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					Correlations – by Sebastian Jørgensen

Material               Bamboo
Colour                 Nature
Dimensions             L80xW50xH43


Since 2008, WeDoWood has been known for simple and modern furniture design
and, from the outset, the preferred material has been sustainable bamboo. This
material has a number of quite special qualities, for example, unique durability and a
warm, inviting glow. The most recent piece of furniture is a bench – a rediscovered
classic which, in designer and cabinetmaker Sebastian Jørgensen’s interpretation, has
a removable lid and a slim, straight shape without arm or back rests, hinges, handles
or other unnecessary details. The spacious benches are shaped so they can be
positioned together on a straight line and at a right-angle so the kitchen, living room,
entrance hall or children’s room can be furnished as needed. The benches also
function as an integrated piece of furniture that can change in line with the changes to
the décor.


What gave you the idea for the Correlations Bench?
In my childhood home we had a bench as a piece of furniture that could stretch
through an entire room and gather a whole family around a table. This made it
possible for us kids to remain around the table even though we were busy drawing or
playing with blocks. While a chair seems to restrain the body and keep it in only a
few positions, the bench opens up for movement, putting your legs up or – if you are a
child – sitting on the floor and using the bench as a table.

What was your ambition with this piece of furniture?
What I like best is when a piece of furniture is straightforward, in the sense that your
first thought when you look at it is: “Yes, of course, that’s how it should be”. That is
the naturalness I have tried to capture with Correlations – a design that is slightly
underplayed, that does not drown out the other furniture, but rather just simply
functions. Simple, functional and without too much chatter!

What role does the material play?
Bamboo is an honest material. What you see is what you get! Basically, there is no
lacquering that can be perforated or paint that can peel off. A chip or a scratch does
not necessarily make the surface ugly, and damage like that can be easily and quickly
removed with a little sandpaper and oil. Solid bamboo is just as durable as oak and its
durability makes it an ideal material for furniture that is being used every day. The
practical element is important so you can use the bench without having to be careful
or gentle – otherwise there would be no point.
How would you use the bench?
I already have several benches along the table in our living room – a room that is used
for everything! And the fun thing is that my daughter, Lilly, feels exactly the same
way I did about the bench that was in the kitchen when I was a child. She enjoys
herself crawling up and down and she can play by herself and still be together with
the rest of us.

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