Ministerial Charter Letter � Deb Frecklington by HC120809051257


									16 April 2012

Deb Frecklington MP
Assistant Minister for Finance, Administration and Regulatory Reform
Level 9, Executive Building
100 George Street

Dear Assistant Minister

                                  Ministerial Deliverables

Congratulations on your success in the electorate of Nanango and thank you for accepting my
invitation to serve Queensland as the Assistant Minister for Finance, Administration and
Regulatory Reform.

Our electoral success was achieved with a strong cohesive CanDo team committed to real
change, and your contribution to the team played a significant part. Queenslanders have
voted for change, and it is critical that we respect the trust bestowed on us by delivering on
our commitments to grow a four pillar economy, lower the cost of living by cutting waste,
deliver better infrastructure and better planning, revitalise front line services for families,
restore accountability in Government and work towards our goal of achieving 4%
unemployment in six years.

For this reason, I am writing to each Minister and each Assistant Minister outlining my
expectations of the priority tasks to be achieved to deliver on our election commitments, as
you all have a vital role to play in our reform program.

I expect that at all times Ministers and Assistant Ministers will demonstrate to the public the
capabilities and behaviours that will define us as the Government we undertook to be –
united, energetic, disciplined and ethical. I refer you to the Queensland Cabinet Handbook,
the Queensland Ministerial Handbook, the Queensland Executive Council Handbook, the
Queensland Parliamentary Procedures Handbook and the Queensland Legislation Handbook.

I request that you work with your Minister on the contributions to the 100 Day Plan and the
first term tasks that fall within your portfolio.

As an Assistant Minister, you will take direction generally from the Treasurer, and your
access to Departmental assistance will be through the Treasurer’s Office, at his direction and

I am requesting you particularly to work closely with the Treasurer to assist in delivering
regulatory reform across government, especially as this relates to our election commitment to
cut government red tape and regulation by 20%.
I would also ask that you:
    work with the Treasurer to establish the office of Best Practice Regulation
    liaise with the Treasurer on performance and operation of Government Owned
       Corporations (excluding Stanwell) and
    liaise with industry and business stakeholders on financial and regulatory reform.

Please report through the Treasurer, so that Cabinet can be updated regularly on progress and
achievement - with the Department of Premier and Cabinet responsible for coordinating
reports to Cabinet on progress.

I intend to review this charter and your efforts to implement it regularly.

Finally, I congratulate you again on your appointment and I look forward to working closely
with you as we implement our policies and achieve the goal of providing a CanDo
Government to get Queensland back on track.

Yours sincerely


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