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Animal Welfare by 7A580Ru


									                              ABERYSTWYTH TOWN COUNCIL
                               ANIMAL WELFARE CHARTER
This charter has been adopted by Aberystwyth Town Council corporate who care about animal
welfare and any cruel treatment, abuse or neglect of animals.

This charter is not enforceable on any external body or corporation.

In adopting the charter, the council hopes that it will provide an example to other agencies and
individuals to prevent the unnecessary suffering of animals.

The council supports the view that all animals have a right to life free from cruel treatment and
unnecessary suffering.

It recognises that animals are capable of feeling, capable of enjoying a state of well being and
equally capable of suffering, and therefore considers animals have the right to enjoy five basic

       Freedom from fear and distress
       Freedom from hunger and thirst
       Freedom from pain disease and injury
       Freedom from unnecessary constraint
       Freedom from physical discomfort

The council will look to these five freedoms for guidance when exercising its responsibilities in
relation to animal health and welfare matters. Although the charter is not intended to cover every
aspect of animal welfare, it does detail those areas that the council considers most important and
where it hopes it can have some influence as a public body.

The council will endeavour to display and disseminate this charter widely and welcomes comments
to enable a review at a later date to ensure that it is in line with changes in national and European
legislation, local circumstances and the growing public concern about animal welfare.

The council invites all members of the public to support this charter.

Through lawful means, the council will also use its best endeavours to promote improvements in
animal welfare by taking account of animal welfare issues in the council's' day to day operations in
its decision making processes and through influence in association with other authorities, voluntary
welfare groups and government agencies.

Responsible Ownership of pets

To control and protect dogs and the community, Aberystwyth Town Council will fully support the
Ceredigion county council Dog Warden service.

The Council encourages the responsible ownership of pets. It believes that education by advice is of
paramount importance, and encourages dialogue with pet owners through the Ceredigion county
council Dog Wardens.

It will encourage on the responsible ownership of dogs
Aberystwyth Town Council will continue to provide dog faeces bins in the town and publicise their

Will continue to give a high priority to preventing and clearing up dog faeces through education and
cleansing campaigns


The Council regards the education of the dog owning public to be essential in its fight to lessen the
number of straying dogs, and thereby cause a reduction in the resultant problems of fouling, traffic
hazards etc.

The Council takes an active role in the education of dog owners regarding straying and will:

       Encourage talks to schools and other groups
       Encourage periodic displays in libraries and other places accessible to the public

Aberystwyth Town Council promotes & encourages permanent identification of dogs by micro-
chipping. It will encourage a voucher system and discount scheme to this end. Micro-chipping will be
done in conjunction with the dog warden unit.

This Council will uphold the requirement for dogs to wear collars and name tags (necessary by law).

Performing Animals

This Council is of the opinion that any training method should not cause suffering or fear to the
animal, and performance should not be demeaning to either animal or performer. The five freedoms
should be observed at all times. This will be taken into consideration when a licence under the
Performing Animal (Regulation) Act 1925 is applied for.

Animal Circuses

When considering the leasing to Circuses of Council owned or maintained land, the following will be
taken into account:

       The type of animal used, e.g. domestic animals such as horses and dogs, or rare
        or endangered "wild" species such as tiger
       Whether the five freedoms are observed throughout the animal's life
       Or the showing of birds, rabbits

Blood Sport

Aberystwyth Town Council where it is lawful to do so will seek prevent any blood sports being
carried out on land near its control

Giving Animals as prizes

This Council opposes the giving of live animals as prizes because:

       They may be accepted on impulse
       No preparation of living quarters or feed is possible
       The keeper may have little knowledge of the husbandry requirements needed
        to conform to the five freedoms

Farm Animals

To protect the welfare of farmed animals, and to prevent and control the spread of disease,
Aberystwyth Town Council will encourage that relevant check Codes of Practice, relating to animal
welfare, are adhered to by all persons having care of livestock even if on a temporary basis.

Special Other Considerations

       Aberystwyth Town Council will strive to be fur free


Aberystwyth Town Council, through Ceredigion county council encourage to provide a presence on
most market days. They will ensure that the legislation relating to livestock markets is being
complied with by market operators, farmers and hauliers (The Welfare of Animals at Markets Order

In addition, they will ensure that the Code of Practice for Livestock Markets and The Market Strategy
are adhered to.


Aberystwyth Town Council again encourages moves to make checks on livestock transporters for
compliance with legislation, and in the interests of animal welfare. The checks will include such
matters as ensuring that animals:

       are fit to travel
       are not overcrowded on the means of transport
       are on vehicles that are suitable for such use and are well maintained

Documentation checks should also be carried out to ensure feeding, resting and watering has been
carried out at appropriate times.

This Authority will actively encourage the Police and other bodies to carry out multi- agency road
checks on vehicles.

Farm Visits

The council will take full account, where appropriate, of animal welfare issues in its day to day
operations and in its decision making process

       will encourage education establishments to adopt a policy of animal welfare in
        all schools with awareness and promotion to pupils of the issues
       will ensure the previous policies opposing blood sports and circuses where performing
        animals or caged animals are used are sustained ensuring that all legal processes are
       will support the principles in respect of wildlife by;
       opposing in principle the tacking or killing of wild animals, or the infliction of any suffering
        upon them, subject to the need to control pests oppose the use of all snares and any trap
        which causes unnecessary suffering
       will support the following principles in respect of farm animals by;
       opposing all forms of farming which cause distress or unnecessary suffering
       use its best endeavours to encourage farming practices that have the minimum
        impact on animal welfare
       will support the use of the appropriate authority resources for animal rescue in accordance
        with welfare codes

The council will use its best endeavours to promote improvements in animal welfare through its
influencing role and in association with other organisations.

       will publicise this charter throughout the town libraries and other services outlets
       will liaise with voluntary welfare groups which operate peacefully within the law, whilst
        deploring the activities of those who operate outside the law
       will lobby government departments, professional organisations, local authority associations
        etc to bring the views of the local community to their attention
       will seek the support of businesses for this charter

Enforcement Policy

Aberystwyth Town Council's policy is to re-enforce these matters by education and advice.

Aberystwyth Town Council will support any prosecution when the seriousness of the case dictates,
or other options have failed.

Contingency Plans

Aberystwyth Town Council will periodically update its contingency plans for notifiable disease such
as Foot and Mouth, Rabies etc. in conjunction with the appropriate authority and any other bodies.
These plans will aim to limit the spread of disease, and subsequent suffering to other, healthy

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