Memorandum submitted to CMD BSNL, BSNL Bhavan, New Delhi through by 9Yr4vb


									Memorandum submitted to CMD BSNL, BSNL Bhavan, New Delhi through proper channel on

The circle working committee meeting of BSNL Employees union Kerala circle held on 9th and 10th
May 2012 had analysed the prevailing condition in BSNL and expressed deep concern over the
detereorating financial condiion and also the overall growth of BSNL.

It is a fact that the psition in unique in many respect in entire BSNL scenario in Kerala circle. In
surplus generation in subscriber base, rural penetrataion, MNP and broadband connection is
number one service provider and it has also bagged many important contracts with government
establishment like police, education, local self governemt etc. As a responsible organisation we have
always taken our due share of responsibility in keeping the circle ahead in this competitive climate.

Kerala circle would have been achieved even more had the BSNL management taken intrest and a
practical approach to sustain the positive elements in the overall set up and weed out the nagative
ones. But, of late the negative elements are gaining control be at in the area of maintainance,
equipment supply introduction of attractive new plans, customer relation etc. trend if not arrested
at once will spell the doom of Kerala BSNL as the private operatiors are waiting with their predatory
business tactics.

The problems of workers like compassionate appointment, settlement of anomaly, shortage of staff,
etc has not been taken seriously by the Corporate office. Settlement of anomaly cases have been
limited only to those who have approached the court. Even though 67 vacancies are available,
approval has not been given to the cases already sent to corporate office for compassionate
appointment. Shortage of staff in all SSAs were increased. it is worst in Malappuram,
Pathanamthitta SSAs. Various courts had given judgements in favour of the staff were held up due
to the petition filed in the higher court. No action have been taken to regularize the left out casual
labourers. Minimum wages and other social securities are denied to the casual and contract
workers. Number of security guards were reduced causing threats to the security of our exchanges
,and offices in ordinate delay inrevision of pension and normal pension payment. The judgement of
Kollam industrial tribunal to grant offtg promotion to Sr.TOAs w.e.f 9-9-92 with full financial benefit
has not been implemented so far. In fact the issues related to the staff were completely ignored.

The restriction in allotment of funds to kerala circle had much affected the service as well as the
genuine needs of the staff especially the payment of medical claims and GPF etc.

Non availability of telephone instruments, cables, modem, and other store materials etc had severly
affected our developmental activities, and delivery of better service.

We have offered our suggestions, interacted with pubilc in all possible ways, but we have come to
the conclusion that only a mass mobilisation of workers will help to open the eyes
of the management to the field realities “unleash all the potentials of the organisation for growth”.
As a first step memorandum will be submitted to CGM /CMD by all the branch secretaries and
dharna will be conducted in front of all offices on 14th June and two days sathyagraha in front of
CGM/PGM/GM offices on 4th and 5th July 2012. We hope the management will rise the occasion and
come to the correct conclusion.

Charter of demand is attached herewith.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Branch /District/ Circle Secretary

                              CHARTER OF DEMANDS

1.   Supply of Sufficient Equipments and Store Materials for Maintenance as well as Development.
     Do away with the shortage of Cables, Telephone Instruments as well as Broadband Modems.
     Thousands of LL connections are being closed every month since the service could not be
     restored once they are rendered faulty due to cable damage whether caused by lightning or by
     digging of external agencies, road-widening etc. for want of cables of the required size. Not a
     single piece of 5 Pr cable or drop wire or jumper wire and modules for pillar rehabilitation
     works are available with the field units. There is heavy shortage of UY connecters and
     insulation tapes and the quality of the supplied items is very poor. BB penetration is also
     suffering for want of modems and inability to provide Landline NPC. WLL connections are also
     on the decline for want of spares resulting in improper maintenance

2.   Ensure proper maintenance of Wi-max CPE. The AMC of wi-max CPE is not at all effective and
     the connections are closed for this reason. Proper maintenance of CPE as well as timely
     rectification of BTS faults should be ensured.

3.   Settle the anomaly cases in accordance with the latest Supreme Court Order. The Supreme
     Court Order on the subject should be extended to all the cases of anomaly with a view to save
     time, labor and money of BSNL as well as to keep up the morale of the senior and experienced
     workforce without forcing them for litigation.

4.   Nullify the Staff Shortage. Carry out Immediate Recruitment Of staff. The staff strength of BSNL
     Kerala as on 31/03/2012 comes to 15571 only as per HRMS package data (Non-
     executives12366 + Executives 3205). PTA & MLP are the worst SSAs in this regard with staff
     strength far below the optimum level. PTA SSA has no GM or DGM and only 2 Regular DEs. The
     SSA cannot survive without regular GM/DGMs/DEs as well as requisite number of SDE/JTO.
     Non-executive strength also should be doubled. The other SSAs also will reach this level within
     months with hundreds retiring every month. Moreover the executive-nonexecutive ratio is
     below 1:4 whereas it should be at least 1:8 to carry out the day-to-day works .Transfer in the
     name of redeployment would only mean shifting of the defect on one leg to another.
     Recruitment to basic cadres such as RM/TM/TTA/Sr.TOA is the only solution to the problem.
     The post of Sr TOA/TM RM may be sanctioned in mobile as well as Marketing areas.

5.   Stop the move to implement VRS. VRS would only further worsen the abovementioned staff
     position besides increasing the huge financial burden. No industry can survive and prosper by
     throwing away the experienced and expert workforce at hand. VRS would only help our rival
     companies to hijack our experienced workforce.

6.   Issue appointment orders in all the pending CGA cases. Do away with the point system.
     Hundreds of dependants of deceased employees who have toiled to build up the company
     right from the DOT days are waiting for years. It is strongly demanded that the HPC meeting
     should be conducted and all the cases cleared immediately, doing away with the point
     system.The cases already sent to corporate office has not been approved though enough
     vacancies are available in kerala circle

7.   Rectifying the CDR issues. Implementation of CDR in the Circle has resulted in the face-
     whitener causing psoriasis .Non-receipt of bills is on the ever high count. Non-generation of
     bills is another serious issue. Difficulty to select from among the hundreds of LL & BB plans
     provided in the CRM module which contains all the garbage including withdrawn plans and
     plans not applicable to Kerala causes wrong selection of plans at CSC, resulting in billing
     irregularities. The reports are available only in Excel whereas we had turned to open software
     is a serious issue. Fault ordering and rectification has become a Herculean task for want of
     required items in the report menu which contains all unwanted items. Various stages of fault
     clearing poses yet another issue causing increased fault duration than the actual. On the whole
     CDR implementation can be considered one of the best examples of how computerization can
     be done to destabilize an industry. It is strongly demanded that the whole issue, including
     corruption, if any, at all levels in this regard, should be looked into and issues rectified, taking
     the workers into confidence.
8.   Restore LTC, Medical Allowance & leave encashment with LTC.

9.   Implement the court order to issue Senior TOA officiating promotion w.e.f 09/09/1992.

10. Strengthen the Marketing. Supply adequate number of SIM Cards, RCC etc to meet the
    demand. Simplify the plans. Stop the practice of everyday modification of plans. Equip each
    and every willing staff member with C-TOPUP phone. Implement bill collection of postpaid
    GSM, WLL & LL through C-TOPUP.
11. Ensure distribution of bills through staff giving them reasonable incentive in place of the heavy
    charges paid to external agencies like post office/bank

12. Compensate the reduction in the total emoluments of the TTAs/Sr.TOAs/RMs who joined on or
    after 01/01/2007 consequent upon implementation of 2nd PRC.

13. Withdraw all the appeal/review petitions filed by BSNL against the court orders favorable to
    the employees.

14. Ensure Conveyance charges. This is an essential precondition to ensure proper maintenance of
    lines and cables especially in the present day scenario of untoward and frequent petrol price
    hike as the staff has to travel thousands of kilometers a month for fault rectification.

15. Amend the TTA Recruitment Rule to ensure eligibility for TTA LDCE to the entire staff with
    requisite service doing away with the condition of PLUS TWO qualification.

16. Amend the TM Recruitment Rule to ensure eligibility for TM LDCE to the entire Gr.D/RM staff
    irrespective of qualification.

17. Regularize all the left-out Casual Workersin kerala circle.

18. Ensure all the rights of Contract Workers including statutory wages and social security

19. Complete the Pension Revision Works immediately on a war-footing basis.

20. Avoid the delay in payment of retirement benefits and ensure timely disbursement of pension.

21. Post security staff in all the exchanges/installations.

22. Enhance the pay scales of Sr. TOAs and TMs.

23. Settle the discrepancies in the implementation of NEPP

24. Regularize the JTOs on officiating promotion

25. Constitute Emergency Cable Maintenance Team at Divisional Level with expert staff and
    assistants headed by an SDE with Breakdown Van duly equipped with necessary tools and
    spares including CF Locator, Tool kit, Rig, Cable maintenance kits of all sizes, UY Connectors etc.

26. Allotment of sufficient Fund to kerala Circle

27. Violation of Corporate office order: Cancel Leave/Present sanctioned to those employees
    abstained from duty on 15th December and 28th Febraury

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