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Hyundai Verna to power India made 1.6L diesel engine!


Keep yourself updated for all information about Hyundai Verna and all other cars in India.

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									       Hyundai Verna to power India made 1.6L diesel engine!

The Indian version of global sedan, Hyundai Verna fluidic will soon be running on the
roads packed with India made diesel engine! Right now, it comes packed with
imported 1.4L and 1.6L CRDi diesel engines and now, the Korean auto major has
finally planed to grace it with India made powerplant. After getting India made diesel
engine, Hyundai Verna price may also see a decline in domestic market.

                            See More Hyundai Verna Pictures
                           See More Hyundai Verna Pictures

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With an investment of Rs 500 crore Hyundai Motors India Limited is going to set a
diesel engine manufacturing plant in India. The new diesel powertrain making
facility is expected to locate at the Hyundai's existing near Chennai, while it may also
go for Gujarat. Along with 1.6L diesel engine of Hyundai Verna, the company will
also produce 1.1L and 1.4L diesel engine in this factory for popular hatchback i10 and
i20 respectively.
At present, Hyundai Verna
features the 1.4L and 1.6L
CRDi diesel engines and
makes max power of 90 ps
and 128 ps respectively. But
the new developing all the
diesel engines such as 1.1L,
1.4L and 1.6L would be
having different power and
mileage than current engines.
So, packed with India made
1.6L diesel engine Hyundai
Verna mileage would also be
showing changes.                             Get Hyundai Verna Price
On the other hand, Hyundai has also launched the re-freshed version for its
premium hatchback Hyundai i20 which is remarking buzz response from buyers.
And now, the company is planning to offer an SUV to the buyers at surprising price
range to give stiff competition to newly launched Maruti Ertiga.

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