26 June 07                          DRAFT

                            CHARTER FOR



1.      The Commando Gunner Association (CGA) is the official forum for the
past members of 29 and 95 Commando Regiments Royal Artillery; it also
includes members of the Amphibious Bombardment Association. This latter
organisation remains a separate entity within the Association due to its
historic links with units which predate the Gunner Commando Regiments. The
Association’s ‘headquarters’ will be based at the Royal Citadel, Plymouth, the
home of the Commando Regiments since 1962, under the patronage of 29
Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery.

2.     This charter will be subject to periodic review to ensure it remains
relevant to the prevailing needs of the Association.


3.     The purpose of the association is to provide:

       a.      A focus for comradeship - largely through periodic reunions and
       or informal gatherings at dispersed locations.

       b.      An organisation through which the retired Commando Gunners
       can retain close links with the serving Regiment, fostering the ‘family
       spirit and club ethos’.

       c.     A structure and a system of communications needed to
       establish and maintain contact between ex members of the Commando
       Gunner community, thereby facilitating the passage of information and
       promoting cohesion.

       d.      An informal welfare information network with links to established
       military welfare agencies.

       e.     A forum to assist in the maintenance and development of the
       history of the Commando Gunner Regiments and associated units.


4.     Full Member. Full membership of the Association is open to any
commando trained individual who has served on the posted strength of 29 or
95 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, including 95 Forward Observation
Unit and 289 Commando Battery (Volunteers). This includes individuals from
any other branch of the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines or RAF. Past
members of 20 Commando Air Defence Battery Royal Artillery may also
register as full members. Serving members of 29 Commando Regiment
elected or nominated as members of the Association Committee will be

26 June 07                           DRAFT

deemed full members. All serving members of 29 Commando Regiment are
to be invited to be members of the Association on leaving. There is no
membership subscription or joining fee.

5.    Membership Records.        There will be no central home address
database. Existing members will be invited to supply an email address to the
membership Secretary. New members will be invited to register an email
address on leaving the Regiment.

6.      Honorary Members. Honorary membership of the Association is
open to any military or civilian individual who has served in or has had close
links with the Commando Regiments and associated units, or who has
significantly assisted them in a non serving capacity. Honorary membership is
available to the widows and, in special cases, the relatives of deceased
members of both Regiments. In all cases Honorary membership is to be
proposed to the secretary and approved by the Association Committee.
Honorary members have no voting rights.

7.    Friends and Relatives. Friends and relatives of Full and Honorary
members may attend social functions and events held by the Association
when invited and accompanied by the Full or Honorary member.

8.   Authorisation. Membership of the Association may be sought by
anyone eligible under these rules. In the event of a dispute over eligibility the
Commando Gunner Association Committee will arbitrate.


9.      General. As the membership is widely dispersed the most suitable
organisational structure for the CGA is that of, a federation of regional
groupings under the auspices of the Executive Committee, which provides
policy and coordination. The Executive Committee will be responsible for
organising (or assisting in the organisation) of major events and for
representing the views of the whole membership to outside organisations.
This structure establishes a central focus in Plymouth for all Commando
Gunners whilst encouraging CGA regional groups to flourish wherever
appropriate. All routine business will be conducted by the Executive
Committee; full Committee meetings, involving lead members of outstations,
will be held immediately prior to General Membership Meetings.

10.     President. The Honorary Regimental Colonel 29 Commando
Regiment will be requested to be President of the Association. He will fulfil the
role of non executive director, providing advice and support to the Committee
and an overarching link to the serving Regiment.

11.      Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will comprise of
the following members:

       a.  Chairman. Appointed by the President, endorsed by the
       membership. The Chairman’s responsibilities include :

26 June 07                         DRAFT

             (1)    Directing the activities of the Association in consultation
             with the President and other committee members.
             (2)    Representing the Association at appropriate ceremonials
             and functions.
             (3)    Joint financial management of CGA funds.

      b.  Vice Chairman. Appointed by the President, endorsed by the
      membership. The Vice Chairman’s responsibilities include:

             (1)    Deputising for the Chairman in his absence.
             (2)    Lead CGA link to Service charities.
             (3)    Joint financial management of CGA funds.

      c.   Secretary. Regimental Welfare Officer. Appointed by CO 29
      Cdo Regt. The Secretary’s responsibilities include:

             (1)   Maintaining the link between the CGA and 29 Cdo Regt.
             (2)   Liaising with the Chairman on relevant Regimental and
             CGA issues.
             (3)   CGA Fund Manager.
             (4)   Military link, if required, to Service charities.

      d.    Membership Secretary. Regimental Welfare SNCO. Appointed
      by CO 29 Cdo Regt, his responsibilities include:

             (1)    Developing and maintaining email listings.
             (2)    Registering new members on leaving the Regt.

      e.      Non Executive Members. A maximum of two members who
      will provide advice and expertise as requested by the Chairman.

12.   Association Committee. The full Association Committee will only
meet prior to an AGM or on special occasions as requested by the Chairman.
Routine business will be conducted by email, letter and telephone. The
Committee membership will include:

      a.  Regional Group Leaders. Elected by local group
      membership, their responsibilities include:

             (1)   Leading and administering their local group.
             (2)   Liaising with the Chairman on relevant issues.
             (3)   Representing the views of the local membership to the
             Executive Committee.
             (4)   Encouraging an effective communications network with
             and between their local membership.

      b.   Working Members. Appointed by the Chairman or CO 29
      Cdo Regt, as required. Their responsibilities will include:

             (1)    Local members for specific functions.

26 June 07                          DRAFT

             (2)   Regimental webmaster [once CGA page established on
             Regt Site.]

13.   Regional Organisation.

      a.     It is anticipated that additional groups will form in due course but
      currently the following Regional Groups are established in:

             (1)    Plymouth
             (2)    Arbroath
             (3)    Poole (ABA)
             (4)    London
             (5)    NW and NI area

      Contact details are available through the membership secretary and/or
      other local members

      b. Each group is autonomous and able to organise, communicate and
      function as they see fit but within the policy guidelines provided by the
      Executive Committee, which will provide a central focus and support as


14.   Finance. The CGA will hold funds only to promote the activities and
purposes of the Association set out in paragraph 3 above.

      a.     The Executive Committee will oversee and administer all CGA
      funds, which are held in the 29 Cdo Regt Non Public Fund account.
      This ensures that a transparent system of accounts is maintained for
      all CGA financial activities without incurring the costs of independent

      b.    All expenditure will require the approval of the Secretary
      endorsed by the Chairman or Vice Chairman.

      c.     The CGA account will be published annually, prior to the AGM.

      d.    Regional Groups may hold funds independently, if deemed
      necessary, and will be responsible for the efficient accounting and
      management of those funds.

15.   CGA Website. The CGA will maintain a page within the 29 Cdo Regt
website [ www.------------------ once set up through the Regt Webmaster] All
information will be disseminated through this means. Regional Group leaders
can encourage the spread of information through their own communication

26 June 07                         DRAFT

16.    General Meetings. General Meetings will be held in Plymouth
annually, usually to coincide with a Regimental event or reunion. An agenda
and financial statement will be published on the CGA webpage prior to the
meeting. Members wishing to raise an issue should indicate his intention and
the subject to the Secretary in time for inclusion on this document.


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