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                                                                VOLUME 4 ISSUE 4
                                                                SEPTEMBER, 2005

                                             What is P.A.C.E.?
PACE is Professional and Classified Employees. The major purpose of PACE is to serve as an official voice to the College of
Southern Idaho non-teaching, non-administrative employees. Toward this purpose we seek to…
 Foster and enhance communication among staff, faculty and administration
 Act as an inner support structure for the college
 Encourage and nurture-personal and professional growth
 Promote and improve morale
 Advocate the general welfare, interest, and mission of the college
 Support avenues for conflict resolution
 Provide an example of conduct to the student body
 Serve the college community through special projects and events


                                      Remaining Rep Meetings
                                     Notice the Change in Dates
                                        2nd Wednesday of the Month from 2-3 pm
                                          Oct. 12           Nov. 9            Dec. 14

                                   PACE Training Days
                                               Tues. and Wed., Sept. 27-28
                                                   8:30 am – 3:45 pm
                                                    Taylor 267 & 277

  Tues and Wed are identical days. Taylor 267 & 277 will each have 5 events. You have the choice of
  attending all 10 of them by going both days or picking and choosing those you are most interested in.
  All the information about the different speakers has been sent out on a separate flyer to the campus.
  Please refer to the flyer when choosing your options. Information for In-service is also on this flyer.

                                  PACE In-Service Day
                                                      Thurs., Sept. 29
                                                      7:30 – 10:45 am
                                                     Taylor 267 & 277

                              Hope to See You There!
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        More New Faces on Campus Since
                 January, 2005
                          Michael Sweat                                                             Lu Waite
                          New Position                                                  Replacing Lori Rogers
                          Custodian                                                   Switchboard/Mail Clerk
                          Dated 05-02-05                                                         Taylor Bldg.
                          732-6600                                                           Dated 06-08-05
                          NO BIO AVAILABLE                                              NO BIO AVAILABLE


                      CR Call                                                                     Earl Boyer
                      Replacing Gary Hanchey                                           Replacing Ken Degner
                      Custodian                                                                    Custodian
                      Dated 07-11-05                                                        Dated 07-11-05
                      732-6600                                                                    732-6600
                      NO BIO AVAILABLE                                                 NO BIO AVAILABLE


                        Crystal Hays                                               Jennifer Patterson
                        Replacing Dan Sullivan                                           New Position
                        Security Officer                                     Childcare Lab Facilitator
                        732-6600                                                 Aspen 131, 732-6884
                        Dated 07-18-05                                               Dated 08-15-05
                        NO BIO AVAILABLE                                         NO BIO AVAILABLE


                        Jenny Coelho
                        Replacing Lisa Baily
                        Office Specialist, Planning & Development
                        Taylor 120, 732-6249

I am a graduate of Oregon State in Agricultural Resources and Economics and have been employed previously at California State
University, Fresno in both Payroll Services and the Division of Graduate Studies and most recently as an Admissions and Records
Technician from Shasta College in Redding, CA. Due to my husband’s, Tony, relocation of employment to a large agricultural base area,
our family moved to the Magic Valley just 6 weeks ago. We have three children, Lacey who is attending Fresno State, and Cash and
Candra who will be attending Filer High and Filer Middle School. - Dated 08-15-05

                      Cindy Simeon (pronounced Simon)
                      Replacing Olenka Paredes
                      Office Specialist, Community Education
                      Taylor 202, 732-6441

After residing in Key West, Florida for the past 28 years, my husband, Daryl, and I (along with our dog and bird) moved to Twin Falls
in June of this year to care for Daryl’s elderly parents. We now own a home in Twin and look forward to our new life here.

Along with our Charter Fishing business in Key West, which we owned and operated for 18 years, my work experiences have included
administrative and clerical, events and function planning and work in other marine related ventures.

Yes, Twin Falls is definitely a change from our island life in the tropics, but we’ve been enjoying our new experiences such as river
rafting on the Snake River, the Twin Falls County Fair, riding our Harley to Jackpot and many other adventures. Perhaps the biggest
challenge, however, will be WINTER! Having been raised in San Diego, my high school years spent on Guam, and then moving to Key
West, I have never lived in a cold winter climate. Is it crazy to actually be looking forward to snow? ~ Dated 09-20-05
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