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					The Electoral College
      Craig Grimm

        ED 639
Electoral College - 12 Grade Government

1) What is the Electoral College?

2) Why was it created?

3) Does it work?
        Indirect v. Direct Voting
• A direct voting system     • An indirect voting
  allows citizens to           system allows citizens
  actually cast their vote     to vote for a panel
  for elected officials.       who will then cast
                               their vote for an
• EX: Local Elections          elected official.

                             • EX: Electoral College
 What is the Electoral College??
• The Electoral College is a group of
  representatives elected through the
  popular vote.

• These electors represent individual
  states in electing the President of the
  United States
 Historical Importance
of the Electoral College

 • Established in the Constitution of the
   United States in an attempt to create a
   representative voting system.
 • Larger states have a larger electoral
   vote in order to maintain a percentage
   based voting system.
     Did our founding
     fathers have faith that
the American people would
make wise decisions when
electing the President??
  How many Electors
    for each State?

• Each state has a set number of
  Electors determined by adding the
  number of Senators (2) with the
  number of Representatives in the

• Washington DC has 3.    WHY?
• Ohio has 18
  in the House, plus 2

• Ohio has 20
  Electoral College
         How are Electors Selected?

• Each candidate selects their own
  electors for each state.

• The candidate who receives the most
  popular votes in a state will win its
  electors. (Exception: Maine and
      Ohio - 20 Electoral Votes

•   George W. Bush    - 20 Electors for OH
•   Al Gore           - 20 Electors for OH
•   Ralph Nader       - 20 Electors for OH
•   Pat Buchanan     - 20 Electors for OH
• The Winner of each state sends
  only his Electors to vote for the

• Each set of electors
meets in their respective
state capitols to cast
their vote.
• The electors meet on the Monday
  after the 2nd Wednesday in
  December of Presidential election
  years to vote.

• President of the
Senate (VP) counts
the official votes.
Winning in the Electoral College

• There are 538 total electoral college

• A majority of the electoral vote is
  needed to win.

• 270 electoral votes are needed to win.
  Winning in the Electoral College

• If a majority is not won, no candidate
  is awarded the Presidency. The House
  of Representatives will then vote to
  determine who the winner is.
• Each state has 1 vote, and the reps
  from that state must determine how
  their state will cast their vote.

     Problem #1 - Population
 California - 54        Penn. -      23
 New York - 33          Illinois -   22
 Texas      - 32        Ohio -       21
 Florida - 25           Mich. -      18

• 8 States = 223 Electoral College Votes
   Problem # 2 - Small States

• Are less populated states given
  equal representation without the
  Electoral College?

• Should they be given equal
What is the SOLUTION?
                           Student Related
1) Register to Vote - Students will work online and visit the
   sites specific web sites in order to register to vote. Each
   student will complete the appropriate form and print an
   additional copy to turn in at the end of class.

2) US Constitution Worksheet - Students will use this
   primary document to determine the rights guaranteed to
   various individuals and organizations. Students will
   complete the worksheet by listed what Article and what
   Section each statement was originated.
• Electoral College Map - Each student will evaluate the
  Electoral College map from the 2000 Presidential Election
  and answer a series of questions regarding its validity,
  usefulness, and their personal opinion of the process.
• Bonus Quiz - Students will attempt to answer VERY
  difficult questions concerning previous Presidential
  Elections. Completion of this assignment will take
  considerable research on the part of the students, and each
  question answered correctly will earn that student 1 bonus
• Mini Research Project - Each student will prepare a 3-5
  page research project on one of the 43 presidents, and will
  be required to present that material to the rest of the class.
  Each paper should include biographical information,
  success and/or failure in the election process, and various
  interesting facts about his Presidency.
            Electoral College Websites
• The Electoral College -
      This web site includes interactive maps, charts and
  graphs that will help to develop understanding of the
  Electoral College.
• Why the Electoral College? -
       This site answers basic questions about the foundation
  and usefulness of the Electoral College. It also shows
  distributions of electoral college votes over the 50 states.
• Does it Work? -

      This is an excellent site that allows the reader to
  investigate freely the concepts of the Electoral College,
  and ask questions if necessary.

• CNN Presidential Coverage -
       CNN has established a very effective web site that
  deals with the controversial issues of the 2000 election.

• Electoral College Breakdowns -
      Maps of both state EC distributions and the
  breakdowns of past Presidential Elections.

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