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Loading data
In order to load and process a data file, choose Met-Mast | Load Data
from the menu bar. You will be asked to specify a data file to load;
select your file with the Open File dialogue.

Viewing results
After all raw data is loaded, calibrated data will be displayed and
calculated variables computed. The calibrated data is used to generate
a series of charts. Five categories of charts will be generated:
Temperature, Wind, Radiation, Potential gradient and Surface Energy
Budget. For each of these, a number of charts are generated: one
containing the entire set of data plus one for each individual day.
These charts are available to view by clicking on the appropriate chart
tab at the bottom of the Excel window

Saving data
The met-mast spreadsheet is by default read only to protect the
automated procedures. If after loading in data you wish to save the
spreadsheet choose File | Save As from the main.

Further information can be found in the instruction document,met-
mast-user.doc located in the same folder as this spreadsheet.
                                                raw data

                   Met Mast - Raw Data
Day No. Time     Sg     Rn     G     T      U      u       ddd   u max   PG
  d       h:m    mV     mV    mV    mV      mV counts mV counts          mV
      284 1530   1.39   -0.11 0.346 576.6    868   88 1078  138          380.5

                                                Page 10
                   Met Mast - Calibrated Data
Day No. Time Dec time Dec day   Sg        Rn         G        T   U    u        u max     ddd   PG    Parameter
                                     -2        -2        -2                -1        -1          -1
  d     h:m      h       d    Wm     Wm             Wm    deg C % ms            ms        deg   Vm    Name
 284    1530   15.50   284.65 137.62 -8.51          14.48 17.66 86.80 1.76      2.76      176   91    Solar Global
                                                                                                      Net radiation
                                                                                                      Ground heat flux
                                                                                                      Dry bulb temp
                                                                                                      Relative humidity
                                                                                                      Wind speed
                                                                                                      Wind direction
                                                                                                      Electric Field
rameter          Instrument                 Calibration

          Symbol Model no       Ser. no     Slope                     Offset
            Sg   K&Z CM5           828767           10.1 µV/W.m-2
           Rn    K&Z Nrlite        990294           13.4 µV/W.m-2
            G    Middleton          65644           23.9   µV/W.m-2
            T    Vaisala                              10   mV/K           400 mV
            U    Vaisala                              10   mV/%
            u    Vector A101M                         50   Hz/m.s-1
           ddd   Vector A100                           5   mV/deg         200 mV
           PG    Chubb JCI131                       3.67   mV/m            45 mV
       Met Mast - Calculated Variables
Day No. Time Dec time Dec day e s   de s / dT    e    Td     r        Name                           Symbol
                                            -1        0          -1
  d     h:m      h       d      hPa hPaK         hPa   C   gkg        Atmospheric pressure             p
 284    1530   15.50   284.65   ###  1.27        ### 15.43 10.96      Air density                      r
                                                                      Sp heat at constant pressure     cp

                                                                      Latent heat                      L
                                                                      SVP at 00C                       eo
                                                                      gas constant for water           Rv

                                                                      00C in kelvin                    T0
                                                                      Constant's in Teten's            A
                                                                      formula                          T'

                                                                      Molar mass ratio                 e
                                                                      Psychrometer constant            g

                                                                      von Karman's constant            k
                                                                      Roughness length                 z0
                                                                      Wind measurement height          z
                                                                      Temp measurement height          zT
                                                                      Canopy resistance                rc
Constant     Units
     1013 hPa
      1.20 kg m
               -1 -1
     1004 J kg K

 2.45E+06 J
      6.11 hPa
               -1 -1
     461.4 J kg K

   273.16 K
    237.3 K

     0.67 hPa K

      0.01   m
      3.00   m
      1.50   m
        60   s m-1
                                   Met Mast - Surface Energy Budget
Day No.   Time   Dec time   Dec Day   u*         ra        1+r c /r a   LE         H        B    E            G        Rnet      Budget
                                           -1         -1                     -2        -2               -1        -2        -2
  d       h:m       h          d      ms        s.m                     Wm        Wm            mm h         Wm        Wm        Wm-2
  284     1530    15.50      284.65   0.13      96.60        1.62       1.75      -24.73 ####    0.00        14.477    -8.51      0.00

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