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									                          Key Opinion Leader
                  Interview guide for patient groups

The objectives of these items and interviews are to obtain scientific explanations and
comments on the given facts about CVD and key facts contained in the Charter. This can
constitute sources of information for writing, as well as strong commitment and quotes
that can be used in all communication material.

1.    The rationale of XX [Please insert name of organization] patient organization in CVD
and its main objectives in regards of the Charter

2.   The socio-economic factors that CVD reveals within      [Please insert name of country] ,
and how CVD affects men and women differently.

3.    The level of CVD risk awareness in   [Please insert name of country] and any
discrepancy within Europe

4.   How risk factors vary in different countries, why, and the need of a comprehensive
pan-European strategy.

5.     The specific factors affecting CVD in detail: diet, tobacco, physical activity, psycho-
social factors.

6.    How the charter will help influence policy makers in   [Please insert name of country] .

7.   How the charter will nurture ties between foundations and NGO's in       [Please insert
name of country] .

8.   How it will affect the gathering and dissemination of information relevant to CVD
prevention across [Please insert name of country] .

9.    The development and implementation of prevention strategies through clinical
practices in recent years in [Please insert name of country] and what the Charter signifies.

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