a new permanent       The following topics were presented for discussion:
location.                                                              1. Review board member duties list provided – review
                                                                            and clarify positions.
The following library items were approved for purchase at              2. Look at voting privileges per position, change by-
VERY low prices:                                                            laws as written?
- Smart Horse by Jennifer MacLeay                                      3. Look at logo design and vote.
- The Truth About Horses by Andrew McLean                              4. What do we order once we have logo
- Feeling Dressage: How to Achieve Harmony with Your                   5. Final discussion and vote on meeting order change.
    Horse by Ruth Sabine Schaefer                                      6. Look at new library items and the list with dollar
                                                                            amounts and vote on what to add to library.
The board decided to review Julie Goodnight’s website for              7. Thoughts on clinics, workshops, ed days or events.
input on purchasing DVDs that would address specific riding            8. Activities other than educational.
issues. They also decided to wait until next month to determine        9. Review last year’s questionnaire results.
whether the club should purchase the Horse Follow Closely              10. Speakers.
DVD.                                                                   11. Extra set of checks – shred. File box of old financial
                                                                            records – destroy prior to 5 years.
The board agreed that we will start a collection of information        12. Dar will call Mike Greg to verify cut off date for
sheets to keep as resource/reference materials in the library.              destruction of records.
Items would include handouts on how to take vitals, colic,
conformation, poisonous plants, etc.                               Discussions on the above topics proceeded as follows:
                                                                   1. Board member duties list:
Time ran short, and the board will discuss the following               - Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Newsletter Editor
suggestions for workshops at the next meeting: ground                    positions were clarified
manners, equine spine, understanding horse eyesight, getting           - Webmaster should be added to member duties list.
fit to ride strong, breaking the buddy bond, “spook-proof”             - Rephrase: The following positions may combined.
your horse, etc.                                                       - Each occupied position will have a full vote--
                                                                         singularly, or in conjunction with another board
The secretary agreed to send out a reminder e-mail for the club          position.
meeting two days prior to each monthly meeting that would              - The board unanimously voted that every occupied
include a brief description of the planned presentation. The             position on the board will have one full vote.
upcoming presenters will also be noted on the front page of the
newsletter each month.                                             2.   By-laws:
                                                                        - Define minimum board member positions in by-laws.
The board meeting adjourned at 6:12 p.m.                                - The present board will read through the by-laws and
                                                                          send Rebekka suggestions for changes on Article IV
                                                                          Board of Directions, Sections I, III, IV.
SPECIAL BOARD MEETING NOTES:                                            - Debora will make changes to the duties list.
                                                                        - Change of by-laws will be made at the March meeting.
2/10/07 Special Board Meeting: The meeting was called to
order at 7:11 pm.                                                  3.   Logo Design: Claire will work on the development of the
Rebekka reported that the gift certificate to thank the Huffers         logo design ideas based on the board’s suggestions to
for hosting the Christmas party was purchased at Summit                 combine a hand, horse profile, and state of NV.
Sierra Shopping Center and dropped off at Carol’s tackroom.
The Huffers were very appreciative and are looking forward

                                                                  4.    Customized club items where the logo will be printed
to using the gift certificate.                                          were discussed. The following suggestions were included:
The board discussed the outstanding obligation of a thank you           T-shirts, short and long sleeves, coffee mugs, ball caps,
gift for Dr. Coli to thank him for the presentation on colic.           bumper stickers, tote/tack bags, and portfolios. Susan will
Suggestions included a painted pony coffee cup, a BBQ sauce             coordinate the inventory and bring the items to meetings.
gift set, and a certificate of appreciation. The board decided          The initial items to be printed will be short and long
that until the new logo is finalized so that we can create some         sleeve T shirts and tote bags, then mugs.
customized NHANN materials, Debora will order BBQ gift             5.   The board discussed changing the meeting order.
sets from Country Supply to have on hand and will make a                Feedback on having the presentation before share has
label to put on the gift for Dr. Coli.                                  been positive so far, with the exception that there were no
                                                                        breaks. The board decided to try the following schedule
The board discussed the need for Ray to send updated                    for a few meetings and get feedback from the members on
membership list to all board members. Ray was not in                    how it is working:
attendance due to illness, but Claire said she would be sure to              5:15 – 6:00 pm – Board meeting
have him send out the current version.
                                          NHANN Newsletter, March, 2007
         6:00 – 6:30 pm – General meeting/announcements           HORSE FRIENDLY PRODUCTS:
         6:30 – 6:40 pm - Breaks                                  Timberline Saddle Company Custom Saddles; Western,
         6:45 – 7:45 pm – Speaker                                 Dressage, English, Trail and Endurance models. 60 – 90
         7:45 – 7:50 pm - Break                                   days delivery for custom orders. Custom saddle pads,
         7:50 - ? Share                                           girths and cinches, bridles and accessories available.
                                                                  Tacky-TackSaddle Pads – extreme comfort and non-slip
6.   The board members will reviewed library selections and
                                                                  security; washable and breathable. Turtle Snapsquick
     discussed the need for more riding-specific videos/ DVDs.    release ties. Skidmore’s Leather Care products. Contact
     Several suggestions were reviewed. There was concern         Mark Rhodes, 775-972-9025 or email
     over the high cost of several DVD packages, so there will (1/06)
     be more discussion at the next meeting.
7.   Presentation topics were reviewed and it was agreed that     EQUISCHWINGER
     some topics are good to re-visit even if there has been a    Hand-made bamboo training sticks by Ray Henderson.
     presentation in the past on those issues. Suggestions        These light-weight training sticks and whips are the
     included: abuse awareness (Debora will call the Human        answer for sore wrists and tired arms! These gorgeous,
     society and get info), Ian Lafoon for laminitis, dental      hand-made sticks are light but strong and can be
     health, saddle fitting, and equine body work – Mark.         customized to your specifications. Call Ray at 775-297-
                                                                  6092 or visit his web site at
8.   The board also reviewed the results of last year’s survey
     that polled members to see what topics they would like to    LILLEY’S THERAPEUTIC & SPORTS MASSAGE:
     explore. Topics included: back country and horse             Long rides and sore muscles? Call me! Susan Lilley,
     camping, hoof care, desensitization, vet care,               LMT, NCTMB, at 775-233-1064. Specializing in Swedish,
     supplementation and nutrition, developing confidence         Injury Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports
     around horses, horse knowledge, bits and bitting, how to     Massage, Seated Massage. Reasonable rates, flexible
     cue for a desired result, reading horse behavior and         hours. Gift Certificates available. (1/06)
     problem solving, massage instruction, improving
     communication, and rider exercises.                          Classified ads are free to members, and may be for
                                                                  businesses, wanted items or sale items. Contact Claire
9.   Due to time constraints, the discussion of activities and    Henderson at 315-2865 or
     clinics was abbreviated. The board briefly discussed the     Ads must be renewed each year with membership
     following club activities with plans to explore these and    
     other suggestions in more depth at a later date:                                        
     volunteering with other clubs, mock trail trials, clinics.                                    
The special board meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm.                               Here are some club reminders for 2007
                                                                  1) Advertising here is free for members. All members who
                                                                  have had an ad in the newsletter for 2006 must renew their ads.
CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING                                            2) The library is open at each meeting to members only.
                                                                  Members will be asked to leave a check or credit card in the
FOREVER YOURS                                                     amount of the item(s) checked out of the library. The length of
Custom animal portraits in oil or acrylic on canvas.              checkout is ONE MONTH. If no one requests the item, and
Professional and affordable with your horse, dog, cat, (bird?     additional month’s check out may be made. No item may be
Turtle?) in an idyllic setting of your preference. To see         held by any member for more than two consecutive months.
examples of my work, call or email me, Carolyn Burton, at         3) The club by-laws contain all library provisions, as well as
775-972-7490 , (5/06)                           other important member information. Please feel free to
                                                                  request a copy from the club secretary.
                                                                  4) This is your club! If you want the club to do or provide
                                                                  something, please ask the board, and volunteer to help.

                                                                  For address corrections, changes or to place an ad, please
                                                                  call 315-2865, or e-mail

                                                                  Please visit our web site at:
                                                                  Call Jann Hehn at 852-7261 for issues or suggestions for
                                                                  the web site.
                                          NHANN Newsletter, March, 2007
                     MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FOR 2007

   Single Membership - $25.00                New Member
   Family Membership - $35.00                Renewal

Names(s)                                                                     Birthday(s): Needed for junior members only


City:                                                            State:                        Zip:

Telephone #:                                     E-mail Address:

The undersigned does hereby give her/himself or child(ren) permission to participate in the Natural Horsemanship Association of
Northern Nevada and the club’s hosted events and hereby waives all claims, action, or demands for damage, loss, and/or injury to
person(s) and livestock from any liability prior to, during, or following any event and/or against any officer(s) and/or Board of
Director(s). Waiver will be valid and binding upon signature of parent or legal guardian of a minor child(ren) and/or adult if of legal age.
I have read the above and by signing below agree to this waiver.

Signature:                                                                          Date:

Please make check payable to: NHANN

MAIL TO:                    NHANN c/o Ray Henderson
                            27990 Percheron Dr.
                            Reno, NV 89506

                                                     FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

Date:                        Check #:                    Cash:              (y/n)    Amount:

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