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					                                   Church Calendar for June 2012
Wed 30            1030 Holy Eucharist                                Saint Mary’s, Funtington
May               1100 Coffee Morning                                Church room
Fri 1             1900 Quarter peal for the Jubilee                  Saint Mary’s, Funtington
03                0800 Holy Eucharist BCP                            Saint Mary’s, Sennicotts
June              0930 Holy Eucharist (CW2)                          Saint Andrew’s, West Stoke
Trinity           1100 Family Service*                               Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Sunday            1700 Evensong BCP                                  Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Mon 4             1600 Jubilee celebrations                          Stanes Farm
Tue 5             1700 Jubilee Peal                                  Saint Mary’s, Funtington
                  1030 Holy Eucharist                                Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Wed 06            1100 Coffee Morning                                Church room
                                      Vicar/Rector on holiday until 22nd June
                  0800 Holy Eucharist BCP                            Saint Andrew’s, West Stoke
                  0930 Holy Eucharist (CW1) & Sunday School* Saint Mary’s, Funtington
First Sun.
                  1030 Sidesmen’s meeting                            Saint Mary’s, Funtington
                  1100 Family Service*                               Saint Mary’s, Sennicotts
                  1800 Deanery Evensong                              Saint Paul’s, Stanstead
Mon 11            1730 Choir Practice                                Church room
                  1030 Holy Eucharist                                Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Wed 13            1100 Coffee Morning                                Church room
                  1900 Deanery Synod                                 S. John Baptist, Westbourne
Sat 16            1430 Wedding of Bernard & Beckie                   Saint Andrew’s, West Stoke
17                0800 Holy Eucharist BCP                            Saint Mary’s, Sennicotts
2 Sunday 0930 Holy Eucharist (CW1) & Sunday School* Saint Mary’s, Funtington
after             1100 Matins (BCP)                                  Saint Andrew’s, West Stoke
Trinity           1500 First Cream Tea of the year                   West Stoke Village Hall
Mon 18            1730 Choir Practice                                Church room
                  1030 Holy Eucharist                                Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Wed 20th
                  1100 Coffee Morning                                Church room
Fri 22            1900 Summer Concert                                Saint Mary’s, Sennicotts
Sun 24            0800 Holy Eucharist BCP                            Saint Mary’s, Sennicotts
Birth of S. 0930 Holy Eucharist (CW1) & Sunday School* Saint Mary’s, Funtington
John Bapt. 1100 Family Service*                                      Saint Andrew’s, West Stoke
                  1730 Choir Practice                                Church room
Mon 25th
                  1900 Funtington PCC                                Church room
                  1030 Holy Eucharist                                Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Wed 27            1100 Coffee Morning                                Church room
                  1700 West Stoke PCC                                Yacht Cantata
01 July           0800 Holy Eucharist BCP                            Saint Mary’s, Sennicotts
4 Sunday 0930 Holy Eucharist (CW2)                                   Saint Andrew’s, West Stoke
after             1100 Family Service*                               Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Trinity           1700 Evensong BCP                                  Saint Mary’s, Funtington
                Services marked with an asterisk* are particularly suitable for children.
Vicar/Rector’s letter June 2012.
Dear Readers,
In May, Sheila and I were privileged to take part in two huge Cathedral services.
The first was in Chichester Cathedral, when Bishop Mark confirmed fifty-four
candidates from our Deanery; eight of them from our two parishes; Vivienne
Brown, Lily Hilgers, Nathan Boxwell, Finn Clutton, Ollie Howlett, Alexander and
Peter Hughes, Matthew Sole. It was deeply moving, and each candidate was
sitting on the end of a row, so that their families and friends in the row beside
them could share the actual moment of confirmation, as +Mark went up and
down the aisle. Please keep these Christians, who have just celebrated a major
milestone on their journey of faith, in your prayers.
The second was in Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London, the 358th festival service of the
Sons of the Clergy Corporation. From 1653, when Cromwell had grown strong
enough to take on the role of King, though he styled himself “Lord Protector”, he
threw clergy who held to the old Book of Common Prayer out of their livings, and
many were starving. A group of wealthy London merchants, all of them sons of
the cloth, led by Edward Wake, (whose nephew, William was to be Archbishop of
Canterbury from 1716 – 1737), held a festival service in Old Saint Paul’s Cathedral,
followed by a dinner in the Merchant Taylors’ Hall to raise funds for destitute
clergy. Today, the Sons help to fund holidays for hard-pressed clergy (we were so
blessed when I was an impecunious curate in 1981 and 1982) and school uniforms,
books etc, and, sadly, they often help in the case of clergy divorce too. It was a
deeply moving service, with a blessing by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and a
memorable sermon by the Primus of the Episcopalian Church in Scotland. Bishops
processing beside the Masters and Wardens of nearly all the 108 Livery
Companies, led by the Archbishop and the Lord Mayor, demonstrate one of the
many ways in which the Church of England is rooted in the life of the Nation, all
the more so when they meet together for this great charitable festival.
The Sons led the way – the Crown followed with Queen Anne’s Bounty in 1714, to
augment the stipends of poor clergy.
It’s no bad thing to be reminded that we are part of a much bigger Church than
our local churches, and perhaps we all need a “fix” of big worship sometimes!
Peace and blessings, Fr. Charles.
   Day      Service        Flowers                  Brass Elements          LaMoCs       Servers       Coffee     Sidesmen    Readings
                                                                                                                Robin        Robin McNish
                                                                                                                McNish       Isaiah 6 1-4
              Family                                                -           -             -          tbc
  rd                                                                                                            &Claire      Claire Hoare
03 June       Service
                                                                                                                Hoare        Romans 8 12-17
                                                                                                                Graham       Graham Perks
               17:00                                                                                            Perks        Ezekiel 1 4-10 & 22-28a
                                                                    -           -             -           -
             Evensong                                                                                           & Shirley    Shirley Rogerson

                                                                                                                Rogerson     Revelation 4 1-11
                                                                                                                Denise       Denise Foster

                              Linda Sims Williams
            09.30 Sung                                          Jimmy &                  Jessica,
10th June                                                                     Nigel                             Foster &     Genesis 38-15
            Eucharist &                                          Shirley                 Lizzie &        tbc
Trinity 1                                                                    Brown                              Linda        Linda Sims-W.
            Sun. School                                           Faure                  Matthew
                                                                                                                Sims-W.      2 Corin. 413 - 51
                                                                   Glen     Lou Scott-                 Denise    Jimmy       Jimmy Faure
  th        09.30 Sung
17 June                                                         Iverson &     Joynt      Ollie, Jack   Foster   Faure        Ezekiel 1722-end
            Eucharist &
Trinity 2                                                        Caroline     & Sue      & Will        & Sue    & Nerys      Nerys Wynn Rees
            Sun. School
                                                                  Grant      La Hive                   Simms    Wynn Rees    2 Corin. 56-10 & 14-17
                                                                   Nigel      Brian                    Denise   David        Deborah Hughes
            09.30 Sung                                                                   Alex,


24th June                                                         Brown     Oakley-S.                  Foster   Callas       Isaiah 401-11
            Eucharist &                                                                  Harry &
Trinity 3                                                          & Liz      & Kay                    & Sue    & Mike       Mike Pratt
            Sun. School                                                                  Peter
                                                                  Collet     Knowles                   Simms    Pratt        Galatians 323-end
                                                                                                                Nigel        Nigel Brown
            11:00 Family                                                                      -          tbc    Brown        Lamentation. 322-33
                                                                    -           -
                                                                                                                                                       Saint Mary, Funtington - Combined Rota.

              Service                                                                                           & Robert     Robert Symmons
                                                                                                                Symmons      2Corinthians 8 7-end
01st July
                                                                                                                Nigel        Nigel Brown
Trinity 4


                                                                                                                Brown        Jeremiah 111-14
                                                                    -           -             -           -     & Ann        Margaret
                                                                                                                Tupper       Henderson
                                                                                                                             Romans 131-10
News from Saint Mary Funtington.

Ray Hall R.I.P. It is with great sadness that we report the death of Ray Hall of
Upper Hambrook, after a long illness bravely borne. He and Jean moved here on
retiring from their estate agency in Twickenham and took a full part in the life of
the church. In particular, Ray supervised Church Cottage and ran the freewill
offering scheme. He will be sadly missed, and our deepest sympathy goes to Jean
and the family.
          Mothers’ Union. There will be no normal meeting in June, but there
          will be an outing towards the end of the month; full details will be
          circulated to members nearer the time.
We will be selling home-made produce, jams, chutneys, cakes, biscuits etc., after
church once a month, usually the Sunday after our meetings. The next sales will
be on Sun 24th June and Sun 15th July.
Bell Ringing. There are many celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee and we intend
to make our own contributions. The quarter peal we normally ring on the first
Sunday of the month will be rung by a team of our own regular ringers as part of
our contribution at 1700 on Friday 1st June.

On Tuesday 5th June, a full peal lasting just short of 3 hours will be rung,
commencing at 1700. The team for this will be from the West Sussex Association
of Change Ringers, led by Peter Wilkinson.

Practices continue as usual on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm and if you wish to
join our team, contact Andrew Rose or John Kitchener.

Funtington Sidesmen. There will be a short meeting for all Sidesmen in the
Church after the service on 10th June. Full attendance is requested.
Funtington Sunday School. Our Sunday School takes place during our Family
Eucharist on the second, third and fourth Sundays of each month during school
term-time, and the fifth Sunday too, if it is Funtington’s turn to hold the united
service. We have a family service on the first Sunday of every month, and all the
children are in church for that with the adults. During the School holidays, we
have a simplified version of the Eucharist, which is intended to be a little more
accessible for the children.
The Sunday school caters for children from 3 to 11, and is divided into three
classes. We use a course based on the Revised Common Lectionary, so that each
Sunday, the same material is covered in both church and in Sunday School.
Sunday School Dates for June: 10th, 17th and 24th June at the 9.30am Eucharist in
Saint Mary’s Church, Funtington. On Sunday 3rd June we have a Family Service at
11:00, so there will be no Sunday School that day.
In the Sunday School this month we shall be thinking about what it means to
follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Christians are all one family, members of God’s
Kingdom, and Jesus can bring calm in the storms of life. Jane Gummer.
Bishop Michael Scott-Joynt; up-date on progress. “Michael has been home now
for three and a half weeks and is making very good progress after his stroke on
20th March. He and I want to express our warmest thanks to all of you in the
benefice, who have showed so much kindness and support to us both over these
weeks. We feel surrounded by love and prayers. God bless you all." Lou Scott-
Joynt. Please see the photographs in the centre pages.

Children’s facilities in Church At all main services, once the Bell ringers have
finished, a do-it-yourself Crèche is available in the bottom of the Bell Tower.
Although it is sound-proofed, there is a loudspeaker so that the service can be
heard. For slightly older children, bags of soft toys are provided at the back of
church. Children between about 3 and 11 are most welcome at the Sunday
School. There is a lavatory, with changing mat, in the lobby opposite the glass
North Door into church.

Church Room Bookings. Funtington Church Room is a modern, light and airy
space, well-heated and with a tea and coffee making facility. It will seat about 36
people for a meal, more for a lecture, and more again for a standing reception and
it is well equipped with tables, chairs, crockery and cutlery. We want to
encourage groups or individuals within the community to use it more. For further
information, please contact Mr. & Mrs. John and Dena Kitchener (01243 573 899).

News from Saint Mary, Sennicotts
Summer Concert John Rank is kindly organising a summer concert at St Mary’s
Sennicotts on Friday 22nd June starting at 7 p.m. There will be a varied
programme of music and light refreshments. A few tickets are left at £10.00,
available by post from: John Rank Esq., Riverside, Old Bosham, PO18 8HP.
Children This Easter we have seen more children at Sennicotts! Lily Hilgers (who
serves at the 0800 Eucharist) was baptised on 5th May in company with her friend
Kate Ann Downing, supported by family and friends who had come from Belgium.
Lily was confirmed on 10th May. Please see the photographs in the centre pages.
New Burse Kay Ashby of the Women’s Institutes, has made a lovely new Burse in
green silk for the Trinity season – thank you, Kay.
News from Saint Andrew’s West Stoke.
Family Services at West Stoke. Thank you to all of you who help support our
family services which are going really well. Families in the congregation are taking
it in turns to help with the service, with the children helping to hand out the
service sheets, do the readings and collection, and if wished, provide refreshments
after wards.

The April family service was helped by Alastair and Zoe Woolley’s family, and saw
Alastair having a go at bell ringing (see happy picture!), much to the amusement of
his family. Editor’s note – the family were being rather unkind, as Alistair rang the
bell beautifully, but the beard may need a little more time …

The May family service will be helped by Neil and Julia Cole’s family. After the
June family service, Anne Heaver has kindly offered to provide refreshments at her
house, for which we hope the sun will shine.

And for those of you yet to book your summer holidays … try not to miss the
August family service at which pets are welcome!

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 Julie Rooker, our Official Photographer, has now had the operation on her
shoulder. She is back in action again, and thanks everybody for their prayers. All
the photographs on this page are hers. Clockwise from top left: A flower
arrangement by Sheila Howard for Harriet Hoare’s wedding to Ben Wheeldon on
19th May; Bishop Michael and Lou thank everybody for their prayers and support –
he is doing well; the blessing of Brain and Angela’s new home on 17th June.
Lily Hilger’s baptism is shown above –
many thanks to Mary Phillips for the
picture. Below are all the Funtington and
West Stoke Confirmation candidates,
photographed by Sheila Howard, with
Bishop Mark outside the Cathedral,
straight after the service, except Ollie
Howlett missed the photograph – he was trying in vain to keep his candle
alight! As the Bishop pointed out, it’s dead easy to keep the flame of
faith alive in a Cathedral
crowded with other
Christians, but it gets harder
and harder, as you move
out into the cold reality of
the outside world.
A different sort of initiation
is shown top right, as
Alistair Wooley rings the
bell at S. Andrew’s, West
Stoke for the first time ever. It worked – we could hear it!
Operation Hurricane. Clive Buss has kindly written an account of his part
in one of our nuclear tests, which took place sixty years ago in October
off the coast of Australia, in the early days of the cold war. With North
Korea and Iran both seemingly set on acquiring nuclear weapons, it
seems timely to include it in this issue, rather than waiting for the
                  Operation Hurricane – UK Nuclear Bomb Test
           at the Monte Bello Islands, N.W. Australia, 3 October 1952

1. HMS Campania. The keel was laid down at the Harland & Wolff shipyard,
Belfast on 12 August 1941 and she was launched 17 June 1943. Campania was
designed as a merchant ship but was requisitioned by the British Government
during construction, and finally launched as an escort carrier, 16000 tons, 18
knots, total complement 639. She was eventually scrapped in 1955.

2. HMS Plym. A Group 2 River Class Frigate, 1800 tons. The keel was laid down 1
August 1942 at South Bank-on-Tees, and she was commissioned 16 May 1943. Her
fate was to be annihilation in the atomic bomb test that was to follow.

On 19 June 1951, at one month short of my 17th birthday, I joined the Royal Navy
as a junior electrical rating, and was assigned to the Port Division of Chatham,
Kent. After 6 weeks training at HMS Collingwood, Fareham, I was sent to Chatham
for 6 months continuous electrical studies. It was fascinating and included theory
and practical in high power, low power, telephones, gunnery circuitry, and 3
weeks on cinematic projection.

My first draft was to HMS Campania, at the time in dry dock at Rosyth Yard,
Scotland undergoing a refit.

In due course, Campania was refloated and we travelled down to Portsmouth for
final preparations before leaving on 10 June 1952, escorting HMS Plym, and bound
for Australia. The voyage was under the overall command of Rear Admiral Arthur
Torlesse who sailed with us in Campania. We also took 85 nuclear scientists
onboard as passengers, including Professor Sir William Penney who was to direct
the test. The voyage to Fremantle included Gibraltar, Freetown on the African
Gold Coast, Simonstown enabling several visits to Cape Town with the experience
of strict apartheid, on to the Cape of Good Hope, the Indian Ocean, north to Port
Louis on Mauritius Island, and finally 2860 miles to Fremantle, S.W. Australia
arriving 31 July. There followed several visits to the lovely city of Perth. We left
Fremantle on 5 August for the Monte Bello Islands. We arrived 8 August at our
allotted buoy among a cluster of small coral islands, with constant sun, and the
sea a bright blue-green. The scientists were now moved ashore to a tent village by
the Plym anchorage, in order to be close to the test site and to relieve the sea-
sickness that had dogged them ever since we left the UK. My duties included
routine electrical maintenance, and crane and winch operation to deal with the
mass of equipment that was required ashore. In our free time, we revelled in
swimming in a bay on one of the other islands that our engineers had made safe
with steel netting to protect us from the sharks and sting rays. I also managed to
sit some promotion exams with good results. There was a piano onboard and I
gave lessons to colleagues, played table tennis, and used our excellent library and

2 October 1952 Campania left the buoy to take up position 25 miles to the west of
the test site. Plym by now had the completed bomb down in her lower decks.

3 October we were all up early, darkened ship at 0745, and I joined a large group
of the Ship’s Company on the flight deck at 0945. We were told to stand facing
West i.e. 180 degrees away from the detonation, and with our hands over our
eyes. We were still able to see a brilliant white flash travel right round that
section of the horizon, but then no more sound except the sea. After 10 seconds,
the skipper on the bridge told us to turn round, there was a gasp from all present,
as we found ourselves looking at a massive mushroom cloud towering up into the
sky. The central column at this point was a mile across and contained the
vapourised HMS Plym. As we stood there, with the sound of the gulls, the sea
against the side of the ship, and the warm breeze coming across the flight deck,
we were suddenly engulfed in a powerful roar of the explosion, delayed in
reaching us of course by the slower speed of sound compared with light. Soon
after, the mushroom cloud was taken North and away from our position by the
strong prevailing wind, and towards some 700 miles of open sea.

31 October 1952 we left the Monte Bello Islands for Fremantle, and finally set
course across the Indian Ocean once more, this time bound for the Red Sea, Aden,
the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar, and Portsmouth Harbour
arriving 15 December in time to celebrate Christmas in the UK.
Secular Notes.
Broadband speed. Carl Rizzo has kindly sent in this note about the latest state of
play of our internet speeds:
“Our main telephone exchange in Bosham (01243 57 xxxx) has just received an
upgrade to ADSL2 which means faster download and upload speeds for our local
parish. Some broadband users in the village are enjoying speeds of up to 4Mbits.
However, this speed is dependent on the quality of the internal telephone wiring.
We have found that in 80% of cases slow internet speed is caused by poor internal
wiring in our homes or an excessive number of extensions. If you are interested in
maximising your internet speed, please send an E-Mail to
or call 07973 722418 to arrange a survey.”
Funtington & District Village Hall. The new hall project defies the laws of gravity
… none of the balls in the air will land on terra firma, despite all best endeavours!
We are waiting to have comments on the new constitution from the Financial
Services Authority, on the tax exempt status from the accountants, on new plans
and elevations from the architect etc.
I was hoping to lay out a project timetable in this month's edition, but this is on
the agenda for a meeting of all the groups who are helping us, on 15th June, and
maybe the outcome will catch the July edition.
So progress is slow, but we do have progress. More detail will have been given at
the AGM on 23rd May.
Richard Tassell, Chairman - 16th May 2012
Mini’s Drama Tots Please come along and join our fun "Intro Drama with Mini"
for 2.5 - 3.5 year olds. Every Tuesday in the Funtington Church room from 1.30 -
2.30pm! We have an energetic and lively program of music and drama through
stories and poems; a letter of the week, and a magic box full surprises! Each week
is a drop off session, allowing parents time to grab a quick peaceful cup of
coffee/tea or catch up with a pal!
For more information contact Mini on 07814745783 or
A Concert by the Chichester Singers, conducted by Jonathan Willcocks, will take
place on Saturday, 2nd June 2012, at 7.30 pm, at Chichester Cathedral.
Petite Messe Solennelle – Rossini
Tickets: £20, £15, £10, £7, from Cathedral Shop (01243
813595), or 01243 572195.

Hats and Handbags Very many thanks to all who donated hats and handbags for
sale at the Cathedral Flower Festival. I was overwhelmed by the response and the
organisers were thrilled. Denise Foster
Funtington Parish Newsletter June 2012 Number 284
Jubilee Celebration will be held at Stanes Farm, Hares Lane, on Monday 4th June.
The party will start at 4p.m. and will end with a bonfire and fireworks. The price of
the ticket is £5 for adults; children up to 16 are free. The price includes all
entertainment and food either a hog roast (Funtington Pigs) or a vegetarian option
and salad. There will be a cash bar provided by the Fox and Hounds, and an ice
cream van available throughout the event. Tickets must be bought in advance.
Ticket sales are good so far, however tickets are still available from the Funtington
Primary School, The Fox and Hounds, and through the Parish Chairman 573189
and Councillor Amanda Brooks 02392 412192.
Website. Dr. Richard Brownfield has stood down as the Web Master and the site
ceased to operate from 5th May, there being no additional information from that
date. The Parish Council are seeking ways to re-open the site as soon as possible.
Our thanks to Dr. Brownfield for all his work opening and promoting the Web Site.
Election 1. By the time the Parish Magazine is published we will have had an
election for two Parish Council vacancies; there are 4 candidates. The persons
elected will join the Parish Council on 6th June.
Election 2. At the last Parish Council meeting the yearly election for the Chairman
and Vice Chairman was held. Councillor Jim Sewell was re-elected as Chairman and
Councillor Nick La Hive was elected Vice Chairman, since Councillor Val Bateman
had stood down from this post to concentrate on South Downs National Park
work, and her work on environmental issues within the Parish. She was thanked
for her work in the role of Vice Chairman.
South Chichester Community Action Plan. CAP is now in the second phase of its
work namely Broadband, Youth and the Elderly. Broadband plans and funding has
been announced and we await developments. It is good to report that as the
result of cost cutting in some youth services, there has been renewed impetus
from Parish Councils in the Group on youth facilities. Our Parish took the lead.
First, we announced the re-opening of the Dell football area, and second, after we
had been trying to find a venue for many years, the Head Mistress of Funtington
Primary School, Kirsty Roman, has given support for a Parish Youth Club to be held
in the School. These initiatives are being lead by Councillor Pip Medlam who has,
as reported previously, obtained funding for the football pitch and has applied for
a grant from the Big Society Fund for the Youth Club.
Village Shop. There are currently no further developments, and it is not known
when the shop may re-open.
Police Report. 3 incidents in the last month: a case of damage caused to a gate at
Kingley Vale, 2 break-ins in East Ashling and a trailer stolen from Funtington.
The PCSO, with Police aid, is carrying out speed checks within the Parish during the
next month.
The next Meeting will be held on 6th June, at 6.30pm at Funtington and District
Village Hall, West Ashling, when the Parish Council looks forward to meeting with
Coffee Morning every Wednesday from 1100 to 1200 in Funtington Church Room.
Coffee or tea and biscuits (decaffeinated tea and coffee available) and a chance to
meet your friends and neighbours.
Parents and Toddlers’ Group. We meet in Funtington Church Room from 10:00 to
12:00 every Monday in term-time. There are toys and games for the toddlers, and
tea/coffee, biscuits and a chance to chat for the parents. New members are
always welcome; please ‘phone Julie Morrow 575 356 for more information.
Parish Tidy up. We need volunteers to help clear up the litter that spoils our
lovely parish. If you could give a few hours, or perhaps be a street warden, please
‘phone Councillor Val Bateman (575 484) or Councillor Julie Tassell (575 450).
Funtington Bridge Club. We will meet on Thursdays 14th and 28th June. Sessions
are from 14:00 to 17:00 in the Funtington Church Room. The cost is £3.00 per
person, which includes light refreshments. All standards are welcome. for further
information, please ring Beth Buss (572 311).
Funtington and West Stoke Women’s Institute. The WI normally meets in the
Funtington and District village hall at 19:00 on the third Wednesday of each
month. On 20th June, Mr. Jim Bagley will be giving a talk on “Birds in your
Garden”. For further information, please ‘phone the president, Peggy Flint (573
Betaplus Club. The club normally meets at 10:00 on alternate Tuesdays in the
Funtington and District village hall. On 12th June, the studygroups will be giving
their feedback, and the club’s Annual General Meeting will be on 26th June.
Betaplus has a wide-ranging interest in pretty well everything to do with
computers, and welcomes people equally, whether they have much or little I.T.
experience. Often, members are able to help each other out; there’s usually
somebody in Betaplus who will know the answer to any I.T. problem. For further
please visit the website

News from West Stoke Village Hall.
Yoga for all classes. Each week, there are classes at the following times in West
Stoke Village Hall:
Tuesday 14:15*, Wednesday 08:30, Thursday 11:15, Friday 12:15.
*No class on Tue 05 Jun, and that on Tue 12 Jun will be at 15:15.
John Miles (573 909)
West Stoke Cream Teas. Our cream tea season starts on Sunday 17th June at
15:00. They are organised by various charities, including that of the hall itself.
Hall Bookings. If you can, please look on the web, or if you do not have access to
the internet, for further information, please ring Richard Brownfield (575 383), or
Michael O’Connell (575 461).

The deadline for our July Issue is 23:59 on Tuesday 12th June. It will be
distributed in the days leading up to Sunday 24th June. Please submit copy,
ideally electronically in WORD on A4, in 16pt Calibri, to Mrs. Julie Tassell
( We particularly welcome pictures, which should be in
jpeg format, please.
A profile of Mrs Kirsty Roman, Head Teacher of Funtington Primary School.
Although she was born in Chester, Kirsty’s family moved to Stockport when she
was just three years old, and she has happy memories of life there with her
younger brother, and of her primary School.
When she was 11, the family moved to Guilford, where she went to the George
Abbot Comprehensive School. It was a double shock, a Northerner coming South,
and into a School community ten times as big as her primary school. For her A
Levels (Latin, Geography and English), Kirsty went to Guildford College. To save
money for the next phase of her education, she worked at holidays and weekends
for Clarke’s Shoes as a trained shoe fitter.
If the shoe fits, wear it, and Kirsty is one of those happy people who know from an
early age exactly what they want to do in life. Accordingly, she went straight to
Charlotte Mason Teacher Training College (part of Lancaster University) in
Ambleside, a wonderful place to be a student. Kirsty needed to support herself at
Charlotte Mason, and found part-time work at the Ambleside Apple Pie factory.
She enjoyed teaching practice in schools around the Lake district. Rural life is
certainly not without its problems, but student teachers need to be exposed to all
kinds of experiences, and so Charlotte Mason also organised teaching practice in
the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Barking, where Kirsty experienced the
full range of inner city challenges.
By now, her father was the Treasurer of West Sussex County Council, and in her
holidays, Kirsty found bar work at the Hope public house in Chichester, where she
met her future husband, Richard, who was teaching PHSE at Chichester High
School for Boys. They married as Kirsty finished her training.
Kirsty’s first job was in Guildford, at the same school where she had done her first
work placement as a GCSE student. After two years, she moved to a school in
Andover, and then three years later she moved to Arundel to help turn round a
school in special measures, which she found enormously satisfying.
Readers may be aware that the local authority was considering a plan to reduce
Funtington School’s catchment area, but nothing is decided yet. At present there
are 100 children on roll, but the school could actually take a maximum of 105.
Kirsty believes this an ideal size, as there are enough children to ensure proper
provision of resources, but there are not too many for the Head to get to know
every child individually. Indeed, she believes that one of the great strengths of the
school is that the individual members of staff know the children in their charge,
and their families, very well – when you’re six, it really matters if your cousin’s
hamster died last night, and it really helps if your teacher knows and understands.
Kirsty has made some changes; some very experienced teachers are now offering
specialist subjects like French and P.E. throughout the school, and the whole
school is moving away from SATs towards Teacher Assessment, so that teaching is
always informed by how the children are actually doing day by day.
As you might expect, Kirsty is also very community minded. She wants to see the
school at the heart of the community, and has offered the use of the hall for a
parish youth club. By the time you read this, she may well be a Parish Councillor;
the election is after the magazine has gone to bed and three days before the it is
distributed; if elected she hopes to strengthen the links between the school and
the community.
Kirsty and Richard, who is now an advanced skills PSHE teacher at Chichester High
School for Girls, have three children, aged 13, 11 and 20 months. They live in
Chichester, but are hoping to move West a bit, perhaps to Fishbourne. Her
interests include swimming, walking and family holidays in Croatia.

From somebody else’s parish magazine:
    Ladies, don't forget the jumble sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things
     not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.

   Potluck supper Sunday at 5:00 PM - prayer and medication to follow.

   The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals.

   The sermon this morning: 'Jesus Walks on the Water.' The sermon tonight:
    'Searching for Jesus.'

   Don't let stress kill you off - let the Church help.
                  What’s On around Funtington, June 2012
                      Jubilee Celebrations           Funtington School
Fri 1st
               1900   Quarter Jubilee peal           Saint Mary’s, Funtington
                      Chichester Gala Day
Sat 2nd
               1930   Chichester Singers’ Concert    Chichester Cathedral
Sun 3rd               East Ashling Jubilee Lunch     Sandy Lane
               1100   South Harting Festivities      South Harting
Mon 4th
               1600   Parish Jubilee Party           Stanes Farm
4th – 8th             Half - Term
Tue 5th        1700   Full Jubilee peal              Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Wed 6th        1830   Parish Council Meeting         Funtington & District Hall
7th - 9th             Festival of Flowers            Chichester Cathedral
Fri 8th        1400   NGS Open Garden                Rymans, Apuldram
Sun 10th       1030   Westbourne Open Gardens        Westbourne
Mon 11th       1000   Parents and Toddlers group     Funtington Church Room
                      Betaplus Club
               1000                                  Funtington & District Hall
          th          Study Groups Feedback
Tue 12
               1300   Mini’s Drama Tots (2½ - 3½s)   Funtington Church Room
               1900   Bell ringing practice          Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Wed 13th       1930   Funtington Music Group         Bishop Otter College
Fri 15th       2400   Moonlight Walk                 Westgate Leisure Centre
Sun 17th       1500   Cream Teas Start               West Stoke Village Hall
Mon 18th       1000   Parents and Toddlers group     Funtington Church Room
               1300   Mini’s Drama Tots (2½ - 3½s)   Funtington Church Room
Tue 19th
               1900   Bell ringing practice          Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Wed 20th       1930   WI Meeting Mr Jim Bagley       Funtington & District Hall
                      South Downs Way Walk starts
Fri 22nd
               1900   Summer Concert                 Sennicotts Church
Sun 24                Chichester Festivities start
                      Historic Gardens Week starts   W & D Museum
Mon 23rd
               1000   Parents and Toddlers group     Funtington Church Room
                      Betaplus Club
               1000                                  Funtington & District Hall
          th          Annual General Meeting
Tue 26
               1300   Mini’s Drama Tots (2½ - 3½s)   Funtington Church Room
               1900   Bell ringing practice          Saint Mary’s, Funtington
Fri 29th              Festival of Speed starts       Goodwood

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