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					                        Baystate Academy Charter Public School
                                    Job Description

Baystate Academy Public Charter School (BACPS) is a new Springfield middle/high
school that will be opening its doors to students in the fall of 2013. BACPS will be an
Expeditionary Learning school with a mission of providing an academically challenging
program to students in grades 6-12 with a health science foundation. The school’s
board seeks a founding principal to develop the school’s program, establish the school’s
curriculum and hire the founding teachers.

The Principal is the instructional leader of the school. The individual will be responsible
for implementing the school’s mission and vision as well as for establishing school
culture that is safe, academically rigorous, socially stimulating and intellectually
challenging for students and faculty. The individual must demonstrate a strong
commitment to fostering academic excellence and personal growth in every student.
He or she must have successful experience with English language learners, special
education and low-income student populations, staff professional development,
supervision and instructional improvement, preparing students to be college-ready, and
in-depth knowledge of curriculum development and middle/secondary program design.
The BAPCS Principal will spend the majority of their time on instruction and direct
supervision of the faculty and student administration in support of the strategic goals of
the organization.

Job Responsibilities

Instructional Leadership
    Leads the staff in the Expeditionary Learning approach to the development of
    Ensures that curricula is academically rigorous, engaging for students, and
      integrates the health sciences mission of the school
    Displays a high level of understanding of the conditions that promote quality
      teaching and learning, and articulates an informed and cohesive philosophy of
      learning and teaching.
    Understands and clearly articulates the links between curriculum, assessment
      and pedagogy and demonstrates skills to identify, promote, and evaluate the
      quality of classroom practice, in concert with the Executive Director and the
      administrative team.
    Understands how best to develop systems of collaboration to support student
      learning, development and behavior.
    Fosters an innovative, futures-focused culture based on a commitment to
      continuous improvement.
    Assures that data collection systems are in place and that data is being used to
      improve instructional practices, curriculum and assessment practices.
      Collaboratively develops and implements a school improvement plan that
       supports increased student achievement and success.
      Provides constructive and professional feedback, coaching and mentoring to
       members of the school staff.
      Ensures for professional growth and development, attainment of the schools
       instructional goals, implementation of curriculum and effective use of all staff-
       based and facility-based resources.

    Protects and promotes school’s mission.
    Sets the tone and culture of the school.
    Models and promotes respect for the diversity of student backgrounds,
     experiences, developmental needs and learning approaches.
    Creates a safe and productive learning environment, including establishing
     guides for proper student conduct.
    Celebrates student and staff achievement through a range of highly visible
     strategies and uses a range of influence strategies that engage all staff in the
     school’s programs and policies.
    Develops a strong culture of student leadership and decision-making
    Hold students accountable to school wide behavioral expectations with an
     emphasis on a “sweat the small stuff’” design.
    Encourages parent participation and active contributions within the school from
     other stakeholders.

   Supervises the day-to-day operations of the school.
   Maintains strong relationship with Executive Director and Board of Trustees.
   Monitors the needs of the school program(s) and solves problems quickly.
   Approves and participates in a variety of pupil activities, such as Student Council,
     athletics, and special day events.
   Develops and implements effective management structures, strategies, and
   Supervises a staff of administrators, teachers, and support staff
   Oversight of all compliance issues related to education activities.

Job Qualifications:

      Passion for working in the field and commensurately strong work ethic
      Master’s Degree in education from an accredited college or university.
      Five (5) years of instructional/classroom experience in urban middle or high
      Educational philosophy aligned with the tenets of Expeditionary Learning.
       Experience in an EL school preferred
      Demonstrated ability to get results in student achievement
      Ability to create trust and work effectively with wide range of people
      Strong writing and public speaking skills
      Understanding of the field of health care
      Technological aptitude
      Entrepreneurial spirit; experience in start-up setting preferred
      School leadership experience preferred.
      Bilingual Spanish/English preferred.
      MA Principal Certification preferred, but not required at point of hire.

Hiring range is between $85,000 -$105,000.

Anticipated start date:
Any time after September 1, 2012 and before December 31, 2012

July 28, 2012

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