COUNTY OF SIMCOE
SECTION:                 Museum
ITEM NO.                 PM 06-041
MEETING DATE:            March 16, 2006
SUBJECT:                 Potential Acquisitions Offered to the Simcoe County Museum


THAT Museum Acquisition Items in Chart A of Item PM 06-041 be Accepted;

AND THAT Museum Acquisition Items in Chart B of Item PM 06-041 be Refused;

AND THAT Museum Acquisition Items in Chart C of Item PM 06-041 be Transferred from the
County Road Department to the Simcoe County Museum.


Since presentation of the previous Potential Acquisitions report, the following items in Chart A
and in Chart B have been offered to the Simcoe County Museum. It is recommended that these
potential acquisitions be assigned as follows and that the items in Chart C be transferred:

       Chart A – ACCEPT
       Item #       Item                  Use
       1           Pine needle vase       Artifact
       2           Books                  Fund-raising items
       5           Farm tools             Fund-raising items
       6.1         Ink wells              Fund-raising items
       6.2         Tin                    Fund-raising item
       6.3         Flashlight             Fund-raising item
       7           Wedding gown           Artifact
       8           Grain cradle           Fund-raising item
       11.1        Grader                 Artifact
       11.2.1-.2.4 Manuals                Artifact
       12          Burner fan             Artifact
       14.1        Sign                   Artifact
March 16, 2006          Performance Management Committee PM 06-041                     Page 2

       Chart B – REFUSE
       Item #       Item                Reason
       3            Native tools        Duplication
       4            Feed chopper        Unknown history
       9            Glass slides        Lacks relevance
       10           Trimmer             Lacks relevance
       11.2.5-.2.16 Manuals             No use to Collection
       14.2         Crane               Lacks relevance

       Chart C – TRANSFER
       Item #      Item                 Reason
       13.1       Grader                Artifact
       13.2       Scarifier             Artifact
       13.3       Compactor             Artifact
       13.4       Cement mixer          Artifact
       13.5       Survey equipment      Artifact
       13.6       Maintenance grader    Artifact


1.    Item(s):     VASE
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: Made from Red Pine needles gathered from around the Museum grounds
                   in the area of and prior to the 2005/06 Expansion; needles were fed into a
                   tube (sometimes a short length of drinking straw) to contain them as a
                   bundle while they were bound together and stitched to form the vase;
                   green knitting yarn used; 29.5cm high x 15cm maximum width x 10.5cm
                   base; 8.5cm neck and 10cm opening; Hazel Martin of Simcoe County Arts
                   and Crafts Association oversaw the project but as many as 45 ladies
                   worked on it, some having a large part and others making only a couple
      Recommend: ACCEPT.

2.    Item(s):     BOOKS
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: 89 school texts as well as a 10 volume Encyclopedia; the Encyclopedias
                   were purchased by the Source in the first year of teaching at SS #2
                   Medonte; retired as Huron County Superintendent of Education, 1982.
      Recommend: ACCEPT for fund-raising only.

3.    Item(s):     NATIVE MATERIAL
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: Gorget and Adze found by Source ca 1945/46 approximately 1000 yards
                   west of Schooner Town Bridge, Wasaga Beach.
      Recommend: REFUSE; duplication.

4.    Item(s):      FEED CHOPPER
      Acq. Mode:    Donation
March 16, 2006          Performance Management Committee PM 06-041                       Page 3

      Information: Bell’s 60, belt driven feed chopper; no known County history.
      Recommend: REFUSE; similar models in Collection.

5.    Item(s):     FARM TOOLS
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: Ten items found in a shed at 146 Codrington Street, Barrie; included: hay
                   rake, 6 foot scale, butcher scale with weights, hand saw, buck saw, two
                   carpenter squares, brace & bit, spring trap, two-tine pitch fork; all are
                   duplication to the Collection.
      Recommend: ACCEPT for fund-raising.

6.    Item(s):     1) INK WELLS – 2
                   2) TIN
                   3) FLASHLIGHT
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: 1) 1. Waterman’s; clear glass with yellow screw top lid; sides tapered for
                      tipping; squared edges; residue of washable blue ink.
                      2. Old Colony; label missing; sold at Rexall Drug Store – a 1¢ sale;
                      round, clear glass with black screw top lid; residue of blue ink.
                   2) Meloids containing Licorice, Menthol & Capsicum; Mellow-Voice
                      Pastilles; sold by Boots, England and Rexall, Canada and USA; hinged
                   3) Eveready flashlight made in USA; takes two D batteries; on/off switch
                      needs a rivet to secure to case; chromed metal with black and black
      Recommend: ACCEPT all for fund-raising; no County history with these items.

7.    Item(s):     WEDDING GOWN
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: Marjorie Langman married Earl Parnell on June 16, 1934 at Allenwood
                   United Church. History of Marjorie Parnell as well as three photos
                   included: colour print of Marjorie, black & white of wedding group,
                   colour print of Marjorie in 1981 at a Bridal Review, St. John’s United
                   1) Gown, full length, off white in colour; outer dress is chiffon with
                   flounces forming a diagonal pattern across the skirt front; sleeveless
                   bodice has a cross-over front joining to the skirt in the Empire style; bias
                   tube shape slip also sleeveless with v-neck and 1.5cm shoulder straps; belt
                   is two bands of grosgrain ribbon, pink and white; dome closure covered by
                   small bow.
                   2) Veil, full length, with tambour work on net in flower and leaf design;
                   two designs cut and stitched to the bottom of the veil; net gathered on wire
                   held by grosgrain ribbon; orange blossom decoration.
                   3) Gloves, long, off white colour with organza back and thumb; mesh
                   palm and fingers.
                   4) Shoes, white, leather pumps; 7.5cm heel; Braemore label; size 6C.
      Recommend: ACCEPT all pieces.
March 16, 2006           Performance Management Committee PM 06-041                       Page 4

8.    Item(s):     GRAIN CRADLE
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: Purchased at a yard sale at the end of Steel Street, Barrie; County history
                   unsure; duplication.
      Recommend: ACCEPT for fund-raising.

9.    Item(s):     SLIDES
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: 81 (approx) glass slides, 8.3 x 8.3cm; many marked Canadian National
                   Railways; subjects include but not limited to Manitoba, West Coast,
                   Trains, Agriculture.
      Recommend: REFUSE; no known County History.

10.   Item(s):     TRIMMER
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: Grass and light brush trimmer powered by Briggs and Stratton motor;
                   drive gear meshes with geared rim of rubber tire; 16-tooth sickle bar; from
                   Owen Sound area therefore no County history.
      Recommend: REFUSE.

11.   Item(s):     1) GRADER
                   2) MANUALS
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: 1) Austin-Western Motor Grader, Serial # H1750, Model # 99H; used by
                   Wm. (Bud) Martin Construction, Innisfil for yard and pit work as well as
                   some Township Roads work; hand written instructions for starting and
                   running grader.
                   2) Several manuals, some pertaining to the Austin-Western:
                       1. BLH Austin-Western Construction Equipment, Repair Parts
                          Catalogue, No. 470-N for No. 99H; this catalogue applies
                          specifically to machine numbered 1750 (above).
                       2. Austin-Western No 99M Power Grader, Repair Parts Catalogue
                          No. 462-A; applies to machines numbered serially from No. M-
                          4500 to M-6960 inclusive.
                       3. Austin-Western No 99M Power Grader, Operating and Service
                          Instructions No. 461-A; applies to machines numbered serially
                          from No. M-2800 to M-3398 inclusive.
                       4. International Diesel Engines Service Manual for 14, 18 and 20
                          Series Tractors and 14, 18 and 691 Series Power Units.
                       5. International Model 150 Loader and TD-9 Series B Crawler
                          Tractor Chassis, Service Manual.
                       6. International Parts Catalogue, TD-18 (182 series), TD-20 (200
                          Series), and Crawler Tractors (201 Series).
                       7. International Parts Catalogue, T-14 and TD-14 Crawler Tractors.
                       8. International Parts Catalogue, P-25 Rear Mounted Cable Power
                          Control Winch for use with TD-14A and TD-18A Crawler
                       9. Manual for operating, overhauling and servicing P-25 and P-29
                          cable Control Units.
March 16, 2006           Performance Management Committee PM 06-041                       Page 5

                   10. Buda Repair Parts Catalogue for Six Cylinder Model Engines HP-
                       260, HP-298, HP-326, HP-351.
                   11. Rome Grader High Lift, Parts List Book, Model 4.0.4 4.0.3.
                   12. Wooldridge Earth Moving Equipment, Parts Catalogue, Model
                   13. Ruston YWA Mk.II, Parts List, vertical high-speed diesel engines.
                   14. LeTourneau Parts Catalogue, Model D Scraper.
                   15. LeTourneau Parts catalogue, Model D Tournapull.
                   16. LeTourneau Tournapull, Maintenance and Repair Manual.
      Recommend: ACCEPT 1).
                 ACCEPT Manuals 1 – 4.
                 REFUSE Manuals 5 – 16.

12.   Item(s):     BURNER FAN
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: Dixon Coal Burner Fan manufactured in Collingwood; Dickson
                   Manufacturing Co. (note spelling) shows up in the 1904 Fire Insurance
                   Plans as having six hands; Vernon’s 1923 Directory states one of them as
                   Henry Dixon; may also have been known as Collingwood Foundry prior
                   to this as a notation in the Collingwood Bulletin of August 24, 1900
                   indicates that the proprietor and manager of the Collingwood Foundry was
                   H. Dixon however Alan Dixon was the one who owned and ran the
                   business for some 40 years, becoming General Manager at the Clyde
                   Aircraft plant in Collingwood, manufacturer of parts for Mosquito
                   Bombers and Bren Guns during the war; in peace time converted to
                   furniture manufacture, i.e. Globe Plywood and then Kaufmann’s
                   Furniture; resembles a forge blower but uses an auxiliary motor for power
                   source as seen by pre-drilled holes on flat plate; air inlet on each side of
                   the casing; 36.5cm dia. conoidal shell of the fan is of cast iron bolted
                   together and provided with an 8.5cm i.d. outlet for horizontal discharge at
                   the bottom; fan is loose inside housing – no shaft, bearings etc.; blades are
                   at right angle to rotation.
      Recommend: ACCEPT.

13.   Item(s):     COUNTY EQUIPMENT
      Acq. Mode: Transfer
      Information: In 1999, this Museum received on loan from the County of Simcoe several
                   items for an exhibit titled “Building For The Future.” It was co-curated by
                   the Historical Construction Equipment Association who displayed many
                   of their pieces as well. Since that time, the Museum has also acquired an
                   Adams #6 Road Maintenance Grader from County Garage #6 in Ramara
                   The complete list of equipment follows here:
                     1) GRADER – Canadian Ingot Iron Company, Guelph, Sherbrooke;
                   yellow paint, badly rusted; tongue missing; steel wheels, back 2’8” dia.,
                   front 2’ dia.; wheel base 8”10”, back axle 5’6”, front axle 3’; blade 6’;
                   height of frame 3’4”; platform for man on which to stand to raise and
                   lower blade by means of right and left hand cranks; manual blade rotation.
March 16, 2006             Performance Management Committee PM 06-041                        Page 6

                         2) SCARIFIER – 11’ long, 5’9” wide; painted yellow with black wheels
                       and teeth; heavy angle iron framing 3½” x 6”; steel wheels 4’1” dia. With
                       locking cogs on inside of hub to set brake; three teeth 1½” thick plate with
                       accommodation for five or adjustment of middle tooth to right or left;
                       adjustable depth.
                         3) COMPACTOR – Tampo, San Antonio, Texas; Ser # W-14014-F;
                       Model R-13; 9” long, 7” wide, 3” deep; volume for cement weights, 4cu
                       yards; tires 7.50-15, 6 ply; 6 wheels back (one missing) and front.
                         4) CEMENT MIXER – London, Locomotive – Tire Concrete Mixers;
                       Size # 10-S; Serial # 311008; drum speed 16rpm; on a steel wagon, 7’1”
                       wheelbase, 6’ axels; 2’ dia steel wheels; chute raised and lowered by
                       cable/clutch off main power drive; chain driven by 4 cylinder LeRoi gas
                       engine (not included but owned by Simcoe County Museum).

                  5) SURVEY EQUIPMENT – 2 Transits, Keuffel & Esser Company with
                  tripods and cases; Trafficounter, Streeter-Amet Company, Serial # 15562-
                  H; Grade Stick, 2-piece 8.5’ long.
                  6) GRADER – Adams #6 Road Maintenance; Ser # 1118; wheels 600 650
                  18; 10’ outside to outside, 8’ wheel to wheel, 20’ length.
       Recommend: TRANSFER to Simcoe County Museum Collection as they are no longer
                  required for Roads use.

14.    Item(s):     1) SIGN
                    2) CRANE
       Acq. Mode: Donation
       Information: 1) Wooden sign; A. H. Oliver Machinery Co.; black lettering on yellow
                    background; from an Orillia company started in 1918 by Anson Henry
                    Oliver known as Harry; the address was 179 Cedar but the buildings
                    extended west to Canice; at one time they had an inventory of 500,000
                    board feet of lumber; went from the milling industry to machinery,
                    building saw mills and purchasing other companies (Midland,
                    2) Weaver Canadian Co. Ltd., Chatham, Ont.; a two ton auto crane; no
                    County history.
       Recommend: ACCEPT 1).
                    REFUSE 2).


There are no financial implications to this Item.


There are no schedules to this Item.
March 16, 2006           Performance Management Committee PM 06-041              Page 7

PREPARED BY:         Robert Prince/ Gloria Taylor, Curator

APPROVALS:                                                       Date:
Jane Sinclair, General Manager of Health and Cultural Services   March 6, 2006
Thomas Evans, General Manager of Finance and Administration      March 8, 2006
Mark Aitken, Chief Administrative Officer                        March 8, 2006

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